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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. in the. un says the death toll in libya could be in the thousands as the government steps up the battle against protesters as the west pushes for democratic change in troubled regions fears grow their interference will only add fuel to the fire. and the u.k. is accused of double standards by agreeing to extradite wiki leaks founder julian assange on the job oh great clay supporter of using to do the same for international terrorists. plus boasting of the russian armed forces the government announces a multi-billion dollar program to upgrade its military equipment to tackle the norton threats.
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worldwide news of live from moscow this is r.t. now with much of libya in the hands of antigovernment protesters reports suggest the thousands have been killed as kind of gadhafi attempts to cling to power is battling to shore up control of the capital tripoli and western areas of demonstrators consolidating gains in the eastern part of the country it's all amid speculation that one of gadhafi is only son has now joined the opposition international momentum is building for action to punish the libyan leader for the violent response to people's calls to change the e.u. is considering sanctions such as travel restrictions and the freezing of the his assets the u.k. and france are pushing for an arms embargo and a war crimes investigation libya's food supply chain is at risk the collapse is according to the united nations libya following revenue. scenary path of middle
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eastern countries such as a former ambassador to the country says that a western style democracy just won't work in the arab world. the only question now is whether the arab countries are ready for democracy one must bear in mind it's not the west it's the east where clinicians tribal traditions are very strong after the democratic election in algeria national islamic front almost came to power a civil war broke out with over two hundred thousand killed after absolutely democratic and transparent elections in the palestinian autonomy the result was that hamas came to power there are calls now to turn egypt into a parliamentary republic and to my mind only a presidential republican be strong and effective generally speaking it would be bad to force democratic processes upon the arab world. of popular revolution in egypt so our president and office for three decades swept from power in just a matter of weeks but many observers say the transition from dictatorship to
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democracy is just out of reach. from cairo. with a full house. they blitzed. many jite. the protesters who took over central cairo how to create goal the removal of a dictator and establishing a free country he is an activist and one of the organizers of the revolution that toppled balik he believes that egypt can make the transition from dictatorship to a democratic state the thing is defining democracy no on terms that were here i mean everyone look at it in its own terms but we are going to it our terms that we want to see in this country our country there that we want to feel like it there are some way of getting it and we're going get that support for a democratic egypt has come from governments around the world however some of those leaders who have been quick to congratulate the revolutionaries may not be so pleased with the possible future for the country. we want
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democracy but we also want states that will be friendly to us and do what we want. our democracy. less comfortable for the west. that those dictators have been swept aside by people who after years of injustice finally had enough the truth is many egyptians live in dyad konami conditions in an interview with the major newspaper the minister of the social solidarity good idea of how leak said that unless the people receive the required help that they need the next revolution in the country could be a revolution of the hungry the past years have seen the major cities in the north become wealthy while the south of the country has suffered with social problems such as unemployment and education some of the poorest people in egypt in capital live in the area of cairo appeared many are hopeful that democratic egypt will help them out of poverty however others expressed concern they may see the rich get
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richer. the people who are. married things can get worse for the poor of democracy is not implemented god will keep egypt safe. wild west may have been calm things digits change with fighting for democratic principles they may be in for a nasty shock when they find out that the people simply have to change. the meantime a political expert told author of our theory that energy rich arab states that were pushed towards democracy by the west now a target for terrorists. now when we have revolutions rolling all over the arab world one country after another some of those countries are pretty region mineral resources region oil gas and of course. our top prize for al qaeda and other jihadists so these resources can easily be used by terrorists to stage
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unprecedented scale attacks many european countries and the united states the still think in terms of colonial times they. made the influence over the internal situation one first understand that. is the major driving force across the region and those countries and people see attempts of the west to push. in easy to really collide the station and this chain of revolution will never end. a lot of us a lot to zurich to discuss the situation in the middle east with anthony while the founder and chief editor or a political side daily battle dot com and we're hearing moments ago colonel gadhafi is now blaming al qaeda leader osama bin ladin for igniting the revolt in libya do you on him they could be any truth to these claims. well i suppose it depends on how how much truth you believe in the fact in some of a lot actually still being alive today it's
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a convenient thing for gadhafi to do it seems to fit very well in with the general thrust of what i would call power elite plans and general propaganda over the past several decades terrorism in general is a is a great thing for the west to use as a means to ferment constant chaos and. reason to be sort of speak meddling in the affairs of the middle eastern societies so are you suggesting that it's a police colonel gadhafi would say it's al qaeda or it's osama bin laden who are behind all these revolts well i think islam of islam of fast fashion fascism in general is is a theme that is being at propagated throughout the western media and something that will continue to rise in elevation within the mainstream media in the western societies as a means to continue to generate as the let's just say for a continued effort to try to swell this this enemy however you wish to define it and the current war in iraq has an afghanistan as well has left and battled so to
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speak out that is a little less than. let's just say attractive when it comes to being able to maintain mainstream attention so you know from ending revolutions color revolutions throughout the various islamic states is is is is quite possibly a means to create an ongoing. enemy to which they would be the means and the need for western so to speak powers to come in and annex execute force and solutions are we talk about these states there are concerns that the west maintains that radical fundamentalists will come to power in parts of the arab world the arab world that is currently seeing protests and bombings and on the rest how valid you think these fires. well i think i think it's a very valid fear that that theme will continue to be to be strong and quite aggressively and perhaps it is the case you know there's been a great amount of connection going back for you know several decades but he was his
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and several of the leaders and people who were involved today in these uprisings of suppose a democratic revolution in these countries are our offspring from that from that school of thought and you know that that that is had deep connections into the anglo-saxon world and the hands that are behind the various international organizations that are quite frankly consistent in their ability to create chaos and then transfer of power from their various net nation states to themselves they seem to think we're going to talk about creating chaos in doing a transfer of power some wisdom powers have been supplying weapons to the embattled regional leaders all the time calling for peace corps you couldn't ocracy what does it say to you about western policies in the middle east and north africa it says that the playbook is stale and old it's the same policies and the same playbook that was used for example in trotted in the one nine hundred thirty s. and forty's throughout europe i mean we had both sides of the battle being funded by similar industrial interests and monetary interests and i don't think much has
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changed here today the power structures that exist for mainstream control will require very chaos through which fermented solutions can be delivered by the powers that be so i don't think it's a new play at all i think it's just a continuation and quite frankly an embarrassingly boring continuation to watch in this internet age because we're able to quite frankly dissect these memes i think with much greater accuracy and the ability for people throughout the world at least included to be able to tune into various internet based sites and be able to find out exactly what the heck is going on and it's quite frankly and all play let's talk about the oil rich kind of gadhafi been in power for what thirty forty years now reportedly worth seventy billion dollars and binds around the world if and when he's talking will will the western power who is all the while cry. and for democracy then be in charge of his big fat check book. well here you know it's great it's quite common knowledge that his accounts have been frozen and he has no access to funds and this is also you know an age old plays well there are something
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along the lines of fifty or sixty different for and educators or whatever you like to refer to them as accounts here in switzerland that have been frozen over the past several decades in those funds they just sit in the coffers of the banks and never get released back because the new dictators or the new regimes the commune are quite frankly as corrupt as the old and what we're seeing here today in the middle east is probably not so much as an actual change in a positive direction that would really bring any benefits to the people but more of the same i would suggest a reshuffling of the furniture in the same house so the money i think it's irrelevant the amount of paper currency that's been established by these people in different accounts and whether or not it's a fraction of what these people have or the entire fortune who's to know who's to say the bottom line is at the end of the days that the corruption will probably continue and that at the at the at the great now at the at the for the lack of benefit for the people of the middle east who are engaged in a revolution that probably doesn't have a great deal of real substance underneath it now when we talk about revolutions happening in the middle east and north africa do you think democracy can actually
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work in that region if you could iraq for example invaded by the us in two thousand and three years on the thousands in the streets protesting the government can a western style democracy work in that region. well why would you ever want to first of all western style democracy in its current state is far from what i would consider to be something that we should want in any of these countries i think i think if there's going to be democracy it should be democracy with a real change and a change that reflects democracy that actually benefits the people today's democracy is nothing more than a mainstream control mechanism through which the vast majority of the public who do not think are emotionally engaged in in situations that they don't even really realize what it is that they're voting for or approving and if you think that democracy which is supposedly what the u.s. is out there pushing and driving home for these people who who need so much the philosophy of what they've developed and put together in new guinea in the u.s. for example take a look at what it what they're doing and building bases in hundreds of
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a whole over one hundred different countries but you know basically putting at the end of the gun the word democracy and shoving it down their throats to me this is not democracy this is abuse this is nothing more than a system that is doomed to failure and as long as central banks continue to stand side by side in a democratic system like we have training endless amounts of money which is devalued by devaluing by the minute we're not going to have anything more here than chaos that is used to mask that devaluation process and hopefully distract people from the overall fraud this one perpetrated on western society so we see what you're saying and that western style democracy and when the west is calling for democracy it's actually doing more harm than good if it's riling up the people in the regions are affecting. people absolutely i think i don't think if you ask the people who are in these regions standing in these in these squares chanting for democracy if you ask them to define it i'm quite certain you've received many different versions and none of which would be the same democracy today is another dominant social theme it's can spawn people regurgitate it like they regurgitate global warming another major themes without even thinking or understanding what it
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is that they're talking about so to me yes i think democracy it sounds great it feels great but that base of what it is and in its actual actions for what democracy or the leaders of democracy are doing today. it shallow hollow and devoid of morality card now you talk about this western style democracy to essentially as you're saying is more of a propaganda tool as we know the banks and their dependents the kinds industry stands shoulder to shoulder in washington d.c. the toppling leader is often just the first stage of a revolution if you think examples of tunis and egypt could discover age other nations in the arab world to revolt you know that i don't know it's hard to say you know right now it's an emotionally driven revolution if we're going to use that term. i don't necessarily think it's going to stop here i think that it will continue i think it's in the best interests of the elite who control the international organizations to see that we do have nation states in which there is chaos and more continued uncertainty so that a global solution which would naturally be provided by you know these wonderful
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international organizations could be a dog and that is all part of the stride in my opinion towards a one world order system of governance as well as monetary and financial right control that revolves around it has for several years several decades past that back to the point of the civil war in america as an example of of of intrusion and an anglo-saxon so to speak dominance creating the conflicts themselves for which they come through the other side and try to predict provide solutions i don't know why we would suspect that this will stop i think it will continue or at least the effort will continue by western powers to make this happen the game changer potentially is the internet where more and more people may realize that they're actually fighting on behalf of the very causes that they're trying to stamp out the very forces of evil that they no longer wish to be subjected to if they realize that perhaps they won't have a revolution or at least not one in the current culture in which they're having it let's put it that way anthony while the founder and chief editor of political website but they need mail they will thank you. well
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a little bit later on r.t. will explore nato and why some say it's going out of date you can find out why the military alliance is being seen as a failure and why their mission more protests than the goals. for the wiki leaks founder julian assange blames the european arrest warrant system for the decision by a london court to extradite him to sweden he's accused of committing sex crimes there but he claims there isn't enough evidence soldiers lawyers fear he won't receive a fair trial in sweden risks being handed over to america on espionage charges. or us is currently investigating his website which released a swathe of secret diplomatic wires washington wants him held responsible for leaking classified information with international terrorists living in the u.k. some are starting to question the u.k.'s extradition policies and accuse them of double standards gerard battle and in doing for the united kingdom independence
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party says london's decision shows a flawed. case does illustrates the fundamental problems with the european restaurant which i've been talking about know me since i was introduced in two thousand and four he's an australian citizen who actually like to sweden but this affects every british citizen and anyone who's a guest in our country and what it does it removes the fundamental rights of the english courts to protect its own citizens and guests in our country because they are not simply not allowed to look at the prime of facie evidence in a case like this and take into account it's what a lawyer called to what justice and i would now so i've been saying now for some time that relation which is now called your dish will surrender has been reduced to a bureaucratic formality and now i'm saying that it's actually nothing better than legalized kidnapping alan just going on that's going to montreal i haven't figured out what the charges are you interest me if i can say about what's going to happen in sweden they don't use a very very rarely used mechanism here to try this case in secret so we won't even
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be able to hear what's been said what the allegations are what the charges are and all the full evidence because it's going to be done in a secret hearing which is absolutely astounding. what the russian army will get a make over in the next ten years the government has announced that it will allocate six hundred fifty billion dollars to upgrade its equipment it's an ambitious plan which fits in with russian president dmitri medvedev a long term modernization goal i think it's sort of further puts. huge amounts of money these are the large scale spending plans that have been felled by the defense ministry and so we know that a main focus of the spending that's going to take this up to twenty twenty five is going to be the development is first to teach nuclear weapons i know among some of the stuff that the defense has to gain to be purchasing again here on a hundred ships a thousand helicopters around six hundred planes and eight so green said again to be equipped with new generation missiles so
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a huge amount of purchases it against be made that she going to be the first time that russia has bought military equipment from the nato member is going to be purchasing two helicopter carrier ships from france but we have heard the russian government saying it is not planning on buying a huge amount for the pros they do you bring it is where they feel the russian military is lacking right now and then they can then take some developments as well this is the causal part of this push by the government to modernize the military because the start treaty is now in place and that agreement between the u.s. and russia was to slash the u.k. are also. at the what it doesn't say is that the countries are not allowed to upgrade the nuclear arsenal say this is completely within the terms of the treaty it doesn't actually called to take that tool and as we said that's really been yesterday's huge amounts of money that is really needed president betas come out and said that he really wants the military now to be
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a source of innovation other trying to upgrade and steam like that if you will it is not for the spendings all about how to search for the point that i want to this day and mine why do you want the numbers off the warsaw pact set up as a counterweight to nato to dissolve their alliance for twenty years our nato is still going strong with its sphere of influence continuing to expand its also use of or at least the reports some say this western alliance and no longer has a place in the modern world. it was an alliance born of fear rejoice was defined by defend western europe against the soviet union but the fall of the berlin wall changed all that now decades later the military alliance formed against the soviet threat long deprived of its enemy has been. the answer fumbling for a clear cut mission the north atlantic treaty organization has been fighting for justifiable reason to be but that hasn't stopped nato from continuing to pursue
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a global reach it's been twenty years since the warsaw pact formed in response to nato dissolved but even without its main rival nato has continued to aggressively expand and to date it has operations spending several countries with troops and resources in the sudan the mediterranean sea kosovo iraq afghanistan and the horn of africa in november they redefined their goals going forward at the summit in lisbon wanting to tackle everything from nuclear disarmament to terrorism and cyber security. it was all adopted and it's protests on the streets now it's always out of date now out of time we need a world of peace and justice is not one of preparing for yet more wars and already nato members have been divided over the near decade long war in afghanistan and it was not prevailed there calling into question the alliance mission. there's every expectation that with the end of the cold war nato would be disbanded instead what
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happened in fact and in violation of even the accords in the agreements at the time was nato aggressively expanded critics say it's u.s. defense companies benefiting most from this expansion with the sales of weapons to every new nato member and the building of every new base and that growth allows other tools to be used as it's changed altered militarily to become also this very powerful. political entity that is used to pressure countries to bow down to nader's agenda nader's agenda of being primarily a u.s. agenda it's an agenda some countries see as a threat and critics of that agenda right in the u.s. say it's global expansion must be stopped i don't believe there's anything that justifies nader's continued existence. in terms of security and peace own assault to the peace that nato once pledged was formed to keep lauren
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lyster r.t. new york. start us going to some international news and for you that's out and iraqi national security forces have killed a top al qaeda linked leader during a special operation west of baghdad. the layman most the woman is there for the islamic state of iraq responsible for bombings and suicide attacks across the country it has been seriously debilitated since the height of the iraq war although the militant group is still able to carry out attacks. afghan investigators say at least sixty two civilians including women and children died during a nato operation last week to charge the allies denies president karzai has ordered an inquiry into the alleged incident including our province where you live to use an attack helicopters in a three day offensive against the taliban but a nato spokesman says its findings have shown the absolutely no civilians were killed. a college student from a saudi arabia has been arrested in the united states on suspicion of plotting to
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bomb the house so former u.s. president george w. bush. sorry he was studying chemical engineering at a university in texas came to the f.b.i.'s attention after buying bomb making materials and posting anti american messages online authorities say they found diary entries planning attacks on several sites around the u.s. it could be good eldar sorry could receive a life sentence. but reopened or rather open for the birthplace of its first election since receiving a huge loan to troll the e.u. and i.m.f. observers say the ruling of full party is expected to suffer huge losses are to dominate in the country's politics for almost eighteen years apart he's been modern as a financial crisis which led to a lot of the country's cranks prime minister brian cowen is not standing in the election which comes a year early that has vowed to quit following the right. time not to do business with current.
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hello and welcome to business with the queen i can thanks for joining me oh prices are climbing again on friday after retreating slightly from a twenty eight month high late on thursday saudi arabia is in talks with european refiners to provide more oil and the international energy agency says it's prepared to release emergency stockpiles to cover any shortfalls resulting from the turmoil in the middle east and north africa light sweet crude is over ninety seven dollars a barrel point three percent and brant crude is trading at over one hundred twelve dollars a barrel up more than half a percent. now to discuss the implications of what's happening in the oil market i'm joined by the you know it's a coffee cheap economist at uni credit securities thank you for joining the program what sort of danger do high oil prices represent to the global economy could cause a slowdown. surely these kind of rub your eyes that the your fuehrer an air of
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surprise is a significant part of consumer spending in most of the countries and also developing countries therefore higher oil prices can seriously eat in consumer and can send therefore slow down be going on a group robbery which is already rather weak so it is a big danger. and what measures can be taken to mediate effects of this energy of the energy inflation. well i would say that that there are two major factors we tried driving the world prices number one is really get money to go into the beauty and the. important oil producers and of course these this issue are going to really grow solution in that country and another one is the. recently. let's say unusual one hundred policy measures and most of that i think others like us for example would be example banks are cropping in fresh like we did in this summer one
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way or another your fleet center. what it is price is that oil prices in particular so i guess if this measure is about to be reversed next monster that could principal in principle pave the way for a correction in oil prices as well theoretically at least well the bulk of the money that comes to the russian economy comes from the oil the money that we get from the oil on balance do you think that high oil prices are good for russian security means more money one where sure absolutely i mean iran where another higher oil prices gives much more resources throughout for russia to deal with that's why it's why we're no matter how you want to put it it's always better for russia to have oil prices that we lower prices i guess the most important thing is that you realize that spain ability of this world crisis is a big question. now we see that commodities such as weak sugar and cotton are all near record highs and how serious a problem with inflation become for the world economy. again of course it's
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a big problem most of these communities that you mention it is the reason is really a big item or a consumer on to consumer bondo so it's a. bit higher oil prices a bit higher commodity just prices rise really a big danger to be over let's say the current economic recovery is for the most of the developing countries and the more developed of the world as well so it is a big threat to the economic recovery which is already very weak ok thank you look to me this is all we have we have time for that you know sikorsky chief economist at uni credit securities thanks very much for this update and now let's take a look at how the markets are performing european stocks are gaining in the last few sessions amid relief that oil prices have moderated trading in london is just getting under way again after a technical glitch stop transactions for a couple of hours one of the worst performers on that market is lloyds banking group down five percent have to warn business would be tough this year as the u.k. economy shot slowed also airspace and defense from eads is down almost. percent
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after losing a key u.s. tanker contract to rival ball. here in russia the r.v.'s and isaacs are rising but just marginally energy stocks are struggling as investors take profits after several days of gains other sectors such as banking and retail have been under pressure are climbing. and let's have a look at some individual share moves in russia energy majors are mostly retreating from their thursday's gains lukewarm is around half a percent lower rosneft is losing almost want to have percent but banking stocks are on the rise b.c.b.s. around two percent held by news it is a part of blocking stake in bank of moscow. that's all for now i'll be back with more in about fifteen minutes from now johnny. news today violence is once again flip.


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