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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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rachel martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for downloading. and stories you may never find on mainstream news. in the me so maybe the political. posturing mostly on our t.v. stand.
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for flimsy lowen bakiev has told rachel about these women nothing people are suggesting she's told her no she says she's a porn star. legal .
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time for tools time and tonight's real time award goes to the georgia congressman paul broun out of town hall on tuesday this congressman as asked by an elderly man in the audience who's going to shoot obama that's right a man in a town hall with a congressman asked that question and the only way that anyone even found out about it was in the comments section of the athens banner herald where somebody posted a comment detail of the incident so you would think that the proper response would be to immediately condemn this lunatic writes condemn violence against elected officials especially considering the tragedy that just happened in tucson arizona but if you thought that that was the only sane response a congress would have to a question about assassinating a president then you would be wrong because according to two witnesses who spoke in a talking points memo the congressman laughed at the question along with the
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majority of the people inside the town hall that's right he laughed at the idea of the assassination of the president how he then went on to seemingly validate the man's crazy question by saying the following he said the thing is i know there's a lot of frustration with this president we're going to have an election next year hopefully will elect somebody that's going to be a conservative limited government president who will take a smaller and who will sign a bill to replace. peel obama care so instead of calling this person out for his question he agreed a lot of people were frustrated with the president and then built a little pitch for why we needed someone new in office i think that it's high time for elected officials on both sides of the aisle to stand up to their fringe supporters stand up to these crazies i think it brings office has now realized that as they've since issued a statement calling the question of warrant and you know what guys i think that it's a little bit too late and that's why georgia congressman paul broun winter nights
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tool time warp. it's anyone who's crushing hard on the hottie from work may have heard about the latest app to his facebook it's called a waiting room and it's a great way for you to monitor the relationship status of your crush online here's how it works so you sign up for the app and you indicate your interest in a person who's already in a relationship that person then gets a notice in their inbox that you have a crush on that and if or when that person becomes signal single your identity is revealed now there's no way that this thing works i'll believe it all because personally i haven't got any notices in my inbox yet. there's a we also have to think of his might cross the line i mean not only does allow stalkers to keep better tabs on your relationship status but the app also kind of encourages someone to consider ending their already existing relationship of absolute has this comment on it they say if you're already in
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a relationship waiting room will give you the confidence to become single again if that's what you really want and i don't know about this i mean this sounds even more bizarre than the breakup notifier out there had to be taken down after three days because people were so we were to buy it and personally i think this gets a very high rating on the creepy meter frankly makes me uncomfortable that there's an app out there that hints to people in relationships are there other options out for them and i mean you know it just kind of sounds a little weird if you ask me but let's not forget this thing also is a stalkers so look out while it might sound like a new to find out that someone out there has a crush you may wish you had broken up with your significant other when the identity of the person who's crushing on you does finally become reveals. now despite efforts to cut back on defense spending the u.s. has just awarded a thirty five billion dollar contract to create military refueling tankers and i guess the contract comes as no surprise granted to the air force has been talking
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about this project for years and many knew that the government expressed interest in strengthening their bond with europeans by giving them more government contracts but some analysts were a little caught off guard when they learned that boeing was the one to actually wind it rather than eat as most people originally assume so why the change well turns out it all comes down to lobby well eavesdropped about three million to convince lawmakers boeing actually spent seventeen point eight million dollars just in lobbying efforts but is a massive amount of money especially for a company who is facing a serious financial problem just a few years ago an air force secretary michael jolly claims of the distance decision was made through a thorough and transparent selection process but looking at their lobbying efforts useful me if this really seems thorough and transparent to you now keep in mind back in two thousand and eight when word first got out about getting government contracts there was
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a big backlash especially from the us who boeing and in fact they were so angry about the europeans that they issued five press releases stating all the flaws in the government's decision and they practically begged us to reconsider their decision and let's let's shed some light on the air force's history with pilot back in two thousand and two emails were exchanged between pentagon officials when you talk of building these refueling tankers first came out and efficiently from the pentagon made it sound like the air force's deal would it be with boeing that they just had it in the bag they said we all know this is a bailout for boeing why don't we just bite the bullet now boeing was struggling financially at the time and this deal was looked at as a way to save the company from going under even if it was more costly for taxpayers . but an investigation closed push those original efforts under the rug until now and when boeing magically suddenly has enough money to lobby their way into thirty five billion dollars deal because it always helps when you have the air force on
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your side. senate majority leader harry reid shocked everyone here now for he thinks the time has come from nevada to outlaw prostitution during a speech in carson city he voted for the senator in the audience were a brothel owner legal prostitutes and illegal industries. so according to reports his speech just bought he heard crickets it taped and despite the fact that all prostitution was just a tiny little portion of the overall speech it was the only thing the reporters wanted to ask about afterwards and the move was pretty odd for reid to very taken a stance before but considering the state faces a one point five billion dollar deficit he decided to make it a matter of economic development the businesses couldn't believe they'd be setting up shop in a country where the largest are accounting excuse me where the largest business is legal prostitution a quick move out of the missing a much bigger opportunity here to cash in by taxing the sex industry earlier i
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caught up with dennis hof owner of the moonlight bunny ranch and the love ranch and he's also been seen on h.b.o. cat house i first asked him why you think harry reid made that statement there's no legislation on the books he's never taken this version of course so there isn't really way any sense. i hear your struggle his roots you know he grew up in the care of those in the early notice will his mother. who will all work and do all of the full rules for forty years so you know there is no problem with all it all know all said that. there's a big drop but i think it is it is just a slow speed these days better than. a couple feel together. the issue is we need more of the body. hello textures fixed percentage wise it's
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a ton of money i would slow compared to united city and new orleans and all that so everybody syntax the game a little more politically is the mining industry we wanted industry from some deals they made with the state a hundred twenty years ago a very little we need more with harry's kids of the lobbyist for the mining industry so don't look at me and ask for money where my ain again we look at them lookers over there let's get rid of the hookers and it's instead absolute smokescreen anything i think that it is is that it's a bit of a payback because clearly last election of the seventeen counties in the bat. there's fifteen rural parents of the rule counties only one who will carry so i'm sure he's saying you know what let's take a look at bloody see a little bit of ambulances now in my county last night county also debate is it covers all the evidence in the midst of medical in one way or the boy's lame kenny
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it's all the police cars in the medical center in all over the state it's likely this money is really needed for the rule carrots say you think they could be a little bit of payback as i was wondering at first you know i mean harry isn't getting any younger we could say i thought maybe he was getting a little more conservative with his views because you know one of the statements that he made as to why last week change was almost a factor of shame you know saying their parents didn't want their kids and their school buses driving by caracal as are growing up in a city that had the wrong kind of red lights what do you think about that well he's just totally wrong who's there and outlying areas that they're typically just curious there's exome also there is no schools around here it's just it's a small spree just as the said was that it was bad for business if you turd development is just filled with all of that in the data in a useful example of i bet. if you want to go to this it just will power they
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decided not to well he didn't tell you that a mile from. this wall bars is biggest center in the united states the biggest ship in receiving air that there are very very southern baptists religious organizations also didn't tell you that because of the medical yesterday companies that you talked about signed the contract in the first year or was that they didn't go far yet they said to go for salt i told the northern nevada development authority who were so rob someone that is very right no absolutely not in all the years i've done this job nobody's ever said. well they do say so so this job by the police will the capital series is still going to see that place is unique it's a tourist attraction in itself but what it is exactly is usually what i wonder is who you know what isn't unique right now is that say nevada itself has on point five billion dollar budget deficit states across the country are all in financial
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trouble right now do you think that if more states had the legal brothel industry one that also could be tapped since i know that you fought many times in the state of nevada you could also be taxed there to be able to contribute and that would help but you know fill up some of those budget gaps absolutely obvious las vegas woods there will recently say the sheriff says there's thirty two thousand prostitutes work illegally so again nobody will three thousand their camps will swear it was a child abuse of forty seven. in each one of those cases cost was six hundred thousand dollars he would care for instead of split it ten million a year police and prosecution if you take here twenty five million in taxes fees it if you do it it costs the nation is going to hell it's going to be a cure all but it's a social problem that needs to be dealt with the better we're all here is right the
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rest of the field is. why there are clearly there is a desire out there for prostitution for this industry and i've been to some of the ranches i've been a chicken ranch out there in in nevada and i got to say you know it was a clean place of the nice place the girls that i spoke to were happy there because they felt like they were safe and they weren't out on the streets but how do you get the rest of america actually have an active discussion about this i mean it is very taboo. you're absolutely right i was it was best corresponds better when i talk to everybody so they know what's up with girls and it's matthews and i know everybody and so we're talking politics i'm talking to senators. all they're all really he would you like to limit the exploitation of women in america to look at sex was it yes would you like to get disease of the workplace of the sex workers yes you want to take drugs out of the workplace and sex were going yes it
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will right down the line until you say well would you want to be the first while it's all your kid beating or your church group your progress the two seem a little like look we've got a word to say well we'll just get me up and apparently harry reid has now joined those ranks and we'll see if that backfires for him politically that is thanks so much for joining us and you know good luck with business over there. and harry reid and harry reid. oh i've got one more break on the program but when we come back we'll have our fireside chat about how obama has abandoned the rhetoric and ideas of his campaign and it's time for happy hour a look at everything from mom putting her naked daughter on the internet to charlie sheen's latest rant their final five live what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions come to the breakthrough through it i think maybe who can you trust no one. is
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imbue it with global machinery see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called the sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more of. the same. lists. the thing. the thing.
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hey guys welcome to the show and tell on the ellen show we've heard our guests talk to say on the topic now we want to hear our audience just go on to you tube to video response or the twitter for part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday to show your responses later your voice. in tonight's fire inside your home. as we've been watching protests take place was constant for eleven days straight spread to other states
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over collective bargaining rights for public unions there's one question that's been on many minds where is obama to the brothers so far made only one statement in respect to this issue calling it an assault on unions and ok that worked there for a couple of days in little levon days into tens of thousands of americans coming out in the streets is that really enough well it definitely is if you consider this video that's come out from two thousand and seven when then candidate obama was still on the campaign trail he made quite a lofty promise there take a listen. but the workers are being denied their right so organize and collectively vote in one of the one of those. comfortable pair of shoes. isn't that something oh god can that picket line with you with a comfortable pair of shoes well guess what collective bargaining rights are being
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for american workers workers are picketing and the president is nowhere to be found he's not planning on walking with you he's flying around on air force one and in fact he's not even planning on visiting the consulate period what a difference a few years can make right well actually i say wrong. you see i don't honestly believe that obama has changed since he was campaigning that he now faces to top of the political situation to act on his word no i just don't think that he ever meant it because much like most politicians don't need a whole lot of what they say these days the line is that all politicians lie that they all make promises they don't heat and for some reason we just accept that as it standard practice as it always has been always will be our way and there is nothing that we can cue about it when they've just gone killing it telling lies making stuff up to make you and i feel good when we're listening to them speak when we're in the crowd getting all wrapped up in their charms their beautifully written
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speeches floating off to some dreamland and hoping that we will ever have them back to reality and you know that that was the case for a lot of voters in two thousand and eight but i'm calling b.s. on it politicians do not have to get away with it we don't let them and we don't just lie down and take it make some noise get angry write letters post videos call him out and make him show us his walking shoes. we're hearing oh jenny will you marry. her will you marry me it's friday what up. well you might want to run a little bit you want. to get married really really. good as well peter
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thank you for the offer but i have to. especially uniformly speaking of the internet by the way everybody. i say i'm joined by jimmy churchill and peter happen to grace us with their presence because her mother is putting her on the internet right now as we speak. but this is really just horrible because there's this chinese mother who posted a video of her twenty six year old daughter getting out of the shower naked online because she's trying to marry her off and basically you're saying like what's wrong with you you know i don't you describe your back anymore husband your husband it's not like porn yes a little crazy i mean first of all when you watch the video she walks up to her and has this video camera face and the woman just goes about her business like if my mom god forbid were to walk up to me you know
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a camera phone in my face i'd say mom we're you doing i have you know. i mean i'm not sure i want and certainly this woman is obviously not going to get mother of the year although maybe a ritual would get her mother you know what kind of tiger mom to be extreme here yeah i mean i think that it just shows a vast difference in culture you know in china apparently it's something acceptable to do things like this probably not that there's been outreach all over asia but you know i think that in china people are supposed to get married younger if you're not married by a certain age it's weird and people get upset. here in america people kind of try to hold out as long as they can especially men i guess nationally men are equivalent might be like putting a picture that your mom put on your pressure on my space or something or they match dot com i'm sure there is some parents out there that have created and match dot com profiles for their children but i mean. naked shower video is that really necessary the part that gets you we were talking about the other day he was you
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know china has a serious shortage of females thanks to their one child policy that the entire population is so even so i mean there's something wrong when you have to post videos of her and it can't be very this is a person thing apparently this is a chinese actress she went and posted on her blog and really yes she admitted to achieve worse yet she wrote in reply and she said you know guys i can't tonight yes i'm not made that video i'm not mad at my mom because she's my mom it was probably not the best thing to do you know whatever oh i'm very good at the moms then on the entire scheme this is all just to you know promote her popularity as an actor get her people to video got three million hits so obviously it worked so mom smarter than i packed my dear mom is trying to cash in when her daughter gets all those tracks now moving this is something you know we talk about media the development of it so rockville central is now going to become the first of facebook only news
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outlet they take in their entire local news blog i just posted it all on facebook so that you don't have to go to a blog where you just log into your facebook account is that the way of the future or is that just going to change i mean it's interesting because when you look at new sites now you know c.n.n. dot com new york times dot com the first thing you see is this interaction with facebook you see what your friends are looking at and you see you know that you can sign in with your facebook account and this is taking it to the next level i mean to me it makes a lot of sense because we spend our time on facebook we get our news from people's postings why not go where the fish are i mean i guess you're saying i think there's definitely a point to that however they have to give up all their advertising revenue this is no longer a money making venture so i mean because you can't have your own ads and they spoke facebook can still i guess maybe you can get some checks from facebook but you have to give up all. your average you know and they say it's kind of a you know an experiment in community experience that's makes it so much boring
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they're not even making money off of they really hope you know it's not boring they have to attention charlie sheen charlie sheen is surely everyone's favorite train wreck he totally beats the low an entire arena and all those others in my book he's been going crazy and he went on this rant on alex jones radio show last night which in result has gotten him fired we have a little clip that we're going to play to the audience. i got i got i got my ticket i got poetry much for your kind of. prime minister. you know i'm a guy you can bro and i want to throw you in the era. of our drug scene bro. this includes now i can name and i don't anybody can do more mapping the way. i can turn tin cans in the gold i think it's actually kind of sad because charlie sheen clearly has a problem and you know we'll see work goes the next couple days now apparently the
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news late today was that h.b.o. offered him his own show for five million dollars an episode well that's what he was claiming but then i talked to h.b.o. was denying that because you know he obviously has some beef with the driver and. so he was saying i get five million episode but i can say about as when our highest paid actor on t.v. is a prostitute loving drug doing lunatic well i mean that image really works for him and one of the reasons it really works for henry was because that was the character that he was playing on the show he's kind of this rare exceptions where it doesn't matter who's getting to know as an episode for not acting basically but the thing that really bothers me is when charlie is accused of domestic abuse and you know hiding hookers in the closet and we see it's like oh it's charlie week break and then he criticizes the creator of the shallow and they're like oh no cross the line. goodbye wow that's just that's business right you don't criticize
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your boss for the razor get by like that in his interview also later in the interview he talks about major league which is one of my favorite movies and says that he's going to make a third version of the movie which makes me really excited so i hope he sobers up and you know i love traditional better shows you how much he's still living you know it was delusional glory days of when charlie sheen was actually a hollywood star thanks so much for joining me for happy hour tears shares a happy friday happy friday but there's a night show thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back on monday i'll have the latest news from wisconsin i mean you think you have battles that are shaping up to cost us and i mean time don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the night's show or any other nights you can always catch all the you tube dot com slash the a lot of show repos the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the.
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world including. the blizzard of winter blues due to slopes and try out some of these chance though she's got to live the caliber excitement in its southern melting stuff triggers to keep you in top form and watch lying on the goal line carving the trail to suit sheets leaflets and cyclones yup they here on along we've got the future covered. cultures that so much different and there's a huge music issue on the market but no one to forget you shins are in full swing is this the end of western clients use them in the local blue in the early world in the west we. a charmer in here broadcasting live from washington d.c.
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coming up today on the big picture of. british summer.


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