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for getting the political right and you would look more times than not it is the. we've got it's. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. it's all this is all seen japan for instance the cell for an explosion after the reality of the cooling capacity of the machine and feel more eleven people were injured on monday morning in the second blast to hit the plot since friday's devastation the chances of. two thousand people have dead and old friends are still what missing eleven one hundred aftershocks abrams five his plans to make the rescue services stretch the limits around the country.
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i'm urgency officials on russia's but instead some hundred in the region close to japan's border concerns about the threat of nuclear contamination. under the albany's libya's rebels on the ground is kind of good things to loosen the purse strings the oppositional stronghold the east the latest area to back into the hands of governments is the oil call it a break. down of action on a constant power struggle there crossing the ends it seems in the way of statements . on the international community has been debating what measures to take to help stabilize libya everyone has been critical of its use of force on the opposition and we sat down with a space of the art commission for human rights to find out what he thinks about the way the rest is going to handle them acculturate.
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we're talking today to talk to a man or spokesman of the arab commission for human rights in paris. the man of the arab commission for human rights also the prosecutor general for the international tribunal to begin an investigation into events in libya the decision to begin the investigation was made out to be carried out. the first of all the investigation will be made under the authority of the un security council in accordance with clause thirteen of the rome statute this clause in titles the prosecutor general to perform an investigation without any preconditions or limitations and enables him to move freely and used to the benefit of the investigation anything that may be needed and anything that the suspected criminals are hiding from the investigation that's what we've achieved by now two five groups of our representatives have arrived in benghazi and started working among them are experts in international law in medicine we've been legislation and economy five
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representatives of the arab commission for human rights and now working in liberated regions of libya their task is to gather evidence and proof of the crimes committed from the very beginning up to now the information gathered and be passed over to the geneva human rights commission and to the prosecutor general for the international tribunal the main task now is to remain khadafi and his accomplices from destroying evidence of their crimes against the people of libya there are attempts to do so now they clean up the crime scenes paid over evidence and get the spent shells to make it impossible to tell what weapons they use in action which led to two thousand deaths among the peaceful population experts are listing the exact number of victims with names and medical explanations of how they got it it's very important. tell us about the cooperation of your commission and the international tribunal that work with us we've cooperated under the framework of the aggression on gaza garcia on the israeli cast and operation we provided the
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tribunals with all necessary dart of the investigation at present the international tribunal possesses a comprehensive historical dossier on crimes in the gaza strip and we will collect a full dossier on libya's events with medical proof and evidence of human rights activists so that when the prosecutor general or his representatives start working in this country they will have all the necessary information. does the general prosecutor's office need the permission of the gadhafi regime just start an investigation on libyan territory. the decision only comes activity on the territory of libya upon which events took place and crimes were committed representatives of the human rights commission and the prosecutor's office of the international tribunal do not need to visit the other regions of libya at present we can visit over two thirds of libyan territory and that is why we asked the prosecutor general to start the investigation immediately and follow the example we can work in a clipper rated series of libya and gather all the necessary information. but after
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gathering evidence what steps will you take. we will decide on who's to blame in general and in particular to determine all the participants of the crimes make up a so-called black list of those guilty of crimes against humanity indicating place and time all participants in this information and military police and security force operations which will lead to crimes and deaths of peaceful innocent citizens will be cited in the report criminal cases against them will be initiated within the framework of the international tribunals. if you finish work on the list. that no thanks to the efforts of human rights activists in libya we have finished the list but we consider it a temporary one because the events are not over yet at the moment you got it and witnesses are appearing every hour new participants and organized groups of militia appear on the scene every crime of theft in case of pillaging in banditry will be
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detailed we will keep a record of all of them to the unrest and we're leaving people put an end to get after these dictatorial regime. how do you make your blacklist what is it based on . that we made it on the basis of the guard who we received from libyan doctors and human rights activists for the period up to the arrival of their commissions representatives and then they provided for the arrival of their doctors and gave them the dossier as they prepared necessary humanitarian aid was designated and only after that the investigating commission and gadhafi regime's crimes arrived and started its work. injuring its contact with the prosecutor general for the international tribunal we are in contact with the international commission for human rights the prosecutor general the human rights activists in libya. do these organizations use the evidence you have of changing it. of course all the information we provided to those agencies will be used to the full extent so far they do not have any opportunity to obtain information in any other way. you also
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fight against the squandering of libyan natural resources what have you done in this we're already in this as for economic crisis we cooperate with transparency international the french energy fraud office and with the international organization for the fight against corruption we sent documents on economic crimes in tunisia to these organizations. the accounts of ben ali and his accomplices were frozen and at the moment we are sending documents on egypt but our work is not over yet now we've started working on the libyan dossier that we will gather packages of god necessary for an economic investigation with a further blockade and freezing of accounts of the parties relatives and immediate contacts as well as of the people involved in crimes and alex there will be to search for money transfers from libya to personal accounts in other countries and then the cases of corruption leading to transferring of big sums of money to cares in asia or in europe will be investigated these are the measures we are taking in
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order to return one hundred thirteen billion dollars stolen by the current and return to the international investigation organizations not to the council of europe or france but to an organization which will be temporarily created to investigate economic crime and libya this organization will act on the basis of international law and nobody will be able to influence its work or decisions all this is gods were event the money from influencing the information of the future libyan government and suspended on the organization of free elections who has the right to create such an organization such an organization can be created at the order of the council of europe on the territory of the state where the judicial inquiry will take place in germany france or britain. and it will keep the money. right it will keep the money and make sure it will not suffer the same fate as the iranian money for islam by the us for political motives it's common knowledge that
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iranian assets are frozen on political motives. we do not want the same to happen to arab revolutions we hope the new arab states will be able to use this working on development projects and when the money will serve the libyan people then there will be no need for international humanitarian aid. and you found out that the stolen assets of one hundred thirteen billion dollars to whom was the money transferred and what happened to it. while. this money is in the accounts of forty eight people with the help of libyan bank employees we learned the names of forty eight people involved in the thick of an immense sum of money in one case the money was transferred to the account of a dead woman and her son was the only inheritance we know all such tricks and put an end to the experience of african countries provided us with such examples where the above mentioned international organizations are aware of such tricks to. use on top of your blacklist. the man himself his sons his wife head of
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intelligence heads of communities immediate contacts involved in the theft of not merely it but billions in libyan money the assets are in europe the u.s. and southeast asia real estate is mainly in europe and the money is on different accounts we do not find all of it so far.
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wealthy british. market. happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines.
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for the full slate we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. sports is political in ways we don't often even notice especially on the level of culture where our ideas and attitudes as a society are shaped. explain for. us. terry have existed since the start of the n.f.l. back in one thousand twenty that relationship really meant slaves during world war two and today that bond is stronger than ever and one of the incentives to kill old feel good old feel sorry continue killing innocent recent history has taught us the sports never just something that we just sit back and watch and sports always had an important social function and the history of american sports is no different.
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culture is the same of jargon in television but i remember the old weren't trying to drift to the right all across europe and the us more and more people are getting the political right a new look and more times than not it is the. if . soon which brightened. the sun from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. yes my name is daniel schmidt this is julian of tom's we're here to make a short presentation about the wiki leaks project. the first. in the for the day and to get information out about the real world coming on during
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war. and longer her. rigorous use of figures. here to be able to market are you. going. to fight if i put in these laws that are in danger you would hunt me down and kill you. this is exactly one of the reasons why we have left the positive because it has become more about this all james bond. than all the actual information. but thank you. so all the people around the wold. they. download the official antti happily cation show on the phone only pod touch from the i choose ops to. watch all sheesh life on the go.
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video on demand oxys minefield costs an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call to call. immediate fears old blown off the fukushima nuclear power plant now the baby's head off to see which of us pumps into a reactor to cool it down to its systems that failed to eleven people were injured on the monday morning and the second blast of fearlessness from friday's devastation played out in the. two thousand and. ten thousand is also still a missing all but a hundred per month to try to get to plan since friday's make a plate for the rescue service and stretched to the limits around the country. emergency officials are on russia's far eastern region close to japan's concern
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about the threat of nuclear contamination. and in other news libya's rebels are losing ground as colonel good down these pools and push through the on position stronghold in the east the latest area to fall back into the gulf oil break up with no plan of action without a constant struggle local city and seem to know where it is. all right and how has the relations sports for you all about the latest from japan in about fifteen minutes time. thank you alice you're watching the sports news live on our team here's what's coming up on the program champions why isn't the cost of being sick year old boy russian prime in a game of the uses and. facing elimination defending champions are gars
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song three zero down to the best of seven semifinal series against slovakia. own the tennis two russians dividends and andres abs are big on the in india and twelve speed wise with. the respectively. and also in the last minute secures the catalan championship title the biggest win of his career as these ones and i'm the oldest closing in on the world stops. so russians longest ever football season got on the way over the weekend the competition switching to the winter format for the first time i mean would have fourteen months of action to have something so all current and former russian champions secure their first victory as the new premier league season meters regarded ports. sunday saw three games first up was across and out with former champions ruby gagne to start successful in their quest for the third the mystic crown in full year's exeunt seem do just that winning awaits you
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could run a like a surf chip the first in after the break before kristen ever made sure right to the death to ecuador and firing him from the sport afterward him into doing what was viewed to have been felled in the area to nail this scoring cosign. reigning russian champions uneaten it is the old saying sure they'll take his share of the top of the table after the opening we can't retain terek one either way brusquely duncan laws of ifs go after a quarter of an hour made all the difference done is system the seven that's one sos and it take a denying terek manager would pull it is first win in russia. this coming while benefited from two girls by defender sergei ignition of each as they saw one car the visitors eventually wrenching of grabbing a handful of the glove in the air out with big machete each doing the rest from the sport forty four minutes into the game the thirty one year old netted the seconds after he still made some throws during his first attempt goal number to finish a vigil came shortly after halftime with the russian international headed home
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a bullet to neutered and the man who had to figure out. same with a little bit moving to england where much to sit down through to the afaik cup semi finals following a want to win over reading the result setting up an amazing doggy between them and manchester united next the lower league side put some resistance to the favorites rating keep on it's in a coffee worked very hard and kept his building tack until the seventy four minute baker richards had a optical spawn but when i gave a bit of into his mouth the central breakthrough one mil the final score on the progress to how he into spaded much up against the city rivals in the middle of april. and early on sunday stoke to carroll west ham thanks to danny hagan boredoms went out with both has now made bolton in the f.a. cup semi final. and in spanish football barcelona is laid at the top of the league of standings that looks not that huge as they were held today want to draw
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a severe well real madrid secured a two no victory over their kill zone sounds insane to sylvia would go boardroom kirkwood she gave the catalans the lead with thirty minutes there. you know massing company had a few more opportunities to increase their vantage but failed to those chances. but also via an added a second home plate full eyes are on the griddle making all the right moves in the box before crossing to haslam's novice who had a dream to level it at one apiece the joy leaving barcelona five points near the top with real madrid in second place. now defending kontinental hockey league champions like bars are on the verge of the exit thing the garden cup playoffs because i'm clarke now three nothing down in the best of seven series against old rivals a lot to live the fans over tally prosch can open for the house five minutes into the second period that powerful shot from the blueline. young passing in been tied the game eight minutes later currently leaving a bar still found
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a guessing. there were no bills in the third period so we put into extra time wessel of the road there are a lot i next up breaking gave them the crucial victories now three nothing in the best of seven series meaning it all be over on tuesday for a bar slovak and will again on home ice. elsewhere regular season top dogs of on guard or involved in a thoughtful soul with me to tell the world before letting you trip in the final third hitting pull bills without replies to secure that past victory to won in the series after that. moving stateside for a bit of plan a section on a life of a dunk is out in the second round in the wells the russian losing to stanislas wawrinka despite taking the percept three six seven six six four to the swiss former world number three and currently ranked forty second term agenda continues to struggle this season losing his sixth singles out of the last.
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figure and three it was also out of the expanse of a second seed george of patter the swiss was slightly more consistent in sas taking them seven five and seven six schools when i haven't driven as many meetings. which also want on sunday. as the last year's runner up andy roddick would have been a james blake in the second stage the eighth seed takes it six three seven five to set up another american clash johnnie's north. and in the women's part of the draw from chester skier who want to was easy win out over elise curran there well the important kim clijsters had to work harder against her second round opponent easily sara errani however unable to hold on to momentum going down six for the size except. staying in florida when he quietly has claimed the biggest win of his career as opposed to the lowest overall score of the cadillac championship of the world stevenson our recaps the final rounds highlights. a genuine golf lover there
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watching the former world stroke goal for finally showing signs of returning to his best six times when it tiger woods made sure he would finish inside the top ten with a final round of six hundred sixty six the world number five tied the tenth by the end of the day. they were all dustin johnson couldn't hold on to his lead falling to second after carding a less than impressive seventy one on sunday. elsewhere europeans and dress hansen and francisco molinari settled for joint third hanson there with a massive birdie putts on the thirteenth which improved his position radically propelling the dane into the lead a group but it was what ne who took it all in the end after a close rivalry with johnson on the final holes at twenty nine year old birdie the last for a two shot win and the biggest trophy of his career he now moves to second in the fed ex race and could break into the world's top ten soon see vince r.t.
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. it's a basketball now where in the n.b.a. boston set approach us record four points allowed as they'd be the gods eighty seven fifty six is a little score against the celtics since they'd be the same team malaki sixty two to fifty seven back in one thousand fifty five and things were good for the hosts from the very beginning the celtics allowed their opponents only nine points and very little while scoring twenty re only nine hundred seventeen for boston including the jumper in the second straight in the third nowhere olenin craze the league's the fifty four thirty four story behind the are there no changes in the final theory of the celtics continue their examination of home hauled mood and from the massive advantage of the buzzer boston wearing their special green and gold elf this is part of this and batteries the festivities the days before the actual holiday. but back to europe now and in cycling tony martin has become only the third german ever to win the paris nice race and twenty five year old never
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threatened during the final stage in sixteenth place finish good enough to seal the deal after he won the crucial time trial on friday morning proving over the course of the race that he's worthy of his hans of dog and nickname which means all the time in germany most riders played in safe in the rain but the lower paid off of the day's stage went to thomas voeckler the local favorite becoming the first arrangement to win two personally stages since nineteen ninety seven of them finished twenty first overall meanwhile martin shared the podium with compadre andras school then we go on here back in two thousand and three time olympic gold medalist bradley wiggins who came to the overall. the oldest davi in the world rugby are up on sunday with england getting want to over scotland following a closely wrong thing at twickenham in six nations with two minutes to play in london it was anyone's game with just five points separating the teams but the crucial next morning was to go to the head of jonny wilkinson keep the panel to
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make it twenty two to sixteen and trust the scots result it means england now we've won big tree of the past a major crown since two thousand and three martin johnson side take on holland in dublin while the only al gore team again stop them securing this i don't quail promise in paris also next saturday. and finally the winter sports season maybe beginning to draw to a close but super g. veteran has shown he's still got plenty left in the tank the thirty six year old swiss winning some of these events in no way rising to the top of the overall standings in the process with only one world cup legs still to go the decorated who share has won the overall title every year since two thousand and seven no surprise really when you witness him in action for shadowing around the olympic boxing pool scene just one minute and thirty three seconds to austrians were giving chase but while still in your hand i had to settle for the rounds on the podium who shall now
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have a chance to take google crown next week in his native switzerland. and thousands of spectators follow the signs as they gather the town for the twenty nine plan you'll hear it's open snowboarding championships those crowds in vermont got to witness the reigning hot wife world champion cousin heroku go defend his title the japanese pulling out an array of critics including a difficult to perform eighteen mile and grab the overall effort to now for the twenty two year old to retain his brow to made the overall drop is obviously what he sees and went with and less bad to hear in him. and that's it for the moment coming up after this is the weather update followed by the news headlines at the top of the hour stay with us. culture is the same of you i can tell you love her even more so because all we're
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trying to drift to the right all across europe and the us more and more people are getting the political right a new look and more times than not it is the.
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