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just. the. friday night here in moscow very good evening to you from me kevin i mean this is our to you these are all top stories is a growing number of senior libyan officials reportedly fleeing the country regime's resumed attacks on a rebel held city meanwhile seven more civilians are said from being killed in coalition airstrikes. a person from vesting in georgia an israeli prison gets seven years in jail for bribery but as moyers claimed he was entrapped by the countries with the job of the investor one hundred million dollars. and japan's authorities
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are under fire for the way that the dealing with the fukushima nuclear plant disaster and their unwillingness to expand the exclusion of criticism comes amid an admission from officials that the regulation of temp of thousands of people around the city will be long term. next starting not andrews in the french capital to explore the many russian influences on life. hello are welcome to the show on this week's program i'll be taking a look at life history and culture in paris how much better to stop in the epicenter of. the loot museum an unlikely place to find russian contemporary
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art welcome to the country who's pulling the exhibition holy russia dedicated to brush off from ancient times great aloof this time he denies a major display of pushing to eastern that's the russian show he's going to lose a medieval sixty's if you choose words from top names he played russian i think don . is too close to this edition to see how as a customer they're looking at their past. differently refer to. him horse or. classical for lecture an example where using. fifty words by fifteen wishing to be artists sensing various you know ratios which shows that it was within the framework of the russian front culturally via. the paintings sculptures during spacecraft and video performances
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they reflect the evolution of rich people to see tradition this underground space creates a specific mysterious atmosphere you complete a position to the piece and people on display the russian contemporary awesomeness still insufficient you know not just here in france but indeed all around the world but hopefully exhibitions like this. of a movie on this night. location isn't about cooking shows on move they are talking about police i was struck in all five la county bruce feiler. but first a drink and a little into tables. the focus was on fellow classical girls because you know civic groups look about kafka but it's the same about nothing but you look amazing just how i was about them rushing through here now. this is my cabbage rules the russian dumpling school many and
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also be still going on i don't mean i tunes on our menu traditional media issues such as socially are also very popular among other diners wow very impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells a looks fantastic throughout the struct. world that is very very tasty. many russian famous figures such as the right sometimes do it until c.s.t. visit to paris where she immigrate started moving to france in the nineteenth century we need today thousands of brazilians and links to russia the chance on next. i read let me to meet you now tell me your parents were both russian but you were in fact born here in frogs but do you but there's a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children.
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all speak russian perfectly. wonderful lives in moscow since none too well tell me about the russian community that still you know here in paris well community here is a great tour because actually my association which is called. central. psalter the long. russian language should culture. now a must for a customer to. speak english and. gives a name in english because. paper. which is called in russian it to school rules because there will be a. in french it just call it. the french were.
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a long. and loud it. come out in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people don't know any sick about russian history french people and. people on everybody in the world know ellis and so. john honest can tell em it. must he wants people to believe it and that's why i felt it my paper because it is it don't recruit give information about rush thank you very much for your time. thank you. so what else is influenced by russian culture in paris the church of the three think some of the
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oldest confusions of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventeen celebrating his eightieth anniversary this year the parish was founded in one thousand nine hundred thirty one is small building which was originally a garage you don't see any and in terms of this church but still it's richly decorated inside i mean i kind of the parish is proof of. a criminal mind in the. in eight hundred twelve and in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives when the antique shop decided to sell it. the church congregation didn't have the money. but a miracle happened there was a rich woman. who just joined the church she understood the cathedral needed the icon for people to pray to so she sold. emeralds. library in paris was founded in eight hundred seventy five percent exiles named
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after the famous russian writer he donated books from his private collection over the years the library funds grew considerably during world war two its collection of more than one hundred thousand books is a p.s. in one hundred fifty nine. publications from its original has never been found. was founded in one thousand nine hundred five to support and develop connections between the two countries in various artistic and scientific fields and hosts more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year including traditions film festivals close it's a comfort says. has become more and more every year the principal. is very very. rough and also. for teacher. we've. developed.
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you know these the courses. you have for all of those. things and for. the first place in those fields just because it's a fall. if they're all super the russian french ties a sculpture of the famous general and statesman chose to do created by young christian sculptor and it is the cost to create the museum of the army in paris the bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate to one hundred twenty thousand first rate the work was appraised by the artistic community for its resemblance of the kitchen of the general's character.
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arriving at all final location of him backstage at the famous lead our country started all the way back in nights with the sex and the courage. happiness has been seen by almost four million people and it has a basis of cost featuring many artists from russia and the former soviet union in u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much think football for a golfing on the hill so i had luck to go to work play and then i asked to use the porch about. three years and now in medieval for eight years. for yeah i find it and i have it to have. so many of the fullness we train classically in russia or elsewhere and with you tool to continue a career by such shows like a leader and has provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six hundred costumes twenty three cents and a real ice rink but he told the spectacular show something to d.c.
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and little interest across the french english cranial straightly in recent dances to name a few as a leader with solo performer she can say it's a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of strengthening spies the two walls have exploded this opportunity russian culture has fascinated. two reasons two decades though sometimes misunderstood one thing is clear times oh change. whether it's awesome sports food or does bush imprisons it's all the rest. absolutely brilliant and with the supports all some russian talents excellent well fortunately that's all it's how we have on this week's show i'll see you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew on the show so he's
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a hero in paris by now. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say that song so or should not be punished for his crimes sean is. no rational person and i doubt john has been honest is being honest and will be honest. most hours must be executed for the brutal crime this is punishment this is not. imagined. friends. because you've
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been immersed in army wants to her. and i didn't come here justice. can hurt consumers. start pretty small now. wife. and mother is now. disarming saddam hussein. passenger are to give iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance at the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.
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fresh eyes again every embassy in kabul. cherish too much occupied afghanistan. and now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. in a better day it is appropriate to this day in accordance as much as speech in with the to the courage to face flat stomach slap if you can shoot him enough so that it shocks them especially if it gets slapped but you don't actually break it in terms of the interrogation techniques that we use in j to flaunt on horror at the senior leadership of our government. there will be nothing to hide. we believe in transparency.
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on. the floor it's not safe because number of senior defense officials reportedly fleeing the country the regime's resumed the time. in the rebel held city meanwhile seven more civilians are said to have been killed in coalition air strikes on. a prison term for investing in georgia an israeli businessman get seven years in jail for bribery but his lawyers claim he was in trouble by the country of the forty's which only invest one hundred million dollars. japan's authorities were under fire for the way that the dealing with the fukushima nuclear disaster there a willingness to expand the exclusion zone criticism comes a bit of mission from officials evacuation of tens of thousands of people around
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the quake it was city will be long. term sports news and kate see a very fateful another case of nearly but not quite of the ice hockey yeah hi kevin yes that's right atlanta missed their chance to reach the finals last night other team has also been stopped to go yes that's right some of that you lie about also on the brink but short on that next. hello welcome to the sports news here are the headlines. better still better like hold ups about electronically to survive in the garden cup semifinals. lower the fight back maria sharapova rallies from a set down reached so the ericsson final in miami. and big boss here is suspended from world football after little doubt with before. it starts on the ice floe and
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solid up to life have missed the chance to become the first side through to the big r. and cup finals following a four three defeat at the hands of mets alert my music goes missing that's a local school on up midway through the second period the home side did a rally in the third goal like the fish. were too little too late so a lifesaver for metal a solid that still lead the series three to give it another try on the road on sunday. while on thursday former finest looking back to salvage their season in staten island last though were trailing by two goals to move into the third period and they don't like atlanta done enough to go through even for the janko pulled one back and leave off struck with five seconds left so much into overtime. not to second guess the side streets to win the ten minutes of extra play at love are still three serapion the series have another chance to wrap it up on home ice on saturday. and in santa maria sharapova will face victoria azarenka in the final
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of the sony ericsson i went as a ranker from belew speech russian on the right in straight sets in miami that produced a great comeback victory for germany hundred package of the start of this game as the favorite right life places more than that which it was the german who had a much better start but quickly adjusted to the last. conditions to take the first set six three however cheer up of a franchise and the second is taking up to love swept through the third sixteen russian is a first i think since may last year and this pleased with how she fought back into the match. you know i don't have the first verse i felt pretty slow and sluggish was a moving the ball those kwaito windy out there today and i don't feel like i just did well and i think that's what i started doing in the second so i was really moving to the ball and taking the ball early and just started going more confident so as a rancorous next opponent and the player in form two after beating defending champion
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kim clijsters she swept past while the other three zero back taking the first set to love in the second six three match points was decided by zvonareva sway with forehand is concerned i think by. i mean while roger federer is a great rival iraq darlin semifinals after getting past injured she'll see more of the frenchman who lost the first three games to tie the stiff neck so federer had an easy passage into the last four there who faced world number one in the dark and i should read it in three sets well the dark looked to be cruising to winning the six six two hundred nice but then found some form of his own to level the match. decider there were some great rallies right from the very first game in doubt when this was going up. in the end the spaniard was
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just too powerful taking the last six three. cents burdick scrambling for the corners of the course so i'm not talking semifinal to look forward to two in the dark he said are. moving on to football and bosnia herzegovina has been suspended from playing international matches after failing to comply with even regulations the first along with the way for. wants the best bosnian football federation to place its three member presidency with a single leader currently it's shared by a bosnian croat and the serb but bosnian serbs opposed the plant fearing it could jeopardize their autonomy the first says it deeply regrets having to take the decision which could see bosnia as national to be removed from european qualifiers their next game is against romania june the third but fever and you wait to say they hope to find a solution before then in the meantime though neither bosnian sides nor officials can face florentines. now the english premier league resumes on saturday with sixth
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place liverpool looking to boost their claims for you right the league place there at west brom managed by former boss roy hodgson and scott welcome back steven gerrard after almost a month that has you covered from the surgeon a good to see the years before. the same whether it's going to get in early zero. seven is the wrong word to use this week all of the training runs are going to be done most of that sort. and that much and he's one of eight taking place on saturday elsewhere leaders manchester united travel to all scotland west ham for the lunchtime kick off our blackburn travel to second place to ask five points off the top with a game in hand just seeing a burger away at stoke park tottenham just struggling wigan. meanwhile with two games gone in the new season there are four matches taking place in the russian premier league on saturday new boys krasnodar could take an early lead in the table they will explore tacked on campus previous events of the overtake the one game so
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far this season about a side volatile take on the last go on the team baseball stuff. now russia is hoping for some success at the forthcoming ice skating world championships in moscow but downhill skiing is still a winter sport where the nation short of talent this is despite the fact that snowboarding has enjoyed a recent boom so rich about portraits want to find out why. russia and the soviet union had been a dominant force in the winter olympics for decades plenty of medals in hockey figure skating in biathlon to name but a few how well those one sport continues to elude success points again we're going to go to show and there's a pill to about sports and she won the country's only big meddling with discipline a silver really hama and nine hundred ninety four the bulls that's what i'll find scheme has always been an expensive sport it costs a lot of money to prepare the slopes and get the necessary machinery can keep the peace in good shape i remember when i was growing up i would go skiing in the
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caucasus there was a lot of interest which will let the same just knowledge that those in europe and america has always had to train abroad it's it's something when a country like you can shine of just thirty thousand citizens there's nine times more than pick out points and russia whose population is fifty thousand times bigger than all of our children in the tiny alpine principality learn to ski almost as soon as they learn to wark something that is not accessible to those in russia at the moment so tonight for the most news in months slopes in russia are artificial and there are a lot of them when a talented youngster goes abroad to ski a regular in the area teens he or she has to get used to skiing on real snow and correct their technique and this is a major factor why writing the time to see. things could be about to change our point seen in russia has been backing a russian prime minister vladimir putin is more than an accomplished skier in his
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own right you so it's been popping up in the euros in the caucuses over the last decade of assault you were given russia's newest generation that it's possible facilities only with regard to that wouldn't such a will be a message to how they're trying to develop opines kenan russia our federation recently held the first ever international standard alpine skiing around the country and we are delighted that. everything round well. with the cities now being put in place there's nothing to stop russia skiers from enjoying the same success but the country snowboarders of hand over the last few years warning has been much easier to develop because the piece is shorter and less money is needed to maintain than the soldier link which will probably prove to be a games too early for russia to enjoy any middle success in our point skiing i whether the cities will lay the foundations of the future generations to properly challenge the world's best which example we can see. now is just
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a week to go before golf's first major of the year masters in augusta ahead of that's the world's top players are fine changing their game or the shell history in texas well that would seriously wes what is among them he almost holds this bunker shot from around sixty eight although that was still five shots off the pace separating american jimmie walker he tied the course record with only one under par sixty three and two shots i had never heard. and finally sri lanka will have to do without injured or around. in saturday's well cup final against india but they still expect star bowler. to be fit for the showdown marlay who is thirty nine in a couple of weeks had strained a hamstring against new zealand in the semifinals and also has knee problems but he was back in the next on friday are takeaways rest which trevor bayliss expects him to play against india in mumbai. i think it changes
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a good many can treat all these ten overs in the in the semi final it came true that if you catch it ok you're just a little bit stiff and sore but. the character the enemies will to want to play cricket not to see with another will look up and it would be. i would be surprised at all three people right. there in this country is a very special individual you know he has been part of that you know sort of things for the last few years is a really good guy to have in the dressing room equally good open and who believe in you know the players fear fear cricket he believed in him so he's a great entertainment to have on the field so i think you definitely play the game he's on one leg. and that's all sports news are we back in a couple of hours with another update so and i think.
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we'll. remain here the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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wealthy british style. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. evening. to.


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