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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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see. let's not forget that we had in apartheid a great lead i think. well. we never got the says they're going to keep him safe get ready for freedom. hey guys welcome to show itself on the ellen show with part of our guest stop to say on the topic now i want to hear audio is going to you tube the video response part of twitter first part of the question that we've hostile uses every monday and on thursday with the show your responses please play.
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if. it's time for tonight's cool time award apparently republican lawmakers in florida believe that the word uterus is a dirty word and it shouldn't be mentioned on the state capital floor let me explain here there was a debate taking place over
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a bill that would prohibit governments from deducting union dues out of a worker's paycheck last week and that's when florida state congressman scott randolph a democrat from orlando made the claim the republican seem to only be against regulations when it comes to big business so in his speech on the house floor randolph said that his wife should incorporate her uterus and attempt to stop the g.o.p. from passing more restrictive abortion laws so way to go cards congressman randolph excuse me i think i was a very good one what needless to say the comment was not very well received on the other side of the aisle republican leadership hit back at a democratic congressman telling him that talk about body parts was unwelcome on the floor of the state capital are you kidding me republican lawmakers in florida are all about telling a woman what she can do and can't do with the reproductive rights and most of them are old men so how dare they tell a fellow congressmen that he can't say the word uterus on the house floor g.o.p. house for his house spokesperson said at the start of the year they reminded all
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house members to watch their language because of guests and visitors so a guest or visitor might be offended by the word you are. i'm confused when did it become a bad word is it is part of the human body a non controversial one it's not like he lp is servant gyda at the top of his lungs but i just it now is congressman scott randolph pointed out he didn't use a slang term here so for all of your up tight g.o.p. lawmakers in florida who don't want to hear the word uterus during a debate grow up and that's why you are tonight still time winners. and now all handful of g.o.p. g.o.p. hopefuls in two thousand and twelve are dancing around trying to decide if they'll challenge president obama next year his team is gearing up for a major fight the los angeles times reported today that staggers on obama's campaign say the dell need to raise one billion dollars to fend off republicans next year and that is a lot of cash and the paper also says that two former team white house aides are likely to launch several independent political groups to support his bit and the
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groups will be a direct response to republican leaning groups which that millions in last midterm election and are expected to spend millions more in two thousand and twelve so if you live in a battleground state next year expect to see a lot of plenty of negative campaign ads running but speaking of those twenty twelve campaign as the national republican senatorial committee has already posted obama two thousand and twelve today and he went after the president for his accomplishments and i got to admit it's actually pretty good take a look. today we celebrate a president. somebody. who is they discovered off the shores of the still we want to be one of your best cars. president with the courage to tell the. rest.
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to see. i think the answer. to. the deficit by the first term. we got to go spend money on this yes sir. i just love that obama has got a unicorn that's breaking now by the way it is april fool's day so that clearly was meant to make fun of the president and shortly before obama is expected to formally launch his own reelection effort the chicago sun times says of the campaign it will be based in chicago and an announcement that he will seek reelection could come as soon as monday so obama's reelection rollout is expected to come with a web video to supporters so it appears that he is again going to try to rally the
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youth vote and i'm sure that social media is going to play a huge role in this campaign so here we go for months and twenty eleven and the twenty twelve presidential race is about to kick into high gear it's going to be fun both to watch and report. as p.f.c. bradley manning continues to be detained at quantico orders been spreading about the ethical treatment of the army private suspected of leaking hundreds of top secret documents to wiki leaks we've now seen more protests than before we've also spoken with lawmakers like dennis kucinich about manning's treatment and now the more people are catching on many young supporters are calling on a pop star to save that's right the little dancers aka fans of lady gaga are sending around a petition asking for people to sign and encourage the megastar to speak out against bradley manning's treatment so why are they specifically asking you know lady gaga versus some other hollywood personality well think back to when manning was first to tape according to reports he did the documents on
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a cd it was labeled lady gaga and he allegedly hummed and lives things and gaga songs while he was in the process of transferring the files to ensure that nobody would question what he was doing but aside from lady gaga serving as manning's alibi she could use her pain as a political platform we've seen it done before last year she made a video calling on her fans and on congress to repeal don't ask don't tell. i am a constituent of the senator my name is joanne angeline chairman also known. i'm calling to ask the senators to vote with senators harry reid and carl levin to repeal to tell and oppose john mccain's shame. going into this for our gay and lesbian soldiers and finally repeal. that video alone got two and a half million views so i imagine that if he was there paying because attention to bradley manning's treatment i would work out those who haven't heard yet about
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verified conditions of quantico i'll probably more be more inclined to defend manning if lady gaga does use her voice to draw attention to the cause and in case you're interested too you can go online and sign this petition either way the word is spreading about manning and hopefully soon there will be an end to his unethical treatment. jobs numbers are out and the news is good official unemployment is falling to eight point eight percent and two hundred sixteen thousand jobs were added in the month of march now of course we always have to look at the u. six the real unemployment number that includes those who are discouraged or underemployed and although the number is still high at fifteen point seven percent it also went down but i think we really have to ask is if this good news means that we'll ever get back to where we once were new figures show that while the u.s. economy is growing faster than those of england france germany italy and japan our job market remains the weakest as it were more productive but with fewer people so
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what we say about it all joining me from our studio in los angeles is richard consultant writer and senior fellow at the campaign for america's future richard thanks so much for joining us tonight now like i said we had it was positive news here still some slow growth but positive but if we look at those figures that i just mentioned the fact that we're being a more productive but with fewer workers you know how is that really possible what is that tell you. well a couple of things first of all the financial sector which doesn't really create jobs or contribute to the productive part of the economy is back to the historically high level it was right before the crash it's pushing thirty percent again which means that people are making a lot of money off money rather than off things we normally think of as a economic activity and certainly off things that produce jobs effectively so the overall economy and the numbers look really good but we're not seeing that kind of
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growth translating into the rate of job growth we need to get this this country back on its feet. but what about the fact you know if you think about some of these many corporations in the united states who outsource and who send jobs overseas let's you know throughout the names there microsoft are a g.e. if they're hiring more people overseas than of course are they going to be productive with fewer people working here at home. well that's certainly an element of of it and if you take a company like g.e. that has a banking operation which by the way did some very questionable things then sure of course g.e. is going to be more profitable because of outsourcing it's going to be more profitable because it's now not just a manufacturing company but part of the financial sector so a lot of companies are seeing growth through that and that's being reflected in the numbers but it's not being reflected in the dark numbers and remember that the kind of growth we're seeing now and to be taken in in context of that context number one
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is that one hundred twenty five thousand people enter the workforce give or take every month so we have to offset that the growth by that context number two is we won't get down to even six percent unemployment at this rate until twenty sixteen and we have an economy that's kind of got a built in rate of recession in failure that even the head of j.p. morgan chase says we're going to see one every five to seven years if we have another recession we could have a much bigger one between now and then we won't ever get to that point so we really have to be very very cautious and continue to create jobs rather than just overall economic growth as a critical priority for this country. and of course one of the things is that although sure we gained a few jobs wages are not going up you know and it's so interesting depressing actually to compare some of these figures that you know wages didn't go up at all
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between or from february to march if you look at all of two thousand and ten the average worker their wage went up two percent whereas c.e.o.'s their wages went up twenty seven percent if you look at new figures that came out today tells you that the top twenty five hedge fund managers made twenty two billion dollars last year amongst themselves but if the average americans wages aren't going up and now we have gas prices that are rising we have food prices that are rising is it only going to get worse for them. well let's take let's take the hedge fund hedge fund managers and start with ok you're talking about twenty five people who earned twenty two billion dollars we're watching it budget debate now where the republican party is willing to shut down the government because it wasn't happy with the president's budget cuts of six point five billion and wanted at least thirty billion well that's not so much a different figure from what these twenty five guys made so that shows you how we tend to focus on completely the wrong things when we talk about the economy in our
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political system not only that but the tax deal that the republicans forced through in december made sure that most of that twenty two billion is earned at the rate of fifteen percent for taxation as opposed to let's say the twenty eight to thirty to thirty three percent that a policeman or a firefighter or a teacher has to pay so if you were only to tax these twenty five people the way you tax a firefighter who risks is his or her life every day you'd have another three or four billion dollars to reduce the deficit so that's the kind of skewed thinking we have out there and as for the c.e.o.'s pay going up by twenty seven percent while workers pay only goes everybody else's pay only goes up two percent put that in context to we already have the biggest disparity in history that we've ever had between c.e.o. pay an average employee pay it's much much larger than it was for most of this
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country's history and through its most profitable period and of course i guess the least one good thing that perhaps you can ask here is if people do look at these numbers favorably or in a positive light does it take away the fed's argument for a third round of quantitative easing. the connotative easing what the problem we're seeing now is that the people who need help and the people who need credit in many cases are not the people who are being benefited because if the banks for example take struggling homeowners you have one house and four in this country has an underwater mortgage those people need refinancing help but they no longer have the assets in their house to get refinanced so quantitative easing is not going to help them and then we even quantitative easing is not going to help the corporations of borrowing because corporations many of them are sitting on large reserves of capital and they're not spending the cash they have on hand to hire people and get
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the economy moving because there still aren't enough consumers for their products so we really need to be thinking about more global ways of getting people employed getting people buying consumer confidence according to polls was again plunged last month so and part of it was fuel prices but there are multiple things going on so why should consumers have more confidence when their pay is only going up two percent and everyone's telling them the economy is great so we've got a bill consumer confidence we've got to get the economy moving we've got to get jobs moving and above all we've got to make sure we don't have another recession so everyone likes to look at it in a positive light but maybe not so much richard thank you so much for joining us. ok i did my best thank you. so the comic tonight so we have our friday fireside chat and that it's happy hour look at break for a whole lot of april fools day are you prince or handkerchief reefers michael mourning and looks like.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think. one of the well. we have a god that shows they are keeping us safe get ready because of their freedom. h.l. martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture of.
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the website it's twenty four seven live streaming news times what's it to you about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never saw in mainstream news. media so. the political. posts are too dark to such. a guy. welcome to the show and tell me alone a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now we want to hear you just go on to you tube does video respond or the twitter verse part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long responses.
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to tonight's finest hour with your. we spent a lot of time over the last few weeks talking about libya and rightly so not to ask as many questions as possible about get another war that our country isn't gauged in with no goals no strategy and in my mind still no clear explanation as to why we're there would be a crime but we should focus attention to libya let's also not let president obama get away with using it as a distraction from afghanistan you know the war that's been going on for a decade the war where we have one hundred thousand troops where just today six u.s. soldiers were killed in an operation in the green our province close to the border with pakistan pakistan the real sanctuary to terrorists that we're supposed to be fighting where our government is waging another war that tries to keep secrets and
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below the radar told let's not let president obama forget that this july is the deadline for the start of an american withdrawal and sure it's only april but i think that it's about time we started hearing about the plans for this withdrawal how many of our troops will be leaving how quickly will they really all be gone by the end of two thousand and fourteen and you know there's been a virtual silence from this administration regarding all of those questions and some will tell you that well again it's because of a battle going on with the insider reports will tell you that general david petraeus the man that wants to stay in afghanistan for decades hasn't presented obama with a plan and why would he he doesn't want this war to end he's probably leaving his position soon and it's no longer. are going to be his problem just like the last afghanistan review after which obama decided to send a surge of thirty thousand more troops are finding out that the pentagon brass is trying to strong arm this president and leave him with a pathetic array of options for withdrawal but if this president can go against his
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military advisors not consult with congress and start a war all on his own in libya then i don't see that strong arming as an excuse anymore in afghanistan you can't have it both ways you can't lead to war on your own and then blame those surrounding yooper not being able to and another you can't be the commander in chief if you pick and choose when to assume that command and throw out the constitution as well as any regard for the people that elected you or the representatives that they also elected and then sometimes choose to defer your commands to others and act like there's nothing you can do about it it's like choosing when to intervene in a humanitarian crisis when when to stand idly by while bodies piled up which as it turns out are doing right now if you look at yemen bahrain syria and the ivory coast so let's put pressure on this president let's make him made this withdrawal happen.
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ok it's time for happy hour and joining me this time around to have our two producer jenny churchill and michael going to hand senior editor of reason magazine and reason dot com as i was going to leave your title and everything because it's april fool you know this is a protocol that i think the sheet is worn off by now but this morning there were some good jokes floating around and people were into it and one of the things was google posted an entire joke about the new way of eve now it's take a look at a clip from a quick. motion interprets physical movement and turns it into actionable commands . for example to open a message and make a motion as if you were opening a number loop to send a message like a stamp and place it down the movements are designed to be intuitive ergonomic and easy to do we spent a long time perfecting g.-mail motion and we're excited about the potential for it
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to help improve your email experience. do you actually go over that one this morning take it no you didn't fall for it i sat at my desk watching it saying there's no way this is real what is going on like because i couldn't and this is my issue with the selling of the product not the actual product they no problems with the product it was that you have a super monotone boring guy and this really kind of dorky weird guy doing the motions so you got monotone guy for your fans did you haven't you feel like the apple could. be really how long before you just go like. i don't know if the types every day struck me as a pretty good idea but then again i'm like i'm right about politics and not about technology which is why i like my point which is as a writer you should write is really good yet you know i believe all of them and i believe that everyone that was sent to me this morning and what i saw on. twitter and so i realized that it was april fool's ok that it was really it was like who is
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it do you believe this is my favorite one of the day did you believe that al-jazeera is going to have its own car in nascar because that would really just. i believe well i mean i would start to believe that i mean what i love this that's the best way to infiltrate america you know here you know to harness there's going to be an element in our cars that has to be station or whatever it is getting of this misleading and sure you. know making sure you somebody's got to be out there if you know that we believe here is my germs so you know for the record so hearing you like to see your oklahoma is now actually who's that is proof that they were stupid enough to offer the joke. let's move on i'm telling you it's going to happen this is actually real this. you know of go daddy went on african safari he slayed in elephants then an entire village worth of people that he slay the elephant forgot to go rip it to fred all wearing go daddy baseball had pete is pissed about
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this one obviously but let's show a little bit graphic clip for viewers. i am. going to. be very very. ok is that isn't really wrong or is it i mean i don't know what to say and i'm certainly heterodox and say that it's not wrong and it was really absurd over here but i don't think to date it's obviously not wrong i mean i just find it fascinating that people are outraged by this i agree it's a little tasteless maybe that i might add just a little bit exploitation there is here i want to you know when you know you can use turbo motion this nation to get we're going to exactly right now i mean i don't think anyone should be shocked by this i think he very obviously did this on purpose we're talking about a man who as a habit makes commercials that are too very soon to be shown on television so that they'll create
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a buzz so i don't think that there's any accident that this happened his story is that he was saving the villagers because elephants were trampling their crops and he was. he just happened to have had all those thoughts and go to other that's an accident you know for i mean obviously that you have to ask mr pedagog you know if you know if you're ever benches in brooklyn i don't know if you know about the life of a c.e.o. that is pretty typical i had never heard of i didn't really know it go to i mean what was so it works really has yeah well i don't know anything really i don't know what pop culture is kind of but i thought you know i lived a little you know now and you know would go down because because of that that elephant thing you're buying and selling ok are you should he also you know it's the corporation you basically can get away with anything obvious you know politicians going to go to africa. and all where you know the only guy who are actually can mean you got exactly what he wanted and we're talking about. a really nice guy and they also got what i want to i'm sure you're probably afraid. because
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i want to hear the story that personally really and reaches me because there are you know there are a few things in life that i really love to do and one of those beings is just really chewing out those customer service rep so they do something wrong with the companies because i knew all the time i was like so you know i hate. i hate the use that they charge and so i kind of take a little bit of pleasure and then get mad at these general and yelling at them when they ask me if they can record the conversation and i think yes because i want their managers to hear about how angry and how much they suck a.t.t. is now changing their rules so they basically they can cancel your contract if you're abusive to the customer service representative so the customer have no rights anymore i reserve you are you have this backwards this is a great boon for customers who are trying to get out of these like two year contract agency now all they have to do is call up and be a jerk to somebody who's like you making minimum wage and end of contracts well i don't break at eighty and realize that this was
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a problem with me and one is that she got sick or they were they were informed of this unforseen consequences and they were like we'll get back to you on that and they never did this was to see that and what i love about it is see if they had thought about this they would have said well cancel your contract and charge you the consolation cancellation fee they didn't do that but it made more sense well that's what i'm saying is maybe i just have a warped view everyone else sees this is a great loophole to you know you get your contract with the other child to let's say and it's really people that are you yourself as an incredibly cool person sort of are guys thanks for joining me on this friday cheers for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and i'm very sorry to say that we won't be back on monday in fact i just got a job at fox and it's april is not a million years and i work for that but in all seriousness do come back on monday david sirota is going to be on the show and meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and we miss any of the night's show or any other nights you can always catch all the you tube dot com slash here on the show coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the us around.
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culture is the same ocean different issue each visit is shared by time the more when the battle for libya is a so-called humanitarian intervention there are so noble and straightforward most intervention. as you know song was sixteen years old on communities mars that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes song is being punished no rational person can deny that saw has been honest is being honest and will be honest. as ours must be asked to for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. imagine.
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that it's. because we've been immersed monuments to her. now i didn't come here just. came here they first. start really small now. finally martin. and my that is now. jump the official obviously cation job on the phone or i pod touch for me i choose up still.


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