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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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we'll. bring you the latest science technology from the ground. we've done on the future. of the law and a step up a fight against the insurgency attempting to recapture the western middle stronghold of misrata one point three zero in the capital city of tripoli joining me in a few moments and i'll bring you all. the opposition's fight against gadhafi stoppers on our expected back without me our garden rebels reportedly killed in a call with airstrike. fears over a potential terrorist attack in europe grow as security experts claim the coalition's involvement in that country the radical the spawns. japan struggles to stem the leak of radioactive water from the fukushima power plant into
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the ocean. of home a tsunami survivors face an uncertain future. yeah the moscow metro suicide bombing deals a devastating blow to terrorism by killing a group of high ranking militants. you're watching r.t. with our weekly news from iraq kerry johnston but first a pro get off the forces continue the latest offensive in the west attempting to recapture the country's third largest city misrata is the last rebel stronghold left in western libya and has been under attack for weeks now correspondent for us there is in tripoli with more. the word of bloodshed is increasingly been used to describe the situation in the last rebel held city in the west of this country the city of misrata now according to doctors on the scene they say that one person was
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killed and several people were wounded in the early hours of sunday morning when the government forces renewed shelling on a building in the city and we understand from the doctors there and turn a few days ago there were a number of civilians being housed inside that building they have been injured in recent clashes between pro and anti gadhafi forces but fortunately there have been evacuated before the shelling began we are also hearing from doctors that in the last week alone one hundred and sixty people have been killed in misrata itself from these battles now as foreign press it's almost impossible for us to independently verify this information because since the start of these clashes more than a month ago we've been prevented from actually reaching misrata but we are being told by doctors that in a month of fighting between six hundred and a thousand civilians have been killed in the city certainly the rebels have been in control of it for more than a month now but what we are seeing increasingly is that the government troops are intensifying the shelling and more and more looks likely that the city wolf or to
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the hands of gadhafi his men ever since the united states handed over command of the military operations here in libya to nato the u.s. has been decreasing the number of combat missions it carries out here we are hearing from top american military officials that they're also going to begin withdrawing the fighter jets this submarines and the missile ships now this does come across does come against the background of the stalemate in terms of fighting on the ground between those pro and duffy is around the city of brega in the east of the country and also comes against the backdrop of increasing criticism from within the american president barack obama's own administration over questions in terms of the representation and the capability of those opposition fighters what we also understanding though in terms of the reaction here on the ground is that the rebel fighters are increasingly. and as nato takes over command of this operation that they will need to be greater consensus from your twenty eight member coalition for some kind of robust action on the ground and that action perhaps would have
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been much more quickly authorized when the united states was in charge as positively government goes though they continue to pull of us ate a crusader route they say that these actions are illegal and immoral and then our voice in the room concerned that in the future they will be the supplying of weapons to these rebel fighters this will soon be followed by framing and ultimately end in the deployment of foot soldiers but meanwhile nato is investigating reports that at least thirteen libyan rebels were killed in a coalition air strike in the west of the country or to group this kind of has been talking to the current government fighters in a cover when goes before a military. the general feeling here in the rebel stronghold is confusion a lot of confusion around that incident because according to some reports. this attack by planes on the rebels. planes on the rebels caused triggered by gaddafi troops who sneaked in to the rebels and opened fire at the
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planes but other reports suggest that the rebels were celebrating and began shooting into the year confusing the pilots and also true. to react back i can tell you that judging by the pool level of organization and training of the rebel fighters versions are possible because the rebels have been seen arguing and even fighting them on themselves while they're on the front meenie are teenagers who don't have any experience in combat and there is even speculation and lots of rumors of that egypt and the united states me d c we treating the rebels there on the front and also rumors that the cia secret agents media operating there as well trying to organize the rebels soon so when it comes to. the forces there are much
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better trained they're much better equipped and apparently there is much more of them according to some biggers the a ratio of the forces at the moment is around one to ten meaning one rebel fighter against then the soldiers as the general understanding here in green guys he is the only way the rebels could be successful is the spear of support from me to. where the foreign intervention in libya has come under fire for not sticking to the limits of the u.n. resolution but u.s. based radio host stephen leatherman says the coalition itself was illegal this paves the way for the clinton. what the security council here was basically authorized the u.s. britain and france to legally attack and nonbelligerent country so that the new council by awaiting article fifty whatever your way of sharing it clearly says that
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no nation me back another nation except in self-defense to security council me neither yet in violation of its own charter this war which is what it is it's a power grab by the three caudle if you're an american the main one is the idea is to call a country destroy it out of course prioritize it industries control these resources to school it is people in this war is following the same script we screwed isn't identical each to him but it is mark twain once said about history it may not repeat exactly but it. seems to be thousand over than back in two thousand and three it was much nineteen sharp in our figures the rash shock and awe it gets libya civilians are being given no surprise we don't hear about civilians civilians appear on missiles from thirty thousand feet cruise missiles bombs will be don't
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distinguish between civilians. they'll be a lot of sleet but this including the forces of a group of. radio hosts even then. well as the coalition forces continue to impose a no fly zone over libya there are concerns that the intervention may soon backfire on europe security experts libyan islamic groups are plotting terror attacks. allied airstrikes. reports. e.u. countries have taken a leading role in enforcing the u.n. resolution but their efforts all the way over in libya now threaten to bring conflict right to their very own back doors claim colonel gadhafi now has little other weapons left in his armory an overseas terror he's faced repeated accusations that he ordered lockerbie bombing that killed two hundred seventy mostly westerners experts say some countries are particularly in the firing line three leading
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countries of the offensive. that means france in the united states of course the only option yes really is to use terror so i think. it's a clear cut in prison then or today in the coming there is need in the coming weeks but e.u. backing for and see gadhafi rebels could backfire further rebel leaders include the libyan islamic fighting group and associates of al qaida and the casualties mounting every day from allied bombing make fertile recruiting ground for anti western forces there are agents of it. working now in it that much fear of chaos. i am sure. e.u. muslims protest against nato bombing of libya the organizer says people should prepare
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for the worst there's certainly there's a very strong likelihood but i think. that the most like they will try to. anger at the invasion of iraq live to assist in terror attacks in the e.u. almost two hundred people died in the madrid train bombings in two thousand and four while suicide bombers killed fifty two people in london in two thousand and five officials now dread similar results in the wake of this campaign western intelligence reports chris activity among suspected terrorist cells indicating the threat of attack is high one officer told all t n e u terrorists strike is now just a question of time. see brussels. coming up in a few minutes abducted and arrested for no apparent reason it's very special forces kidnap a palestinian engineer they claim is a dangerous criminal something his family and friends strongly deny. in
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japan a radioactive water continues to leak from the quake hit. officials say a crack on the troubled reactor maybe the source more than twelve thousand people lost their lives in the tsunami disaster hundreds of thousands left homeless have been forced into overcrowded shelters and. found out survivors are angry at the government's failure to rebuild their lives. this is the first time many residents of asian a marquee have seen their houses since that's an army to search through them but at most a little of value remains but subtle shinji is not trying to salvage material possessions . my house was totally destroyed and my husband died in the tsunami now i'm honoring him by getting his personal things out i just wish everything can go back to how it was. shinji has been housed at a local school with several hundred others people here have been taken turns to volunteer as cooks and cleaners. but the cramped conditions mean that after
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nearly three weeks the communal spirit is fraying and. we are dissatisfied with your forties we know there are temporary houses that will be put up but who will get them some areas are being feted over others. the government admits that not a single temporary house has been constructed so far but even when they do finally go up there won't solve the far greater problem. the government the excavators are removing the rubble as fast as they can but for the victims of the disaster even those lucky enough to get the temporary housing it will be years before they can come here rebuild the house and call of their home many of the stricken japanese coastal towns will live for generations when ling fishing and shipping industries livelihoods which no longer exist and there is little hope of ever getting them back. the government is good at solving big problems not the ones of the small
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people i do not think this town will ever be a rebuild as it was even if i restore what i have and no one will build anything next to my house. or the government providing food and temporary shelter was the relatively straightforward part in helping victims cope with the disaster making sure people have a place and a community to return to will be more much. well difficult he grew up now of nazi japan. a largescale counter-terror of operation russia's caucasus region killed seventeen militants last monday the wife assistant of russia's number one terrorist were identified among the dead experts agree proves there's a high chance of self was killed as a three really the right some bodies have not yet been identified forensic results expected take several weeks out in phase operation targeting his inner circle
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responsible for a series of deadly attacks in russia earlier this year results of an official released. year since the suicide bomb attack through its natural stations over suspects behind the trust they have been identified most of them killed in special answered terror operations. quarter never visited the site. it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me to be true he like many others had a certain string in his step knowing the harsh moscow winter was over with little did he realize the nightmare he would be thrown into just a few minutes later suddenly there was a very horrible sound as if something huge had fallen. and i woke up and there was a small a haze. people were shouting and rushing to. meet
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me had her it was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the russian capital in six years just before eight am the first of two explosions hit the moscow subway killing twenty four people our people crowded station which lies beneath the had corners of the federal security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station at a crucial city interest section. killing. the stock even. if it's right in the middle of the rush hour work its truck out the back of the train passed can be used try to get on board. there was no light in the mergers for people what is there were there were remains of them some of them were stretched on the floor of the metro train in the side was horrible it was the people who would die just before the rise and there was nothing that would save them with eighty million commuters every day moscow subways one of the busiest in
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the world that's made it a terrorist target in the past and on this year ago in was being targeted once again a twenty year old student leader. for herself the true fuses to live and she shouldn't . sometimes feel something like this i think about this but in general i think we have safe safety. a year ago terrorist broad mass go to a standstill horo to our reading life but if they wanted to destroy people's spirits those goal was certainly in order to city live goal zone and while the terrorists were out to millions more than moscow and across the globe remains it's something people have blown to live with. also moscow. israeli secret services have allegedly kidnapped a dangerous palestinian criminal crane they claim he's been assisting the militant
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organization and the us but here are confused as to why they weren't a vetted. actions have cost down on the system a silk operation for the palestinian charges. several months ago older and younger and her husband palestinian engineer did i will see she fled from gaza to her native ukraine they were looking for a peaceful life far from the constant hostilities of the middle east you are even childes to leave behind a very good job. and my husband was deputy director of the only power station in gaza he's a very highly qualified engineer and received an immensely high salary by local standards but their relieved did not last long one evening i will see she boarded an overnight train from quite a few cleared to meet his brother i will says he was sound asleep when in the middle of the night two men walked into his compartment and asked him to provide
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his id the man refused to do so and the next moment they handcuffed the palestinian and removed him from the train journey because she has no doubt it was a kidnapping plotted by israel's intelligence service the must start with mobile and i received a text message from him the next day he said that he needs to lie low and is going to saudi arabia and i knew it wasn't his style he never uses words like that when many called you and you crazy in the following few weeks while her husband's whereabouts were unknown until israel's prime minister confirmed all this time the man had been behind bars in an israeli prison i will sue sue in chicago a machine to use for minors and we arrested him for corydon's in world. but one question arises if the arrest was indeed legitimate why had ukrainian special services been left in the dark about the operation with all of our. single
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intelligence service turned to us to assist risking a criminal received no notification of any special operation either. experts say in special operations between the intelligence of two countries a suspect is routinely arrested and then deported otherwise the procedure breaches a country solvency in the present case nobody can even say how exactly the man was taking out of ukraine that margin in. this man was not put on a wanted list by any country and there had been no extradition claims it was unclear who left ukrainian territory. this would not be the first case when my side has struck without warning last year or suspected hamas militant was assassinated in dubai and guess what the emirates special forces say they had no idea about the planned move as i would see a way the charges against him to be brought next week that any good says she will spare no effort to put an end to this campaign against an ordinary engineer alexy
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russia ski r.t. reporting from kiev ukraine. the russian president has banned top government officials from running or even helping to run a state or companies interest rate it has ordered ministers to leave any corporate stakeholder like to die this year or to be replaced by government officials the move is aimed at creating a better climate for investors in russia officials say the president's decision to only cover competitive corporations such as banks and oil companies. was more international news in brief for you now. the israeli prime minister really getting yahoo was called on the un to me to cancel or of course which accused his offices of committing war crimes in two thousand and eight to no and gaza offensive he comes off the accounts of african richard goldstone backtracked on the claims that israel had deliberately targeted civilians israel refused to cooperate with those stores august occasion and condemned these reports as the store did list some
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fourteen hundred palestinians and thirteen israelis were killed during the three week campaign. to the ivory coast where red cross reports say the number of those killed during broad clashes in the west of the country in the past few days as reached one thousand fierce fighting continues across the main city of abidjan that's of course is the rules of the un recognized neither of us on time or a battle because of his rival on both sets of rival supporters now great to have control of the country's capital conflict comes off the ground but i refused to step down from the presidency since november's election saying i think nations in the last. police have opened polls i should say voted because it started as a country that since the president is expected to overwhelmingly reconfirmed the leadership of the second assault on wasn't prepared three candidates challenging
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him in the ballots but none have publicly opposed his policies in a thousand international observers are seeing sunday's race which has already come under criticism to see the record this first official results are expected on monday. now that thirty more on our website at r.t. dot com including that today in history that if you chess player. refused to play his soviet counterpart antonio koppel causing an international scandal details are like. us muscovites will be able to admire the works of public. among others he says the other leading all from. russian this is across russia's capital of being treated to not one russian makes at the same time the latest trends but our website at the party dot com.
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the. preparations for the takeoff so you spacecraft are in full swing the baikonur cosmodrome with the rockets now installed on the launch pad i'll choose day to blast off celebrating the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of mankind's first journey to the stars nazis seen here is that the site and got some first hand impressions cosmonauts just back from space. the we're here at the a launch pad the baikonur cosmodrome we're actually watching right now. they're moving the rocket for the expedition twenty seven of the cars on the position to the particle position very interesting to see this whole process will show you be watching what's going on right now it's a nasa astronaut full stop and she actually just landed on the international space station weeks ago and this is the first time looking at this process particularly
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when you think about it i think it's it's pretty impressive it's really neat to see . how differently the rockets work to get to space and how it all isn't working out in the end but very different very different to the spatial in what we do but for to watch my friend karen load up in a couple days to go back to space having been there before i got you know an idea of what i was going to be looking forward to and everything and the space station such a wonderful huge volume in space the largest volume ever had in history and space. now to be able to look out a we were talking earlier this is the window to see kind of. a window that looks down to the earth and it just. it really it's a very emotional thing to i think that. you know you see your own planet from space you're experiencing floating around in microgravity doing some good work up there i think and working as international partners to you know anything about living in
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space you're engaged in a species the ear very protected you have to be because we as humans can and can't live on our own out in the vacuum of space and very similar to what it's like living underwater you're under pressure you can't just you know walk half the door without special equipment so for the most part in the entire there you're thinking about things like you know what do i need to do to protect myself in this given environment and fortunately the space station and the various how to tap water are very powerful places to be. to make of this what is it without. bigger issue big worry for your beautiful planet below me thank you very much thank you and the site thank you nicole you all feel very however a lot of astronauts cosmonauts and astronauts here right now watching the slow process coming here especially because i'm here to enjoy the day it's happening to fiftieth anniversary of unity gardens first flight and the thirtieth anniversary of the the first started the space shuttle flights is again everyone here very excited
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seeing all this up close and it was just pretty good for it to be sure at this rate i'll go a bit a bit to chile to have the moment so we are expecting to see more of the families of the astronauts coming here and even the little boy from french guiana who had designed the catch of the crew for the expedition twenty seven to die assess should be a great day. now has really a businessman is sentenced to seven years in a georgian prison not to try and get back money owed to lots of music but investors received an invitation from the georgian prime minister to formal dinner and the last thing he was expecting to serve was a prison term. to finalize the settlement on the million dollars and to draw from government debts he's been facing for almost fifteen years say this side of the full story on. a recap headlines is coming up in just a few minutes from start.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition which the language tell you that the dusty old pete could beat.
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and culture. the thing is that the have agendas are still unaware of what's going on in the land still asking them my idea but let's. face it i don't know anybody alaska the great. one are cheap. and something has been to the jaroslav in return for the handicrafts have become a major industry. quality goes to form a top secret military stronghold. which today has limitless possibilities for extreme sports. with the most secretive damask still has been discovered. and the real soviet fleet died as much as a may. come from the chelyabinsk region of. russia close up on ati. twenty years ago in the largest country in the. disappearance of.
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what had been. to get a job. for where did it take them. more news today in holland says once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of kenya that. giant corporations are all today. wealthy british scientists are. not.


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