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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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libyan rebels resume their battle for control of key cities but come under friendly fire from coalition forces. gadhafi loyalists stepped up a fight against the insurgency attempting to recapture the western rebel stronghold of misrata for the kill in the capital city of tripoli joining me in a few moments and i'll bring you more. with radiation expected to a week for several months ahead of japan's trying to broadcast from the rubble of the quake disaster. and on the first anniversary of a moscow metro bombings a blitz operation strikes a serious blow to terrorists in the north caucasus. your
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authority live from moscow and we have the weekly for you this sunday the latest news and the top stories from the week progress out of the forces in libya are attempting to recapture the country's third largest city in misrata it's the last rebel stronghold left in the last and has been under attack for weeks now our correspondent paula slayer is in the capital tripoli with more. the work of bloodshed is increasingly being used to describe the situation in the last rebel held city in the west of this country the city of misrata now according to doctors on the scene they say that one person was killed and several people were wounded in the early hours of sunday morning when the government forces renewed shelling on a building in the city and we understand from the doctors that until a few days ago there were number of civilians in houses inside that building they
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had been injured in recent clashes between pro and anti gadhafi forces but fortunately there had been evacuated before the shelling began we are also hearing from doctors that in the last week alone one hundred and sixty people have been killed in misrata itself from these battles gobbing told by doctors that in a month of fighting between six hundred and a thousand civilians have been killed in this city certainly the rebels have been in control of it for more than a month now what we are seeing increasingly is that the government troops are intensifying the shelling and more and more looks likely that the city will forward to the hands of gadhafi as man ever since the united states handed over command of the military operations here in libya to nato the u.s. has been decreasing the number of combat missions it carries out yet we are hearing from top american military officials that they're also going to begin withdrawing the fighter jets the submarines and the missile ships now this does come across does come against the background of the stalemate in terms of fighting on the
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ground between those pro and thank you this is around the city of brega in the east of the country and it also comes against the backdrop of increasing criticism from within the american president barack obama's own administration over questions in terms of the representation and the capability of those opposition fighters as far as a tripoli government goes though they continue to call this a quote a crusader who they say that these actions are illegal and immoral and they are not voicing movie concerns that in the future they will be the supplying of weapons to these rebel fighters this will soon be followed by training and ultimately end in the deployment of foot soldiers. well washington is considering training and arming the libyan rebels by claims that al qaida has infiltrated their ranks are. talking to opposition supporters in ghazi following the recent nato air strike near by thirteen. the general feeling here in the rebel stronghold is
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confusion lots of confusion around that incident because according to some reports the planes on the rebels was caused by the troops. in the rebels and opened fire at the planes but other reports suggest that the rebels were celebrating and began shooting into the air confusing the pilots and also true. to react back but i can tell you that judging by the pool level of organization and training the rebel fighters version possible because the rebels had been seen arguing and even fighting them on themselves al gore on the ground are teenagers who don't have any experience in combat and there is even speculation and lots of rumors that egypt and the united states and we see the training the rebels there on the front and also rumors of cia
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secret agents maybe operating there as well trying to organize rubbles when it comes to. forces there are much better trained they're much better equipped and apparently there is much more of them according to some biggers. forces at the moment is around the one through ten meaning one rebel fighter against. the soldiers so the general understanding here in benghazi is that the only way the rebels could be successful is support from nato. as the coalition forces continue their operation in libya there are concerns that the intervention may soon backfire on europe security experts here libyan islamic groups are plotting terror attacks in the e.u. when revenge for the allied airstrikes. e.u. countries have taken a leading role in enforcing the u.n.
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resolution but their efforts all the way over in libya now threaten to bring conflict right to their very own back doors i list claim colonel gadhafi now has little other weapons left in his armory than overseas terror he's faced repeated accusations that he would look at the bombing that killed two hundred seventy mostly westerners experts say some countries are particularly in the firing line three leading countries of the offensive and that means france u.k. and the united states of course the only option yes really is to use terrorism so i think. it's a clear threat in prison today in the coming days maybe in the coming weeks but e.u. backing for anti could that the rebels could provide further rebel leaders including the libyan islamic fighting group and associates of al qaida and the casualties
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mounting every day from allied bombing make fertile recruiting ground for and western forces there are agents. working now. that are mostly calles as well i am sure. e.u. muslims protest against nato bombing of libya the organizer says people should prepare for the worst that certainly does a very strong likelihood but i think what we do out of inevitability that the muslim somebody with our track everybody should. go at the invasion of iraq live in terror attacks in the e.u. almost two hundred people died in the madrid train bombings in two thousand and four while suicide bombers killed fifty two people in london in two thousand and five officials now dread similar results in the wake of this campaign western intelligence reports chris activity among suspected terrorist cells indicating the
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threat of attack is by one of the total t m p u terrorist strike is now just a question of time the new bush will see brussels and in syria president bashar al assad has appointed a new prime minister after dismissing the old cabinet attempt to ease the arrests in the country dozens are being killed in two weeks of fighting the government blames outside influences for the arrests independent journalist james corbett believes foreign military intervention could be on the cards. the president is being set right now with the libyan case and if they are able to get away well i suppose if the forces of western imperialism are able to get away with this in libya then it's really just a question of implementing to seem scheme in syria and we've seen how it can be done by for mentoring and funding and training and harming and supplying the rebel forces in the country and basically covert attempts to implement regime change and
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i think that's exactly what an intervention in syria would be about ultimately it would be to isolate iran obviously syria being an absolutely vital strategic partner and a long term partner of iran and providing that land link to hezbollah and so it's absolutely a geo strategic location and it's very strategic for iran so i would see say that if the if syria is the next country to fall into this imperialist intervention i think that would definitely be the long term goal would be to isolate iran to hopefully eventually in the imperialist eyes to overthrow mean a judgment jean. still ahead for you this hour snatched off a train in the middle of the night find out how i was to be an engineer disappeared in ukraine has resurfaced in israel and why the secret services might be involved. and it's almost fifty years since mankind first journey into space we were in you all the latest our preparations for a special anniversary night. but first upin faces the grim
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prospect of at least a few months of uncontrolled radiation release according to a first source radioactive water continues to leak into the ocean from a crack in the fukushima plant second reactor despite all efforts the bodies of two workers killed by the devastating tsunami have been recovered from the reactor syllabi the massive wave that hit the country has now claimed the lives of twelve thousand people over two hundred thousand still live in shelters you've already given assurances. that they're doing everything they can to help this place community but as you've covered many people feel their government has helped them. this is the first time many residents of ishinomaki have seen their houses since the tsunami surged through them but in most little of value remains but subtle shinji is not trying to salvage material possessions. my house was totally
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destroyed and my husband died in the tsunami and now i'm honoring him by giving his personal things i just wish everything could go back to how it was. she has been housed at a local school with several hundred of those people here who've been taken turns to volunteer cooks and cleaners. but the cramped conditions mean that after nearly three weeks the communal spirit is frame. dissatisfied with your forties we know there are temporary houses that will be put up but you will get to see. mary's are being favored over. the government admits that not a single temporary house has been constructed so far with even when they do finally go up the ones on the far greater problem. the government excavators are moving the rubble as fast as they can but all the victims of the disaster even those lucky
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enough to get the temporary housing it will be years before they can come here rebuild the house and call a home many of the stricken japanese coastal towns rely for generations on doing going fishing and shipping industries livelihoods which no longer exists and there's little hope of ever getting them back. the government is good at solving the problems not the ones of a small people i don't think this town will ever be a rebuild as it was even if i restore what i have no one will build anything next to my house. or the government providing food and temporary shelter was a relatively straightforward part in helping victims cope with the disaster making sure people have a place and a community to return to will be much more difficult you know r.t. topical japan. independent nuclear power consultant charlie large but these roger penrose can't ask or guard when the tsunami struck country was still unprepared to
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deal with this type of accident. the problem is really the fundamental nuclear safety culture in japan and generally in the rest of the developed world is flawed what happened here is that the japanese considered this cascade from earthquake food to tsunami could never happen or would happen so infrequently that they didn't have to take account of it and as a result they never practiced this never rehearsed for this type of accident and we can see affectively that the japanese for the first two weeks have been running around to coin an old english phrase like headless chickens not knowing what to do the real problem is this if they take a measure like flooding and quench in the reactors with water that may well lead to serious consequences later on when they have all that accumulated water on site which is highly radioactive then they have to make a decision of how to deal with the water whether to keep it in site in bun trenches or to actually destroy harder to see with the consequences on the marine
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environment so whichever way they turn they've been ill prepared and they poorly planned for the consequences of this succeed in action. tom marsh there an independent nuclear power consultant speaking to us from london. but one of the biggest counter terror operations in years left seventeen militants ten russian southern republicans were set free on monday it will stop at russia's most wanted terrorist go pullar of could be among those killed but a number of forensic tests have yet to be carried out to verify the information during the raid security forces also destroyed a militant k. outdoor turf we're being trained the operation took place on the eve of the first anniversary of the twin suicide bombing that rocked markel metro claiming thirty eight lives parties within a caution of a connaught forethought of survivors of the deadly attack. it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me treated put off he like many others had
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a certain spring in his step and knowing the harsh mosque in winter was only a little bit little did he realize the nitemare he would be thrown into just a few minutes later suddenly there was a very horrible sound as if something huge before. and i woke up and there was a small. he was shouting and rushing out of the car would need to be had her it was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the russian capital in six years just before eight am to first of two explosions hit a moscow subway killing twenty four people at the crowded tube station which lies beneath the had quarters of the federal security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station and a crucial city intersection killing twelve from all. the stuff last
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year finally we basically came at eight thirty eight right in the middle of the rush hour it's the back up. train asked can you try to get on board it was dark there was no lighting and i just saw people board is that whatever remained of them some of them were stretched on the floor near the metal crane and so it was horrible it was. just before your eyes and there was nothing that could save them with eight million commuters every day moscow subways one of the busiest in the world that's made it a terrorist target in the past year ago to be a target once again a twenty year old student leaving. for herself the truth uses to live in fear today . sometimes i feel something like this i think about this but in general i think we have safe safety. a year ago tires broad moscow to
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a standstill by bringing horror of reading life but if they wanted to destroy people's spirits those goal was certainly know what a chit says you live gold zone and while the terror threat to millions more than moscow on across the globe remains it's something people have learned to live with . also moscow palestinian engineer is awaiting sentencing in israeli jail after allegedly being kidnapped by israel secret service says there are blue c.c. was snatched from a train in ukraine and disappeared for weeks now israel admits that holding the man over cuba's have a place with hamas but ukraine is perplexed over why its authorities were not alerted authorities alexy are septicaemia reports. several months ago that i need her and her husband palestinian engineer get out i will see she fled from gaza to her nature of ukraine they were looking for
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a peaceful life far from the constant hostilities of the middle east there are even chills to leave behind a very good job with a purpose my husband was deputy director of the only power station. he's a very highly qualified engineer and received an immensely high salary by local standards. but their relief did not last long one evening i was c.c. boarded an overnight train from quite a few key here to meet his brother i was since he was sound asleep when in the middle of the night two men walked into his compartment and asked him to provide his id the man refused to do so and the next moment they handcuffed the palestinian and removed him from the train but only because says she has no doubt it was a kidnapping plotted by israel's intelligence service from a solid informal and i received a text message from him the next day he sent it. and he is going to saudi arabia i knew it wasn't his style he never uses words and. then many called you when you
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crazy in the following few weeks while her husband's whereabouts were unknown until israel's prime minister confirmed all this time the man had been behind bars in an israeli prison. years for months and months and we arrested him for accordance with . the police. but one question arises if the arrest was indeed legitimate why has ukrainian special services been left in the dark about the operation the school drop and the almost single intelligence service turned to us just system arresting equipment you received was the addition of any special relations either by. experts say in special operations between the intelligence of two countries a suspect is routinely arrested and then deported otherwise the procedure. breach is a country store and see in the present case nobody can even say how exactly the man was staking out of ukraine and when you. look at him this woman was not those were
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the ones who'd lived by any country and there had been no extradition claims it's unclear how he left ukrainian territory cleanly this would not be the first case when the sun has struck with more news you see last year a suspected hamas militant was assassinated in dubai and to get to the emirates special forces so you have no idea about the plan for me to get it as the sea awaits charges against him to be brought next week when he says she will spare no effort to put an end to this complaint against an ordinary engineer let's see russia ask you all to see reporting from kiev ukraine. and there's always more news views and analysis waiting for you on our website twenty four seventh's here's some of what's online for you right now power to the people but at what cost new yorkers electricity bills have restored following a federal decision to allow energy providers to earn more by now wind city officials are calling the above money grab. plus prime minister vladimir putin
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takes a green machine for us then find out what he thought of brussels and it was time going to be a call known as the euro mobile on our website r t v dot com. i mean if they did bad top government officials from running or even helping to run companies in which the state has a stake the movie's aim to create a better climate for investors in russia president medvedev has ordered ministers to leave any corporate post they hold by july it was clear there to be replaced by non-government figures officials say the move only applies to people how do you think that the country's major energy into france companies and banks as well. polls have closed in kazakhstan where people have been a lacking in the country's leader in an early presidential vote the ballot is expected to over well. we reconfirmed the leadership of long serving those who by after you've been in power three thousand nine hundred ninety one enjoys the exclusive right to be elected for
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a limitless number of times something the constitution will no longer allow any other president it's not a vote was called after already cancelled referendum to prolong that survives term in office three candidates are challenging him in the vote but none have publicly opposed his policies more than a thousand international observers are overseeing the election which has already come under criticism for a perceived lack of fairness first official results are expected. some more now of this sunday's international news hundreds of french troops are being says ivory coast's is the power struggle in the country heats up they are reported to have taken over the airport in the main city of around a thousand people have been killed in violent clashes in the west of the country over the last few days forces loyal to un recognized leader of the sun you are tara are battling supporters of incumbent president laurent gbagbo says she's.
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at least thirty people have been killed and dozens injured in twin explosions which are just simply shrine in pakistan believes were gathering for a three day festival at the building in the punjab province when the blast went off so if you try and come under attack in the country for sure many muslim hardliners consider this mystical branch of islam a heresy. hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets in afghanistan in renewed protests over the burning of the koran by a pastor in the u.s. last month demonstrators in kandahar attacks cars and shops and a riot that left at least five dead the process have also spread to the city of jalalabad promised after fourteen people including u.n. staff were killed after similar demos on friday. and america's southwest airlines has grounded nearly eighty planes for inspection and canceled three hundred flights nation want the move came after
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a section of the fuselage ripped open on a boeing seven thirty seven during a flight on friday forcing an emergency landing at a military base in arizona jat with one hundred eighteen people on board was in route from phoenix to sacramento when the cabin pressure suddenly dropped the pilot made a rapid descent and none of the passengers were seriously injured. in the fiftieth anniversary year of the first manned flight into space russia's preparing to honor that epic achievement a crew set to broadcast off on board of science spacecraft on monday night and their mission to the stars archies tests are silly story. well it's just a day before the launch or be so used to maybe a twenty one to the international space station of course the crew they're going through be a final preparations a spacecraft itself it's already hoisted in this critical position but they're putting the final touches but what's most interesting is the process the tradition is that the crew have to go through following the footsteps of the men and women
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that came before them the most interesting thing happening today is the blessing of the russian orthodox priest who's giving his blessing to get through before they go off on their mission and of course this was a practice. actually began when cosmonauts that i called requested for this before he went on his mission to your space station this was the t m a twenty so you see i'm twenty another interesting tidbit we found out is that the russian orthodox priest himself he actually wanted to be a cosmonaut but he did manage to achieve these are the closest he could get to a bad dream is to you working with your calls on our cell so he's there giving his blessing so that's what you've been watching for today and another tradition that we have to go through is having a haircut before the actual launch of space anyway there. aside from the journalists who are here people from other people for the side of the caught this space program we also have a lot of people coming here just to witness what's going on as tourists here as
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tourists i'm joined now by admiral you she's actually a tourist here at baikonur all thank you very much for joining us and i just was briefly why are you here i know you were tourists but what is it that drew you to this place i'm well i'm actually a fulbright scholar in moscow this year and i'm interested in the russian space program and the history of the russian space program as well as the cooperation between the u.s. and american space program but what was the most interesting because so far that you've seen that you can share with people who can't make it here or here baikonur . it's almost seems like it's in the middle you know it's in the middle of nowhere it seems like a desert there's and yet there are launching speciously every six months actually much more frequently than that but it's just it's it's in the middle of nowhere and it's really a small town atmosphere and at the same time a big spaceport thank you very much. so there you have it you have a lot of tourists here going to the different monuments will be going to the launch pad as well to have
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a closer look at the rocket which of course bears the symbol the face actually of you because god it fiftieth anniversary of his first space flight another mistake being is that we've been talking to the wives of the cosmonauts especially between the russian cosmonauts alexandr some of which i have and everybody said told me this is their first time in space and when you get when you talk to their wives they're actually the ones who are very very nervous about the making of their husbands making this trip so again a very interesting atmosphere here what you don't see. maybe in front of a camera it's all the conversations that go on between bastard also people visiting just sort of a very informative a very exciting atmosphere that we are experiencing here at baikonur and force everybody looking forward to the launch marking be a fiftieth anniversary of you got its first space flight. well sure they were. take you to the wants russian own alaska before that i'll be back with an update of our top story.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language usually you visit the first to go beat the beat. and culture. the thing is that the how the germans are still
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unaware of what's going on in their mind still asking them i have no idea how much stuff like nothing i don't know anybody alaska the radio on our cheap. wealthy british style. sometimes right. markets finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on r.g.p. . for .


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