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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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well back to the big picture i'm john harbin coming up in this half hour a public interest company is trampled by a monopolistic greed driven media mogul this is scenario consumers been screwed by wealthy powers would be sounds so familiar plus montana republican representative alan ill is opposing the dui law proposed by his own party is he saying the bill is destroying a way of life and with the government shutdown possibly on the horizon republicans are pretty much you know win win situation explain it and i still take. who screwed residents of wilson north carolina and for that matter all of us in two thousand and eight the city of wilson created its own broadband internet company named green light to lead wire for all of its citizens to have access to high speed
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internet cheap price was essentially a public option for broadband and the residents scooped it up because green light was offering internet at twice the speed as the for profit corporation time warner that otherwise held a monopoly in the state which didn't last long as time warner dumps six hundred thousand dollars last year in the north carolina state elections by an lawmakers left and right and then last week that investment paid off as every single republican and some of the bought off democrats passed a bill that makes it illegal for cities like wilson to operate their own broadband networks meaning the bill made sure that corporations and not consumers are protected in the marketplace so this is the way the free market should work is to serve corporate monopolies here to offer their take said july reporter a blogger at think progress and kelly cobb from americans for tax reform joan great to see both you kelly what's wrong with people banding together and by move on.
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jordi boat deciding to put together a broad broad band system that they themselves own well i think the biggest concern is the cost because as taxpayers essentially vote maybe or the city council decides hey we're going to put together a public broadband network but everybody's going to foot the bill some people choose not to have broadband internet access some people choose to have broadband internet access and the other component that we're missing in this conversation is only ninety eight percent of americans already have access to mobile brought i think you misunderstood my question what's wrong with democracy what's wrong with a majority of people in a community by majority vote deciding that they're going to do something that they're going to tax themselves to fund and then doing what's wrong well first they're not probably all going to sit there and decide to tax themselves to fund it but i think the first certainly did by by our form of government by representative waters well first and foremost i think that there are obvious concerns with the cost of doing these sorts of things a lot of the time. people are smart of well maybe leaving not but you have to
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consider the fact that in their neighbors wilson's neighbors into other counties that have broadband internet networks public public networks and those networks have been going under for years in fact this year they talk about a six million dollars sale sometimes they fail but isn't that isn't that the way to believe all. this is good so this is i think the point sometimes these systems where sometimes they don't but i think that we should have the freedom to experiment the roots of this bill are found in an organization called alec the american legislative exchange council it's a gigantic right wing group about a third of state legislators are in it has a lot of corporate funding a gigantic corporate board the majority of its money comes from businesses and corporations like time warner comcast basically he's people shop around temple it builds a different state they saw this bill around in north carolina they basically had the state legislature undercut the ability of cities to start their own private network that is same thing with living wage laws for example in atlanta passed its living wage law they had the state legislature pass a bill that made it illegal for city says i there always was i know now i agree with you. sometimes this is where sometimes there are not
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a question but i think that said we should have the right to do that i don't think that states just that but on behalf of big corporations and say you have to deal with the private we don't have the right to know what happened only one of the conservative notion of the lowest level of government is the best the local you know the jeffersonian notion that we should be governed literally by words and counties here here i think are a couple of places of concern first of all here essentially allowing not a corporate monopoly but a government monopoly to come in and have the system and second of all. the people themselves are there signing up for coverage a vehicle a price that's it's a leader but it's so nice if you want to ask very fundamental ways not a monopoly it's going to you can always choose time warner and you could use time warner it is yours no difference here's the difference when you use taxpayer dollars to fund the sorts of things you you essentially create a competitive disadvantage for markets for people operating in the market like time warner or any other cable company or any mobile wireless provider or anyone else to be able to compete for mobile broadband fairly and across the board i would not i
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wouldn't disagree with that at all there you have to go to the taxpayers and say hey we need more of your money to cover that i would not disagree with that at all if we were talking about somebody making clothes somebody's making cars somebody you know government making cars or computers or something i mean i don't want to know what's going on about broadband broadband is part of the public commons what when did this get in the information private companies built broadband networks up to the well you know today government becoming a great internet between a couple guys sitting around the computer if you don't because you guys know is he a system i was working on in the one nine hundred eighty s. it was a huge fragrances actually cover what i didn't know where even the internal system is a good three and it connected every university in the. on line retailers who didn't connect individuals to the internet i think it's completely i think the key is that people should get to decide if the people in you know well say north carolina don't like the fact that they had a really cheap broadband service that was somewhat public such that i think about the apology they could go to abolish their fire service their police writers their sanitation workers i mean they could they could do the. i think that they deserve
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to have the right and i don't think it's right for big corporations to buy a state legislators to ban cities from being able to do this let's let one see you know try the private way a lot once they have a public option versus a private school this really is interested basis of free public education of free fire departments of free police departments or free public parks people get together and say you know gee we'd like to have a fire department we'd like to have a park in the middle of downtown we're willing to pay for what's what if it's the commons if we're not talking about you know things and maybe that's the disagreement i think that is the disagreement because i don't consider you know if you have a fire department you have one fire department if you have police station you have one police station these are legitimate public interest organizations they're set up by the government they're a monopoly control the internet is different the internet is run by many private companies some that are on line content companies some that connect for their. hopes i mean and in france for example for thirty five dollars a month you get one hundred megabits down to megabits plus one hundred thirty
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channels of cable t.v. plus telephone service free to the great recession because the law is that of french don't allow any corporation have a monopoly whoever runs the wire in your house has to let any other company run over that wire and so if they have a competitive it's not the government's on involved at all other than to say the company's sorry you can't have a monopoly right but you're missing the point of the play allocating it alleges you guys again nobody is to give corporations monopolies the government already has a monopoly of the government hasn't it their competitors if you want to talk about prices the average price in the us for broadband is about thirty five dollars but if you look at the prices for some of these government run internet networks they're significantly higher a lot of people tout chad new tennessee as being the one that the only one that actually makes money and doesn't have to keep relying on taxpayers to put money into the system they have one hundred megabits per second their cost is actually about three hundred fifty dollars if you want to max out your honor that's not thirty five dollars if you want thirty five dollars you want peace equivalent. if
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the people don't like it shouldn't they have the right and i am i think my concern is that this legislation says sorry you guys can't vote on this for you know i've had taken his apology should be able to do this if they want to i don't think statements be able to step in ban them and i and i agree with that on the office side of principle too i think if there was a for example if they want to call really conservative policies i shouldn't be able to go in and then from doing in as far as taxpayer dollars being spent for that that i can actually be a good thing some industries public industries write a law so they can actually use other industries instead of i mean it's worth spending taxpayer dollars with them things and the people in the city should be able to decide that not state legislators dictating this is where they can do it because they're going time work out which were other times kelly thank you thank you both show i think you both made a good case and i appreciate that it just goes to show that no matter how much republicans really is big government they love using government to protect their corporate campaign donors to screw over the rest of us but there's really another. issue here and this is this is the one that i think is really really important one there's only one industry that is actually mentioned in the constitution the
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framers of the constitution didn't say you know it's so important that we make anon's or warships or or guns or something that we're going to protect that industry in the constitution they did say and so it's so important we have uniforms look at that but they would protect that not the only industry that they named in the constitution was the press and not only to be in the first amendment it's the only industry name and not only does the press named but the press was subsidized for the first sixty six sixty or so years of this country we subsidize the cost of newsprint so that people could easily go into the newspaper business from drawer to washington's day to today to right now we subsidize the delivery of newspapers call fourth class mail the that you can get a newspaper delivered to you for annie's by the postal service it's subsidized by us why because as thomas jefferson said educate and inform the whole mass of the people and they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. so
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in other words it's all about education and informing so how do we educate inform people and particularly inform people what's the major way that people get their news now back in two thousand and eight. pound that forty percent of people now are getting their news online versus thirty five percent from newspapers so i would submit to you that the constitution is identifying a free press and calling that newspapers then today i'd call the free press broadband and if the city wants to bring it in there would say area it should be allowed to it shouldn't be blocked by alec or any of these other right wing groups otherwise if we start locking things out particular from the commons i would say this programs we lose our democracy.
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republicans in montana are now targeting dui laws i guess they're bored with targeting women gays and immigrants but on the subject of dui laws state representative alan hale thinks the they're harming small business in response to legislation to curb drunk driving here's what our president of hale had to say on the floor of the state house i have to raise in opposition to this along with all the other dui laws these dui laws are not doing our small businesses in our state any good at all they're destroying them. they're destroying a way of life that has been in montana for years and years these. turns out hales also bar owner so he must take a lot of pride in serving bottomless points already in need created customers but does he have a point here to offer his opinion as another former bar owner and currently the president a less government seat mottos a bar owner and ran them for a lot over
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a little while and i ran i wasn't musician i had to eat i misunderstood so i was a very big fan of alan helps build good silent. hill it's like what problem could you possibly have. the points or weight is legitimately too well what happened was we got too low if you're one hundred forty pound woman would you oh yeah well that's the point is it's got to be you scale so so you think that if the when the police measure your blood level if you're a one hundred eighty pound guy they should say ok that's it point zero point zero eight is two gears is to just two or to what i was shouting about point six in anybody will lead to a loss for a minute and not in any. of this is the. as well as those numbers go to just exciting bets like that's a give you buy for somebody way ninety pounds yes point zero six with this just let me get first section peripheral vision and recovery these are really the same minor things this is way the same people who put those charts together said minute goal
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should have weighed four hundred eighty pounds and i was seven foot seven this is the way to pedia it will. has to fall into the truth at all times to my point is that the way we wait the people who put those charts together who i used to be a personal trainer so i know about body mass and stuff like that the people who put those charts together also the ones i put good if you're this tall you should weigh this much it was case when you bullshit weight eight hundred fifty pounds when he was seven point seven and he weighed two hundred fifty have a desk and the thing you can do it is it's you try to imagine god's people every year from drunk driving and you that number is inflated no more and your numbers are inflated right say one person dies from trite you're still in favor of the borrower but oh yes because what happened was when mothers against drunk driving started drunk driving was a legitimate problem people would pull you over you'd be loaded and then and then they'd let you go home the people that kill people are blowing points or a way they're going point to which is twice the legal limit and point three there absurdly drunk and they'd be drunk under certainly who i'm saying is
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a sort short distance you might say you know that middle and carry you enough that you you totally wrong screw up and go to an ass of the mind totally was and i don't even drink anymore but i'm telling you right now i don't we have as a as a people an obligation to protect the little kids walking through crosswalks the they get hit all the time without it without with price over people who let's protect them from their drugs or the book going to mothers against drunk driving started a legitimate concern and they got that they started pushing for one which i don't a problem and they got it the problem was every time a chief something the fundraising for a dried up so they come up with a new cause of point zero eight so the mechanical point zero eight which is to be yours which should not be that's the death of the happy hour. you know it's a death of a happy hour i decided on it i know several. women i know several smaller people who two beers will i would want to be in the car that's fine i wait your twenty i'm not going to. be in prague very with three beers but the fact of the point we're going to establish a standard we have to establish
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a stand i'm i don't reason why we said why don't we try what your was for years thought it was for years how can they say you are in favor of government regulation . you are in favor of the i'm against officer way i told you i told i told shawn i want as our group am drivers against madd mothers i got that i guess how is it you know how to the rich use a lot of you know who get their own health care and let the poor get some health care if they want or get there and they are my their employees all fair you know exactly those those those rich guys how are they supposed to protect themselves from from the person who struck. the giant eleven thousand people to get killed or blowing point three they're not going point zero nine zero zero zero zero zero zero most of them the vast majority of even if it's a small number which is isn't important for us to say you know we get people to i'm not here are you going to point three shouldn't should not be ruled a drunk driver talking those are two people who kill people but you don't get pulled over on those random stops of ballpoints look i'll give you a great example i got pulled over and in in virginia they were point zero five
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driving while impaired they pulled me over they took they gave the field test i didn't have a coat on it was december so what's great what's that wait wait wait fail so i go i go i bought a point zero five they give me a driving while impaired ticket and then release me to go back to my car drive home because i'm such a menace to society it's absurd that is yes they should have predation which are in jail for ten years or are they can put me on a point zero five it's driving while impaired it's not drunk driving it's not driving while intoxicated driving driving while impaired so as it was a lesser offense and i was such a point zero five it's below the pillow there in virginia the energy to hit points or wait and see if i didn't realize i did the best part was needed at the u.s. attorney because i had a tram. for to be adjudicated in texas where there is no driving while impaired may have a what but let me go it's interesting all right so we're finding out the basis of your room of your conservatory is right anymore but i by the way had one beer point zero five one beer yeah i'll sort of wipe out so i stupid not to let it let me just
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wrap it up by saying i'm really pleased to hear that you're in favor of the government involving itself with i don't want to hurt either straight thing i don't want or is either it on drugs on the street ok thanks for your i have a good time job here thank you. remember this is the same state republican party tried to declare global warming good for business makes you wonder what's in the kool-aid or the whiskey. coming up how corporate media is siding with the bad guys the republicans details and i still take. this number given that we have an apartheid regime right now that.
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i think run the plumbing even one well. whatever government says if you can think safe get ready because you get their freedom. you know sometimes you see the story and the scene so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you saw. i'm sorry is a big issue. crazy
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alert and now first stalkers in an effort to highlight online privacy agree graduate student has created an app that can track people's tweets facebook posts and flicker photos and then based on that information give a detailed map of that person's whereabouts and the places they frequent the app is
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appropriately marked named creepy i have and i just so happen to have ballo to the atlas morning and am currently tracking speaker of the house john boehner his movements as the government shutdown looms at the end of the week it appears he's a hotel bar a golf course and the roads are all dark and upscale restaurant and another hotel bar it's creepy out. with or without a government shutdown republicans have already won the debate on our nation's budget why because the corporate media is on their side i spoke with many
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lawmakers on the issue of the budget and there's a common theme coming from the left take a look and simply roll back the reagan tax cuts we would have no problem at all is it why why are no politicians willing to talk about these things but we are you know there are those of us who stand up and say this makes no sense we're giving tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent of america and i thought that i'd go along with the american people who say the best way to deal with our debt and deficit problem would be to ask for the very rich the millionaires and i go up to the billionaires to pay their fair share but i am saying and others are saying but not enough it is you need shared sacrifice you've got to ask the wealthiest people this country to also contribute to deficit reduction you've got to make the wealthy pay their fair share a budget shouldn't just focus on spending cuts directed at the poor or middle class
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it should also include revenue raisers like closing corporate loopholes and asking millionaires and billionaires to cough up a few extra bucks a year let's cut some wasteful spending but let's also raise a few taxes just make sense. but this common sense narrative has been lost inside the mainstream corporate media where there's only one question that's been asked today and that is how much spending needs to be cut not why aren't some of the most profitable corporations in the history the world skating by paid zero taxes not why are the wealthiest americans enjoying historically low tax rates during his budget deficit. the corporate taxes used to account for roughly thirty percent of the revenue collected by our government today the numbers around seven percent probable you didn't because the corporate media which would prefer not to take its own taxes only wants us to focus on just how much republicans and democrats could cut out of the budget take a look at this montage that was featured on imus in d.c.
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this morning the apparent liberal wing of the mainstream media. you have to address the drivers of our debt addressing the drivers of our debt we're going to touch the drivers the drivers of our long term debt all the major drivers of long term debt this is a. rather small budget speech today that's talking about how much programs like social security medicare and medicaid that drive long term debt level you know so one driver was missing it so you know i saw that i was yelling at the t.v. this morning the driver of tax cuts that had more of an impact on our long term deficits than anything else is the one that's missing the media does not want you to know the tax increase could actually solve our budget problems how can we possibly have a national conversation about raising taxes if the media won't even cover the issue so why is the media ignoring these calls but really it's simple. corporate owned
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media outlets won't call for tax fights on hikes on corporations and rich t.v. personalities won't call for tax hikes on the rich a topic of tax hikes just doesn't exist in our now consolidated media which is really a shame because the republicans who seem to have already won the debate have a bad idea i mean this is genuinely and really and fundamentally a bad idea to just do what's at stake there road let's cut all the programs for poor people in america let's throw every middle class family out of the bus let's say poor and sick americans who rely on the government for health care assistance to walk it off if we did all these things that the republicans want to do you know what we still have a massive budget deficit why because our government's really doesn't spend all that much money helping poor people relative to the larger budget but we do hand off trillions to corporations and their multimillionaire and billionaire c.e.o.'s to
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buy from them everything from bonds to fighter jets to church of our own spanners for birds so if we let the republicans win this budget fight as the corporate media seems more than willing to let happen and a few years from now we'll be asking these same questions about what to do with the soaring budget deficit and at the same time wondering why the middle class seems to have completely disappeared the solutions to our budget problems are simply wouldn't believe how simple they are in fact i can tell you a solution using only six words roll back the reagan tax cuts. roll back the bush tax cuts go back to clinton levels where the wealthiest americans paid an extra three percent just three percent three measly percentage points and we take a huge chunk of our debt out of our deficit just like that. remember the clinton
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budget passed without a single republican vote the house not only gave us a balanced budget but a surplus and if we roll back the reagan tax cuts and made millionaires pay at least seventy four percent like they did for more than half of the twentieth century when our nation prospered and the middle class grew and we'd actually have a budget surplus a budget surplus can you imagine how different life in america would be with a budget surplus we'd be pain down our debt year to year we'd be able to use that extra cash to do things that our nation hasn't done in generations since reagan started starving the beast and his words that his government would build new bridges roads new schools we build new science programs like nasa from scratch we renovate our national energy grid we'd invest in clean energy like denmark that were one thousand percent of our energy now comes from windmills like germany did
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by putting solar panels on people's roofs and now after ten years only solar power is generating more electricity in germany the second cloudy is country and european in the u.k. they're making more power that eight nuclear power plants just off those rooftops this is what america could be doing today putting people to work rebuilding the middle class and reclaiming the top spot the world economy we need to change the debate in america today that's why i'm proposing my own budget resolution unlike the republican budget budget proposal passed a few months back it's nearly two hundred pages that draco nian cuts after all we know republicans hate bills more than a few pages i like their budget bill minus just one feed page in fact it's just one sentence it simply says one thing restore the income tax the top income tax rate.
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seventy four percent as it was the year before ronald reagan took office in one nine hundred eighty and by the way we had no debt crisis at that time if we can get this bill passed or even just get a paid we can fix americans america's problems so call your congressman tell him or her to vote for the simple solution the right solution to roll back the reagan tax cuts i mean we saw how this could be done bill clinton newt gingrich were on the floor of the house of representatives and said if this big three percent tax increase clinton's tax increase is passed we're going to have a great depression. he was not only wrong we had a huge surplus that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website at tom hartman dot com and our. entire shows available as a free podcast on i tunes also check out our argue to page you tube dot com slash the big picture on t. and need to be accomplished don't forget democracy begins with you your it will see
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them all. down to your social. your i pulled touch from the abstract.


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