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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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nineteen forty five gold if. if . british companies accuse the government of grave misjudgment over the selling of weapons to arab regimes now using them against their own people. for instance in one finds himself under attack for speaking out against chechen terrorists or of mark and his sterile length supporters in helsinki . breaking the news breaking the budget u.s. networks count the cost of covering disasters a war but still find the millions needed to pay their star anchors. the markets opened higher on wednesday the obvious problems back from yesterday's losses with the banking sector leading the growth will bring you the details of
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business pros that's what. this is r t live from moscow i'm arena joshie the u.k. is considering arming libyan rebels opposition fighters say they lack the ammunition needed to fight off the forces of colonel gadhafi but britain is already facing accusations from the international criminal court over the weapons it sold to libya and believes gadhafi was planning to use force to crackdown on protesters long before the uprising began and the u.k. was its main arms provider laura m. it has nor from london. security forces put down on rest of the middle east with group of bullets cheney gas and other irritant down munitions and they've got plenty of the u.k. was still selling arms to libya just months before colonel gadhafi turned on his
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own people the government ministers approving a deal to sniper rifles bullets and take out. there are very strict set of guidelines that say where where it is lloyd clearly the human rights violations might take place you're not supposed to sell the weapons but i would say looking back through a number of credible sources including on. international but it was always likely always very very likely the equipment supplied. would and could be used in the brutal crackdown of protestors arms exports is big business in the u.k. valued at nearly twelve billion dollars in two thousand and nine now a highly critical report by m.p.'s exposes the scale of u.k. arms sales to some of the world's most brutal regimes the libyan export licenses were some of the most valuable according to the reports the u.k. sold nearly three hundred fifty million dollars worth of arms there in the year leading up to september two thousand and ten in the same year egypt bought twenty
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seven million dollars worth of small guns and electronic warfare equipment from the u.k. and bahrain ordered more than ten million dollars of guns and crowd control agents dozens of arms export licenses to the region have now been hastily revoked but still days into unrest in cairo u.k. prime minister david cameron later junkets to the middle east to flaunt the wares of british arms dealers i can't imagine who it was in the promise to. look you can order in these dictators. for decades. shooting up their own population and i was a really good time to go and try and sell them some. more but i can't imagine what damage when people see british prairie in the hands of the people who are invading bahrain and putting those protesters at the moment reports also say the government misjudged the risk of selling arms to countries like egypt and bahrain
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but many would go much further one of the things that you've seen is a characteristic of british around the world over the last ten years has been the provision of this highly militarized curity sectors exactly the opposite of what trying to stimulate some. we are providing the means by which those countries regimes who can tell them democracy since the violence began more than a thousand people have been killed in libya and twenty six killed and a thousand injured in bahrain circumstantial evidence gathered by reports also suggests much of that damage was done with british weapons when the un rest started it a bit least the government scrambled to suspend arms export licenses but this report is evidence that it closed the stable door long lost of the force to both sides when british weapons were probably already being used against civilians in bahrain and libya the government still hasn't ruled out arming the rebels in libya it
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remains to be seen whether these damning revelations will make them think twice the british foreign secretary has said that the un resolution on libya made it legal to give people aid in order to defend themselves and the pressure on western governments to arm the rebels is flowing with colonel gadhafi taking in his heels a string of high profile figures is speaking out in favor of the move bill clinton for instance has said he would be inclined to do it so far the u.k. is officially off its telecommunications equipment to the rebels but many suspect help of a different kind may be on the way to lure emmett's r.t. london or bring in more us arts from n.c. and work to us john rees who was featured in a war and its report next hour ok sara men from our campaign against our straight military hardware are sold by britain was clearly designed to be used against civilians the fact is these governments in the middle east and north africa who are
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being sold weapons quite aggressively by britain should say in fact i'm democratic tauriel abusive regime i think it was pretty world that these weapons were likely to be used for internal repression. of course no one knew when it was likely to happen but the fact is there were buying were put in such as crowd control technology cheer gas and wall and door breaching equipment which could only be used for internal repression for us that goes to the central seeing this report those resources for really tough question how do you reconcile promoting arms exports with storage support for human rights well we would say irreconcilable we want to see a continuation of alarms to guard the right across the entire middle east and north africa and we'd certainly welcome the committee's report recommendation that there
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should be a review of all arms sales to all thora to regimes i think it's the least they can do. and from the campaign against arms trade libyan rebels are preparing to restart crude oil aspirants as the first tanker arrives in the opposition held eastern for us to brew the petroleum is expected to go through qatar before it reaches its may have quarter the e.u. and according to reports oil hungry european states are for the rebels a look or to deal with potentially dangerous consequences are his daniel bushell explains. libyan oil. sanctions only apply national all corporation the. energy company of the companies. as usual.
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for all arms. in the region. and the funny thing. about the coalition raising. the ruble for. official bases in the country is trying to. understand from. the rebels we're all. really doesn't know. their religion. reporting there and you can follow regular online updates on what's going on at least twitter and facebook pages our twitter stream is always running. for. and our correspondents are on the ground in libya bringing news and i will. find
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out the latest from here in tripoli and opposition. also you can check out the latest video. coming up here in the program the soaring cost of coverage. organizations are crying because they're saying that they're spending their entire budget is god by march us media outlets have laid off of our borders find out where all the money is going in just a few minutes. all russia's number why outlaw. mark is also high up on the international most wanted list but it seems one of russia's nor the negro's isn't interested in helping bring him to justice are you going to watch over reports from finland where a priest has found himself at the center of a storm for speaking out against him are. these may be the last days these man wears his pastor's color you hum faces being defrocked priest speaking out against
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i use the word word paraphrased here use word. not tomorrow and his internet mouthpiece become a center of the site was the first to publish the terrorists' words on the tax he claims the school siege the netscape sprouse mosque a matter of warming sea and most recently the dem idea that was attack the website is banned in russia but in finland enjoys quite a comfortable standing and not only on the internet but also in downtown helsinki the priest was the first openly say this was an outrage and the reaction was quick to follow. this guy be aware of its hundred percent. of us what does the letters there's a logo that the evil i don't stop to fight. their. way out of on the heels you home all are
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e one two police but in stands and it has been prosecuted himself been sued for criticizing what finland calls a legally operating organization and the same people who are promoting. russia they are promoting public opinion against mori is a racist who is a. racist. or causes people of the chechens which is of course not the truth of maurice all you are presenting the internationally a quality opinion about an international terrorist in russia a manhunt is on for a morrow and people close to him but in helsinki you may end up dining next to his relatives but also more of who is their brother. on. lives in stockholm. and we can. see people walking down these quiet and prosperous
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streets maybe unaware of the disturbing case of you home or the raid they're used to thinking of their country as fair and politically correct but would they remain just as neutral if tragedy not on their tour here in helsinki people travel on public transport without fear their neighbors in russia only four hundred kilometers away aren't quite so lucky there's a terrorist acts had to happen on the spot but the british government to wake up to the danger after all it's only a step from extremist threat trade to action and there is seldom a warning call with biting against a minority of birds. who want to do terrible things. if. it. were but. there is quite
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a team after the pasta now finland's prosecutor's office the church and some of the world's most determined terrorists you home all the way has already changed address and divorced his wife to avoid putting sure and his children at risk is now considering a move to russia we have a double moral if you do feel that you people. i don't feel it's in a virtual bar tea house in key finland. to africa as i recall say our embattled president laurent gbagbo generals are negotiating a truce after months of resistance was holed up in a compound in abidjan surrounded by supporters of his rival president elect al assad tarr been refusing to cede power ever since november is election having tames he won't leave the spidy is dire situation. u.n. peacekeepers and support french troops have stepped in to protect civilians as fighting over the past weeks tells us to meet as nearly
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a thousand. french forces opened fire on positions as a first military action supporting moscow has questioned the move saying peacekeepers weren't authorized to take sides in the conflict john locke from the su for democracy and cooperation in paris says france is pursuing its own agenda in ivory coast. what business is it of the west in my view not at all and yet the west in this case france but by means of the united nations has got into the habit of intervening systematically in other peoples conflicts we know that france is not neutral in this political crisis because france has said repeatedly and explicitly that it wants long about the bow to step down so there is absolutely no shred of neutrality about france's position and yet these u.n. troops that we hear about are in fact of course french troops and they take orders from paris they don't take orders from the united nations they took them from paris
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and my concern about this intervention is that it frequently damages the authority of the united nations because nobody you know is ever going to believe that the united nations intervention in the future is neutral when we can see in nations intervention as in this case being used for explicitly political purposes that was john locke of the from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris there. well remember there is plenty more happening on our website r.t. dot com including the responsible actions irreparable damage the fallout continues after the koran burning got a verse and by us a pastor is god's latest analysis on our web site. and aiming for baby boom one of the population in the line politicians moscow are thinking of creative ways of first waiting couples to start a family. that. is being used. as
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a. tribute. to . see. the. line in the motion movies soon which rises if you newly bought song from phones to christianize. these from stone totty don't come. wealthy british style. that's not on the title of the money.
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market. fund. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my charger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. more international news for you this hour a long running leak of highly radioactive water into the pacific ocean from japan's fukushima nuclear plant has been stopped the local operator tepco has injected a chemical agent which has defied the soil near where the water have been escaping meanwhile there is renewed fear of an explosion at first reactor with hydrogen gas pressure is building and nitrogen will be pumped into the plant as they try to tackle the problem. tribal gunmen on an eastern philippine islands have freed
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twelve hostages a total of fifteen teachers and students were initially capture but a child and two adults were let go soon afterwards the kidnappers were demanding the release of a jailed tribal leader is awaiting trial for murder and kidnapping over an incident two years ago when dozens were taken hostage in the same area during a few. presidents nicolas sarkozy's governing conservative party has held a controversial debate on the practice of islam and secular france it comes a week before a ban on wearing full face covering veils in public takes effect the opposition described the meeting as an electoral ploy aimed at pandering to right wing voters ahead of next year's general election france has western europe's largest muslim population estimated at least five million. silvio berlusconi's to face trial later on wednesday he's accused of having sex with an underage prostitute an abuse of power prosecutors allege that
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a stream of young women were regularly supplied for dinners at berlusconi's mansion earlier italian m.p.'s voted to challenge the legitimacy of silvio berlusconi's trial which could derail the case demonstrations against the prime minister were staged in rome and the land ahead of the trial. from the chain of revolt across the arab world to natural disasters and potential nuclear meltdown the past few months out been a turbulent time across the globe and for the t.v. networks trying to cover it it's left some u.s. news channels short of cash after bowing much of their budgets and as a tease honest as your children are reports there's criticism over how their money was spent. today when egyptian protesters news pundits are teleporting almost at the speed of light from the safety of their news desks to far away and dangerous places sirens are now going off led by their journalistic colleagues and big bucks to be made and spent egypt tunisia libya you know world full of chaos japan
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in a tremor up to nami and earthquakes i want to err on the side of caution for you here disasters exploding around the world one after the other these past months have broken all breaking news records my guess is that you're ok forcing us networks to cough up the cash the news organizations are crying because they're saying that the spending their entire budget is gone by march their whole annual budget for covering emergencies and crises with the latest from cairo reports suggest big t.v. networks have been spending as much as two million dollars on each of the middle east uprisings one network is said to have spent an entire one and a half million dollars in just one day in japan while this money is ripping away at their annual budgets it's certainly not ripping away at the pockets of the star pundits when you talk about someone like katie current who for five years reportedly received fifteen million dollars
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a year you talk about brian williams ten million dollars a year and some reports now if they didn't take those it enormous salaries you could hire a hundred or one hundred fifty actual reporters producer but instead most networks have been shutting down for and bureaus and kicking out hundreds of journalists many of whom were on the ground and actually in the know a.b.c. news alone cut twenty five percent of their entire news staff last year begging the question whether the superstars are actually worth more than hundreds of their colleagues and putting a toll on the information that you were. as and up receiving there is no doubt that in general the quality of any one news organization is lower than it was thirty years ago with a shadow officially cast on what was once top notch news coverage to pay the enormous salaries to these stars who don't know a lot about the middle east they're not experts on nuclear power they don't speak
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arabic but there they are chatting over to these countries it's a little silly and we demand it is standing by getting filled in on events in an unknown land forces networks to play catch up at top speed but often unsuccessfully as far as libya goes you know we're hearing all this talk about the rebels nobody has really told me who these rebels are they don't seem to know though c.n.n. got to enjoy the highest reading since obama's inauguration after several months dined you worship bucks for one has been caught cheating yet again please think should we have egg man a local nightclub on one map with japan's nuclear reactors as well as going so far as to call new york's times square with the lion king ad kairos to rere square and its news coverage in fear of being out competed by others t.v. networks have to be there for the square the one square that is and while this
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method certainly saves a buck or two it can cover up the fact that crews check in for disaster jetpack form when the worst is over leaving viewers in the dark about what leads up to and what happens after the chaos as they see. new york on s.p. cross-overs of business with kareena meltdown is that all the latest news for us. hello and welcome to our business update here ninety thanks for joining me moscow and washington not to step into a new round of negotiations over russia's joining the world trade organization russia's bid to join the w t o has been ongoing for almost two decades and it
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remains the only major economies still outside the organization deputy prime minister sergei ivanov says a deal is in the final stage of being completed. all the controversial since like intellectual property rights also making the promise your thoughts and the like have been negotiated and agreed with united states european union and in fact more than two hundred countries which are members of w two i hope that they somehow or at the latest in the fall of the assembly will be ready to accept russian of course there are different opinions and i'm going to can congress trying to connect trade issues with other questions about democracy in the legal system in russia and the like interest nothing to do with government until. now let's have a look at how the stock markets are performing japan's nikkei plunging to negative
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ending the day's trading point three percent lower shares of tokyo electric power it's then losses up to the mixed reports on the progress to stabilize the utilities disaster could vote for bush even include hong kong she has worked with chinese insurers helping compensate for a weakness in property stocks a day after the people's bank of china raised interest rates. and here in russia markets opened higher on wednesday the r.t.s. has bounced back from yesterday's losses two point three percent of them isaacs has slid into negative or putting a higher banking sector is leading the growth on the r.t.s. but energy shares are down on both the poor says now let's look at some individual movers noise nickel is up around point three percent after it announced another one point two billion dollars buyback probably metal is also on the rise helped by rising gold prices the shares are up wrong one and a half percent and among the losers is rosneft down around a third of a percent ahead of the so-called end of tax holidays for its oil rich fields and
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sorry. ocean markets continue to ride on the back of high oil prices but next in recession polls we're all seed capital believes profit taking will be on the movie on the horizon. i think the drive through conflicting trance facing crucial markets at the moment on the one hand you have very strong commodity prices and pulls that if political a free were by groups coming. you know from different sources with russian government of the post few days some of that supported from positive you have stronger inflows into russian fonts to you especially from e.t.f. exchange through france this again you know the russia has been the best performing breed becomes him watch him or to for quite a while we're moving into april may and three quick time of profit taking from russia so
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a lot of fund managers which have been good on timing and some some mentoring corrosion market as well as some hedges would beat them to take some profits over the next few weeks at our prices have slightly we treat it from q stay on concerns that the recovery in fuel is a bad may falter in the u.s. and china was the biggest energy users brant crude is currently trading a bit below one hundred twenty dollars per barrel while the light sweet is around one hundred eighty dollars this out. of our three percent inflation for us in the next few years is every a list to go according to said get access and preferably high school of economics but only if the government pursues a more aggressive policy costs often government has been more gracious. targeting inflation declining three percent and all of the facial three percent so the target for the coming year just was able to achieve was only over scott dulness novel nothing new under the old government has to change the school indexation there are
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four no more look at this well guess what railways what if we succeed what's your beef with the political services out there that the government makes the inflation with gold only of central bank will reach out to someone for policy. and that's out there for this i'll bet you can always find most stories just log on to our website at the dot com slash business that's watch.
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the big. news today violence is once again flared up the first these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada some good chunk operations around the day. smug. culture is that so much of the commercial comes on it comes again it is over the past few months we've seen the u.s. waffle has changed reaches across the arab middle east and all when there's a new doctrine. in indonesia oh geez available in the ground zero for sure it's a mediocre job the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel in the film the millennium hotel in china you can.


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