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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've dumped those huge earth coverage. into the. british m.p.'s accuse a government of great misjudgment over the selling of weapons to arab regimes now using them against their own people. at present said one finds himself under attack for speaking out against chechen terrorists ducking bar and sterile links and supporters in helsinki. and breaking the news breaking the project us now or discount the cost of covering disasters in a war but still find the millions needed to pay their star anchors. they're in business or prizes like the retreat from cheers day on concerns that the recovery in fuel to mud may falter in the u.s.
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and china are the world's biggest energy users we'll have more on what that means for the russian economy and its budget car business plus. watching our coming to live from moscow i'm marina josh welcome to the program. the ukase facing fresh criticism over arms sales to a repressive regimes prior to the uprisings in the arab world reports suggest the same weapons were used to crackdown on protesters and kill civilians it comes as a london is considering arming rebels to help them topple colonel gadhafi one of britain's main former customers artie's laure emirates has more. security forces put down on rest of the middle east with rubber bullets tear gas and other irritant ammunition and they've got plenty the u.k. was still selling arms to libya just months before colonel gadhafi turned them on
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his own people with government ministers approving a deal for sniper rifles bullets and tear gas. there are very strict set of guidelines that say where where it is likely that human rights violations might say plates are not supposed to solve a weapon so i would say looking back through a number of credible sources including amnesty international but it was always likely always very very likely the equipment supplied to colonel gadhafi would and could be used in the brutal crackdown of protesters arms export is big business in the u.k. valued at nearly twelve billion dollars in two thousand and nine now a highly critical report by m.p.'s exposes the scale of u.k. arms sales to some of the world's most brutal regimes the libyan export licenses were some of the most valuable according to the report the u.k. sold nearly three hundred fifty million dollars worth of arms there in the year leading up to september two thousand and ten in the same year egypt port twenty
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seven million dollars worth of small guns and electronic warfare equipment from the u.k. and bahrain ordered more than ten million dollars of guns and crowd control agents dozens of arms export licenses to the region have now been hastily revoked but still days into unrest in cairo u.k. prime minister david cameron. leaded junkets to the middle east to flaunt the wares of british arms dealers i can't imagine who it was in the prime minister's office who said to them look you can organize the. spend a certain amount of the weapons and shooting at their own population and i was a really good time to go and try and sell them. some more and i can't imagine what damage when people see you know british weaponry in the hands of the people who are invading bahrain and putting down these protesters at the moment reports also say
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the government misjudged the risk of selling arms to countries like egypt and bahrain but many would go much further one of the things that you've seen is a characteristic of british aid around the world over the last ten years has been the provision of this highly militarized security sector so exactly the of course it's about trying to stimulate to see we are providing the means by which those countries regimes can come tell them democracy since the violence began more than a thousand people have been killed in libya and twenty six killed and a thousand injured in bahrain circumstantial evidence gathered by reports also suggests much of that damage was done with british weapons will be on rest started if it please the government scrambled to suspend export licenses but this report is evidence that it closed the stable door after the horse to hold states when british weapons were probably already being used against civilians in bahrain and libya the
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government still hasn't ruled out the rebels in libya it remains to be seen whether these damning revelations will make them think twice the british foreign secretary has said that the u.n. resolution on libya made it legal to give people aid in order to defend themselves and the pressure on western governments to arm the rebels is growing with colonel gadhafi taking in his heels. a string of high profile figures is speaking out in favor of the move bill clinton for instance has said he would be inclined to do it so you saw the u.k. is officially off its telecommunications equipment to the gretel's but many suspect health of a different kind may be on the way to your and. our brain here more thoughts from anti-war activist john breeze who was featured in a war and its report next hour here on our team a.b. unravels are preparing to restart crude oil exports as a first tanker arrives in the opposition held eastern port of broke
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a petroleum is expected to go through qatar before it reaches its main port or the e.u. and according to reports oil hungry european states have offered their rivals a lucrative deal with potentially dangerous consequences are just daniel bushell explains. use of libyan oil. the representative. only a ploy to national all corporation the. energy company and all of the company's business as usual there are concerns. for. the region of course. has imposed on. the truth. about the coalition.
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and the ruble for. bases in the east of the country trying to rebel and of course among the over the rebels there or. so the west really doesn't know either. and their religion. there was a reporting there and regular updates on what's going on in libya on our twitter and facebook page as well our twitter stream is always running as are t's underscore com and our correspondents are on the ground in libya bringing firsthand the use an eyewitness accounts more than to find out the latest from here in tripoli and workers going out in opposition helping gaza also check out the latest videos on our you tube channel that you tube. and coming out here in the program the soaring cost of coverage. the news organizations are crying because they're saying that they're spending their entire budget is god by march but u.s.
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media outlets have laid off hundreds of reporters find out where all the money is going in just a few minutes. and russia's number while glaude chechen terrorists dr mark is also high up on the international most wanted list but it seems one of russia's northern neighbors isn't interested in helping bring him to justice. troll reports from philip where a priest aspiring self at the center of a storm for speaking out against him are. these may be the last days these man whereas he's pastas color and you have a mole or faces being defrocked priest speaking out against our use word would appear raised us word president. and his internet mouth piece it comes across central the son was the first to publish the terrorists' words on the attacks he claims that his long school siege the nap ski express. and most recently the dem idea device was attack the website is banned in russia but in
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finland enjoys quite a comfortable standing and not only on the internet but also in downtown helsinki the priest was the first openly say this was an outrage and the reaction was quick to follow i could. the sky. is hundred percent through it came from vegas the rest what does the letter say is low though the three four i don't. know five ok so there got more here away from my family you home lawler we went to police but in stands and been prosecuted himself been sued for criticizing what finland calls a legally operating organization and the same people who are promoting the. russia they are promoting public opinion. is a racist who is
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a. racist. or causes people of the church and which is of course not the truth because maurice representing the internationally. as an international terrorist in russia and manhunt is on for a morrow and people close to him but in helsinki you may end up dining next to his relatives but also more of who is the brother. of reseller he lives in stockholm he doesn't live with all the families and we can move him out of the city people walking down these quiet and prosperous streets maybe unaware of the disturbing case of you home or the three there used to thinking of their country aspire and politically correct but would they remain just as neutral if tragedy knocks on their door here in helsinki people travel on public transport without fear their
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neighbors say in russia only four hundred kilometers away aren't quite so lucky. a troll it's only a step from extremist rhetoric to action and there is seldom a warning call with biting a good for a minority of birds drop minority and want to do terrible. if. there are so many. there were but there is quite a team after the pastor now finland's prosecutor's office the church and some of the world's most determined terrorists you holloway has already changed address and divorced his wife to avoid putting your and his children at risk is now considering a move to russia that we have a double moral if you do feel that you even a democratic country i don't feel it's in a crash over our tea house in case finland. moscow has handed new documents over to
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warsaw related to the polish presidential plane crash investigation the air disaster last april killed president most of the country's political elite on route to memorial events in cotton that's in western russia art is always hibbard has been watching and the endless cross five are now for more on this so alice what's the significance of both the files and the fact that they are being handed over. well when stays serve media the prosecutor general's office marks the official hands you gave it to poland's old new investigative material relating to that plane crash that killed perform a polish president lech kaczynski in ninety five all those on the tenth of april last year and the importance of the ceremony lies within what it symbolizes the continued cooperation between russia and poland to a stop this water cools the tragic plane crash it was also a significance in that within the forty you know volumes that were handed over
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today new fresh eyewitness accounts to do that were taken his recently as january and so within those through. the russian the prosecutor general's office said that they attempted to onset ates requests for information that would put forward by the pode this sunlight continuing to symbolize the levels of cooperation there and of course has repeatedly called for more of that it's to be handed over saying that it's been all unable to conclude its own independent probe do you see insufficient evidence we have been expecting the polish side she were released results of the road investigation on the tenth of april but they have now lost four six month extension so we can expect the results of that probe in october. when i was taken aback a little bit here how has the investigation unfolded so far and what kind of conclusions have been reached. will be interesting aviation kamisese. a commission
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headed by prime minister vladimir putin which included aviation experts from russia poland and the united states to look at the results of its investigation on the twelfth of january and the commission of found that pilot's era was mostly to blame they say that the crew failed to respond in a timely fashion to poor from brown for the songs to reach the plane to another airfield which very cold weather conditions it also found that the crew came in to land at home on altitude and that they failed to adequately respond the warnings to all of the planes the safety systems at the commission also did say that the crew may have been put under very strong psychological pressure to land says no all the crew members were found to be in the cockpit at the time of landings the transcripts from the box flight recorders show to be commander. in the
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cockpit at the time of landing and the international response to the findings on commission has mostly been seen except in books are lost on the people within the code and say the question marks still remain they say that not enough has been done to investigate the actions of ground full stuff at the airfield in this dense could they have done more to prevent the plane from trying to land and they also say war needs to be done to look at the conditions of the airfield in. itself and the most vocal opponents of the findings of that commission was and continues to be yet to suffer kinski the brother of the late president and the leader of his long position policy and of course the great irony in all this is that the reason why the one five four balance the sma let's just call from walsall that day was to log on you know since stage in the russian polish relations all balled up plane which. to
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attend a commemorative event to mock. the kept see that massacre of nineteen forty with thousands of polish prisoners of war we killed but i still viewed as soldiers and he politicians from both the pollution russian sides presidents prime ministers for ministers have been very keen to stress throughout this investigation it's a process that's called a six month stay out of the investigation and the improvement that we see to russian polish relations must continue to a bone and so today certainly does come just a few days before this coming weekend commemorative events which will mark one year on since the plane crash in the event is to be attended by both presidents. tell us thanks very much indeed for bringing us the latest there. and a series of planned terrorist attacks have been prevented in russia's north
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caucasus republic of coverage you know bill caria according to the national anti-terrorism committee three members of a terrorist organization were captured in the operation two homemade bombs within quibble and of three kilograms of t.n.t. were extracted by special forces one of those seized is suspected of attacking a policeman in the region as well as being responsible for a fatal attack on security forces in december last year. to africa's ivory coast now we're embattled president laurent gbagbo those generals are to go shooting a truce after months of resistance. holed up in a compound in abidjan surrounded by supporters of his rival president elect al assad atar about those been refusing to cede power ever since november election and maintains he won't leave the supply dire situation u.n. peacekeepers and supporting french troops have stepped in to protect civilians as fighting escalated over the past weeks but death tolls estimated at nearly a thousand on monday u.n.
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and french forces opened fire on those positions in the first military action supporting the woods moscow has questioned the move saying peacekeepers weren't authorized to take sides in the conflict john locke of good for democracy and cooperation in paris says france is pursuing its own agenda and i rico's. west in this case france but by means of the united nations has got into the habit of intervening systematically in other peoples conflicts we know that from says not neutral in this political crisis because france has said repeatedly and explicitly that it once long ago to step down so there is absolutely no shred of neutrality about france's position and yet these un troops that we hear about are in fact of course french troops and they take orders from paris they don't take orders from the united nations they take them from paris and my concern about this intervention is that it frankly damages the authority of the united nations because
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nobody you know is ever going to believe that the united nations intervention in the future is neutral when we can see the united states nations intervention in this case being used for explicitly political purposes and it was dark for democracy and cooperation in paris well remember there is plenty more happening on our website including irresponsible irreparable damage the fallout continues after the koran burning out of received by u.s. passport guards the latest analysis on our web site. and aiming for the baby boom where the population of the blind auditions in moscow are thinking of creative ways persuading couples to start a family. some
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take a look at some other stories from around the world in the search under way for one fifty people who are missing after the air boat overturned in the mediterranean it happened forty miles off the coast of the italian island of lampedusa that's become a major landing hub for migrants from north africa it's thought that two hundred migrants were crammed aboard the vessel forty seven people were found alive when the boat was rescued. from the leak of highly radioactive water into the pacific ocean from japan's fukushima nuclear plant has been stopped a local operator tepco has injected a chemical agent which was solidified with soil near were water have been escaping meanwhile there's renewed fear of an explosion at the first reactor with hydrogen gas pressure building nitrogen will be pumped into the plant as he tried to tackle the problem. president nicolas sarkozy's governing conservative party as held a controversial debate on the practice of islam in secular france comes
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a week before a ban on wearing full face covering veils and public takes effect the opposition described meeting as an electoral ploy aimed at pandering to the right wing voters have next year is general election france has western europe's largest muslim population just made of at least five million. from the chain of revolts across the arab world to natural disasters and potential nuclear meltdown the past few months have been a turbulent time across the globe and for the t.v. networks trying to cover it it's left some u.s. news channels short of cash after blowing much of the er budgets and artie's on a suit to get our reports there's criticism over how the money was spent. today when protesters news condit's are teleporting almost at the speed of light from the safety of their news desks to far away and dangerous places sirens are now going off led by their journalistic colleagues and big bucks to be made and spent egypt
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tunisia libya you know world of chaos japan and the tremor up to nami and earthquakes i want to err on the side of caution for you here disasters exploding around the world one after the other these past months have broken all breaking news records my guess is that you're ok forcing us networks to cough up the cash the news organizations are crying because they're saying that they're spending their entire budget is gone by march their whole annual budget for covering emergencies and crises with the latest from cairo reports suggest big t.v. networks have been spending as much as two million dollars on each of the middle east uprisings one network is said to have spent an entire one and a half million dollars in just one day in japan while this money is ripping away at their annual budgets it's certainly not ripping away at the pockets of the star
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pundits when you talk about someone like katie couric who for five years reportedly received fifteen million dollars a year we talk about brian williams ten million dollars a year and some reports now if they didn't take those it enormous salaries you could hire a hundred or one hundred fifty actual reporter producers but instead most networks have been shutting down foreign bureaus and kicking out hundreds of journalists many of whom were on the ground and actually in the know a.b.c. news alone cut twenty five percent of their entire new staff last year begging the question whether the super stars are actually worth more than hundreds of their colleagues and putting a toll on the information if you were. yes and up receiving there is no doubt that in general the quality of any one news organization is lower than it was thirty years ago with a shadow officially cast on what was once talk notch news coverage to pay the
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enormous salaries to these stars who don't know a lot about the middle east they're not experts on nuclear power they don't speak arabic but there they are jetting over to these countries it's a little silly and we do it is standing by getting filled in on events in an unknown land forces networks to play catch up at top speed but often unsuccessfully as far as libya goes you know we're hearing all this talk about the rebels nobody has really told me who these rebels are they don't seem to know though c.n.n. got to enjoy the highest reading since obama's inauguration after several months of dying viewership fox for one has been caught cheating yet again policing shibuya egg man a local nightclub on one map with japan's nuclear reactors as well as going so far as to call new york's times square where the lion king ad kairos to rere square and its news coverage in fear of being out competed by others t.v.
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networks have to be there or be square the one square that is and while this method certainly seeds a buck or two it can cover up the fact that crews check in for disaster jet back home in the worst is over leaving viewers in the dark about what leads up to and what happens after the chaos as they see if you're going to see new york. well time now for business of dates with kareena stay with us. hello and welcome to our business update good to have you with us and giving all prize is causing the russian government to revise its economic forecast for two thousand and eleven and now sees average oil price for this year one hundred five dollars per barrel instead of seventy five dollars this means the budget deficit will be much lower than previously forecast at below one percent of cost master product rather than the early expectations of three point six percent.
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taking a look at it while market prices have slightly retreated from today's highs are concerns that the recovery in fuel demand may falter in the u.s. and china the world's biggest energy users brant crude is currently trading at a bit lower at one hundred twenty two dollars a barrel while light sweet is around one hundred eight dollars to see this our. coffee capital says there are other industries and sectors of the russian economy that could also benefit from increased oil prices in addition to those rooms substantial domestic police who support. especially those who have the revenues and through the search for strength from diseases or concerns and see those. little cost but not major beneficiaries will be as mentioned to really bring concerns to the telecom companies which has been through court rules push recently
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roasted you called. good dreamgirls in fact there's also infrastructure company or something. construction company. to benefit this has been visible in the market from the post rigs and from a retail consumer names would also do world minute was very strong reasons here moving the export of could still comparable to overall you know the overall. the crucial second quarter perhaps through quarter of the grid you did reciprocation and grid you shift to for lunch money and free will was. to look at the stock markets here p. and stock markets are trading on a cautious note on wednesday retailer marks and spencer group is leading on the footsie gaining four point seven percent after trading update miners are high across the board randgold resources up two point four percent after gold and silver futures touched new highs and banks are in the spotlight as well commerzbank up one
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point eight percent on the dax after the german investment bank said it will repay around fourteen point three billion euros of state aid by june. and here and russian market for trading higher as well we are here says bounce back from yesterday's losses up two point four percent otherwise it's trading at this hour blue chips are trading mixed on both the indices let's look at some individual movers noise has slipped into the red despite its announcement of another one point two billion dollars buyback also among the losers as well snapped down more than five percent ahead of the end of tax holidays for its oil rich bank orfield as siberia but probably metal is on the rise helped by rising gold prices shares are up one hundred percent. so we have time for this hour join me at twenty past the hour for more here not.
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for the full six we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . news.


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