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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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each. time for a recount now the headlines thrown out now as the u.k. thrust itself to the forefront of protecting libyan citizens lawmakers in london period says the country sold millions of dollars worth of weapons to colonel gadhafi right before the unrest in libya as well as egypt and bahrain armstrong britain and then later song violent uprising. a priest in finland who spoke out against an internationally wanted criminal says he's being
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a persecuted by the country's authorities he's accused of inciting religious hatred after describing doc who bought off as a terrorist even though the chechen is behind the bombings on moscow's metro on its biggest airport. and russia hands over a new files to warsaw into the plane crash that killed poland's president kaczynski and ninety five others in the last april the investigation into the tragedy occurred strained relations between the two countries is still underway. i described her public criticism at home over his participation of the bombing of libya britain continues massing his forces and see what activist john reste tells us here at r.t. that a likely stalemate in the conflict would open the door for ground troops that discussion is coming up next. today i'm talking to john reese he's very active in the stop the war coalition that
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position is that the british military should not have got involved in intervention in libya john reese thank you very much for talking to an r.t. now the government says that the airstrikes prevented a massacre in benghazi why are you right and they're wrong well i think the longer term effects would be even worse than the effects might have been on benghazi but i don't actually accept the government's argument about benghazi either if you look at the guardian reports on the day before the airstrikes took place for me it's clear that the rebels in benghazi stopped a good half of this before he got beyond the suburbs and i think it would have been impossible for a force of maybe tens of thousands of soldiers to take in a city of a million people so i don't accept that that was a sufficient justification for the war in the first place i also think there is some evidence again report in the guardian newspaper that he actually moved into playing the to take shelter from possible air attacks so far from producing the
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effect that the government said it would produce the opposite effect so your position is just stand back leave well alone and let them sort themselves out well i certainly think that one revolution takes place in the country it's the business of the people in that country to conduct the revolution and my point about western intervention would be that i don't think that they did intervene in order to assist a revolutionary process i think they intervened in order to get control over evolutionary process and we begin to see now in the weeks since the western intervention that there are pro western figures emerging as the dominant figures we're going to go as it were just ration often they're the same people who only yesterday were in the path of the regime who were dealing very happily with the west for the last decade so i think that they're shaping and molding the uprising in ways which are compatible with the interests of the western powers whereas. regional rebellion certainly wasn't what damage do you think western this type of
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western involvement does to regional uprising how does it corrupts the original purpose of a well i think it's very very clear in me in the libyan case that there are people now coming to the fore who were trained in the west have links with the west have links with the west and security services who would have come to the top had the west not intervene it was a democratic structure in. the transitional national council was a body represented by twenty local council beneath it but when the western powers intervene the people who can come selected to become the leadership of it are people who have the ear of the west therefore the whole democratic process of representing the libyan people become distorted there are people who know the ear of the west who are the authorities the people who can broker the peals over there for intervention the people to broker the deal that's taking place with the car about the sale of oil the whole principle of a popular democratic revolution becomes corroded corrupted and demeaned by the
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intervention of the western powers and what did you experience in the region what's your feeling about the sort of sentiment that prevails on the streets now i think is a very very powerful impulse both to have a democratic society but also i think the roots of the revolutions are to do with the rejection of the near liberal economics which let's face it mubarak dictatorship was very strongly associated with the neo liberal economic policy with privatizing state industry and i think a lot of the fire in the engine of the egyptian revolution was to do with the rejection of that and we can see by that the massive strike has taken place actually in the in the days before barack fell but massively expanded since then but this is a very very big issue for many millions of egyptians we know that the u.g. doubletree the union into music. it was at the heart of the revolution which overthrew the and we know that economic in. economic questions were central to the
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beginning of the revolution i believe will be central to the future of it as well so some ocracy yes but a rejection of near liberalism and also i think a very deep dissatisfaction with the alliance between the dictators in the region and the western powers and the state of israel so i think that in all three registers political democracy economic challenge here liberalism challenge to the imperial structure of the region we're going to see very very profound developments and you mentioned iraq and a lot of people are comparing this to iraq and afghanistan but this is a bit different isn't it i mean after all these astronauts do support what was essentially initially a popular uprising yes but as i say it was an intervention not to save the revolution but to subvert the revolution and and it's as well here is also to remember an important element of the history in iraq especially actually from the first gulf war because there were no foes i would have no fly zones were imposed on
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northern and southern iraq just after the coalition had defeated saddam hussein they allowed saddam hussein's helicopters to fly under the cover of the no fly zone to put down the rising of the marsh arabs in the size it's not inconceivable actually that if they come to a cease fire if they come to some kind of settlement they will allow gadhafi to put down the remnants of a rebellion here as well so the fact that we're fighting gadhafi now doesn't preclude that it didn't in iraq the fact that a no fly zone by well being used against the rebels in the future and could this turn into a run out there in iraq and afghanistan people are warning that it could among them the turkish prime minister i mean there doesn't seem to be any such thing anymore as a sort of quick and clean it out operation well the difficulty is here that the coalition forces are actually jammed up by the political developments surrounding this. interventional they're obviously very very concerned about full scale military
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intervention on the ground so in that sense i think the antiwar opinion both here and in united states has prevented a full scale invasion so far but as any military analyst will tell you you can't win a ground war simply with air power and they are obviously winning it and that's why there's all this talk about stalemate that a stalemate is very hard to resolve without. without the deployment of ground troops i sincerely hope that that doesn't it would be a massive fear aeration of the situation if that were to be the case but if it doesn't happen then i think we are looking at a very very messy situation which may lead to the partition of libya may lead to a prolonged civil war actually if the west are kept out funnily enough the market over sooner and head of the war in iraq there's a huge public outcry you know hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets demonstrating against public opinion is increasingly against this war in libya but
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do you think the main thing that the government has learned from iraq is how to sell a war to the public you know i think it's learned not to commit itself to war very quickly see i mean it was obvious that there was going to be a salute and massive ground invasion i mean partly because it came after the invasion of afghanistan it was absolutely clear what was going to what was going to happen i think the public opinion is actually calibrated to the degree of moving for them over the black book of what is avoiding a ground war i think is reflected in the opinion polls of people who are against what's happening but they don't see it on the same scale as the iraq war which indeed it is and yet i think if there were any sign that there was going to be a serious problem and of ground troops in libya you would have an absolutely massive response part is we can see from the opinion polls there is a majority against the into. but there are very large number of turnovers that
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would alter very very quickly if there were talk of a ground war i think what role do you think the media plays in egypt and i think an intervention like this i think the main difficulty with the media is that it doesn't have a sense of history not even over a very short period actually and so it's trapped within what happens today probably is you can never understand what happens today unless you understand what happened yesterday in the previous week and the previous year in the previous decade and so it's a struggle to recall exactly those exact point of course that they came to the chain of billions of pounds practically every western corporation involved in the oil. is in libya he was fated to be academic institutions and others in this country and this is very very important to recall if we want to have summits torkel sense about what we might be doing in the region and finally and briefly where do you see this going in there in the short to medium term very difficult to tell i think it is grinding going through a stalemate it's very difficult to see how you could actually hold down the entire
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population of the east of the of the country and it's also very difficult to see how one determines circumstances. the rebels or by grass and can take. tripoli and i don't believe that the western intervention go fundamentally resolved in a way what it's doing is it's kind of institutionalize you know making permanent. a situation of civil conflict rather than resolving it so i hope that the comes a point where the rebellion because he says actually this was the interim hasn't helped it hasn't done what we saw happen say civilian life is actually causing civilian casualties is actually using weaponry which we call injury. real health for generations to come and it hasn't decisively alter the balance against against . happy we would be better perhaps they might begin think of finding the resources
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within the revolution itself which might progress and that would be a big turnaround it would be trying to guide all the people now who are in the leadership of the benghazi rebellion who are pro western who are old gadhafi hands and very long links with the west and that's quite hard to imagine as well so i think the western intervention has made an incredible mess which will last for a long time in libya carries thank you very much. disarming saddam hussein. of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever.
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again over embassy in kabul. chance too much occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. it is appropriate today. as but just. to be the. face lab studies life if you can shoot them enough so that it shocks especially if it's stuff but you don't actually break it into. could turn into a case that we use in kuantan for. nothing. we believe. wealthy british style.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on r t.
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the country.
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still. sports. thanks for joining us with his live sports have days in our see the headlines. to you live on the blog to qualify for the good god golf by all series against outlaw . close to ruin him along hopes of a second straight champions league title stunning them five to be called final leg in the long. standing cricket sri lanka skibo kumar's under carl polos ricky
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ponting lead leaving his post and scouts on the world cup. but he has the going got lined up is now complete with about the live joining a plant in the consonantal hockey league decide the following and they're aware of it they'll work with the gorse on tuesday evening a girls following during game six of course the bots and otherwise typical low scoring game so out the series on the fly by doing that and see above showing how to seize the moment they pay fifteen year veteran that's in the cell going to forty six minutes meaning it's vicious love because charges will stink but in the fall with the final series for the rest up long moscow region kicks off on friday. the cage tells younger brother meanwhile the junior hockey league continues to make strides on the ice logic crowds cross atlantic tools and european expansion just some of the byproducts of an action packed second season as constance in but the upper pf reports. there may show is in second here in atlanta tied for
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a group that knows no bounds the attendance evidence of this group eighty one percent this is known and it seems to be just the beginning with legendary coach were using its chairman of board the league is aiming for year closer to goals in for the league's young but has already become a major international tournament with two years from russia bill russia a lot and slovakia the images main objective is to develop young guns for the future keeping the social impacts in mind i became a world champion when i was twenty three so these guys have great opportunities to get on the national teams roasters the red stars and all star team official players have already toured around north america five majors were held the one for a bit the trip the first and most important step in cooperating with other countries which in europe as well very glad to participate in different lumens and to find new ways for collaboration this is a new level for us meaning it's a known and monument and of course our youth is going to battle in every match so
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they turn in smaller members of the m.h.l. season is approaching. conclusion with the read stories are already involving themselves in exhibition matches first they faced important away and in a week most kuwait's can enjoy is practical fans never get to be eternal three so between russia and canada and international tournament will take place right after their not much rest but it's clear the players love what they do. for. the m.h.l. is getting to a higher level we're going to play big teams and to represent zoe and to play against canada is always something special i like it and i think the league is taking the right steps and promotion. here i would fear to live corporates will join the k. show next season and their junior team has become the second squad in their main channel it's clear them believe is picking up steam with expansion very much the buzz word who'd their focus and again some of these players making them work when
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the winter olympics roll into sochi in twenty fourteen because name but. now in football real madrid and shockey both get out their champions league quarter finals after a flying start on tuesday night not so many were expecting what happened in the long run to stick around us up shall get past the score the first minute open up but never thought in reply against holders into him along with themselves well in the driving seat for a semi thought all sport there and do and growl that braces and what was definitely shall be his most memorable evening of the consonants a day. and in time told him stream debut season like salvado bob train for neil dropping by real madrid another bitter pill for spurs fans to stroll over as the calm arsenal striker mario the buy your got on the scoresheet weiss on healthy maria and the late strike by cristiano ronaldo meaning told them had it all to doing their excess that backs wake they thought if minute sending off basis for
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our story second yellow card at the age of fourteen points out the game. and. how difficult it is. it's just a defense if you have an advantage. you're defending defend a defense when you are losing already when you have to attack is is an impossible impossible job is to suffer we kept our tone of. performance first off just to keep it one new author conceded such a nearly gone primates are made but eventually you know they can be got coming to what do you do about the first go. and the football fans continues with two more games later tonight favorites barcelona take a shot of the noun score while it's in the english faceoff at stanford bridge with chelsea hosting the still lights of the business taking to the training field on tuesday without wayne rooney who was suffering from a sheen knock although he will play this evening alex ferguson has a depleted defense to pick from with joint even six pack to start in the back four
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possibly alongside rio ferdinand's who returns to the school day after being sidelined for two months with a card for injury. or launch a lot to use go full strength squad to choose from didier drogba is expected to keep his place while joining him up front could be either for another glorious who is still without a girl since his move from little boy in january. the frenchman has a strong case for starting having scored seven times in the champions league this season. and an intriguing battle awaits of the no camp where attacking attack loving barcelona and shotgun else go into its last lot of big favorites in this one but shocked or a fresh off a confidence start a confident last sixteen victory over rover and in fact be barsa the last time they played in spain. now it's changing the talk of full sri lanka's limited overs cricket scored following last so that these last in the world go final kumar's
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relieving himself or skipper duty is after amassing a record of twenty seven wins fourteen losses at the crease the thirty three year old remains staff captain for now though and has lofty goals in mind. i always said my god it's always to score hundreds as many as they can and i think i have about twenty four know if i can get past thirty quickly that would be great for me to get to ten thousand runs in both forms of the game. as quickly as possible. i think the goals that you know as good as everyone should serve themselves because you know at the end of the union you need to make plain common cause if you can win that's the biggest and by a winning if you can achieve these individual goals it's a bonus in the end being even except clinch their purse playoff spot since two thousand and four and are now looking at a possible six seed in the east to call for that weight over the raptors last night
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new york connecting on a press of fifteen out of twenty seven for replying to towns chauncey billups using teammate ronny turiaf as a shield to get a good look corey have the seventy one forty seven lead in the second commercial anthony the start of that long range bottom making five from seven a very deep hole of effort to make and to make it seventy four forty seven there and that's one of those who wants one eighteen victory means the knicks can beat philadelphia to the sixteenth spot if they believe the success on wednesday. and finally let's have back to football where the third week of the russian prime elite threw up some less than the memorable results for their favorites plenty of goals though and let's take a look at all of them though in our goals goal or section. so. listen. live.
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and live live
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. i. live
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. i said for now coming up short is the world where the station is.
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the teachers that so much of. which are calling on it live here live if you look you've seen us falafel is changed reaches across the middle east all way and there's this new doctrine.
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