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especially if the judge says that if you don't actually break any games could be turned you should take your seat we. are ready for. you to. leave should. come back here with our t. here's a look at the top stories nato is accused of incompetence the media by and to get out the forces after an airstrike killed at least five rebels on a frontline this fall's harsh criticism of the alliance its failure to defeat pro-government forces during the three week operation which threatens to become a stalemate. plans to bail out debt stricken portugal sparked anger on europeans concerned that strong economies are once again forced to pay for others to prop up
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the euro zone portugal's we acros those of ireland and lose what many predicting spain by the next. band of thousands of women die every year in the hands of violent husbands in russia each calls for a change a lot of courage those suffering in silence to come forward. to the next hour show moscow out this week martin anders explores what russia can offer for those obsessed with space above and beyond.
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hello and welcome to the stereo i'm standing under the floor of the highest and most famous monuments here in the russian capital but why but because of this research i will be exploring the subject of space direct it in like the sixty fourth celebrates the soviet achievements on the space race to today's european space program join me as we find out why russia is self-sustained everything that's literally out of this world the world watch when you're against successfully completed the first manned space flight unable to twelve nine hundred sixty one gary became an international celebrity and was awarded many medals on his including hero of the soviet union it was a huge achievement for the u.s.s.r. have beaten the u.s. into space and over its sixty year history the soviet space program was responsible for a number of planning accomplishments including the first satellite sputnik one the first space station the u.s.s.r. was on
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a mission in every possible way. one case essential to development of education star city the cosmonaut training facility today russia and america welcome projects here together. originating as a natural society it was russia's only school for cosmonauts and i've been asked but i'd like to try out the training program so here we go. thank you now in the soviet times this facility was a highly secret area restricted from the rest of the country and indeed the entire world and that's the training where the first stage of the process is this pinning centrifuge here that's the most important thing any cosmonauts should. aim to recreate the dramatic experience of a blastoff if you can't withstand the simulated g. forces of this making machine and the cosmonaut can't continue any further training . strap same i'm kathleen loaded into the center seat cause.
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i'm there we have it chris the. building up a tremendous speed this really pushes you to your limits. to keep high from. moving for the commonwealth of h two o. now i'm time for eva training that's cosmonaut speak for stray school and that means training. neutral buoyancy is the only effective means of simulating weightlessness on extended periods. this hole is forty
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meters deep and holds a mass of five thousand cubic metres. for have to admit i am a little scared but i could tell by how previous experience. has suspended plane overhead while i'm opposed to since i was pressurized to the same pressure as it would be in the vacuum of space safety is a priority during a training session at least seven dives would be to make sure everything goes ok. myself in the cosmonauts learn basic emergency procedures and how to operate the airlocks in normal. situations. so far so good. well won't be killed it weighs a lot like one hundred kilograms in the winter. and eight hundred
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plus in the clean five and alan. michael. thank you and again. it's possible for anyone to take school a star city today in two hours to be able to get an idea stay simulates is also get see how difficult dangerous at the same time how interesting looking at a space exploration and training is in russia and with no one american astronauts visiting the facility here brings us to this week's guest. michael is me a great to meet you so tell me how did you get involved in space exploration oh space has been part of my whole life i was born two months after sputnik watched and just grew up watching the early days of the space program and you know what it
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could i really do that what it would be like and you've been on two space missions that's right i've been to space shuttle missions one part of the return to flight after the accident to prove our point or inspect and repair even some kinds of damage and the second one to ten years ago and the japanese laboratory to the space station and what are you currently doing here in moscow i'm preparing for a launch and i want to know the soyuz rocket out of kazakhstan with a cousin up to the commander only and the so use sergei volkov and a japanese astronaut in a situation for a cow or launching to join the space station crew and what on earth do you do and your free time in space i personally would miss the internet facebook twitter i think there's we have a limited ability right now it's fairly new to access the internet i don't know scott kelly who's up there is a fairly fairly frequent posting pictures and things from experience his. on facebook and actually on really and some guys columnist police right now is sending twitter messages every day so he's astroparticle escrow underscore paolo it's oh
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it's that's pretty neat at first thing you want in those just going into the view of the earth and by the time nighttime oceans continents it's just amazing to see the geography rolling underneath you know i saw walking in russia that means you have to learn russian right i was like oh that's probably the most challenging part but i don't think hyping it really is and i also love it and i think i like i really like being here i don't feel like a threat coming i enjoy coming here i have many friends here i enjoy the opportunity and i have a son the president last summer he came out to visit and he was so intrigued he started taking russian language at the university and he's spending six weeks here this summer and self as part of a school program. first listen maybe he'll follow your footsteps and up we'll see. if you're smart to learn the language. is amazing you can google your work and it's
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going. to show dreams the plots of the grandchildren to simulate it to go into space killed those flying in special shoes is comparable to free falling when skies are think it's a fact viable to anyone the training before the flight last about half an hour and then you put into an eleven need to hike you can fly for a couple of minutes one session costs one thousand four hundred rubles which is a value that you told us. the different area is one of the world's largest and the oldest of its kind in russia. opens in one hundred twenty nine it became the thirteenth planetarium in the world it's very close to major reconstruction and its plan to reopen in the summer. but the venue's made aims to popularise the knowledge of space to businesses of all ages there's also an
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observatory she can get a closer look at objects in space. carlos with the tiniest space and city in the us is an elite service spacecraft designer. is high on it and his house must has been turned into a museum celebrating the scientists life and work to receive the house is a present from the governments of the first satellite was successfully launched and lived back in the one nine hundred sixty s. later it was turned into a museum last library collection of art and personal belongings among the exhibits . memorial museum a cosmonaut sixty moscow is like a good place of among. as dedicated to space explorers looks like a lost dog the idea to stop using belongs to start your career off cause i was open
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years after his death in my city it's one of the creation features models of space equipment personal belongings of cosmonauts who saw a car documents fancy graphs and videos. of the. highlights of the school is in this next school the breakup of the soviet union a realization that space exploration doesn't have to be competitive this house americans and russians develop the expertise to build and maintain the international space station the largest international science cooperation in space inside this where you can see a life sized international space station it simulates the exact working conditions of cosmonauts an experience in space sometimes up to six months out of key features include the world areas kitchens something happens to this equipment some personal hygiene products. doesn't finish much cooler inside the space station i remember the arduous training russian cosmonauts go through the livestock has been lost and
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the dedication rush hands still gives to space exploration in the early days of spaceflight the united states and russia were rivals and now with projects like the international space station they've become partners with your of japan china india and other countries joining in the new cooperation in space exploration has truly become global the vastness of space is only matched by man's endless ambition to explore it. all by training with our. company. will. cover it all. i realize. that it really is kind of hard. but so it really was tell me how i found this big program on base here in the
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first couple of the year we go to space i think we can sell them from the gates of the rest of the crew. at seven pm central time the.
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key wealthy british. let's say let's go. to. market. i know what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two cars a report on r g. twenty years ago the largest country in.
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the situation. plus how did you try. to teach began the journey. where did it take. nader's accused of in confidence to. take it on forces after an airstrike killed at least five rebels on the frontline this fall's harsh criticism of the alliance his failure to defeat pro-government forces during the three week operation which threatens to become a stalemate. plans to be allowed to stricken portugal sparked anger among europeans concerned a strong economies are once again forced to pay for others to prop up the euro zone portugal's plea at those those of ireland and greece was many predict in spain might be next. the thousands of women dying every year at the hands of violent
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husbands in russia lead to calls for a change in the law encourage those suffering and see silence to come for all. of those are the headlines here in our time now for sports update. is here with us so andrea what happens if the world spartak moscow last night stuff will have marina losing five one support so. where did it all go wrong and even the manager same snow all of the reaction just stuff of it. hello there you're watching this fourth and these are the headlines. spotlights the most divisive five want to portray in the quarter finals of the euro pulling the. plug on countdown salad are not planned prepare for that opening clash in the garden cup. on brewery nori mcelroy and cleared off the once you catch after the
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first day of the u.s. market. but first part of moscow possibility karpen says he takes full responsibility for last night's crushing five one defeat to porto in the europa league the muscovites putting up little resistance in the first leg of the quarter final in portugal karpen saying he could not explain his side second half to peculation the break they were trying to solitary strike but he went on to complete his hat trick while teammates the best that michael added they got is really combat of got one back for starters but they really did face had filled thing if not impossible task the return leg elsewhere also got a five one when against dutch champions f.c. twenty and then think a single short of a place in the last hole they set up a four one defeat at p.s.v. eindhoven all been on a key have three one one sport you can decide raja. now and i saw it the first time they could go in cup final series gets underway tonight with favorite style about a live hosting surprise party jack land and far about fancy from the off for the
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title and finish runners up in the regular season but it's not because men were taking the distance in their semifinal series against mentally. concluding that is their leading man with seven goals to his name so far while two plays have scored as many give most back in and all of petrol however they will have to do without goaltender he told the court will he still enjoy. the garden cup. selfmade thousand kilometer journey east and like a child had caught his moscow. will be there for the first two games of the best of seven series with one of them being taken to the home of atlanta in who just north of moscow i think contests which is venue support final go to distance for the deciding game what we play on april the twenty or. so fascinating contest in store we hope but let's look at how both teams made it into the final is a quick look at the best moments from the seventy five it's.
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good. to. smash between sal about an atlanta starts in just a few hours' time my preparations are ahead of schedule for the sochi winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen that's what the man in charge made for china shank that has told i've seen chiefs he met up with them on a visit to london which is hosting the summit gangster next year and he made a point sochi which is building all its any strong scratch is on track a couple of big sponsorship deals including one with gazprom gas giant gazprom have recently for one in three chinese shankly says they're still selling commercial contracts with more than a billion dollars on the gangs will be. a success. for. being
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here with project. thirty some area we were in the hotel for initially doing this this is the biggest food construction site in the mood yesterday it was at the during the bring you to olympic park with one number of consoles on some sort of personal working man's world resource review article where do we do two souls on concert the first working days in the show to do we were awarded a mission project the morse compartment. if you from the olympics or professor of show you the wall. at golf's u.s. masters there is a two way tie for the lead all knowledge rory mcilroy and of are to clear off in spain and in front after the first round on august third a pair of to clear the rest of the field and it was michael roy who had the clubhouse lead for most of the day a sizzling start saw him thirty three of the first four how to see carded a seven under par round of sixty five but whatever he did quit also managed to
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match the spaniard playing in the last group of the davis love the upright hitting the pain. of the great effort as he knocked ten shots off his best previous bathhouse green white chang and k.j. choi seen here with a sweet putt or a couple of shots back while defending champion from the same struggled off that see who was in the pushes at the thirteenth and relied only sure game to keep him in contention with a seven take. while tiger woods wasn't blaming a third a shot back on seventy one lacking the touch shown but it's the latest. i thought i drove the ball really good and then when you travel well you know you have a chance to give yourself opportunities for varies and i felt like. i had my hands really good but i just stayed committed to the targets i was picked and i wasn't trying to get over aggressive i was you know plants martin you know and really just
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trying to lead myself in the best possible place and you know i did a good job out there and today looks like everything was working properly you know even the childes. far away from the flag but i want to be able to make two putts this is the important thing. meanwhile in the n.b.a. the fight is heating up for the post-season portland already there but continued a good fall with a ninety eight eighty seven victory over the jazz had home advantage but the partisan crowd couldn't stop them from something so that night defeat in ten matches the result puts portland in sixth place in the western conference and chicago who won the battle for top spot in the east and the seven eighty one when for them over boston they were tied the second with miami meanwhile real madrid are the last thing through to the final four basketball rurally booking their place with a sixty six fifty eight win over the n.c.a.a. in the spanish capital to win the series three two hollis was shining the twelve points and tammy benz there they were playing guard tell of the from barcelona i
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made the sixth place in the final weeks i panicked and i crossed the face with the psyche the other said. not unusual continued a ready governance of the formula one season mark webber quickest in practice for this weekend's malaysian grand prix he was a fraction of a second ahead of mclaren jenson button and lewis hamilton are world champion sebastian vettel who won the first race of the season in australia was fourth biggest in his red bull all rushes the tally pressure of i crashed in the first practice of the post eleven fastest time in the second session qualifying for sunday's race will take sides tomorrow. i'm funny in boxing one of the best pound for pound fighters in the sports history roy jones jr is on a visit to moscow this week r.j. promoting his upcoming bag with russian cruiserweight dennis libby debt the fight was initially shaded for may twenty second but was moved a day early acute of broadcasting agreements although there's no world title up for grabs jones still takes it as a perfect opportunity to win
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a cruiserweight bank for the first time in his amazing career lead would have me maher is regarded as one of the top boxes in this category despite losing his last bite to w.p.a. champ market hug by a split decision. my motivation in this particular battery that froze i get opportunity to share would russia tell a big effect god gave me. because the way title is the only one that's alluded me between murder we had a week or so as to get there before we took it so that brings us up to date so we got more bit lighter next time it is the.
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or the. man in the ship would be soo much brighter.


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