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east. comes alive from the russian capital is not a top stories now this out the french president is facing opposition to his leading role in the intervention in libya as the situation threatens to descend into stalemate there's criticism that because of course these actions have been driven by imperial ambition. a happy ending for russian journalists released on the homes after spending hours in the hands of libyan rebels it's the first time the government forces have taken any measures against the media
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meanwhile nato says it regrets a botched airstrike which killed several rebels. as u.s. political parties keep bickering over the new project credit agencies sell the alarm of the country's bad boring habits saying it's a road straight to frank crops an. attempt to take them out of it but another update for in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime it's out in this week martin andrews explores what the russian capital can offer anyone with a taste for space and a dream of shooting for the stars that's next. hello
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and welcome to the star no i'm standing on the floor of the highest and most famous monument here in the russian capital but wife that's because in this week's program we'll be exploring the subject of space direct it in ninety six the food celebrates the soviet achievements on the space race today's european space program join me as we find out why russia is so obsessed with everything that's literally out of this world the world watched when yuri gagarin successfully completed the first manned space flight been able to track nine hundred sixty one gary became an international celebrity and was awarded many medals honest including hero of the soviet union it was a huge achievement for the u.s. a saw him beating the u.s. into space and every sixty year history says the space program was responsible for a number of pining accomplishments during the first satellite sputnik one the first space station the u.s.s.r.
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was on a mission in every possible way. from place sensual to development of education star city the cosmonaut training facility today russia and america welcome projects here together. originating as an actual society it was russia's only school for cosmonauts and i've been asked but i'd like to try out the training program. here we go. thank you now in the soviet times and the city was a highly secret area restricted from the rest of the country and indeed the entire world and that's the training where the first stage of the process is a spinning centrifuge here but the most important thing any cosmonauts should. aim to recreate the dramatic experience of a blast off if you can withstand the simulated g. forces of this make a machine and the cosmonaut contacts and you any further training. straps in i'm kathleen loaded into the centrifuge because.
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i'm there we have it press the. building up a tremendous speed this really pushes you to your limits. people. moving for the commonwealth of h two o. now and time for eva training course will speak for space walk and that means training them to be. neutral buoyancy is the only effective means of simulating weightlessness on extended periods. novice pool is forty
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metres deep and holds a mass of five thousand cubic metres of water perhaps a little scary. if i have previous experience. the suit is suspended by overhead police system and is pressurized to the same pressure as it would be in the vacuum of space safety is a priority during the training session at least seven divers will be in to make sure everything goes ok. myself and cosmonauts learn basic emergency procedures and how to operate the airlocks in normal and emergency situations. so far so good. well won't be. one hundred kilograms in the winter. and
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hydrologic between five and alan and the thing in micro-gravity into her face that you have again. it's possible for anyone to take a tool a style city in two hours you'll be able to get an idea of the day space simulates is also good to see how difficult dangerous at the same time how interesting moment a space exploration and training is in russia and with me one american astronauts visiting the facility here brings us to this week's guests. michael of its immediate great to meet you so tell me how did you get involved in space exploration oh space is my whole life i was born two months after sputnik launched and just grew up watching the early days of the space program and you know what
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could i really do know what it would be like and you've been on to space missions that's right i've been to space shuttle missions one part of the return to flight after the accident to prove our quarter and spec and repair some kind of damage and the second one to have to add the japanese laboratory to the space station and what are you currently doing here and muska i'm preparing for a launch i want to know the so you struck it out of kazakhstan with a cousin not a commander only and so use sergei volkov and japanese and astronaut in a situation for we want you to join the space station crew and what you do and your free time in space i personally would miss the internet facebook twitter and there's we have a limited ability right now it's fairly new to access the internet and scott kelly is up there is a fairly fairly frequent posting pictures and things from his experian. unfaced book actually on the very least yeah and some guys problem this only right now is sending twitter messages every day so he's astro paul astro underscore paolo so
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it's that's pretty good the first thing you want to those just like the one and two with if you are going by daytime or nighttime oceans conference it's just amazing to see the geography rolling underneath you and i so walking here in russia that means you have to learn russian right i was that guy that's probably the most challenging part of my kind of being high thing it really is but i also love it and i think i like i really like being here i don't feel like a predator coming i enjoy coming here i have many friends here i enjoyed it and opportunity and i have a son that visited last summer he came out to visit and he was so intrigued he started taking russian language at the university and he's spending six weeks there the summer and so this part of the school program. for you maybe he'll follow in your footsteps and that will see. is a smart boy in the white whiskers is the reason you can go to work that's going to
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. get your dream is the place above the ground you don't necessarily need to go into space to enjoy flying in a special ship is comparable to free falling when skydiving puts a phantom title to anyone the training before the flight last about half an hour and then you put into let me tie cheap flights for a couple of minutes one session costs one thousand four hundred rubles which is a valve that enjoys. a different area and is one of the world's largest and the oldest of its kind in russia. opens in one hundred twenty nine if you can fancy infinitary in in the world it's pretty close a major reconstruction and it's time to reopen in the summer. well the chinese made aims to popularise knowledge of space to exist of all ages there's also the
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observatories you can get a closer look at objects in space. the tiny space and city in the u.s.s.r. and early thirty's spacecraft designer. is high on it and his house must has been turned into a museum celebrating the scientists like. to see the house is a present from the governments of the first satellite was successfully launched and lived back in the one nine hundred sixty s. later it was turned into a museum the current us library collection of impersonal belongings among the exhibits. memorial museum a cosmonaut six in moscow is located at the base of a man. humans as dedicated space explorers looks like lost the idea to start this museum belongs to stargate prof well that was opened years after his death in
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ninety eighty one the question features models of space equipment custom belongings of cosmonauts who saw a car documents fans across videos. the highlights of this war is in this next to the breakup of the soviet union the realization that space exploration doesn't have to be competitive just this health americans and russians develop the expertise to build and maintain the international space station the largest international science cooperation in space . inside this where you can see a life size model of the international space station it simulates the exact working conditions cosmonauts the experience in space sometimes up to six months out a piece features include the word area. happens to this equipment and hygiene products and. doesn't finish my tour inside the space station i remember his knowledge was training russian cosmonauts going through the lives that have been
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lost and the dedication russia has and still gives to space exploration in the early days of space flight the united states and russia were rivals and now with projects like the international space station they've become partners with your chip pan china india and other countries joining in the new cooperation in space exploration has truly become global the vastness of space is only matched by man's endless ambition to explore its. training. by companies that offer. any corporate or. i realize that program is really. hard. for what they're made up of how we have all different program once they see
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it in the first couple of the year we get a story i said great until they're pretty great the quick i'll buy. him a docking to start at seven twenty three pm central time because it's actually the international space station. as the sole use continues to battle a. clear .
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chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission the moon and the mission he successfully accomplished. became the first several other species. of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the world. all his songs were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his life. one happened in those few seconds. and one sequence sealed the barrels still. curious. wealthy british style.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. the global financial headline to. stores and. the french president is facing opposition to his leading role in the intervention in libya as the situation threatens to descend into a stalemate as criticism that these actions have been driven by imperial ambitions . a happy ending for russian journalists. spending hours in the hands of libyan rebels it's the first time government forces have taken any measures against the media meanwhile nato says it regrets a strike which killed several. as u.s. political parties keep going over the new budget credit agencies the country boring
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have its say it's a road straight to bankruptcy. for the moment with more news for in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime stay with us for the latest in sports with . hello welcome to support you for joining me and for the top stories i thought you too facile about your lawyer go one in the loft in the garden cup finals after beating atlanta she won in overtime. while drawing rory mcilroy remaining as the man's account deep into secondaries play us narcistic took us back. and read both flying mock web pages jenson button and lewis hamilton in practice at this sunday's malaysian grand prix at sepang. all the football goes on for me on the congo first
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that starts on the ice and favorites. that lands two one in overtime to win the first of their best of seven the goring cup finals series on i was for some of us took the lead in the first period but surprised that package side atlanta pulled a goal back in the third to force the extra frame and in the second is over time and place to take in grab the winner go home side the advantage. meanwhile of the big are in cup itself made a thousand kilometer journey east from the headquarters in moscow four and it will be there for the first two games of the best of seven series will then be taken to the home of atlanta in mitigation just north of last go and the contest which is very news if the finals go the distance the deciding game played on it a little and see it's. football now and in the russian premier league new boys could go top if they wanted to know moscow on some so they did and will have lost their first three matches also in action after its place present is by his car and another picture clear so that's all they are yet to win at home to knock him out of
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a. ball after a key week in the trial because they've managed united could go ten points clear of the english premier league they beat former united striker not use hardi for the first. chelsea fresh from their child is a defeat united host rock bottom we can all top know history hope to boost their top four under sions like in stoke was me i was going to fall back burning and also face west ham on sunderland against west brom but for the league's leading managers it's a weekend of crunch domestic action sandwiched between two crucial european ties. teams are not of the minds of the become very difficult to be. good for for voice their names and show your experience of the gather together. the team changed there's no real change in the second says as your situation.
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what i want to put the best team not picks about the most game it would be important to win tomorrow with a good performance with a good spirit with it working at huge and i want to put the best green arguably world where you have always been made and so it's something they are afraid to say that some day i'll not be able to play one hundred percent and they have to stay home with. it took four to break into we manage it last year. you know we finished about man city last year and amazingly when i spend it i never run for the millions or try to make sure i got a little for this year that's so difficult to make that top four which we rightly i'm sure would be challenged. well three days after thrashing spurs pournelle in the first leg of their champ is a quarterfinal realm of focus returns to the domestically as they aim to close the eight point gap on leaders barcelona with a when i first place athletic bilbao rebels ok. out of i all is on like financial city are all available assistant coach i thought says it won't be an easy match.
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never has a player or a coach who has worn the champion steel shirt or who has been in this situation mathematically there are still chances he's going searing to anything. for me while five time european champions liverpool will remain without best steven gerrard and england midfielder has been ruled out for the rest of the season the thirty year old returned to training a week ago after going operationally much sustain a similar problem last friday jurors absence answers to the reds other worries his understanding of when johnson also injured. golf and with the second day of play well underway at the u.s. masters at augusta rory mcilroy still demands a catch after the northern irishman and strains of are clear off the first round joint leaders by two shots it does not. oh you have the clubhouse lead for most of the first day this is going start saw him birdie three of the first four holes if
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he can get a seven under par round of sixty five. but whatever he did hear us matched the spaniard playing in the last group of the day and this lucky approach it in the pin. as he knocks ten shots off his previous best on all course sas curious why each one of them k.j. choi seen here with the sweet parts or a couple of shots back. of defending champion for mickelson struggled after today in the bushes here in the thirteenth and relied on a short game to keep him in contention with a seventy. one tiger woods well he wasn't blooming either a further shot back on seventy one back in the touch and go to leaders. formula one and red bull continue their early dominance of the new season mark webber the quickest in practice for the sunday's malaysian grand prix history and a fraction of a second ahead of mclaren's jenson button and his novels and world champion
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sebastian vettel won the first race of the season in australia was fourth quickest in his red bull rushes of practice rayno in first practice posted the thirteenth fastest time in second session qualifying for sunday's race takes place on saturday . boxing now and one of the best pound for pound fighters in the sports history roy jones jr is on a visit to moscow this week promoting his upcoming branch with russian cruiserweight then its level of the fight was initially shared jewel for the twenty second but was moved to a day earlier we should broadcasting agreements although there's no world title up for grabs jones still sees the fight as a perfect opportunity to win a cruiserweight bank for the first time in his amazing career meanwhile there was over is regarded as one of the top boxes in this category despite losing his last night to w b o champion marco hard decision of. now preparations are ahead of shared jaw for the sochi winter olympics in twenty fourteen according to the man in
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charge dimitri chana shango the president of the organizing committee met i.o.c. officials on a visit to london which is hosting the summer games next year and he made the point that saatchi which is building all its venues from scratch is on track a couple of big sponsorship deals including one with gas giant gazprom has recently fallen through and shanghai says commercial contracts worth more than a billion dollars are still being signed and the games will be a success. well. within the larger the long term in some area we were in the hotel for our mission this is the biggest construction site in the world yesterday visited to here in the venue to really be part of the fun number of consoles on the constructor so we're here a while and so sure if you have to go with you or do two cells on the constructor small communities in that you have to do we were our mission protect the most complex and. if you're trying to conserve the structure of your world. well russia
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hasn't enjoyed times in winter sports over the last couple of years but there's one area where russia is leading the world in the sport of paris. caught up with. explains what this. was all about. it's not likely to become an olympic event anytime soon but russia is proving to be leaders in the new sport of paris. which is a plume goes parachuting onto a piece then during the skis and swarming one's way down to the bottom of the slope but it's the head coach of the russian national team and he explained how it evolved. competition was born in the end of the night in. competition between the rescue services and i would pick. and. practice the sport must be
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a very good mountain ski skier and. a very good person as. women compete with the ultimate team to win the world championships but speech is popular with russian military personnel to learn how to parachute during that service. type of emphasizes it is risking discipline which is the more important of the two but just by being just in a country where a lack of training facilities at the moment fortunately in present russia we have not many many places for training and. our. country as you know we're. training in your own mountains for all and now i think you will have good facilities and possibilities and so if you. can change out of such
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a games and the main aim for the sport of piracy is to bring to become an olympic event and put out of hopes one day just what happen as a spear you going continue to help the sport develop. into a sport and. where it. came. and tried to shore up our nice and very visible sport in ireland big before. so two. thousand and fourteen and also drive the organize world championships there because all international community were interested about it and asking you all with become. chance of. piracy is certainly a small but not many people have heard about how it has plenty of potential to develop in russia especially with the number of new ski resorts popping up around the country and given the success of the russian team leaders this can only help to
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increase its popularity which monthly to r.t. and that's all sports news i think. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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would be so much brighter if you move a song from phones to the pressure. these phone stunts on t.v. don't come.
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