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so many hotels you believe will do a pretty good turn under look times. in serbia look he's available in most good and hyatt regency they are going to. russia and poland to mark the fatal accident that tore the two nations of course but i think the same time saw them unite. presidents to meet that image did it influence life the middle school have paid their respects to the victims of the fatal plane crash that killed the poland's president and many of the countries that politically be seen on the anniversary of the canteen massacre. he saw in libya depends on the rebels as the african union suggests a resolution to the conflict but the opposition says they'll be no true central colonel qadhafi is out. and trouble brewing in france as
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a law banning the burger goes into effect with many accusing the government of discrimination and racism against muslims. and from a business desk b.p.'s preparing to buy for us and partners in pain p.t.p. according to a report in the financial times we have more on what alice think about it and how business program in twenty minutes. to jab you with us at seven pm in moscow i'm at treasure you're watching r t russia and poland are marking one year since a plane crash killed the polish president and many of the country's political elite remember and ceremonies are underway in western russia at the site of the tragedy where ninety six people died last april or he's ours hebert has more from the scene . the presidents of both russia and poland to me that image there. are all ski
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are in smolinski today to pay their respects to the victims of that fatal plane crash that killed the polish president lech kaczynski a year ago yesterday sunday april the tenth that marks one year exactly to the day that that people of one five four crashed in the trees just behind me killing all ninety six on board those included the polish president his wife the chief of the air force and conan's military chief making of the situation even more poignant is the reason why that plane had taken off from warsaw and that was for the polish delegation to attend the seventieth anniversary of the canteen massacre when over twenty thousand poles were killed by soviet secret police something the soviet union had previously denied so the event was to be a real milestone in the symbolic easing of previously tense relations between poland and russia but since that plane crash we have seen
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a very public and very united display of grief from both poland and russia and today underlined that there with both presidents here together attending a small poignance and requires ceremony here at the exact size hole of the plane crash here by these wilensky airfields before moving on to the site of the canteen memorial where more reason relays in the press said. the interstate aviation the commission all i.a.c. with president dmitri medvedev in the immediate aftermath of the crash to determine its causes it was headed by prime minister vladimir putin and used aviation experts from russia poland and the u.s. and that international group delivered its report on the twelfth of january and it concludes. the pilot's error was mostly to blame obviously severely compounded by very poor weather conditions dense fog and reduced visibility and psychological
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pressure being exerted on the pilots from certain passengers to land the plane as soon as possible passes sensually pilot error was found to mostly be the cause but so many in poland refute those conclusions and say that more investigation needs to be done to the conditions of the airfield here in smolinski and also into the role of ground staff here and they have done more perhaps to prevent the plane from landing in such dense fog but the i.a.c. underlines that according to normal aviation law grounds do not have the rights to overrule a pilot who has stated his or has intention to land it still will conclude its own independent investigation into the causes of the crash and after asking for a six month extension we are expecting that independent investigation to deliver its final conclusion sometime in october. crash certainly had a strong impact on
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a russian polish relations some argue it had a negative effect there are political experts who think it brought the two closer together. but last year to place i made a warming of relations that had begun. in fact the relations are in a better shape now than it were two or three years ago so i believe it was a test. about relations and the two countries had much of the past that it's a minority all for the polish public opinion but believes there was a real plot to kill prism country skiing. it's a fact that. actually exists because to outsiders it's mostly it was looks like some paranoid idea but i mean surety is tired of the struggle and even more tired of the political movements trying to exploit the tragedy and the sentiments. push probably. sit with us here on r t coming up the battle of the
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burka find out how the latest developments in france have the government facing accusations of stirring up racial tension. we turn first to libya where the african union delegation is trying to convince the rebels to embrace a cease fire and start negotiating with colonel gadhafi state representatives are now in the opposition held city of benghazi after holding talks with the libyan leader in tripoli gadhafi has agreed to the proposal of a truce but he says he's prepared to negotiate a peaceful solution with the rebels the insurgents maintain they want to accept any deal that would see the colonel and his family hold on to power meanwhile nato has stepped up its assault against gadhafi sunday destroying more than a dozen tanks in the largest airstrike in weeks libya has been a ravaged by civil war since february with hundreds of reported casualties or he's ever piskun all of has more from the rebel headquarters benghazi. hasn't spoken
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with his wife for me two months she is in misrata a town in the west surrounded by gadhafi forces and he is in the east i can't even call my wife i don't know whether she's alive for dad the front has been moving in both directions was become clear is there without needle support the rebels or stand a chance against gaddafi superior firepower but after antigovernment fighters were killed by mistake in need or airstrikes trust in the alliance was hit as one. of the african union has sent a top level delegation to tripoli which proposed a road map for peace he calls for an immediate cease fire and political reform which surprisingly he has supported me there is the alleviation legacy you can't even have a sense in it. you have scented place. to
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see you even though the road map includes plans for reform it's not clear whether it also calls for gadhafi and his family to abandon. the way the political system in libya works is that visually god is no head of the state he's more of a formal figure or a moral leader as he likes to call himself in reality this man has built a giant power web which is wrapped around business and the government and is built on a circle of chosen people vols personally calls to be on their feet and his family . also propose a peace plan which was rejected by the opposition even. actions the deal did not. son importing them. we couldn't agree with the initiative because it didn't guarantee to get darby's entire family would leave without that guarantee negotiations are pointless if. the african union is delegation is now in the world
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. if the opposition leadership did pledge to listen to their proposal it doesn't seem the rebels already took with their guns then how can we live in peace with this bloody tyrant shaaban with more civilians rebels in these troops killed each leads clear a cease fire is needed fast but unless the leaders roadmaps plans involve considerable changes to libya's political system this deadlock he's unlikely to end anytime soon you go to school of r g b and guys the libya. coming your way still setting the wrong things right moscow and washington on the verge of an agreement designed to protect the rights of adoptive russian children in the us find out why in just a few minutes. but first a controversial law banning full face of bells in public places in france has come into force anybody called wearing one could be fined up to one hundred fifty euros in order to attend citizenship classes at least two women wearing the veils have
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already been arrested after taking part in our authorised protests against the ban as artie's daniel bushell reports in a country with europe's biggest muslim population a large risks igniting further social tension. pins just become a criminal from today a new french law and covering your face in public is designed to make muslims integrate in society but the softly spoken single mom says it's had the opposite effect. my friends have simply stopped going out and all the new rulings made some scared to speak out and many of our not to change the way they dress the move by undermines what the french republic stands for says this businessman he pledges to pay the hundred and fifty euro fine for anyone who continues to wear a veil and is taking the dispute further that we are seeing france in the european
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court of human rights it's about freedom of expression and. that man was fired as nicolas sarkozy's integration advisor last month after criticizing the president's approach he now calls on french muslims. are similar to the one forced on jews by the nazis. these government should learn how to negotiate opinion polls show recalled low approval ratings for the french government with accusations this deliberately stirring into racial tension friday prayers a terrorist muslims are forced to worship on the streets the government looks the building of basic public prayer and more discrimination say worshippers against the muslim population has seen riots in recent years against government policies there are signs of more brewing it is a distinct possibility especially when the domestic. decisions and events
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in foreign decisions and events come together those events have also reached partners in europe joining blames from illegal deportation of rumors and said the north. but italy in the fleet is an international ngo that splits the frame coup german banks is the droids the u. this. axis as bad as it has been called sometimes is not functioning and lists fear for all its cannot make should lose the regimes when it pixel its own if that minority is it why should we start persecuting christians if you are prosecuting muslims saying you have absolutely no credibility or were a liability to tell us what we should do with critics of. the french government over its hardline policies simple point crew for politicians in the drooling people of the last week quits we all are expected to do the same in the coming days the
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new good you see paris a powerful aftershock has struck the northeast of japan exactly a month after march of the devastating earthquake and tsunami killed more than thirteen thousand people pictures from local television showed the moment the seven point one magnitude quake hit meanwhile the government is extending the twenty kilometer evacuation zone around the stricken fukushima nuclear plant or rest from long term radiation journalists or general went within a kilometer and a half of a facility to document the dangerous levels of radiation there he says the region around the plant's been evacuated in case further explosion as well as contamination conservatives. this event is circling around reactor two. even if. you know really it's not a level but rather that if something terrible happened this reactor such an explosion the so forth the twenty kilo is the minimum is something you need in
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order to escape you know the nuclear project so. really it's a little. varies from place to place and actually there are much you know radiation . much further from the reactor. and there are only. you know governments and i'm sure the radiation is high. though after a painkiller thank you i mean it is from the reactor radiation is really high in every step you take just just when so absolutely i can see that you know you really need to evacuate simply based on the radiation level and. this just in to our team breaking news this hour of an explosion at a metro station in the bell russian capital minutes we'll bring you more on this is we get more details stay with us here on earth to you for further information.
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a preliminary child abuse hearing is being held in alaska after an american woman appeared on a t.v. show using a harsh punishments against her adopted russian son the cases sparked calls for a better adoption regulations between the two countries russia set to sign an agreement with the u.s. next month to ensure the safety of children adopted into american families at least seventeen adopted russian children have died in the us since one thousand nine hundred two or she's got a cheeky on reports on the worrying trend. what it was like to me. was a tape which caused outrage across american beyond an american mother recorded a video of how she punishes her adopted washing warty and sent it to a popular t.v. show. but running hot sauce in from seven year old christophe's mouth did not seem enough for jessica bigley a freezing shower was next. right now. we've
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had a lot of different things to punish the kids thinking we've learned does not work with her style it was only after the television troll that authorities looked into the well being of the kid russian jessica beagley was charged with child abuse the adoption system in the us is such that once a child is adopted by american parents the government does not provide any oversight as to how they are doing some believe because of the absence of supervision the suffering of many adoptive children remains on her a caution agencies in hungary are set up as a business because of that fear jailing which human lives here they're not selling cars or toasters it certainly seems to should be a lot more oversight more than sixty thousand russian children have been adopted by u.s. parents since one thousand nine hundred one fortunately most of these children are now live in italy was in new american families who are soon to minority children
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doesn't scarred and homeowners who disappeared the losses cannot be just a lot one of the recent incidents that sent shock waves throughout the world was the killing of the seven year old even scarab i got that was beaten to death by his american adoptive parents last year the russian authorities suspended adoptions by u.s. parents after an american woman put the russian boy she did it on a plane back to moscow on his own with a note saying she will. wanted him now russia and the u.s. are working towards an agreement which would provide better government oversight on the wellbeing of adopted russian children in american families something that would mean regular visits to the families by social workers from both countries some say the biggest obstacle to an agreement is the overall secrecy surrounding adoptions in the u.s. in the united states of america once an adoption is finalized that child is
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considered the same as if born to the adoptive parents a birth certificate gets reissued listing the adoptive parents they never even have to tell the child that they were adopted but russia says americans privacy issues should not be an argument for leaving thousands of adopted children without any oversight and protection and when you were a distance you can that turns poor even the big put the those across the board who is owed the unicon top what small children will be the can by the thousands result in ignorance in the u.s. people wanting to adopt pay private agencies for assessments as to their suitability as parents this of course raises questions as to how objective those assessments can actually be and once a child is abducted there is no follow up on pow they are doing it jessica beagley had not sent her video to a t.v. show would have never known about her punishment methods just as we don't know about how many other and up to children are now subject to domestic violence in the
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us i'm going to shut down r t washington d.c. or you can always find the latest on all the stories we're covering on our website just click over to our anytime for exclusive features radios opinions and more here's what's online right now. as planet earth year is up to mark fifty years since mankind first flew the stars and new teams arrived aboard the international space station find out how they're preparing to celebrate moros and aversive. plus find out more about the life of your you could guarantee the man from. humble beginnings destined to go down in history. for. the first. russian security forces are hunting down a team of armed terrorists in the country's republic of the english they're linked to russia's most wanted man doku umarov who could be among the group of gun fights
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already broken up with one militant said to have been killed another wounded official say the group number is up to six people who has claimed responsibility for a number of terrorist acts around russia including last year's moscow metro bombings he's been on the run from security forces for several years. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe ivory coast's incumbent president laurent gbagbo has been detained and arrested by opposition forces this after french tanks and troops stormed the presidential palace in the city of abidjan earlier a series of air strikes led by the u.s. and france destroy heavy weapons close to the residents violence broke out after baba refused to cede power to internationally recognized president alassane ouattara following last year's election. people were killed more than thirty wounded in two separate car bomb attacks in the iraqi city for allusion the bombs
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went off near a school and a crowded market the first attack came from a parked car full of explosives minutes later a second bomb targeted people gathering at the scene of the initial blast fallujah is a former stronghold of the iraqi insurgency. italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi says attending a hearing of his trial in milan would be a waste of time and resources he made a rare appearance in court monday to fight tax fraud charges the latest in a series of trials facing the politician it relates to accusations berlusconi's media said broadcasting group created schemes to avoid taxes a host of charges have been brought against the prime minister including bribery and paying for sex with a minor berlusconi accuses the magistrates of abusing the justice system to go after him for political reasons. and yemen's president is welcoming a proposal by the gulf arab nations for him to step down to end the country's political crisis but. indicated he would only do so when his term ends in two
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thousand and thirteen a commission already rejected by protesters calling for his immediate exit the proposal also included protection for him and his family from prosecution for crimes committed under his leadership another condition that was rejected by the opposition. and we are continuing. good breaking news this hour of an explosion at a metro station in the belarusian capital minsk there been some eyewitness reports of casualties we'll bring you the latest on this as we get more details stay with us here on our chief for further information but korean american joins us next with the business news. and i welcome to our business update is south joining me b.p. is preparing to buy out its russian partners in sankey b.p. that's according to reports from the financial times it was companies trying to save its deal with russian oil maje ross efforts to explore the arctic shelf
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artie's course on of the lore and that has been on the story. we're seeing the deadline for this deal being resolved loom ever closer it's still first day the fourteenth of april that leaves just around about three days to get this all sorted out we're seeing various rumors coming to the fore most notably one in the financial times where sources say that he and potential partners could be preparing to buy out the russian shareholders stake in seeing k. b.p. now they may be going in and doing that together and it's a stake which could be worth up to thirty billion dollars now the various parties are desperate to have this situation resolved and in fact it's likely that we'll see more state intervention come during this week more pressure from the state which has been conspicuously absent in the days leading up to this also b.p. wants this solved because russia is one of the very few places that it can now go for new production growth its reputation is increasingly bad in the u.s. and it's not it really having it down graded and threats of
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a new takeover so there's a lot to lose for all sides in a very short time in which to lose it it seems that stay on might be interested in having it state pulled out just because if it didn't then it would be left with essentially a dollars investment into the n.k.v.d. oil company that that essentially would have no growth potential if this deal did indeed go ahead although having said that they are is in a very strong position thanks to these rulings by the operation court but we seem to know from standard and poor's things it makes more sense for b.p. to change b.p. instead of pine for the written. we think it is quite unlikely and i think that probably has made it clear that he wants to try to get this deal through in a manner that's acceptable to all parties involved now this is a deal that will be very beneficial for russia it's a deal that's beneficial for b.p. and the people standing in the way are pinned k b p on the contrary people here in
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london are saying wait a minute why should they buy in k b p maybe b.p. should sell its share on p. and k b p the problem is who would buy one of them they are proving to be a very difficult partner so i doubt there will be many offers nevertheless there is still another option it will be a harsh option for b.p. and i'm sure a lot of shareholders would not approve of it but it will secure the long term of b.p. it will allow it to go forward with a deal to start on a clean slate it's a big chunk he represented thirty six percent of two thousand and ten production and with the gulf of mexico down it would be a big hit but it also a new renewed repeat all the larger smaller scale period problem with that is of course you always have the takeover target rumors going around and that will make b.p. more attractive for a takeover. or prices of east like you have reports that libyan leader moammar gadhafi has accepted a peace plan to end the conflict in the country brant crude is trading slightly
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below one hundred twenty six dollars a barrel while the light sweet is around one hundred twelve dollars a barrel this hour. prices for precious metals are touching fresh records amid concerns of a fast growing global glacial gold is currently trading at around one thousand four hundred sixty nine dollars an ounce over is about forty one dollars per ounce which is the highest for three decades. now let's have a look at how the stock market's a performer us stocks are rising modestly boy by we can deal activity and investors optimism for the start of the first quarter earnings season. the corps which kicks off their innings after the closing bell is among the top bouncers european markets are mostly lower on monday with shares of carmakers losing footsies in the black with banking giant barclays top gain a rallying over three percent that's after a government appointed commission outlined reform proposals for the banking sector
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how the german dax is down is this fuel concern the impact of global growth over shares a losing with box wagon starting over two and a half cents. here in moscow the markets are closed in the red on monday both the r.t.s. and mises have lost half a percent with energy and metal sexes leading the meeting the fall now let's take a look at some individual share moves across the second biggest bank p.t.b. finished in the black bank and else that will pay a dividend of between ten and twenty percent of last year's profit taking b.b. and it over two percent higher after those reports in the financial times steve make a match the trend during two percent despite posting strong results the company increased net profit by eight hundred percent last year. from corporate dialogue sums up the day for us. and we started with a very good morning from london we see london bars mostly oil stocks
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especially industrial boats need to be we saw some profit taking which is up so we can also you know also natural and we need some consolation at current levels and pricing after maybe one do you want me to do a consolidation i don't expect a drop in the market. to do so you can solution we'll continue going up with the american market. and that's all for now for more you can always log on to our web site back to dot com slash business i'll be back with another update and as the.
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culture is that so much diminished musician the person behind the mark when opening the door to the al qaeda franchise has been largely absent from ignorable wakening the look up to our. the. russians would be soon much brighter if you knew all about songs from months to precious some of. these for instance on t.v. don't come.


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