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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and science and technology from. the future coverage. that you're watching ought to be time for look at the main headlines now but there is mourns the victims of monday's terrible loss that tore through the capital's metro killing twelve and injuring more than two hundred people first funerals going to take place today in its. mission to get it says it's not just colonel gadhafi in the rebels today the situation started out of control in libya the coalition forces russian president also touched on next year's race for the
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kremlin and top generals had was to turn. on american taxpayers are forced to stump up more than any other country in the world to fund washington's ever growing military campaigns from health education to sierra learn the u.s. is planning to spend around seven hundred billion dollars on his military machine. when the attack on the better russian retro was a painful reminder of the terror that precedes the russian capital a year ago then the russia's most wanted man chechen warlord or cool enough came for sponsibility so far those behind the minsk attack remain unknown toilets on the russian presidential representative on combat in terrorism told r.t. the two should work together to solve such horrific crimes.
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i think another discipline of thank you for being with us today once again rumors about the death of russia's most wanted have been flying around do you believe that don't call more of his dead unfortunately we don't presently have any official confirmation as i know require medical examinations and other procedures are finalized yet however according to various implicit data he's likely to be alive without many people thought prematurely that perhaps there was killed if it doesn't i ration of a terrorist gangs leader actually mean elimination of the actual organization as well but once again that in principle it does it's not by chance and the entire international community is focused on the leaders the u.s. decision regarding the lists of the taliban and al qaeda leaders is particularly about names or the key bearers or implementors of ideology for instance osama bin ladin mark and so on the afghan area also events nima grab region in africa and
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northern caucasus and others and therefore ideologists in leaders are always connected to organizations we know a large number of examples throughout history when the disappearance of a sacred leader of the private whole structure of a spill or as a rule an organization emerges following the collision of some significant processes in a character with complicated causal effects that's why the international community focuses on neutralizing the leader in some way or another hoping pressure will fall on the structure it only makes sense that the structure is impacted negatively you don't arise the organisations combative spirit and then leaders begin to alternating compete for power and the structure gets disorganized clearly these aspects undermine the organization in general. according to your information how many camps and militants are left in other regions. well in one way or another. national energy terrorism committee has the exact figures for each republic of north caucasus as well as a general understanding of what is going on there i can say that in some republics
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we're talking tens of militants but that figure rises to several hundred people and some of the biggest republicans like i said russia's counterterrorism system has a good general understanding of what is going on in north caucasus why and how many individuals are involved these days there is indeed a complete picture available to us of all the parameters you're asking about. in your opinion which regions raise the largest number of militants were they have in common why did these young men become militants so gladly. and this is probably the key issue which is some point following global events as united us all as we know there are three sources nourishing terrorism funds human resources and ideology to a large extent when we first faced terrorism we focused on the level of technologies and human resources primarily research arms people and means we want to know who is doing what only sometime later we saw the ideological foundation which joins all these aspects together the ideological infrastructure unites
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nurtures and provides more than just a very powerful direct support and sometimes even the support and affection coming from the streets and the air in the environment it also means a lot for convenience we can say radical ideology exists not only in what we call terrorism jihad and so on to a larger standard german cities atmosphere we've been seeing protests and radical sentiment arising in different places for various reasons there are numerous semi political semi topical civic movements and structures with some reserve of radicalism areas of its application are just details this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon of the radical protest sentiment which then shows in totally different forms and ways. what is russia willing to do in order to resist the terrorism threats beyond its borders for instance are we willing to take our troops to our borders. the answer to this question is in the fact that radicalism and terrorism can be cured not only and not so much by troops what was the initial reaction of the international community to terrorist attacks they wanted to fight back this
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reaction is rather reflexive to respond to pain by causing pain therefore now we've studied the adversary more closely we understand that our reserves in the areas of culture education media business and civil society haven't used even twenty percent of their potential these are the genuine resources that should work relying on armed force and trying to resolve problems by those means doesn't correspond to the overall philosophy and struggle against this particular evil i don't think is it true that russia is a buffer that protects europe from terrorist threats no no russia was among the first to encounter them. is a very beautiful formula which is very widely used the world changed on nine eleven am i right a part we consider to be true but it's not always so sometimes it's absolutely different look by september eleventh algeria had been in flames for ten years and certain processes were under way in chechnya afghanistan was also in flames there had been the balkans and all those trouble spots and sent signals including our
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signals to the world community we had faced a new phenomenon in there was a new challenge sowers respond to this challenge together and what was the reaction it was arrogant we were taught no it only happens in places where figuratively speaking there is no democracy and we're authoritarian regimes are in power when all that happened i think would be more correct to say to the absence of reaction to the signals that were pointing to the emergence of a new formal adversary and led to nine eleven the enemy wasn't born on september eleventh and simply rose at full length from the trenches all of us in part had allowed him to get to his feet or the absence of doing timely reaction did to be more precise or. even mention nine eleven until today bin laden has been a number one antihero but in you antiheroes going to appear do you believe that he can be a man from the caucuses for example. that's a brilliant question and judging from life on the islamic street in the mood among young people for more than twenty five years and lot has been
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a hero in many islamic countries a summit in law has some with any asli log in hated an islamic world they hate him for violence the love him for his stance his views and for his inflexibility it's not the case that some people like bin laden and others don't this love hate attitude exists in one person because he's a really hero but i think the you know socialist psychological laws of heroes time is limited regardless of whether he's going to be caught or neutralized bin laden has been a hero for twenty five years so another hero will appear in the islamic world and we expect him to be a totally different hero a hero with different genes any way a change of heroes is going to take place soon but not in a way that one big lawn is going to be replace with yet another bin laden from a different geographical region with a different appearance and with a different age and change is going to be positive and better and it's just the fun of unfortunately russia has accumulated a very bitter experience of fighting terrorism today who needs our advise the most horrible but you know i was once invited to participate in
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a major international forum in vienna organized by the u.s. c.e. it was a very representative event the subject among other things was victims of international terrorism and humanitarian and political tensions that in my greeting addressed all the hiring in gas i said apart from you there are even more esteemed people here look at the balcony and some other seats many people begin turning their heads there are victims sitting over there i went on to say the victims who burn in a new york towers who died in our metro in paris to madrid london in kabul all of them are here makes them different from you and us is that they said silently yet they are the most vital participants in anti terror meetings of any format and we should consider with what mute questions they said i think there's only one question and you've put it approximately the same way they ask people have you become wiser after our death are lies. was not in vain was it has her death changed anything it's going to be a little bit easier for that if they get an answer to this question at least
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humanity has learnt the main lesson of life and human death and that something has changed in this way we're going to pay our last tribute to those dead this in part is an answer to your question we've all paid such a high price of this experience that it's simply criminal and immoral not to share with other people we should share our experience with pain we should share any experience both in our mistakes and in areas where we've been successful and we have been successful i can give you examples and others use our experience and in this sense there's no other way there can be no individual experience that would be totally incompatible with the general experience each country puts its own national experience into common basket of cooperation and after some separation it turns into a universal product later each individual country can use it for its own account considering certain acutely aaron is thank you very much for your interview thank you for such excellent questions.
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space is the bulk of our national security there is no substance and there is no alternative to military moments in space. bombs on target little time bellman looks up to about the nuts will easier able to deliver through space seem to be better. company to frame. the film her past the coward her. and we must. be. several hundred. years of investment in the peaceful uses of outer space.
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of this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union in canada other countries like this all this stuff is completely in jeopardy if we start putting we haven't seen outer space. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in outer space. of the soviet union one of the best known for sins in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life's work would cost. just
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lost so. what happened in those few seconds. and what secret scenes sealed the barrels still hold. your regarding the flame. wealthy british scientists out on such. a. supermarket. to find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report. to get. more news today violence is once again flared up for the
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for these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of chavez to claim cooperation today to come. download the official and see how to make a show on the phone called touch from the on choose option. which all cheated lied on the go. video on demand cheese minefield costs and speech now in the palm of your. question. call in india auntie's available in the grand central shirt in mumbai the taj mahal bowling coach president bloomberg was sure that they would result in mono beach resort public close to gone taj mahal hotel carriages some
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research and foolish come to such a close of the meridian to lead them to join the hotel's church in new delhi her job. maybe her tones clearing collection ramona plaza become a maiden's hotel believe park close a movie don't produce and shift it was punished but they promised. the terrorists mourns the victims of monday's terrible loss that tore through the capital's metro killing twelve and injuring more than two hundred people first funerals be taking place today and wants to. make sure it's bennett says it's not just colonel gadhafi in the rebels today the situation spiraling out of control of libya and the coalition forces to russian president also touched on next year's race for the kremlin as he talked to journalists ahead of his official visit to china. and american taxpayers are forced to stump up more than any other
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country in the world to fund washington's ever growing military campaign as health care and education. in the u.s. is telling to spend about seven hundred billion dollars was moved from the shoes. of that stuff it's used in the sports news and one place you. lines in the arctic doing a marathon in sub zero temperatures but i gather that some people been doing just that yet you have an eel on the head we have the north pole with martha and we've pictures about coming up nine it's thirty two degrees celsius snow and ice all over the place yet people do this for fun carrie that's dedication for you but things are hot and the champions league yes certainly are the certainly are we've got through all of the semifinalist already we'll have another night we'll have a look at us and the rest of the story coming your way right now.
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great to have your company this is sports today i mean these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. semifinals monk chest united have become the first teams true to the last four of the season's champions league. one win away to take a commanding three zero lead in the key h.l. finals we get another three overhead lamps in the best of seven series. and hitting the heights unloads the world's coldest long distance event lives up to its billing with temperatures up and minus thirty two celsius. were all part of the . great stuff champions league favorites barcelona chest united are safe a through to the semifinals of the tournament united taking care of following their side chelsea at old trafford in the first night of last eight second leg action to on the score all night three want an aggregate javier hernandez getting the ball
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rolling for the home side two minutes before the break drogba goal gave the blues hope on seventy seven minutes but seconds later part of the fault in the chelsea net. ploy of starting fernando torres instead of firing the eighteen million dollar amount very threatening. i thought. i was missing from the. point you know. i want to. show more so you can see that. i'm not. for. i have. to do my best. barcelona had few worries heading into the second leg of their march up which shocked our leading five one from last week the cattle on times took the foot off
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the pedal somewhat in ukraine but still came away with of one nil win lionel messi having a spanish record forty eight goal of the season three potential games with arch rivals real madrid now heads for pep guardiola chargers. who are playing very seriously because sharks guardsmen are a plea was different to derek barcelona it was a hard game and we have achieved. now the team needs to take a rest we'll return home and then we'll start to think about the league match with ryall. we studied both slowly very good we knew this strong point the only one fact is that missy couldn't complement our team if he could play in a team i think we could beat barcelona. the action continues apace tonight switch on ryall madrid overwhelming favorites to progress real for no up against tottenham will be taking no chances with a semi final spot against no less at stake the duck goes also meet their all foes
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in the spanish league and then the copper delray finale this month alone monitor juice a marine standing on the eve of the clash but he wants to honor his contract at burnaby hour which would see the portuguese in madrid until twenty fourteen we are looking out of the picture in the commercial league trailing by eight points but a domestic continental cup double will certainly make up for the. other team who posted the biggest surprise in the european cup so far to call on the holders once again on wednesday shelf entertaining inter having shot the serious side five two in milan last time might this fight the comfortable advantage that german i fit our king not to appear overconfident treating the clash simply as the second tough. dear growers it's months of we'll manage as a team to gain a good head start and to learn that it's a new game which will last for ninety minutes and we want to start off in
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a way that nothing can happen so we will attack to get it go and not just wait to see what's going to will do we want to play our game and then we'll see what happens. now while russians were celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of eureka guarin becoming the first human in space sol about a liar for posting their third straight win in the bag are in cup finals which is tough because side no one the victory away from a first ever kontinental hockey league title constantine the top of took up a seat for this one. it's a lot of your life from zero five one the crew is going to thanks to controversial referees decision to give them a five minute boat play for somewhat unclear reasons from the moscow region where you get to prove they had recovered after the disappointing defeat no better way than to demolish their opponents in bed or home ice however that plan got off to bed started for it was the visitors who took the lead which tough cause
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a lot of cross from the left circle with city's image of taking advantage of confusion in defense the puck ending up in the net to make it one nothing but eight minutes lead a good fired a rocket from the blueline pursuance a take at as nick to even the score and added the play of goal to his tally. three minutes into the second period and the visitors put in those in front again xander sweet of slipshod deflected off i'll accept it in skeet i seem to push gold and they can stand in their own in before they've got clue into them and their play convinced the referees to change the score but fail to sway that back. and not a controversial decision at lunch how or when not going to give up if you know islam when it all square again powerful slap shot a ricochet and the puck is in the net. we start to go to the first periods we have lots of chances but wasted the man who gave our opponents a chance to get back on track make sure the game stayed tight and every time we
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allowed to equalize with two all on the school board the teams entered the third period where the neither side could break through and emanate the gain. tension was sky high with both sides aware that a single mistake could prove very closely as the clock ticked on the deadlock was finally broken when the side won a free so let me take i mean we're talking with but they called us and they were going to put three two ahead it was too much for the story and for militias it is man who just couldn't respond a third time. as a whole the players failed to follow the plan we prepared for this game probably they were burned out and we were too nervous solve played steady in their own and waited for a chance to counterattack we made two mistakes and solve our score twice we'll just try our best to continue in a serious. so with now three nothing for loofah sign in the best of seven serious crimes
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a game for will be in the moscow regional on thursday which atlanta must win at home to still live in the finals and deny you for the cup because they are a team. let's talk tennis star roger federer is steadily getting used to is less favorite surface at the opening court event of the year taking place in monaco the swiss walloping philip called screamer and she's the second run federer break. in the six two first set lead the second was even quicker germany since taking one game for the fade express six six one zero it ended the second seed seeding victory with an ace his first match. sugar shane mosley is hoping he'll be leaving las vegas i knew w b o welterweight champion in less than a month's time his opponent phil money picky how is considered the world's best plan for pine box or thirty nine year old mostly however he is keen to point out his occupants ahead of the may seventh clash this be the power of the body shots
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but most of all the experience i've been there were different guys and you know manny is a great prize he won't work or he does everything right. but if i have to do but i do have a lot of advantages i think naturally my size is going to be back here in the right . in a formula one for henri have plenty to do after the scuderia is poor performance in the opening couple of races this season following the australian and malaysian grand freeze for henri said a distant third in the constructor standings to mean rivals mclaren and red bull racing the team well they're well aware of the problems but solving them could be another issue altogether we need to push a locomotive to bring back the upgrade over at a better because of all these around it will be that mix in terms of a poor performance and the other thing is people understanding the best way to do
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that because he's another element we seem to be doing that race that makes a difference you know that those who say that. people are going to be bring only their way that they have met is the threat that i think that on the first part we were. all ok. and finally there following competitors know all about steam cool in the face of adversity as they really have no other choice riches partner neal i space on the north pole hosting some of the most smart and runners on the planet he's athletes having to withstand temperatures of minus thirty two degree celsius for the forty plus the longer duration the train also somewhat off the beaten track especially compared to the more conventional marathon landscapes anyone who got over the finish line well of course they can be classified as winners but it's one gary in truth who out of the middle two is masses of clothing africa me as a fan head of the pack rachelle turner also proving resilient to the cold in golf
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women's. everybody there and that is all your sport for i'll see you soon in just under two hours time in fact but now it's the world weather here on twenty four hour r.t. .
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line in russia would be so much brighter if you knew all about sun from funds to freshen with his. friends johnson.


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