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really you believe in science and technology from. the future of. the finished product or is foreign faces criminal charges from rushing out against a terrorist web sites. has received personal death threats from one of the world's most wanted terrorists with links to al qaida i mean he's now in helsinki with the latest. the world's emerging super powers pledge their commitment to a new global economy and call on the nato led coalition to abide by the un resolution maybe a. president dmitri medvedev says that ulam has some explaining to do about how its resolutions on libya and ivory coast are being implemented i'm just sort of still
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here with all the latest from the bric summit in china interest a few moments. and also the u.s. is accused of manipulating a regime change in the arab world through cyber warfare under the guise of democratic revolution. international news law from our studios here in central moscow this is all to you just past ten pm here in the russian capital and nine pm in finland where a finnish pastor has been defrocked by his church for speaking out against a terrorist website and the country. views of already seen him accused by helsinki officials of stoking extremism and he has more now from helsinki. according to the people that fired him in de france team he was bothering threatening and
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inciting racial hatred by criticizing our site which belongs to what the world what the un has claimed are terrorist in fact one of the world's most wanted terrorist especially in russia joe cool maher of basically crimes himself that this is his window to the world this is his propaganda mouthpiece and of course he was claims out by the un to have links to al qaeda so according to international law this site should be shut down it's part of his assets which should be frozen according to the law but instead this priest who has been speaking out against this site for years and he himself has been the victim of psychological terror here in finland has been fired will speak more about that with me and why this is happening is a doctor you'll come back him and he has been dealing with this case for years himself claims he's a victim of psychological terror tell us how is it possible that molar a has been defrocked for criticizing a site which is known to belong to dock omar because the. ruling elite.
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if you can sort of finish finish the soil and they are. trying to change the public opinion in finland among the official do among the media to protect more of the respect to do more if you can hear people say q how is that possible how does finland get away with that well that's possible philip is an independent country and. of a big can do what they like. activities or for google moreover he used to organization of the caucasus emirate it has been active in finland already for several years and only security police are trying to coast guard on the website of the whip resources of. two thousand and four but it was not successful because there will be. all four finish leading politicians started in finland in the media. especially through the
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finnish pen a club they tried to the lobby of a interests of the militant islamic militants in finland and after all the. security police is practically paralyzed of the situation they don't know what to do and this is one of the reasons why they feel abuse or sheltering terrorists in the in the country are also one of the reason why the information resources of the terrorists are being killed and kept safely on the finish. on the way they are here in r.t. the struggle to preserve that fragile lives are not why these russian parents aren't getting everything they need from the government to help keep the children in the. story still to come but first a shake up of global monetary system of the global monetary system is what the world's fastest growing economies have called for at their annual meeting brazil russia india china and south africa the so-called brics nations also slammed nato
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operation in conflict or libya. syria is at the chinese resort of sandia where the summit is taking place. they really want to see change in the international financial model existing right now that will benefit developing countries more that will reserve currency is one of the issues they would like to see an alternative because the u.s. economy is certainly hurting their economies as well another issue that they are really worried about is the fluctuation of commodity prices now this is very important for them because the prices of basic food price of raw materials or oil are all a staple price and all of those are necessary to make sure that their economies have sustainable growth now they feel that from their point of view they feel that western economies the weak economies there are the a cause of all these fluctuations and therefore they think they should have a greater say in international financial institutions such as the i.m.f. and the world back now then coming together with
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a unified voice they are quick to insist that it's not so much to replace existing organizations but rather to come together to have a stronger voice representing these developing countries and to bring what their ideas on to the international stage. bring gaijin efforts to create a multipolar institution with a new supremacy over areas of the. brics this new to organize against any group of countries in fact work. and governance mechanisms in line with the twenty first century crisis in libya has been on the table it has been a priority of the talks of russian president dmitry medvedev certainly putting out strong words there saying that he see he feels that there is a dangerous tendency with the u.s. going beyond what their resolution has mandated us listen to what he has to say obviously there is a u.n. resolution must be filled whether russia voted for it and south africa. must be
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fulfilled in accordance with the wording and meaning and not with free interpretations of some states because we voted for no fly zone just stop the escalation of the conflict so that we can separate the. two sides but what we having now is a military operation it may not be on the ground yet but it's certainly going on up above a number of countries who are taking part and then nato stepped in but the resolution doesn't say a word of it that's why when i hear the resolution is bad i disagree the resolution is absolutely fine but it must be fulfilled without exceeding the mandate it's pretty stark interestingly enough this is an economic forum but the situation of libya did make it into a fund at that rate from which they had fired so they insist on a more political say now coincidentally all five countries are members of security council india brazil definitely pressing for permanent seats again evidence that they want to have more cooperation and coordination in our political arena as well . in your reporting there libyan state t.v.
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reports that eight nato strikes on the capital tripoli of course numerous injuries among civilians here are the latest pictures from the capital where smoke is rising above the buildings falling into local media claims one of the coalition bombs hit the residence of colonel gadhafi meanwhile nato officials have announced plans to continue their operation until libyan forces stop attacking civilians and retreat at today's meeting in berlin members of the alliance discussed what contribution each state needs to make with only six out of the twenty eight involved conducting air strikes u.k. and france have been calling on other countries to increase military pressure on colonel gadhafi and british m.p. barry gardner told me in the last hour here in r.t. that the u.k. is in libya thought the wrong reasons. i felt it was right that there should be a resolution for humanitarian protection to stop the initial strike he was going to make on benghazi because i felt many many civilians would be killed in that but i
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don't believe it's right that britain or indeed any other part should be intervening in what is in fact a civil war and indeed it rigidly this was marketed to the public and to the world at large as being simply the enforcement of a no fly zone that is not what is now happening and indeed it isn't what's been happening really from that first week onwards i don't think it's sensible for britain to be involved in this part of the world the history of british involvement in this part of the world is one that has not been to the benefit of our of british people when we take an arms and get them body so i do think the un security council does need to meet again i think it does need to review the situation and i think with all parties involved and that really does include russia we need to reach an agreement about what should happen from here on in and get that is not a popular leader of his country he hasn't been for many years mostly his neighbors
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in the middle east and more widely he's not you know his his record is one that is horrendous in terms of dictatorship and abuse of human rights. that is not under international law the reason for regime change and we must be very careful about how the united nations proceeds in a situation that is. as the u.k. thrashes our foreign policy in libya domestic issues back home are also grabbing the headlines the british coalition government has clashed over how to deal with rising immigration in the country the leading liberal democrat vince cable has criticized tory prime minister david cameron over a speech in which the premier val to cut immigration to tens of thousands came and said that some immigrants failure to learn english was wrecking communities. in need of the u.k. independence party says that the prime minister can't tackle the problem of mass immigration while the u.k. is a member of the e.u. . if you have huge mass immigration that happens rapidly into an area and if people
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don't speak the same language then what you get is the ghettoization in cities and towns and you get a dislocated society so no i mean full marks to david cameron for at least starting that debate the difficulty david cameron has got is he will now have raised expectations within this country but he has a prime minister is actually not just going to talk with all but he's going to walk the war he's going to deliver on the point that i'm making is he cannot do that because we're members of the you because we have open borders we have total free movement of peoples within that union now since two thousand and four since poland lithuania latvia and now bulgaria and romania and join the union they are very much poorer countries most of them learn english as their first foreign language and we've had a huge number of people from those countries the united kingdom is the most overcrowded country in the whole of the european union and you have to travel on the london underground to realise just how overcrowded we've become and the
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argument that i would put to mr cameron is yes let's have this debate but let's not have the e.u. having open borders and free movement of peoples why don't we in britain decide ourselves how many people come in every year. and there was not a. leader of the u.k. in that kind of policy. but of course for reforms continues in the arab world the u.s. is increasing its influence over government activists in the region america is conducting a cyber war in a bid to direct the spread of the pro-democracy movement was always going to church you can report these intentions could easily but for. the u.s. is providing high tech help with the innovations for anti-government activists in a number of countries throughout the world one of the latest developments is the panic button according to the state department the application can be uploaded on activists cell phones should they be detained the software instantly raises the
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contact book in their phones and sends a warning alert signal to other activists sounds great one question forgotten and it's all done probably among those thanking the u.s. government for the technology are going to be drug dealers and hurts but american officials of course quaint the best of intentions saying the innovation is to protect democracy forces in other countries to help use the technologies more effectively the u.s. has organized training sessions for thousands of activists the one held just weeks ago in the middle east including anti-government campaigners from eject syria and lebanon and as the newly trained and equipped activists return home the u.s. as one state department official put it counts on the ripple effect for any interference doesn't have to be a military invasion a bombing campaign or you know some kind of special operation on the ground in that country it can also be the training and funding and this political support given to
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individuals who then promote this for interest and that's one of the newer strategies that the u.s. government has successfully been executing in different countries around the world it doesn't consider subordinate to their agenda and it's a way to do it subtly. it's harder to detect it's harder to denounce it and it can often be more effective if the u.s. perceives the internet and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading democracy and pumps millions of dollars into developing systems to help people in the middle east and china get around internet blocking firewalls but at the same time american companies provide bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites when the us government purports to be spreading democracy it's simply a sham it's a pretense it's a lie the goal of us foreign policy is to put people in public office and in foreign countries the u.s. military has recently launched an online management program which enables it to
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generate multiple fake i get it is on social networks the false personas are designed to contribute to the flow of conversations on facebook twitter and other websites people are using social media for cyber warfare i mean that's what we're going to see more more and more of i think from from whether it's governments or non-state actors are going to try to find ways to use the internet and social media to gain an advantage in their own battle or the recent turmoil in leave years of just orchestration of twitter with fake users only around five percent of libyans have access to the internet and the number of twitter users there is so small that analysts couldn't even calculate it yet in february of this year a surge of lead in twitter accounts appeared reporting in english and virtually all begging for intervention we know that. since the beginning of the war.
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libya is still going to exist a bit but those sub zero people don't check this essential fact they take all this information coverage so be here is there you which says. trained activists provide it with panic buttons and other technologies scores of side and it is on the internet spreading certain ideas the us says it's all about promoting democracy but who are these the clarity in tanks justify direct interference in other countries domestic affairs i'm going to check our reporting for washing our teeth. c.c.t.v. footage of the suspected terrorist responsible for monday's bombing of the belorussian metro has been released the footage shows a man enter the metro and leave a large bag on the platform before leaving the scene before it isn't going to receive five suspects have been arrested over the attack on the metro so far the
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explosion rocked the central station during rush hour killing twelve people and injuring nearly two hundred it was the first fatal terror attack in the country's history. just turning sixty minutes past the hour here in russian capital it's a quick look at some other headlines making news around the world and old world update this hour japanese police are searching for victims around the damaged fukushima nuclear plant following the march earthquake and tsunami of two thousand bodies are thought to be in the area but the retrieval has been delayed because of radiation fears started working to bring the nuclear plant under control after cooling systems of three reactors were knocked out by the quake more than three hundred police in protective gear carrying out a search. for the syrian president bashar al assad has formed a new government according to state t.v. the sad sacks of every two weeks ago after protests calling for reform last month in the number of cities more than two hundred people have been killed during the unrest with hundreds more arrested state t.v. also said that the president ordered the release of detainees involved in anti
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government instructions. to cuba now and it's facing its worst drought in half a century with tens of thousands of families almost entirely reliant on water trucks for their essential supplies the drought started two years ago water reservoirs are now down to a fifth of the normal levels the government is providing road deliveries of water to over one hundred thousand people in the worst affected areas of the capital. and italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has confirmed that he will not run for office again when his current term expires in twenty thirteen he said he intended to complete his plan to amend italy's judicial system and to change the country's constitution before leaving meanwhile the italian lower house of parliament has approved the bill which may and bribery case against the prime minister is part of a broader review program and so the judicial system but critics say it's designed to keep berlusconi out of jail. here in russia many parents with sick children come
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face to face with the grim reality that they can't do anything to help them kids with illnesses in the country have little if no access to lifesaving treatment and funding because autism celebrate has been finding out when it comes to these families hope is the last thing to die. they're both the same age they really were in one country and they have the same debilitating condition the only difference between them is that one was born in the capital and another one lives in a small town and it's this zip code lottery it's already defined who of them believe and will die if you want some others ask me if it's all worth it all this expensive treatment and the nurse told me look he's turned he's unable to talk and still wears diapers what's the point of spending so much on his treatment but i love him regardless of whether he was diapers or not i just love him the way he is this sort of questions is pursuing mothers of children with a hunter syndrome all the time but only because these genetic condition is
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impossible to cure but even more so because treating it is prohibited really expensive so expensive that for many years these children didn't stand a chance of living to middle age that is until. mothers like her forced moscow thirty g.'s to pay for treatment yet the russian constitution doesn't say that if the treatment is expensive then shouldn't be provided but that infant child was unfortunate to be born in a small town it should be abandoned to allow nature to take its course. yet this is exactly what's happening the two hundred fifty children countries syndrome in russia less than a half are receiving lifesaving drugs forty year old volodya is not one of them the build up of toxins that his body's unable to recycle has left him unable to walk and talk of the last few months he's been rapidly losing his side and hearing a lot is treatment is estimated to cost more than eight hundred thousand dollars
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that's an exorbitant demand that could offer a flavor of dozens or hundreds of people with less complicated conditions before they'll be for money will only and may not leave to see the next summer this thing of all is there a part. you know good things to hear about god even as husband left her when he learned of their son's disability the local authorities refused to help citing the lack of money but he larry is thankful for small mercies the lot is still alive because hope i'm happy just a week up and see him breathing sometimes he smiles and it's the greatest gift for me i know the treatment is expensive and i know this money could help me other children but he didn't choose his condition and she also deserves to live so the russian president recently suggested that the hunter syndrome be added to the list of illnesses treated exclusively at the expense of the federal budget
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a move many in the medical community say is long over due the bill when there are between six thousand and eight thousand for an illness search and the treatment for many of them is to either nonexistent or too expensive of the rarity of the illness definitely shouldn't be a criteria for providing medical assistance these kids and so much pain and then title to treatment just like children with food or chicken pox bursting bubbles is something that these mothers have longer used to when they give birth to their children they all dreamt of their becoming someone raid and it was only after the chilling diagnosis they realized their children were just that great. artsy moscow. we'll keep you updated around the clock here on r.t. on air and online you feel free of course to check out our website any time for more on the stories we're covering at the moment and plenty of exclusive features here's a quick look at what's waiting for your naughty dot com at the moment find out how the world's been marking fifty years of man to space flight board it's paid to
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clearly could get on high above the earth when he was the first human to venture. into fresh idea of changing bookstores here in russia was waging an advertising campaign by publishing extracts from famous books fresheners all of the details on this and many more stories that r.t. dot com. before kareena joins us for the business news must give you this story a beautiful addition to any zoos in petersburg now bo's three exotic jag you were cubs and a recent additions are even more remarkable as chad was rarely give birth in captivity the adorable cubs you can see there may be very tardy but people are still being very careful of the moment as if you chose predator instincts from an
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early lunch. that competition is being organized by wazoo to decide names for pickups. and you can see those pictures again once again on our website ality dot com now kareen as promised we're bringing the latest business news that's in just a few moments from now stay with us here in moscow. for the full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party. the. mission in which crisis if you newly found it sunk in from funds to.
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keep don't come. come to our business update p.p. has confirmed for the first time that together with ross now it has offered cash at all to cover charities to the russian shareholders in tank a.t.p. it wants to buy those partners out so it can proceed with a sixteen billion dollars share swap and arctic exploration deal with ross that b.p. held its annual general meeting in london on thursday amid protests from shareholders and environmentalist his lawyer and has not. it's been uncomfortable day for b.p. executives that their annual general meeting with shareholders after a year talked about entailed by disasters first of course we saw the oil spill in the gulf of mexico we started nearly a year ago today and also obviously the year finished with the typical of the real
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snafus b.p. tail for the first time today b.p. has confirmed that it has also the russian shareholders in t a k b p cash and participation in an attempt to resolve the deal brokered totally sets that he considers the cashel for a fat offer and that he wasn't prepared to spend last sums of money making the deal pay through it does their full see more likely now that b.p. will try to buy out south access renee for the russian can still see if shareholders in t.i.n.k. b.p. they may agree on that providing they can come to some sort of set civil monetary arrangements and of course we've also seen the share swap deadline extended for another month so that gives all parties a chance to resolve this deal that any way they can know the solution to the deal that's being touted by the press today is that speech he might sell out of here k b p again we just have to wait to see what happens one thing is clear to pacify the shareholders but b.p.
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must be seen to be doing all it can to bring this deal to some kind of resolution and to salvage something from it they have according to shareholders lurch from one crisis to another this year and in the process of lost fifty billion dollars in shareholder value to p.p. executives have come under looks of pressure today and they will have to do significantly better according to shareholders in the it to. the russian government has been mostly silence of the disputes revolving around the energy ministers of course has no matter how the law and it all ends he doesn't believe it will put investors off coming to russia. punching the russian investment climate including foreign investment. interview all sector will not be significantly affected by the discussion between team k p p b p and the world's near future investment climate is more sensitive to economic conditions in straight policy and you know the state is not involved in that conflict and that's why i don't think the situation will
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affect the investment climate which looks when you could actually have a nice market has ended in the red on thursday dropping to a three week low with the fall in metals prices the us has and it over one point six percent lower and unwise it's retreated nearly one point six percent its lowest close since march twenty third here's some of the market movers on the line six energy majors more among the main losers cronk dropped over two and a half percent after the company and its partners delayed a final investment decision on the stock and gas projects were all snapped said almost to the sat as cool from a delivery rose as much as one dollar five cents a pound york islanders bread and butter trends ending almost a quarter of a percent higher. that's all for now but you can always find also it just log on to our website artie dot com slash posts.
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they come in thousands. still want to play with. others want to take her spirits. but she is the chief of the rivers.


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