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mission street. editorials websites according to one of the world's most wanted terrorist and hosted in finland is in the spotlight again as achieved goes on trial but not for spreading it's really is a. coalition leaders vowed to keep up the military campaign in libya until gadhafi leaves with britain also proposing to employ security contractors there an idea criticized due to the bad name of the practice. if. it were for. checking. the russian president follows on his initiatives to
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find alternatives to the make up of the existing financial world out of economic summit known as the asian dolls that's kicked off in china plus. even if he has fifteen free minutes he says boy and i come and we chill. what it means to have a close relationship with the thai and prime minister and his russian friends explicitly for you to arts. in the russian capital you're watching r t with joshua welcome to the program the editor of a house and he based website that supports russia's most wanted terrorist is gone on trial in finland we have straw sure is accused of illegally smuggling chechens into the country or she argues was for humanitarian reasons however there are
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reports there's a timothy's may have gone further than that as archie's and he's in our reports from house and. he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but torture founded and runs this web site cost center a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorists and declared by the un to have links with al qaeda. is responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks moscow metro blast and the dome and out of the airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles doku umarov a president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the life of a mujahideen islamic fighter the situation is that the global standard. and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to be our
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spring feel about europe they want to make radicals u.k. authorities are is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the way the pope was sent the writes about the situation it's a it's a contaminating the finish. slower and slower writing of the same way. underworld what are you writing rewriting. couric to to make her a terrorist networks in russia this is the company that houses the web site located right in the center of how simply meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by finished authorities for allegedly violating minority rights you heard morry a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from the death threats he received these
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came from a dog more of himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerk's church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred have been launched more there he says he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because all the domata have been busy with my work but no have. concentrated to subsume and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his wife apart burning propaganda about a man who has torn apart the lives of thousands and he says now r.t. helsinki. well there is a special session on our web site entitled finland attention never criticize terrorists where you can find all the latest news from helsinki there is a look at watson's section r.t. dot com right now. find out what exactly your home laurie who you just
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saw in that record set about one of the world's most wanted criminals in his exclusive interview for r t the made the finnish the warden's take the decision to defraud it also check out around the store young anymore all that is available on our website are dot com. change or remain mired in problems major may be out of a send a clear message about the state of the global financial system at the start of the annual economic forum in china events dog the asian dollars as it brings together leaders of businessmen from the region well how across live to are these tests are cilia is the chinese resorts the for us right here tassel the opening ceremony is underway but we've already heard some speeches so what's the message of this year's summit. all the brits leaders having just come from be a song if they are here with that global mission at the vision that they have as a consensus that they do want to see a more polar world with regard to economics and politics as well they want to see
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a reflection of the stronger reality that the a shift in power is moving from west to east let's hear what dimitri better had to say. there should she says. needs reform. could take jet to brics to meet which is just confirmed the member states stand for the creation of a new. take check. shoots take into account the fair distribution of the global development potential and dynamic development of new centers of economic and political influence each year is the only. well specifically these countries do want to see a greater international monetary fund china wants more voting rights in the world back in order to get more advantage for developing countries and also be discussed at the brics summit if there's a move toward away from the u.s.
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dollar as a global reserve currency they want to see an alternative nothing has been presented . but this is what they want to see a shift over for another issue that they desire in on is that your credit crisis the earthquake of the tsunami that's a cause cut a catastrophe over there do you want to see a coordinated effort among these countries to come up with a mechanism to deal with such natural disasters which really caught a lot of countries off guard i'd also like to add one of the key messages for bright here is the solving the inequalities basically when they are developing the record of these you have the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer which is this symptomatic of speedy economic recoveries they all the knowledge that this should not be allowed to happen that require the teeth of that economic development should match the speed because they understand that political influence will come from economic success. cards as those were mentioned here bring us the subject as are still your reporting from these economic forum and oil. and more on the
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challenges the global financial system is facing later this hour here in r.t. . brazil russia india china and south africa say it's time for leadership of the i.m.f. and world bank to reflect changes of the global economy a transformation from a cloud based to all inclusive. and they be a nato has launched new strikes on pro-government positions while the coalition leaders have pledged to push the campaign until colonel gadhafi steps down the british m.p. barry gardner believes that your national forces have used to humanitarian cause to get their hands on libya but it has all been about regime change from the very beginning. i don't believe that what is now going on is justified indeed at the beginning it was made very clear by david cameron and others this could not be about regime change this was about humanitarian protection well that is clearly no
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longer the case and this is clear you no longer the case then britain should not be involved it's as simple as that the fact that the rebels the rebel forces are are part of a civil war that is not something that britain should be coming in there and then alarming other parts of libya in the western part of libya. in order to help them win what is the civil war the original reason that was given for britain being involved were simply to stop those airstrikes on benghazi and indeed regionally this was marketed to the public and to the world at large as being simply the enforcement of a no fly zone that is not thought is now happening and indeed it isn't what's been happening really from that first we called waits for libya might soon turn into a goldmine for private security firms reports say that the has already hiring mercenaries to protect the interests of the big corporations they are once girl get
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out he goes but there are fears they are a chapter of history and previous interventions could turn this civil war torn country into a proper wild west has more. homeless and displaced people disrupted water electricity supplies decimated infrastructure to the world's tragic scenes of the destruction of lives but britain's largest private security sector oh goldmine in two thousand and nine the u.k.'s ministry of defense spending eighty two million dollars on hiring private security firms and now insiders say they're hiring again to libya say after the fall of kind of the gadhafi you have this vacuum is power vacuum in the country and that's exactly when the private military and security companies will come in there is for the rest of us and for most people these wars these conflicts are just a cause for concern because a great grief for these companies this is a bonanza time private security really boomed in iraq and by two thousand and four
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the global industry was estimated at one hundred billion dollars formally in the elite s.a.'s paxman did ten years as a contractor in africa and iraq and talked about the huge amounts of money involved in the. part of arms and ammunition you all your training your vehicles you compound that charge back to the client and all of a sudden becomes a. big money making machine private security is an industry populated by ex soldiers where regulation is entirely voluntary that's led to numerous human rights violations this footage leaked in two thousand and five apparently shows a team of u.k. security contractors taking unprovoked pot shots at cars on a road in baghdad. while working undercover paxman says he's even had other contractors open fire on him and that
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sort of behavior particularly by younger contractors with a gung ho attitude can have unwelcome results if you've got loads of security contractors coming into your village. and getting paid. amounts of money comparative to what the locals would be paid of course it's going to be you know a fair bit of. the fair bit of friction between the groups and i repair it of choice and that can be exploited point easily my external groups should cherish greater security companies are typically hired by defense ministries and multinational corporations to protect people and property from insurgents because of the dangerous nature of their work it can easily get out of hand in a world that's trying to create a free society which human rights are protected and the rule of law is important you can have people. apply that securities i think a. volatile stage it does go beyond the law libya increasingly looks like being
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a volatile state for a good while to come and a new conflict zone means a new cash cow for private security companies the reality of modern warfare is that private contractors are now doing the work so fred military forces used to do without many of the rules and regulations that govern on the engagements that could mean a new round of human rights violations in an unstable country and while it would be libya that would bear the brunt of that cost for security contracts it only brings in more business you're at it r.t. . as the u.k. see ways to divide and rule in libya divisions are brewing inside the country's ruling coalition this time over immigration policy the liberal democrats last out of conservative prime minister david cameron over a pledge to cut immigration to tan's of thousands per year. the failure of some immigrants to learn english once thriving communities and the leader of the
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planet's party nigel farrar the prime minister is earn credit for raising the issue but he won't be able to deliver under e.u. regulations. if you have huge mass immigration that happens rapidly into an area and if people don't speak the same language then what you get is the ghettoization in cities and towns and you get a dislocated society so you know i mean full marks to david cameron for at least starting that debate the difficulty david cameron has got is he will now have raised expectations within this country but he has a prime minister is actually logical talk a little bit he's going to walk the war he's going to deliver on the point that i'm making is he cannot do that because we're members of the you because we have open borders we have total free movement of peoples within that union now since two thousand and four since poland lithuania latvia and now bulgaria and romania join the union they are very much poorer countries most of them learn english as their
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first foreign language and we've had a huge number of people from those countries the united kingdom is the most overcrowded country in the whole of the european union you have to travel on the london underground to realise just how overcrowded we've become and the argument that i would put to mr cameron is yes let's have this debate but let's not have the e.u. having open borders and free movement of peoples why don't we in britain decide ourselves how many people come in every year. from like then. and the recent wave of protests over the years terry measures in the u.k. and other e.u. countries sparked criticism of the international financial institutions that help provided by the world bank and international monetary funds to death stricken countries is a myth helping them recover what isn't bad driving them into trouble starts his marina court nine hour reports. from smoke bombs to broken glass
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austerity measures budget cuts and taxes have inflamed riots across europe and elsewhere aside from anger also connecting these cash strapped countries a heavy hand played by the international monetary fund and were big global institutions meant to promote economic growth and reduce poverty get critics say their priorities right elsewhere looking out for the interest of their creditors the i.m.f. provides loans and influences policy changes of borrowing countries but economist mark weisbrot says the neo liberal measures pushed often cause more damage than good peripheral countries of europe remember the i.m.f. is very heavily. spain portugal greece. is working with the european authorities and one of these critters are going to recover for as much as ten years. public first ration with rampant unemployment
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high food prices and privatization deals is believed to have helped spark mass uprising in egypt. at the suggestion of the i.m.f. and world bank ousted president hosni mubarak sold companies to local and foreign investors about forty percent of egyptians earned two dollars per day it's definitely a catalyst and the timing is very much related to what was tremendous financial deregulation and opening to the privatization by external banks of egypt in other countries. and what has had dramatic negative. circumstances after that egypt may eventually go the way of latin america were socially oriented governments have rejected i m f c d a liberal policies after decades of economic struggle there's a long period from one thousand nine hundred eighty to two thousand and five where
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. it was a huge for america there africa are the places where he was most. you had a president. since their inception the world bank's president has always been an american the i.m.f. director always a european despite the one hundred eighty seven nation membership former i.m.f. chief economist simon johnson says it's the u.s. that pulls the strings the world bank and the i.m.f. are located three blocks from the white house for a reason this is the structure of political and economic power in one thousand nine hundred forty six and that's the primary structure of power in the world today five of the largest emerging nations in the world today are demanding an end to western monopoly over the global institutions brazil russia india china and south africa say it's time for leadership of the i.m.f. and world bank to reflect changes of the global economy a transformation from cloud based to all inclusive for an i.r.c.
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new york. now let's take a look at some of the stories from around the world and they happen or you see your response crews are carrying out the first intensive searches for earthquake and tsunami victims near the fukushima near the bush era nuclear plant if you're up to a thousand bodies could be in the area or cover your which has been delayed by radiation fears efforts to stabilize the stricken nuclear plant continue after the cooling systems at three reactors were knocked out by the disaster there iran's government meanwhile has ordered the operator of the facility to pay some twelve thousand u.s. dollars to each household forced to evacuated because of radiation leaks. tony an activist has been found dead in gaza city hours after being abducted retore are gone it was seized on thursday by islamist radicals who threatened to kill him if i must really means a number of palestinian prisoners extremist posted
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a video of him on you tube tied up and blindfolded before the killing a mass official say two suspects have been arrested and others are being sought. now silvio berlusconi has been accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute but there is a russian woman who claims the story is false because he's simply too interactive to resorts to such desperate measures today archies lifting the veil on the personal life of the thai and premier in an exclusive interview with his reported russian flame. she's at the heart of the scandal but says they are on grows by the day just friends but close ones that's what i used to school says of her relationship with cd. which she says is exceptionally warm and friendly she's been against it he's famed parties which have landed him in rather hot water and he said told r.t. hope the scandal changed her relationship with each of these most powerful men. no
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we'll be here when i got closer together than ever earlier we were together like this but now we're much much closer together how did you feel a little squirrelly what kind of impression did he make on you. i was married yo theatre i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him because he's very handsome man it was love at first sight is such a gentle man one hundred percent man and every sense how often do you think each other now tell us about your relationship. for me he's always been like a guardian angel i see pretty self in my heart my feelings for him starke all and he knows it and this is going to stay forever you should understand that even if i fall in love will marry my husband might resent it but silvio will stay in my heart forever i'm going to cry now even if he has fifteen free minutes he says roy
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and i come and we talk. new witnesses and berlusconi is case so bad party guest behaved indecently and they were also encouraged to take part in some kind of free will was game what can you tell us about berlusconi's parties. i once was i his new year's party and we all glided smoothly to the dance floor it was a d.j. we just started dancing it drains and cool things floating around the place and they were man not only women as the media sass once he invited the special dance show but it wasn't like anything outrageous it was a beautiful learn rouge style show he started saying because he always sings very very well by cover razzi is voice is very powerful he wrote songs himself and sings that's how it all starts we eat and he stopped singing all telling jokes then i took him by the hand went to his office discussed my business and i left that's it
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. can you tell us about the presents that mr berlusconi. silvio gives presents to all women not to man he has special scarves for laddie and he gives. to women like a memento of visiting berlusconi might be a pin or a ring nothing expensive or scarf everything is made especially for him so that he can give his own presents. who could benefit from the scandal you think he is being attacked by a special media campaign or community it's the communists of course it's who else would benefit they want to get rid of him as fast as possible by any means i don't know they might even bring something from the moon and say they're berlusconi did something there that's all we need right now can you tell us more about the secret language that you're using with who are all scorning going to question them around two thousand and five face started digging into my private business and tapping my
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phone to just grab it silvio we understood the situation and for example if i was in trouble and i couldn't handle it myself i asked him for help and humidity understood and helped how there are a couple of words but i can't tell you because if they tempt me again they'll understand everything i do feel secure even though there was twenty thirty build my own destiny and we'll see each other and sit on the bench a nice garden and love and told jokes you can't even imagine how much he loves easily once he told me via i think i'll die working. and our time to switch from the world of romance the world of business you're with us. this is business r.c. hello and welcome to the program b.p. and ross never have done gold or golden carrot in front of a ten k. b.p.
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in order to gather a small deal finally and the way they've offered to buy out b.p. is russian partners in the company that could be good news for them. are consortiums demand for two billion dollars for their stake. as they offer to be cash international ventures and a buyout of a our stake until he has rejected all of those but now values ten k. to be at eighty billion dollars twenty billion more than the start of the week despite the extension of the show us your deadline months ago station seem to be a deadlock both p.p.m. balsamic and officially say no negotiations being held with a are at the moment. actual tax on all products may have to rise in russia if global crude prices continue to spike and that your minister sergei should not cost us higher tariffs and may be needed to avoid if you will deficit at home the point where you're all screwed blunt has jumped fourteen percent over the
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last month but the high oil price means it's more profitable for companies to export refined products such as petrol and jet fuel as they are subject to lower taxes than agreed. the ruble has been extending its losses to the dollar would be we can all price weighing on the currency however the general sentiment remains positive says jacob when morgan stanley gosh. with ru paul it's more than all specific story so it's all part of the story at their current levels i think there's very little reason to see a weakening in the ruble it really thing i see is strengthening in the ruble the high oil price hasn't fed through into a strong roubles are expected because you have these big outflows on the capitol hill but nobody can really explain except by reference to political uncertainty in the vaults of the presidential election but it's running at about forty four billion dollars a quarter if reducing is still a think the ruble will stray from i don't see want to consider it such or rates because returns in russia are pretty horrid and with all price prospects are good.
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let's forget how the markets are performing asian stocks are in the red this child's report on it's faster than if the constant can only grow again weekend gold going to record and so will climb to the highest level in thirty one years as inflation in china increased faster than expected leading to the chinese that central bankers worldwide will have to combat rising prices the russian market ended in the red on thursday drop into a three week low with a fall in metal prices because he has ended a one point six percent lag in mice it's also retreated nearly one point six percent the lowest close since march twenty eighth. and finally russia's stock market for retail a year and set as president and its london share listing plans this week and says there is not enough investing interest here is that have hopes to raise about one billion dollars by offering three percent of its shares in the i.p.o. analysts say the company is not likely to give up its plans to float and have
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another go. well that's not his business update john it's a more relaxed hour. cuckoo .
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chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in her space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known for her sins in the world. all his thoughts were focused on flight to could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his life. what happened in those few seconds. and what she could see sealed in barrels still most secure regarding. archie. if. he could. be patient.


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