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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations around the day. editorials website supporting one of the world's most wanted terrorists and hosted in the philippines it is in the spotlight again as a steve goes on trial but not for spreading explicit. coalition leaders vow to keep up the military campaign and leave you until gadhafi leaves with britain also proposing to employ security contractors there an idea criticize due to the bad name of the practice. the russian president once again calls for alternatives to the make up of the existing financial world and economic summit
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known as agent alice that's kicked off in china plus. even if he has fifteen free minutes he says the boy and i come and we chill. the russian bombshell who claims to have the ear of the tie in for a beer after catching his eye silvio berlusconi special friend puts all the rumors to bed in her exclusive interview to r.t. . the number of billionaires in russia has tripled in the last two years that's according to the russian additional saud's joining us from more in about twenty minutes time. is a lot of the russian capital you're watching r.t. with me arena joshua welcome to the program in finland a journalist is being tried for illegally smuggled into the country however the
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fact the authorities find nothing wrong about him running a website which serves as a propaganda tool for a lot of the world's most wanted terrorists is raising concern and the country that he sent our reports. he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but u.k. all stores are founded and beyond this website center a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorist and declared by the un to have links with al qaeda don't know mara is responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks moscow metro blast and the dilma denver airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred this i caused more of a president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the wife of a mujahideen islamic fighter the situation is that the standard. and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to get
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our spring feel about europe they want to make radicals. thor's or is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the way the per cent writes about the situation it's so contaminating the finished media. what we're writing of the same way. i'm writing railroad. tracks this is the company that houses the website located right in the center of house meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by finnish authorities for allegedly minority rights you call morrie a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and
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forced to divorce his wife to protect her from death threats he received these came from joe kumar himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerks church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial creature it'll be launched well there he says he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because although not been busy work but no have the. subject and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his wife apart spreading propaganda about a man who is torn apart by wives of thousands and he's now a r.t. helsinki. so it seems unfair ones you never criticize terrorists which is exactly the name of a special section of our website where you can hear the exclusive confession to r.t. of the defrocked finnish priest just stop in the reports pastor laurie landed himself
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in hot water with the finnish police right after that very interview to our teeth plus chapped our cartoons by our artist telling the story in a more surpassed way don't hesitate to share your thoughts we value your opinion here in our. change or remain mired in problems that it has said a clear message about the state of the global financial system at the start of the annual canonical form in china events asian davos as a brings together leaders and businessmen from the region artists are cilia reports from the chinese resort city of product for us. the leaders of the of brics countries have come to be a bro our forum would be a consensus they have reached the summit that they want to see reforms both if the if you have a financial system as well as those of global governance in order for a proper they see as a stronger reality of our power at least economically moving from the rest of these
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let's hear what president president dmitry medvedev are that often there should she says summit strongly needs to reform a global financial architecture the bric summit which has just granted confirmed mega-state stands for the creation of a new. chip there's no protection issues take into account if a distribution of the global development potential and dynamic development of new senses of economic and political influence each year is the leveling in the world some to fulfill the have brought off the plane up and alternative to be a global reserve currency because of her being accommodated by the us all or nothing approach to people but if you want to see reform in fact as well another thing they did bring up is the situation in japan a piece of profit for them to get a wants to see our cooperation in the pursuit of safe nuclear energy social safety mechanisms in dealing with the past as they have seen in the past nothing to say that they are bringing up the issue of social inequality that could arise from here
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is key to economic growth so they don't want to see the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming more of that gap widening therefore they don't want to sacrifice stability in their pursuit of their economic goals for more insight now i'm joined by mark matrona from goldman sachs asia thank you very much for joining us now we have seen that the consensus from the brics summit how do you think their consensus is going to impact the comic and political fallout i think this is a very positive development so well so i think the fact that these five major economies across all major of consonance the world now comes together i quit my passion is very positive this being a general. understanding of the rise of the economic power of the poor countries and also now with africa included it's the rise of these five areas and so i think europe and the us have been acutely aware of the the never simple economic strength and rising strength of these areas and thinking carefully on how to how to interact
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and deal with it but it's it's it's a reality thank you very much to these a country certainly looking for more cooperation and coordination economically but also politically correct that we all five countries are members of you i think you would acknowledge that we do want to see more. powerful and therefore they want to be a pursuit again economic power in line with their political problems. and more on the challenges the global financial system is facing later this hour here on r t. brazil russia india china and south africa say it's time for leadership of the i.m.f. and world bank to work black changes of the global economy a transformation from club based to all inclusive. with me i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him that's how russian bombshell describes how she fell under the charms of know what
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he last now d'italia prime minister more details in just. in the be a nato has launched a new strikes on pro-government positions while the coalition leaders have pledged to push the campaign i'm so colonel gadhafi steps down the british m.p. barry gardner believes the international forces have used a humanitarian cause to get their hands on libya but it has all been about regime change from the very beginning. i don't believe that what is now going on is justified indeed at the beginning it was made very clear by david cameron and others that this could not be about regime change this was about humanitarian projection well that is clearly no longer the case and this that is clearly no longer the case then britain should not be involved it's as simple as that the fact that the rebels the rebel forces are they are part of a civil war that is not something that britain should be coming in there and then
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alarming other parts of libya isn't in the western part of libya. in order to help them win what is the civil war the original reason that was given for britain being involved was simply to stop those airstrikes on benghazi and indeed regionally this was marketed to the public and to the world at large as being simply the enforcement of a no fly zone that is not what is now happening and indeed it isn't what's been happening really from that first week on words. western backed away to call changes in the arab world would create a batterer environment for al qaida that's the view of former cia counterterrorism analysts i call sure who told r.t. of the western hopes for a democratic middle east are in a. i think the end of the tyrannies in the middle east they're creating an environment in which islamised groups whether it's al qaeda or any of its allies
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will be able to operate much more easily and with with much less pressure from security services the successor governments aren't going to be as effective and they're not and they're going to be more islamic i don't think they're going to be fundamentalists they're not really we're not really worried about al-qaeda taking over any particular government but we're going to have a situation where operationally it's much easier for these groups to exist to train and to plan and mrs clinton is really a fan to says she really believes somehow that this is going to be a secular democratic revolution in it's as far away from that is it possibly could be. levy and nights in terror into a goldmine for private security firms reports say that the u.k. is already hiring mercenaries to protect the interests of the big corporations they are once colonel gadhafi goes but there are fears there checkered history in previous interventions could turn the civil war a foreign country into a proper wild west artie's a war and it has more. homeless and displaced people disrupted water
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electricity supplies decimated infrastructure to the world's tragic scenes of the destruction of lives but britain's large private security sector ok gold mine in two thousand and nine the u.k.'s ministry of defense spent eighty two million dollars on hiring private security firms and now insiders say they're hiring again for libya whereas for the rest of us and for most people these wars these conflicts are just a cause for concern because a great grief for these companies this is a pronouncer time private security really boomed in iraq and by two thousand and four the global industry was estimated at one hundred billion dollars private security is an industry populated by ex soldiers where regulation is entirely voluntary that's led to numerous human rights violations this footage leaked in two thousand and five apparently shows a team of u.k.
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security contractors taking unprovoked pot shots at cars on a road in baghdad but. formally in the elite s.a.'s both paxman did ten years as a contractor in africa and iraq while working under cover paxman says he's even had other contractors open fire on him if you've got loads of contractors coming into your village. and getting paid. money in comparative terms to what the locals will be paid of course it's going to be here for a bit of. a bit of friction between the groups and over a period of time that can be exploited or easily boy external groups such as shooters or terrorist groups and security companies are typically hired by defense ministries and multinational corporations to protect people and property from insurgents because of the dangerous nature of the work it can easily get out of
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hand private security is i think. libya increasingly looks like being a volatile state good while to come and new conflict zone means a new cash cow for private security companies the reality of modern warfare is that private contractors are now doing the work so military force is used to do without many of the rules and regulations that govern army engagements that could mean a new round of human rights violations in unstable country and while it would be libya that would bear the brunt of that cost for security contractors it only brings in more business. on the latest edition of crossfire people of the on his guest explore how western powers orchestrating foreign politics may now be skating on thin ice. that's coming to fifteen minutes time. the west has got to understand that if they go in premature it will go image in countries and
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gets involved into politics i do not understand if they fail to understand the cultural and tribal mixes and how that integrates on the ground itself then you can find they could have similar situations what we have find in afghanistan and iraq and most recently that's all somalia i will because now we're seeing similar situations with libya. italy's prime minister is coming increasingly under fire for his alleged sex scandals but there is a person who says it's all false r.t. supposedly met with braces corking who claims to be a close friend of barrels tony has attended his notorious parties she says they are just about innocent dancing and singing and it's the congress behind the media campaign against the embattled premier. just friends but close ones that's what. it says of her relationship with silvio berlusconi which she
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serves as exceptionally warm and friendly she's been a guest at his famed parties which have landed him in rather hot water razor told r.t. hold this scandal changed her relationship with him to his most powerful man. a closer together than ever earlier we were together like this it's now a much much closer together how did you need through a battle of corny what kind of impression lead him make. i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him because he's a very handsome man it was love at first sight he's such a gentle man one hundred percent man in every sense how often do you think each other now tell us about your relationship. with lurd and for me he's always been like a guardian angel as he puts himself in my heart my feelings for him sparkle and he
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knows it and this is going to stay forever you should understand that even if i fall in love i'll marry my husband might resent it but silvio will stay in my heart forever i'm going to choir now even if he has fifteen free minutes he says via car and i come and we talk. new witnesses and berlusconi has case third party guests behaved indecently and they were also encouraged to take part in some kind of free will of the game what can you tell us about berlusconi's parties. i once was i his new year's party and we all glided smoothly to the dance floor it was a d.j. and we just started dancing they were trains and cool things floating around the place and there were men not only women as the media sats once he invited a special dance show but it wasn't like anything outrageous it was. to fall on rouge style show he started singing because he always sings very very well by cover
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off to see his voice is very powerful he writes songs himself and sings them that's how it all starts we eat and he starts singing or telling jokes then i took him by the hand to use office discussed my business and i left that's it. can you tell us about the presence that mr berlusconi gave. silvio gives presents to all women not to man he has special scarves. and he gives them to women like a memento of visiting berlusconi might be a pin a ring nothing expensive or a scarf everything is made especially for him so that he can give his own presents . who could benefit from the scandal dipping role of connie's being attacked by a special media campaign but the good news it's the communists of course it's who else would benefit they want to get rid of him as fast as possible by any means i
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don't know that they might even bring something from the moon and say that berlusconi did something there that's all we need right now can you tell us more about this secret language that you're using with who are also calling your book in the round two thousand and five face started digging into my private business and tapping my phone to just graduate silvio we understood the situation and for example if i was in trouble and i couldn't handle it myself i asked him for help and he immediately understood it and helped me how there are a couple of words but i can't tell you because if they tell me again they'll understand everything i do feel secure even though they're also calling me names and twenty thirty years i'll build my own destiny and we'll see each other and sit on the bench a nice garden and love and told jokes you can't even imagine how much he loves easily once he told me where i think i'll die working. and now as to go look at some other stories from around the world japan's
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government has ordered the operator of the fukushima nuclear plant to pay some twelve thousand u.s. dollars to each household forced to evacuate because of radiation leaks is estimated the compensation could and up topping twenty five billion however the country's leadership has come in for criticism for offering help to like for those living in shelters for months it comes as emergency response crews are finally carrying out intensive searches for quake and tsunami victims near the nuclear plant delayed over radiation fears. and italian activist has been found dead in gaza city hours after being abducted vittoria regarding was seized on thursday by islamist radicals who threatens to kill him if hamas did not release a number of palestinian prisoners extremist posted a video of him on you tube tied up and blindfolded before the killing of us officials say two suspects have been arrested others being sought.
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to colombia now where at least fourteen people have been killed after their bus was swept down a hill in a mudslide emergency workers have been recovering the bodies of the victims continuing their search for six other missing people heavy rains have caused widespread flood zone over the country leaving over three hundred people dead and millions homeless. the recent wave of protests over the measures in the u.k. and other e.u. countries sparked criticism of the international financial institutions to help provided by the world bank and international monetary fund to death stricken countries is aimed at helping them recover but is the fact dragging them deeper into trouble as our. reports. from smoke bombs to broken glass austerity measures budget cuts and taxes have inflamed riots across europe and elsewhere aside from anger also connecting these cash strapped
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countries a heavy hand played by the international monetary fund and world bank global institutions meant to promote economic growth and reduce poverty yet critics say their priorities lie elsewhere they're looking out for the interests of their creditors spain portugal greece is working with the european authorities and one of these countries are not going to recover for as much as ten years. public first ration with rampant unemployment high food prices and privatization deals is believed to have helped spark mass uprising in egypt. at the suggestion of the i.m.f. and world bank ousted president hosni mubarak's old public companies to local and foreign investors while forty percent of egyptians earned two dollars per day it's definitely a catalyst and the timing is very much related to what was tremendous financial deregulation and opening to the privatization by external banks of egypt in other
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countries and what has had dramatic negative. circumstances after that egypt may eventually go the way of latin america or socially oriented governments have rejected i.m.f. neo liberal policies after decades of economic struggle it was a huge for. you know africa in the places where he was most. presidents. since their inception the world bank's president has always been an american the i.m.f. director always a european despite the one hundred eighty seven nation membership the world bank in the n.f.l. located three blocks from the white house for a reason this is the structure of political and economic power in one thousand nine hundred forty six and that's. problem structure of power in the world today five of the largest emerging nations in the world today are demanding an end to western monopoly over the global institutions brazil russia india china and south africa
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say it's time for leadership of the i.m.f. and world bank to work flux changes of the global economy a transformation from a club based to all inclusive. artsy new york well we're up to date and her let's take a look at what's happening in business where you're. because this business aussie hello and welcome to the program the pm ross nerve may have done go the golden carrot in front of their show sort of joked as t n k d p but it seems the company will serve entire bunch overnight hiking its multibillion dollar buyout prize by nearly a third of the cash international doctors and
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a buyout of their russian partners state interior k b p the latter have rejected all offers and now value k.b.p.s. eighty billion dollars twenty there are more than the start of the week negotiations seem to bear double both b.p. and say talks with b.p.'s russian partners have broken arts. export times and all products may have to rise in russia global crude prices continue to spike and the german this is of course says that higher purpose may be needed to avoid a fuel deficit at home the price for your old screed blend has jumped fourteen percent over the last month of the whole all prize to me it's more profitable for companies to export refined products such as petrol and jet fuel as they're subject to lower taxes than create. the ruble has been extending its losses to the dollar with the weak up oil prices weighing on the currency however the general sentiment remains positive jacob morgan stanley watch. with wrubel it's more of an all specific story
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so if all prices started a current levels i think there's very little reason to see a weakening in the ruble if anything i see a strengthening in the ruble the holly oil price doesn't fit through into a strong group was not structured because you have these. outflows on the capital carol but nobody can really explain except by reference to political uncertainty with the presidential election but it's running at about twenty four billion dollars a quarter if reducing its then i think the ruble will stream from i don't see why it should contribute such horror rates because returns in russia are pretty horrid and with the hall price prospects are good. the prices for precious metals are on the rise as investors opt for them over stocks some disappointing jobs data and mixed earnings in the u.s. while the price of silver jumped over the psychological mark of forty two dollars per ounce which is the highest level in three decades and let's look at how the
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markets are performing even stocks are trading lower this hour as chinese data showed an increase in inflation that making policy try cleaning more likely trying its consuming inflation accelerated a notch to its fastest rate in almost three years which was slightly ahead of expectations. and here in russia trading session is just gathering pace the us has added my sense of edging slightly lower losing around point one percent or so. here are some of the market movers on the buy six and if you majors are among the main game is this hour with gas from up around a third of a percent bucking the trend across telecom is down almost out of the suburbs. the number of billionaires in russia has tripled in just two years forbes list now includes one hundred one billionaires with their total wealth estimated at four hundred thirty five billion dollars at the top of the list star steelmakers milesian with twenty four billion and it looks a model shop with eighteen billion dollars meanwhile. the richest
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a woman in russia who happens to be the wife of moscow's ex maggette about thirty has lost close to home for whole girls talking to one point two billion and just playing the bank balance says russia's first cat still don't have all the korean wealth levels are still around twenty percent lower than before the crisis. because all she's business update john is the war next door and of course you can always go to our website it's also dot com slash business.
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culture is the shame of jargon for the early money but i believe that they must the me and the other me mention approved by the u.n. now in the ivory coast the families are just one seated at the expense of hundreds of civilians. would be so much brighter if you knew about songs from fans to pressure these. stunts on t.v. don't come.


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