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in touch with the who tell me touch of the fictional the guru how would international. every green kill in talk of. turning a blind eye to the spread of hate finland comes under fire for putting the editor of a terrorist supporting website on trial for people smuggling while ignoring his online extremist activity. as coalition leaders about to keep up the libyan campaign until khadafi leaves the russian president lashes out at the allies actions saying they don't comply with the un resolution. even if he has fifteen free minutes he says my colleague and i come. rushing shoulder who claims to have the ear of the
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italian premier off the caption so we are going to special friend puts all the rumors to bed and the interview. very welcome to you this is live from moscow now in a journalist is being tried for illegally smuggling chechens into the country and many question why the authorities find nothing wrong about him running his website which after all so as a propaganda tool for one of the world's most wanted terrorists and he said no we don't have the latest. they kill sorcerer is accused of smuggling illegally individuals into finland some five hundred people which he himself has said are militants he of course calls them freedom fighters so prosecutors focusing on
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illegal immigration there are many critics wondering why it's being ignored that this man runs a site that use propaganda about a man that has made it very clear that one of his main goals is to take as many rawson lives as possible he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but torture founded and runs this website said jerk a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorists and declared by the un to have links with al qaeda don't call mara is responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks the moscow metro blast and the dome and out of the airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles doku umarov a president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the wife of a mujahideen islamic fighter the situation is that the congress stand your ground.
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and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to be aspirational about europe they want to make radicals stores or is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the way the people who sent the rights about particular asian. contaminating the finished. writing of the same way. i don't know what are the right thing. to make it through the parks this is the company that houses the website located right in the center of how sinky meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by finnish authorities for allegedly violating minority rights you homo re
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a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from death threats he received these came from a dog himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerk's church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred have been launched all the research he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because all the guy must have been busy with my work but no have a very well thought through to the subject and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his life for part spreading propaganda about a man who is torn apart the lives of thousands so you can see why some people here in finland are going to continue working very hard to make sure that this website gets shut down of course it's very few because the bin is present cover this issue and it has to be said that one of the witnesses who will be defending her is
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a very well known european parliamentarians the courts a lot she's very powerful here in finland and is known for her and the russian rhetoric and it's being said that she is going to work very hard to make sure that this case stays about you legal immigration and not about aiding terrorists and he's now artsy reporting from finland. so it seems in finland you can never criticize terrorists which is exactly the name of a special section on our website where you can hear the exclusive confession to r.t. the defrocked finnish priest you just saw in the report. pastor of a large blood himself in hot water with british police right after that very interview to us here at r.t. but you can check out the world about two nests who have a unique take on the story and i hesitate to share your sort of data but. also there you will find. me i can't even explain what i felt inside when a match came he gave me goosebumps when i saw him
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a russian bombshell describes how she fell under the charms of nobody less than the prime minister himself for all the revelations of r.t. dot com highlights of this interview coming up in just a few minutes. now in libya nato has launched a new strikes on a pro government positions the coalition leaders have pledged to carry on the campaign it's all colonel gadhafi steps down but it's raised more voices these claims contradict the aims of the u.n. resolution passed last month. joins us live from the russian and nato summit in berlin for more on this hello to you that. seems to be so much angst in the region with these western forces getting involved pledging to carry on the fight against gadhafi it certainly seems like an appropriate time now for russia i think it is and you think. well of course we're expecting a very intense talks in the nato and russia here in berlin city following the
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letter by these three leaders in which they claim that they're going to nato ally is going to fight it just goes and goes for good in the same day air strikes simply with reports coming from libya that there have been civilian casualties during the airstrikes now russia and china initially did not use their veto rights in the u.n. security council against what started. as a mission to protect civilians against gadhafi is very soon and has turned into a questionable naseer how some experts call it now russia feels like its expectations of late as a nation have been betrayed. there is a real sense that the un resolution must be fulfilled whether russia voted for it as south africa did or abstained but it must be fulfilled in accordance with the wording and meaning and not with three interpretations of some states because we voted for a no fly zone to stop the escalation of the conflict so that we could separate the two sides but what we having now is a military operation it may not be on the ground yet but it's certainly going on up
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above a number of countries who are taking part and then nato stepped in but the resolution doesn't say a word about it that's why when i hear the resolution is bad i disagree the resolution is absolutely fine but it must be fulfilled without exceeding the mandate gets placed on them. and while french president nicolas sarkozy calls on four other members of the alliance to participate in the mission so far only six of them have been in a war with sounds many experts have already called it not a nato mission to protect civilians but the u.s. . military intervention into oil rich serving us all it does seem slightly bizarre as you're saying only six of the twenty six or twenty eight high twenty's that the number of countries involved and if you only six are carrying out strikes at least that's how you you think. now as the military campaign in libya
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looking further than ever from a conclusion there could be another problem on the rights. of the securities i think. volatile states it does go beyond the law. now as britain offers to use private contractors in the violence torn country we look at how about russia has worked out in other conflicts and. also. tell us prime minister is coming under increasing pressure over his alleged sex scandals there's one person who says it's all lies party met with. who claims to be a close friend of attended his notorious parties she says they are just about innocent dancing and singing communists behind the media campaign against the embattled premier. just friends but close ones that's what i used to school says of her relationship with silvio berlusconi which she says is
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exceptionally warm and friendly she's been a guest at his theme parties which have landed him in rather hot water and razor told r.t. hope this scandal changed her relationship with each of his most powerful man. and always will be i mean i actually sit together very early and we were together like this that's now a much much closer together how did you need. any what kind of impression did he make on you. i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him because he's a very handsome man it was love at first sight he's such a gentle man one hundred percent man in every sense how often do you think each other now tell us about your relationship. with murder for me he's always been like a guardian angel as you protect yourself in my heart my feelings for him sparkle and he knows it and this is going to stay forever you should understand that even
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if i fall in love i'll marry my husband might resent it that silvio will stay in my heart forever i'm going to cry now even if he has fifteen free minutes he says wire and i come and we talk. new witnesses and berlusconi is case third party guests behaved in these locally and they were also encouraged to take part in some kind of free will of the game what can you tell us about berlusconi's parties. i once was i he's new year's party and we all glided smoothly to the dance floor was a d.j. we just started dancing and we trained same cool things floating around the place and they were man not only women as the media sounds once he invited a special dance show but it wasn't like anything outrageous it was a beautiful learn rouge style show he started singing because he always seems very very well liked pub rotty he's voice is very powerful he writes songs himself and
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sings them that's how it all starts we eat and he stopped singing all telling jokes then i took him by the hand and went to use office discussed my business and i left that's it. can you tell us about the presence that mr berlusconi gave. silvio gives presents to all women not to a man yet special scarves. and he gives. to women like a memento of visiting berlusconi might be a pin or a ring nothing expensive or a scarf everything is made especially for him so that he can give his own presents . who could benefit from the scandal dipping role of connie's being attacked by a special media campaign but the good news it's the communists of course it's who else would benefit they want to get rid of him as fast as possible by any means i don't know they might even bring something from the moon and say that berlusconi
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did something there well that's all we need right now cancel some more about the secret language that you're using with her are all scorning going to be from the around two thousand and five face started digging into my private business and tapping my phone to discredit silvio we understood the situation and for example if i was in trouble and i couldn't handle it myself i asked him for help and he immediately understood it and helped me how there are a couple of words but i can't tell you because if they tell me again they'll understand everything i do feel secure even though there was only means in twenty thirty years i'll build my own destiny and we'll see each other and sit on the bench a nice garden and love and told jokes you can't even imagine how much he loves in italy once he told me via i think i'll die working. under for the full interview just over two arteries a very own car. today
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once again. these are the images. are not as good as one of our top stories here on r t libya might soon turn into a goldmine for private security firms reports say the u.k. is already hiring mercenaries to protect the interests of big corporations there it goes but there are fears that checkered history and previous interventions could turn this civil war torn country into a proper while the rest. of it reports. homeless and displaced people disrupted water electricity supplies decimated infrastructure to
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the world's tragic scenes of the destruction of lives but britain's large private security sector ok goldmine in two thousand and nine the u.k.'s ministry of defense spent eighty two million dollars on hiring private security firms and now insiders say they're hiring again for libya whereas for the rest of us and for most people these wars these conflicts are just a cause for concern and of course a great grief for these companies this is a pronouncer time private security really boomed in iraq and by two thousand and four the global industry was estimated at one hundred billion dollars private security is an industry populated by ex soldiers where regulation is entirely voluntary that's led to numerous human rights violations this footage leaked in two thousand and five apparently shows a team of u.k. security contractors taking unprovoked pot shots at cars on a road in baghdad but. formally in the elite
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s.a.'s poll paxman did ten years as a contractor in africa and iraq while working under cover paxman says he's even had other contractors open fire on him if you got loads of security contractors coming into your village. or getting paid. amounts of money in comparative terms to what the locals would be paid of course it's going to be you know for a bit of. a bit of friction between the groups in over a period of time that can be exploited quite easily boy external groups such as shooters or terrorist groups security companies are typically hired by defense ministries and multinational corporations to protect people and property from insurgents because of the dangerous nature of the work it can easily get out of hand private security is i think a. it does go below libya increasingly looks like being
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a volatile state for a good while to come and a new conflict zone means a new cash cow for private security companies the reality of modern warfare is that private contractors are now doing the work socred military forces used to do without many of the rules and regulations that govern army engagements that could mean a new round of human rights violations in an unstable country and while it would be libya that would bear the brunt of that cost for security contractors it only brings in more business. than. people of illinois casts explore western powers striking foreign politics will not be skating on thin ice coast that's coming up next hour. the west has got to understand that if they go in premature if the go into countries and getting involved into politics i do not understand if they fail to understand the cultural and tribal mixes and how that integrates on the ground itself then you
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can find votes may can have sinister issues what we have i mean afghanistan and iraq and most recently that's all for somalia i was now we are seeing similar situations with libya. with r.t. live from moscow let's check out some other world wide headlines now that you are in a war crimes tribunal sentenced to probation generals to long prison terms of. crimes against humanity during the conflict in the one nine hundred ninety s. in the former yugoslavia both were part of the military top brass thing charge of raids on serbian villages that saw tens of thousands flee and hundreds killed a third was cleared of all charges protests have been staged throughout his about where he is on it is a national hero tribe you know in the hague is often accused of being biased as the majority of cases it hears are against serbs. japan's government is
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for the operator of the fukushima nuclear plant to pay some twelve thousand dollars to each household forced to evacuate because of radiation leaks it is estimated the compensation bill could end up topping twenty five billion however the country's leadership has come in for its own criticism from those still living in shelters a month on from the quake they say help spin it too little too late when it comes as emergency response crews are finally carrying out intensive searches for tsunami victims near the nuclear plant delayed over radiation fears. italian activist has been found dead in gaza city hours after being abducted but already oh my god me was seized on thursday by islamist radicals threatened to kill him if hamas did not release a number of palestinian prisoners extremists posted a video of him on you tube tied up and blindfolded before the killing the mass
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officials say two suspects have been arrested and others are being sought. now russia's supreme court has accepted an appeal by the defense of the jailed ex tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky but it was well to extend his arrest in august last year however today is that decision would have made no difference to the plight of public. who would still have been in jail serving his first term after being convicted for mass broader tax evasion in december two thousand and ten he along with his business partner tony lever therefore also convicted of money laundering and embezzlement this means they'll remain behind bars until two thousand and seventeen. or change all remain in problems to be treated you had affairs sent a clear message about the state of the global financial system at the start of an annual economic forum in china and the event is dubbed the asian doubles as it brings together leaders and businessmen from the region and i think since our syria
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is the. years of the a brics countries have come to be a blowout for a would be a consensus they have reached the summit that they want to see reforms both maybe if you national financial system as well as those of global governance in order to reflect what they see as a stronger reality of the holler at me for not removing from the west the role for they have brought up the thing up and alternative to the global reserve currency because look perfectly at dominated by the u.s. dollar nothing got put into detail but if you want to see reform in that as well another thing they did bring up maybe a situation in japan i think that that the president did get of want to see our cooperation in the pursuit of safe nuclear energy specially safety mechanisms in dealing with catastrophes as they had seen in japan and i think today that they are bringing up is the issue of social inequality that could arise from there is the economic growth so they don't want to see the rich becoming richer and the poor
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becoming more of that widening therefore they don't want to sacrifice the ability in their pursuit of their economic goals well let's get more insight now i'm joined by mark mason from goldman sachs asia thank you very much for joining us now we have seen a few concessions from the brics on it how do you think american sanctions is going to impact the comic and political world well i think this is a very positive development for the world i think the fact that these five major economies across all major of consonance the world now comes together in a coordinated fashion is very positive this being a general understanding of the rise of the economic power of the four countries and also now with africa included it's the the rise of these five areas and so i think europe and the u.s. have been acutely aware of the we didn't have a simple economic strength of rising strength of these areas and thinking carefully on how to how to interact and deal with that but it's it's it's a reality thank you very much these economies certainly looking from. cooperation
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and coordination economically but not is that all the politically correct example we all buy countries our members r.b.a. you read security council b. do you want to see more. powerful and they're poor they want to see be a pursuit again i'll go economic power in line with their political problems while . optimism does us a little boring right there while back with the headlines shortly but now it's business with your. thanks and welcome to business and say thanks for joining us the people of both dudley's to meet the head of rosneft in moscow in a bid to personate salvage the shortfall deal between the two companies so far both claim they've broken off talks with b.p.'s russian partners interior and k b p earlier look at the deal and quit exchanged between the energy giants meanwhile the russian shareholders of ten k d p had proposed that b.p.
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is pending all to exploration deal with last names they conducted via the russian british joint venture earlier this week b.p. concerned it's offered ten k. b.p. cash international benchers and probably out of their russian partners stake the proposal has been rejected and k.p. says it's now worth eighty billion dollars trying to build a look at the start of the. expo times an oil products may have to rise in russia global crude prices continue to spike and the jamila sergei shm of course as high tariffs may be needed to avoid fuel deficit at home the points for your all screwed blend has jumped fourteen percent over the last month but the high oil price means that small profitable for companies to export refined products such as petrol and jet fuel as they are subject to lower taxes then create. the verbal has been extending its losses to the dollar with the we can all price way on the currency however the general sentiment remains positive says jacob note from morgan
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stanley russia. with wrubel it's war and all specific story so it's all prices stay at their current levels but i think that's very little reason to see a weakening in the ruble if anything i see a strengthening in the ruble the holy oil price hasn't spread through into a strong group was expected because you have these. big don't flows on the capital carol but nobody can really explain except by reference to political uncertainty revolts the presidential election but it's running at about twenty four trillion dollars a quarter if that's reducing it is still i think the ruble will strengthen and i don't see want to continue such oil rates because returns in russia are pretty horrid and without her all price prospects are good. the prices the precious metals have slightly retreated from earlier gains however the price of silver is still about the psychological mark of thirty two dollars per ounce which is the highest level in three decades and let's look at how they're not it's not performing asian stocks are closed lower as chinese data showed increasing and inflation back making
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probably six tightening more likely china is this uming flakes or accelerates the march to its finances raising almost three years which was slightly ahead of expectations. and if your key markets are up this hour retail stocks are among the biggest gainers with the u.k. electronics chains dixon's rising point two percent move forward after the other go to its rivals the curries and p.c. world chain announced plans to close the settee for those making storms in spain meanwhile moody's agency has cut its rating on irish government bonds by two not just saying they are looking at on the razor's remains negative. and has russia which is reverts to their member says that our trading marginally apply the os yes under my six games around point five percent. and here are some of the market moves on the my six energy majors are on the rise with lupul up around one percent
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meanwhile v.t. back is also artist. good reporting at seven percent for the net profits for the first quarter under russian accounting standards and precious metals producer also are on the back of rising prices for gold and so but all the metal is up around one point six percent this time. russia stopped more about phone retail a year or so it has postponed its london share listing plans this week it says there is not enough investor interest you're a stamp hope to raise about one billion dollars by offering thirty percent of it shares in the i.p.o. and let's say the company is not likely to give up its plans to float and may have another go next year. but i'm sure of billionaires in russia has tripled in just two years the newest forbes list now includes one hundred one billionaires with a total wealth estimated at four hundred thirty five billion dollars at the top of the list are still made this pledge in a listing with forty but rather twenty four billion and a look see more to show with eighteen billion dollars and while the richest the one
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in russia that happens to be the wife of moscow's ex man regular but during that last one of the wells dropping to one point two billion and just play a big bulging bank balances russia's fast cats though don't have all the cream wealth levels are still around twenty percent lower than before the crisis. that was not his business update don it's all next and of course can always log on to our website that's at it are called slash business.
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we live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets in this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one of the stories become a brace of. good bye as a team is coming from i'm. proud of the move beyond the ministry of the.


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