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resort and spa only become a condo upon the mode of being turned back on. the resort and spa sunday a beach hotel the wiston result use of dual club med bunnies so if you tell someone you own. a resort and spa the ritz carlton hotel grounds many as you call it a full seasons hotel the sultan who turns. international news money from austria central moscow this is all t. top stories this hour the publisher of a finnish website that supports an internationally wanted terrorists goes on trial for helping chechens into finland illegally when the country's authorities continue to turn a blind eye to his mixed with extremism. the actions of nato in libya should return to a diplomatic level all to going beyond the limits of the un resolution since the russian
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foreign minister sergey lavrov at the summit with the allies in. the global financial system must be overhauled to prevent future disasters says the russian president's economic meeting in china the asian travels. i'll be back with another update for us in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime as a basis edition of all arts and culture program where we explore german influence and culture here in the russian capital. hello gooden target and welcome on this week's bus choir program we're taking a look at german influence and culture here in the russian capital the two
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countries have had strong links for centuries and battles assize today the positive connections between the two are only apparent so joining a lot of anger is as we start this week's program here at the gutter institute operating in more than eighty countries well why is it ferments the study of german language groups and provides information on the country's culture society and politics the library here close thousands of books and everything from the theories of german philosopher car marks to recent travel guides in cities clothes and munich to sweden since i'm very happy that people around the country are interested in our work here at the center we have german language classes organized various cultural events together with her partners and also inform people about our countries and. there are thousands of german it's patricks now living in moscow and with the business things growing stronger every year entrepreneurial muscovites want to postulate there are usually ten to eighteen students per class which class the majority of whom are russian three months cost around ten thousand rubles which
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from three hundred fifty dollars. the institute opens the doors to the arts education science and development understands also promotes cross exchanges social and academic events will be entering the two countries politically and culturally closer together. and pausing to take a look at just speaks entertainment news jemison. as one of the most famous for design is known for the use of traditional russian prison service symbols in his designs run not only creates clothes accessories of bright recognizable trees but also trends some gadgets very russian recently a new device we introduced this iphone is not only painted a whole dial it also has the machine latest meeting russian federation this is a hollow go back sized created in collaboration with a company that registers websites with the addresses. alphabet. exhibition of the
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famous photographer roxanne low it has been working with both brands you buy climatological few magazines for decades has opened in moscow for the world's top museums such as the metropolitan museum of art in new york and the victorian albert museum in london exhibiting works by roxanne allow moscow audiences have the chance to see dozens of celebrities photographed by the artists. ask foreigners what they miss about the country a most will probably say something regarding food so if that's the case then bring your own native jose and come to this famous the very the restaurant business truck on the nifty prospect such a self the best breakfast in town. of course no one goes to a restaurant without a recommendation so i don't give two well known politicians a cool to see what they thought impressive i'm not bringing this to this week's guest robert hello larry for me it's most recent couldn't talk couldn't start i'll
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tell you where i'm from in germany i'm from a small city called lon so it's near munich and i'm what brought you here to moscow interest your interest i was. your local rusher unfortunate model with the best things because i think russia has a very bad p.r. broad and so i wanted to come and see for myself and true to my job i had the possibility to come here so i just decided to come to moscow. i mean regarding germany and russia you know over the past five hundred years it's been a roller coaster of a relationship hasn't it yes from the early settlements here in moscow or where peter the grades who open the russia are basically two year old michael and catherine the great as well the german princes being the empress of rush or the relations between russia and germany and things have been always excellent so apart from some areas where we will we did not but other than that sorry i think that there are almost like two million germans living in russia before the revolution
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yes i'll try to get them off the delusional cause it went down but now and now a days after the dissolved empire fell and going up and up again i'm not sure what activities can you enjoy here in moscow until it is it's like there's no special drum and i could see just the embassies very active organizing cultural cultural programs like a month lupul looks and where you can draw and they take you to be a stand in bunkering for gonski or do organize a christmas market for example the women they're very active and groom ball and they call there to play broom ball different things so that's really like a small little festival and there's some social activity around the national day in germany for example on the islamists. things going on but there is no particular german thing i would say that is there a part of this to the friends of ours yes i think you think you know we've got this huge space in front of this with good old beer here what's better. for you have a well have to say german beer it's not it is it is stronger for those who like it
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i think the russian view is a bit lighter is menu lager beer sold for those who like it and i think russia has some great beer it's not the only german beer but general i'm from the german people and i'm from the various oh as for me i like my listen you better eat you. up. living away from him. german style and creativity also holds its own membership council. such as honest throwing themselves into the russian market wives girlfriends or mistresses only cos need meds if you are in fashion. over the past ten years there's been a laws influx of german companies i think outlets here in the russian capital b.s. and all those old farts in houses like this one here that applied the designer has won numerous awards for his chic creative collections of the store he elected to the treasury closet they are red square is extremely popular with the russian
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elites and various celebrities. who designs first store opened in his holy city of munich born in one nine hundred seventy eight he's famous for his penny metal influenced featuring glitz and still designs the clothing and glamorous presses the t. shirts here are expensive at fifteen thousand rubles from five hundred dollars but more food in my own shirts and with russian emblazoned jewels on the white fabric in true rock'n'roll style you can see the german design and knows the different thing i'm profitable places to be. if you fancy shopping for some high quality german clothes or one button hole in your pockets there are several brands represented in the russian capital and voted for example you can find men's and women's collections which combine passion for sports and fashion brands all said in one hundred thirty two small productions sides immune disease later developed into
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a label of caution and spice school's web existence of stores around the world. comes to one of the most famous of the entries from russia but so be it is also why be popular here you are still sometimes being almost on any problems menus in the house yet the atmosphere of eighteenth century germany is recreating the table festa celebrated three hundred sixty five days a year. so she salutes of germany's most popular and read these can be found here and proceed directly from your grace. the german historically she is an organization in moscow supported by the ministry of education and science of germany such institutes also exist in the entire species in and out of cities worldwide one of the main aims of the establishment in moscow is for the research into russian and german history ilsa specializes in cooperation between young scientists from the two countries and supports joint projects in various studies
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and publishing to fans of the basic we have a library here which opens in two thousand and five another of her writing thirty three minutes archive of we don't have any fiction books most of our visitors are people who study history and science properly and we can provide material of the need for the research and work. looking for various confessions of places to cover and worship the first new friends came to the russian capital in the sixteenth century and many of them were german crossman and much since they started a church here by the beginning of the twentieth century the congregation of evangelical lutheran cathedral st peter and cool counted the first seventeen thousand people fourteen thousand of whom were germans in the soviet times the cathedral was close the last decade it finally reopened its stores.
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welcome to both areas. it almost looks as if it's in transported straight from being acceptable facts gemma music plays in the background costumes waitresses carry fistfuls of lead to size be a mugs and the smell of sauerkraut thing is it mia. very nice welcome to the restaurant but are you located right in the heart of moscow and then back out strive metro and with this perfect location. and friendly atmosphere i think in theory is qassim soft and tasty food no wonder this restaurant the site popular. with the fancy trying to shoot your income's eat will simply wants a sample german b. is the far east won't disappoint marwood the restaurant specializes not in just any german cuisine but in dishes and drinks from both area there are many regions in germany each with its own color near highlights we've decided to add a piece of the variable names. to the service in many different areas the restaurant is
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a maze of different rooms i'm not olson can't send my food it's ready at its table while just look at this food oh i live near distills off in germany filtering is for me it's a thousand so why should no one could share my food and should taste like shit. this drought has passed. it we've just spent. on some cabbage soup very very young. young you need to plant. closures by the time since ac or as they say in germany is that lack of that's what i love about the russian capital a diversity of the restaurants on offer here but fortunately that's all the time we have of the space program on german life culture and influence of the us and how false you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the very hungry crew by now.
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they come in thousands of songs on the plate which. others wants to take her spirits. but she is the jesus of the river. there. is nothing in her past news. chasing adrenaline archies. wealthy british science the stock.
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old waverly hotel a canal so to the mill stone hotel some country house holiday inn the full mattel's the rembrandt the crewmate the chesterfield the most acute hotels the royal the rubens has no. top stories this hour on t.v. publisher of a kind. the website which supports an internationally wanted terrorist goes on trial for helping chechens enter finland illegally however the country's authorities continue to turn a blind eye to his links with extremism. the actions of nato and libya should return to a diplomatic level if you go beyond the limits of the un resolution says the russian foreign minister so you have all of this summit with the unknowns in berlin . and the global financial system must be overhauled to prevent future disasters as the russian president's economic meeting in china the asian girls. with more on
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those stories with less than fifteen minutes from now the meantime sport is next with natasha. hello and welcome to this live sports update with our t.v. headlines this hour on. a long flight back in the cage finals against a love bug winning game four to come up in the series to one. russian football involvement on the continent this season comes to a close with spartak moscow on the europa league. and then on one third record came in the highest score on the whole in p.g.a. tour history but john daly can breathe easy. told marshall big scene shots. to begin with the russian hockey outlaws have made a name for themselves this season finding back when all hope seemed lost and now at
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the ultimate stage the on the dogs look to be doing similar threshing have to win their first game of the finals after three straight defeats in both up for courts. i do a die match for three down in the best of seven serious needing a win on home ice to keep alive in the finals the game was very much in the balance in the opening period with scoring. made some spectacular saves but first goal seemed inevitable with such a flight of chances. and it was the host who well for us to break the deadlock five minutes into the second period. was broken. and busted to send it to the top corner perfectly damaeus laid out. hard short which eric it is midnight. and he can help it find the net to nothing at the end of the second frame faced
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a brick wall. game between the pipes even when the visitor had to make up their failed to capitalize. on the night and never go right. to carry the clock and try to get to the spot from the left circle. who had the nightmare of touching it in a second. jump into attack and fired from the neutral zone showed complete lack of concentration for nothing really was a mountain too much for the visitors to. be and how we squandered our scoring chance wasting all we paid fully for that i'm not going to underestimate our opponents or criticize my players the series goes on and we have only one aim to win one more match. the beginning. or later we took possession. makes it through.
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life in the best of seven serious. just one step away from the cage. the next match will be held in their home. groups in the city for what promises to be another thriller. to go where it's all over for russian teams in europe after star talk well upped once again by f.c. porto the muscovites going down five two in the second leg called final clash at home on thursday night especially an embarrassment of a tie these considering the portuguese side porto managed to reach double figures on aggregate town free for all different title players both are looking for the real deal with five different scorers in last night's encounter as well spartak languishing in the relegation zone domestically things can only get that's. the point where we think you know the casey jones you used to describe. knows if you
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give everything so easily it's you never going to win new there's always room for improvement but we are very very happy with what we do today firstly because we were able to decipher. it's a spanish task next for porto in the last four that's up to vale areal took care of another wide margin of victory of their eight three on aggregate and there will be an old portuguese semifinal in the other part of the jaw braga and speak to battle each other next time take aim for six three overall against p s three twelve taliban braga secure the semifinals thought they stand millville joy adds another key of advancing all the way girls rule. it's good for portuguese food good to have at this moment three teams in the semifinals of the europa league it's a sign of lots of hard work kind of the hard cold sort of cultural and it's time to stop criticizing what we've been doing wrong and of condemning what is better about portuguese food bill this is
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a great time for portuguese football. now there is no world cup semi final tie with italy on the way on saturday as the world number three thinks ansara irani countries have shared that show for you for the last seven years and as a way to thump off of proportion of side are determined to bring the car back home . and russian equally have been the dominant forces in the fed camp of the last decade the russians winning four titles to their opponents pretty firm sides captain show me of how to be sure of is just how important it is to win the trophy bank and he's named the strongest possible squad crucially including viewed as one of the all over the world number three is first up and caught in solider on mine and the russian knows what to expect. to see in the floor. tomorrow looking forward to shoot.
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his. first which is as his will. just. blow the doors. of the world or. there were. no rules or equally hampered by the withdrawals of it all to run players world under full francesca schiavone and labia. have those two been available it would have been a very tight call to name a favorites but in their absence russia have a clear advantage however this does can draw inspiration from france who wouldn't understand side push for much more powerful opponents russia writes of a one in the last round i understand about the day of the match from. france and russia and it's. yeah you can have the russian and other accidents and you know till may actually last the when there is a is this is a team is so strong
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a good city going to win it three two and that's because. because in the russian the you know there are a very great players and so this now we know that we have there. sure so too are there is no surely to win and you know that we need three points because it will finish natalie's opening singles against experience roberta vinci and the russians who are playing a mega sports arena which normally host countries are hockey team will be wanting to get two points on the ball on the opening day to avoid what happened in the last round which we should sign became one of the fifteen in history to come by from two rubbers to love down and when richard can't see moscow. staying with tennis sunday in the men's game roger federer has crashed out of the masters and the quarter final stage world number three losing just seven see that you get. the sixteen time grand slam champion broke and once in each set and he lost them both by six against
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and four elsewhere that these are areas through to semi's and will face nelson next while the main favorite one of the always really aged out on the beach andy murray could complete his sunday final cool to. alter goal for the record. supposed to tell continues to prove his formula one championship but agree that it's when it's and we're now once again topping the timetables in practice ahead of the chinese grand prix but els red bull team mate mark webber second place on friday and slippery track hardly stopping the graph from running rampant in shanghai bought a pair of mcclaren calls on the suit behind to fall behind lewis hamilton and jones from boston separated from the winning hundreds of seconds rushers with that leap you trawl finished in the sandy renault drive up to claim the third spot on the thirty in the opening grand prix say it's nine. goals now and the j.j. hanrahan still saying share the lead after the opening day's action simkin birdsey
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of the six both a man handily holding their efforts to god five on the ball the day on thursday most as runner up and defending champion in san antonio adam scored has decent chances of retaining his title though lying just a stroke back alongside a group of four players however the manner of their opening day was korean american kevin not was out of goals record books in style his struggles on the line for any human score of sixteen that's the lowest ever mark registered on a call for hole in p.j. to a history. same bit frustrated made way through one of those shots actually back wards forcing him back into the brush however in the end they reckon break it to good with dignity and even turn to always call the gallery. now two thousand and seven when i was emirates new zealand already had to set sail once again champagne flowing as the team showed off their new boat named camper which they hope will
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steer them to victory at the upcoming volvo ocean race though getting a little taste of the bubbly as well bob the third generation design will have to sail thirty nine thousand nautical miles before its crew who have the chance to celebrate once again that's all built with speed as the main emphasis of its sleek design its top of them and then starts in ali khan thing in spain on october twenty ninth with a hard pint of guinness waiting on the final checkpoint of galloway i loved in july twentieth well. that's a sport for the cell one that stays the way to stay with our team. will. remain you believe just in science and certainly from the realms.
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we've done the future coverage. to be soon which brighton if you remove the sun from funds to freshen its. stance on the team don't come.
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the air . to be a.


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