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renaissance could go on marriage problems a holiday in seclusion under the in-laws not holiday in the social sphere hotels. in the region country clubs suborning sure to foreigners each of the first earth totally convinced the swiss are still close knit hold those who let me let's go gold digger chico's who. you are where if you live from moscow thanks for joining us these are the top stories as the unrest raging across the arab world puts the heat on oil prices other countries are looking for ways to avoid an allergy crisis but the e.u. is reluctance to rely on russian supplies could lead to european consumers paying the price for costly alternatives. in the arrivals who are now engaged in the battle for the town of bragg
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a say they have no shortage of weapons as supplied by sympathetic nations opposition fighters are also appealing for more nato airstrikes despite their earlier claims that the bombings are killing a growing number of civilians. and british officials are preparing to evict one of its largest travellers communities which will operate around a thousand people and cost millions they insist they have rights to stay on the land and are prepared to fight the state. next it's all about german beer sausages and culture and the russian capital in moscow out.
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couldn't target our welcome on this week's must watch program we're taking a look at german influence and culture here in the russian capital the two countries have had strong legs for centuries and the size so the pulses of connections between the two are only apparent so joining a lot of anger is as we start this week's program here at the gutter institute operating in more than eighty countries worldwide influence the study of german language groups and provides information on the country's culture society and politics the library here first thousands of books and everything from the theories of german philosopher karl marx to russian travel guides and cities such as climbing and munich to sweden since i'm very happy that people around the country are interested in our work here at the center we have german language classes organized various cultural events together with our partners and also inform people about our country. there are thousands of german expatriates now living in moscow and with the business things growing stronger every year entrepreneurial muscovites
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want to posit three usually tend to eighteen students per class which cost the majority of our russian three month course cost around ten thousand roubles it's around three hundred fifty dollars. the institute opens the doors to the arts education science and development and the sense also promotes cross exchanges social and academic events with the aim to bring the same countries politically and culturally closer together. and pausing to take a look at this week's entertainment use similar. office one of the most famous for design is known for the use of traditional russian prince and soviet symbols in his designs are not only created to raise the bright recognisable craze to turn some. very russian. bison introduced this iphone is not only painted a call from a style that also has the. meaning russian federation this is the. backside
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created in collaboration with a company that registers websites with the addresses. alphabet. exhibition of the famous photographer roxanne lo it has been working with. other glossy magazines for decades opens in moscow the world's top museum such as the metropolitan museum of art in new york the victorian albert museum in london the exhibit she works by ropes and allow moscow audiences have a chance to see dozens of celebrities photographed by the artists. ask foreigners or the english to call them country a most will probably say something regarding food so if that's the case then bring your own later jose and come to this famous the very the restaurant business truck on the nifty prospect such a self the best breakfast in town. of course no one goes to a restaurant without some recommendation some i don't give to well known politicians are cool to see what they thought impressive i'm not bringing this to
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this week's guest robert caro let me tell you my secret i couldn't talk couldn't i don't tell you are you from in germany i'm from a small city called lunsford it's near munich and we very well i what brought you here to moscow interest your interest i was. here all over russia unfortunately model with the best things because i think russia has a very bad p.r. broad's. so i wanted to come and see for myself and due to my job i had the possibility to come here so i just decided to come to moscow. regarding germany and russia you know over the past five hundred years it's been a roller coaster of a relationship hasn't it yes from the early settlements here in moscow where peter degrades who open the russia basically to europe and catherine the great as well the german princes being the emperors of rush or the relations between russia and germany i think have been always excellence apart from some areas where we will we
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did not but other than that sorry i think they were on their own was like two million germans living in russia before the revolution yes i'll try to get them off the delusional cause it went down but now and now a days after these new to solid empire fell it's going up and up again and whatever it is he's going to enjoy here in moscow until it is it's like there's no special drum and i could see this is very active organizing cultural cultural programs like a month through the whole works and where you can draw and they take you to be stand in bunker and take on sky or to organize a christmas market for example the woman in the very active and room wall song they call there to play bramble all different themes so that's really like a small little festival and there's some social activity around the national day in germany for example and there is some small things going on but there is no particular german thing i would say that was there a part of this to the friends of ours yes i think you think you know we've got this
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huge space in front of us with good old beer here what's better russian there for you i would have to say german beer. it is it is stronger for those who like it i think the russian view is a bit lighter is menu lager beer sold for those who like it i think russia has some great beer it's not the only german beer but in general i prefer you to him i'm from the various or as for me i like both listen you better eat you. up. living away from him. german style and creativity also holds its own in the machine console. such as honest throwing themselves into the russian market wives girlfriends or mistresses of only cogs need the ultimate if you were in fashion. over the past ten years there's been a law as an influx of german companies i think outlets here in the russian capital b.s.
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law firms old fashioned houses like this one here that apply the designer has won numerous awards for his chic and creative collections and this store here located in the treasure called closet they are red square is extremely popular with the russian elite and terrorist celebrities. designs first store opened in his home city of unique calling nine hundred seventy eight he's famous for his heavy metal influenced featuring glitz and scolded signs of a closing and glamorous dresses that she shows here are expensive at fifteen thousand rubles from five hundred dollars but move within my own shirts and with russia emblazoned jewels on the white fabric in true rock n roll style you can see the german design and knows the hip and happening on profitable places to be. if you fancy shopping for some high quality german clothes one but a hole in the case there are several brands represented in the russian capital and voting for example you can find men's and women's collections which combine passion
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for sports and fashion the brand started in one nine hundred thirty two a small production side immune disease later developed into a label a fashion inspired school's web existence of stores around the world's. most common one of the most famous alcoholic drinks russia but so be it is who so why be popular here you are so will sometimes be uppermost on anybody's menus in the house yet the atmosphere of eighteenth century germany is recreate his table festive celebration three hundred and sixty five days of the. so she salutes of germany's most popular and read these can be found here and proceed directly from your grace . the german historical institute is an organization in moscow supposed by the ministry of education and science of germany such institutes also exist in london paris washington and other cities worldwide one of the main aims of the establishment in moscow is for the research into russian and german history it also
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specializes in cooperation between young scientists from the three countries and supports joint projects in various studies and publishing their fans of the video pick we have a library here wish opened in two thousand and five unearth her in thirty thousand books and start hiring we don't have any fiction because most of our visitors are people who study history and science properly and we can provide material of the need for the research and work. the people of various constructions have places to gather and worship the first new friends came to the russian capital in the sixteenth century and many of them were german crossman and merchants they started a church here by the beginning of the twentieth century the congregation of evangelical lutheran cathedral of st peter and cool down to about seventeen thousand people fourteen thousand of whom the germans in the soviet times the cathedral was close
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the last decade it finally reopened its stores. welcome to both areas. it almost looks as if it's been transported straight from duty except through facts gemma music plays in the background costumes waitresses carry fistfuls of lead to size be a mugs and the smell of sauerkraut lingers in the air. very nice welcome to the restaurant by various located right in the heart of moscow and then backup drive metro and with this type locations. fun and friendly atmosphere things in serious costume stuff and tasty food the ones of this restaurant the site popular. with the fancy trying to show during cuisine will simply want to some pull german b.s. haris won't disappoint. the restraint specializes not in just any german cuisine but in dishes and drinks from bavaria there are many regions in germany each with
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its own color neary highlights we've decided to have a piece of the variable in school. to discuss in many different areas the restaurant is a maze of different rooms and levels class and my food is ready to table and while there's no look at this food oh i live near distills all france germany for two years for me it's you thousand so why should no one could judge his food in should taste like you'd. walk so how long did it leave those look good. on some cabbage burger or young. young you to see them time to close one time since they see oh as they say in germany the sat lockout that's what i love about the russian capital it's a best to see all the restaurants on offer here but fortunately about still the time i have a myspace profile on german life culture of influence of the russian capital i'll see you get the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the very
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hungry crew by an hour. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in outer space. of the soviet union and one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life words would cost him his
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life. what happened in those few seconds. and what secrets least sealed barrels still hold. your regard any. flight on our team. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we'll go on to the future covered hungry for the full story we've got it firsthand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. raging
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across the arab world puts the heat on the oil prices other countries are looking for ways to avoid an energy crisis but the reluctance to rely on russian supply is going to leave european consumers paying the price for costly alternatives. in libya rebels who are now engaged in the battle for the town of brag and say they have no shortage of weapons and supplied by sympathetic nations opposition fighters are also appealing for more nato airstrikes despite their earlier claims that the bombings are killing
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a growing number of civilians. and british officials are preparing to evict one of its largest travelers communities which will approve the route of thousand people in australia and they insist they've tried to stay on the land and are prepared to fight to stay. the same headlines here and is here with a sports update. hello there you're watching your sports and these are the headlines. quickest again sebastian vettel post the fastest time in china ahead of qualifying in shanghai. classic game say it's a mismatch rusher of the favorites ahead of the f.a. cup semi against depleted italy in moscow. and the salary problems a walkout by june this is the real boss refuses to speak head of el classico. but
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first qualifying has started for me one chinese grand prix early today red bull sebastian vettel dominated the final practice session in shanghai bentleys after his third win from three this season and is looking good at the moment he was to turn to second clear mclaren's jenson button is to make news hamas in the third fastest in practice and battles to make mark webber because of problems with the strict as his running a new strain is down in fifteen on the time sheets while brushing entirely petrol with seven past is in his qualifying key twenty minutes time but i can tell you it is a morton. got into a fast as the momentum pets off his fourth quickest but all of that could change. careers. now in tennis russia taking on italy in the semifinals of the fed cup in moscow today the italians are the defending champions but with that two of
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their star world number three have it is the one really over will lead the way for the hosts is richard brown perfect. and russia and italy have been the dominant forces in effect come for the last decade the russians winning four titles to their opponents pretty firm sides captain shoni of turkey shiv knows just how important it is to win the trophy bank he's named the strongest possible squad crucially including bid as one of the all over the world number three his first album called again saw it on mine and the russian knows what to expect. before. you go looking forward to she's. using. his hands and this is. just. one of the. you know.
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this is the world we call your humble garden with dreams of a top two run players world number four francesca schiavone a five year plan in terms of those two been available it would have been a very tight call to name a favorites but in their absence russia have a clear advantage however this does can draw inspiration from france who wouldn't understand side to much more powerful opponents russia right from the one in the last round i understand about the day that the match from. france and russia and that. yeah you can have iraq and other accidents and you know til mesha lost the man there is a is this is a teen was so strong and that's it he's going to win it to retool and that's because of that because in the russian. a very great player and so this that now we know that we know they're. sure so too are there is no sure the two women
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you know that we need three point two going to cause it's all over will finish natalie's opening scene laws are going to experience roberta vinci and the russians are playing a mega sports arena which only host countries on top of gene will be wanting to get two points on the wall and you can get a job boyd what happened in the last round when show me a puppy should sign him a good fifteen in history to come back from two robbers to knock down and win richmond water you can't see him. meanwhile it is semifinals the monte carlo masters where defending champion and top seed rafael nadal will take on world number five andy murray and the down making the last four with a simple six one six three victory over even lived in the quarter as the spaniard has been a champion here for the last six years and showed every intention to make it seven not really threatening any stage to set up that semi with a merry merry easy victory over portugal but rico gill sixty six won the score and
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that won the brit finding some fault on the clay before you arrived here he had failed to win a match since his defeat in the final but mary has his work cut out against nadal who is the king of the. year the semi is between spain's day with their seven seeded and seventh seed you can melt it he got a stunning win over roger federer the austrian breaking the world number three once and set to record a six four six ball victory against the sixteen time grand slam champion. also a big day on the ice is tell about your life have another chance to win the gaar and up for the first time they lead atlanta three one in the best of seven series and so victory in far today would hand them the trophy year however atlanta will be void by their latest borneo win over sal about which kept them in the series they were heavily indebted to their goaltender constantine but only to perform miracles between the pipes and. says he needs more of the same from him sal about have home
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ice advantage once more where they've one hundred percent record in this series no one would be enough for the trophy and the championship title. meanwhile rush's and canada's best junior players have been up against each other in an exhibition match but it wasn't much of a contest in moscow but the host side called the red stars enjoying a thumping ninety when constantly pitot off as the theater it's. the red stars for eastern all star team of the british columbia hockey league and if a new. where is a make believe in his jersey a strong rivalry can be expected no matter what league they're playing in it was. a great opportunities you play international hockey i know the russians like tim is a highly highly skilled team and i think it's a real wake up call for a guy sander stan that when it's rough in canada you're going to see the best matter what meanwhile the hose just returned from a tour to pull and with a win and a defeat and the russians produced an electric sword breaking through and dominating
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throughout the game really know what to expect. i think the spirit of the game we kind of got caught off guard a little bit you know it's a talented team and you know they they waited for your team canada seem to be confused and just didn't know what to do on the biggest size ice rink which proved an obstacle for them but it's just a lot bigger in the spirit game is so much higher and there's so much more space that makes a very tough to defend. and obviously the office of plays that we used back i don't i don't work out here so it's going to take a little bit of adjusting but that's what the exhibition games for while the red stars put up a really good effort in florida of ghouls was just a matter of time in the end the home side thresh their rivals nine to the final score team can until a few is with a devastating defeat and hard again turned out to be a harsh one with several very painful body checks which could spell injuries for the russians. frankly i haven't even heard of this canadian leg but
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we stayed focused and every moment we should always be very careful with the canadians and keep the head up as well was played so often tried to several of our guys got serious hits. despite the seven goal cushion the match proved once again that an encounter between russian cannon illness is always a real cracker can say about half of our team. now it is a busy day of football in the russian premier league which again could see a new name of the top of the table i personally guard could go two points clear of all this if they can get away in the crease and yet of this afternoon now the game's good banner aiming for their win of the season as they host the process of. tearing just one win from four games are in action against an army of moscow for an england match tonight in payments to city in the semifinals of the f.a. cup with both sides without their star strikers united boss sir alex ferguson forced to bring in dimitar berbatov if they suspended wayne rooney defender jonny
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evans also misses out because of a ban and down with the virus man city will be without a car pulled a hamstring united still in with a chance of the treble bottom placed in the other semifinal on sunday but in reading the today chelsea are looking to bounce back they were knocked out of the champions league by manchester united in a week in their current eleven points behind the table toppers as they travel to west brom the other games all have a bearing on who will get relegated sunderland from the burning of blackpool welcome with an athletic everton host blackburn and west ham aston villa meanwhile second place arsenal in action against liverpool tomorrow with the chance of closing the gap on united to four points. distance from them and you know if you don't believe you could. be. gone before. to be. able to differentiate for.
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as will. probably be. an interesting. things are heating up in spain with this neoclassical tonight between rionda dread barcelona coach josie maria has added spice to it are refusing to say anything at a press conference they could go points clear with six games. with a victory have refused to speak to the media head of the gang that prompted journalist to walk out of the press conference protest instead bringing its assistance i thought that i think i said marina i did not want his words blown out of proportion tonight's game is the first of three meetings between the club's reality brass who will also play in the spanish cup final and in the champions league semifinal. and finally the golfer who shot to fame after shooting a sixteen at a single hole has bounced back and even laughed about his nightmare. american kevin
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no return to the course for a second round with a point to prove following his calamitous score of sixteen on the ninth managed to par it on friday finishing with a seventy seven twelve straights better than his round the previous day and it wasn't a bad score as the wins made everyone struggle there's a seven way tie for the lead is among them a three under par but the day. i could avoid to play tonight again. i was hoping to make a birdie or or. drop it on the right side i wasn't i was going to look because you know that's just not the way that i want to finish so i just missed it very well on the right and i had a five wood. on the green and you've got a program for them to him that is all sports more in a couple of. from
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. them.
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to come. down here for show on t f u k.


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