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i would print certain discipline the photo in touch with her tell me touch your room it's a good job i would international. the chief evergreen lawyer told him told. friends of military initiatives in libya i rico's back fired home with president sarkozy losing points in allies over what's being labeled he's imperial ambitions. trash for some treasure for others india's turning into an electronics waste dump with hazardous computer junk from developed countries in legally sold instead of being recycled. holds for the deepest cosmic mysteries could be cracked soon as russia prepares to launch the century's most ambitious space project the biggest telescope to ever scan the galaxy. in the first quarter has been significant value added to russians talks but it's mostly been driven by oil the bolshoi and also his
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business dealings in about twenty minutes time. is one pm in the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshua welcome to the program it's nearly a month into the operation in libya and for those countries involved it's causing trouble back home especially in france where the president's feeling the pinch as daniel bushell reports it's now being helped by the country's intervention and its former colony of ivory coast of nicolas sarkozy's carrier under threat from accusations of imperialism. if nicolas sarkozy hoped intervening in libya and the oil every coast would boost his. it's backfired he's now for the most unpopular president in the history of france's fifth republic according to the latest opinion
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polls at the weekend the main beneficiary has been marie le pen head of the national front party she's expected to knock him out of next year's presidential elections because he wants pledge france will never again kill people in africa the pen told me he's broken that promise so is this the same as a pos colonial reaction by france by behaving like a well it's policeman deciding who's bad and who's good the president's policies a myriad of former colleagues one inflexible personal style x. finance minister. lift the ruling party this month admitting they called to work together to form a human rights minister run a year they has quit to sarkozy let colonel get that we use france she said as a match to wipe blood off his feet by hosting him in paris now he's hunting the same man down sarkozy also sacked his integration advisor for disagreeing with him
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i direct man that man told r.t. the president doesn't know how to compromise. there's no place for twentieth century colonialism today but there should always be room for negotiation it's to leave nicolas sarkozy with few friends just when he needs them it's become a lonely life inside the presidential palace but mr sarkozy not only a political opponent pulling apart is for policy even former allies like nobody given the talk of his cereal and milk. division pounds work with the president for over seventeen years the former premier fears libya turning into another afghanistan d p m. with no clear deadline we cannot go in any country without knowing when we will go out i think this is the listen that we did not treat from afghanistan in its global diplomacy it's the same problem and
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listen france is facing criticism for what some see as heavy handed intervention in the ivory coast that comes off to germany china brazil russia and india abstained from voting on the un mandated no fly zone over libya a move from strongly advocated that this stuff very safe for the international system that the major part of the world if we take into account the ref and the population of the world abstain the result is a presidency exposed mort at home and abroad for his arrogance personals warlike monarchical republic trailing both look pain and the socialists in his bid for reelection in twenty twelve sarkozy looks unlikely to mellow leaked memos from advisors claim his only chance of winning is to make his policies even more extreme than usual r.t.
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paris. on the ground in libya rebel fighters have retreated from the key eastern town of ajdabiya after having shelling by gadhafi forces it continues a series of the opposition's losses saturday rebels were advancing to the strategic oil fort bragg force after a sandstorm grounded nato aircraft back in march the u.n. security council passed a resolution allowing the intervention but critics say that what's actually happening there it's hard from simply forcing you know fly zone journalist patrick having sense as the repercussions are striking much further east in china just in libya alone chinese contracts are valued something like twenty billion u.s. dollars initially from a chinese point of view the original un resolution as vague as it was asking for a no fly zone you know if the chinese initially thought they took it on face value and said well this is going to help stability in the region by having
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a no fly zone and hopefully things will calm down and we can get back to business as usual obviously we know from events of the last couple of weeks that is it wasn't just about a no fly zone its route was really about for military intervention on the part of nato. in the region in libya so you had this thing all the time the number one economic power of the world is the u.s. this is actually not the case the u.s. is now number two possibly number three in china and the european common market so china doesn't have to have the hyperactive foreign policy behavioral patterns that the west uses to get what he needs to get out of the situation the chinese will say wait be patient and they'll make their move cordingley. journalist patrick henningsen speaking from one of there and all the way here in our t.v. we'll look into the greek myth of graduate opportunities. for graduation day at the economics and aversive in athens an exciting day for most of the students of course
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but the irony of the situation is that most of them will not be able to find a job in their home country. a year after the bailout debt stricken breeze the country's brightest must now look abroad for the euro future we report shortly. a militant leader in russia's southern republic of dagestan has been killed during a special overnight operation he's been wanted for suspected involvement in several terrorist attacks including last year's moscow metro bombings our teams are going to spin off has more. all of this happened in the republic of the just done overnight police stopped two suspicious vehicles to check the i.d.'s both would be passengers they opened fire police opened fire back and as a result or for four militants were killed in this operation and police have now confirmed that one of these men was he said i do believe john of who is a local local terrorist leader and notorious criminal warden he's thought to be
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responsible for organizing various terrorist attacks in the caucasus may be connected to the last adam i did the airport in january and there's also speculation that he's wife me have been one of the female suicide bombers would start to be more school metro in more two thousand and ten so they've now been from that was this was definitely one of these men was definitely isn't everybody john f. and they've also found loads of ammunition and guns like a k forty seven hand guns and grenades and more as a result of this operation authorities have been on the hunt for a girl who was in the tourist criminal war and terrorist leader he's wanted wolf in russia and internationally he took the responsibility for organizing numerous terrorist attacks across the country including the little boy as he's also thought to be linked to al qaida and last a month there was
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a massive joint operation which included the federal security service police and the on me in which authorities destroyed a terrorist training camp in another republican in the caucasus probably go straight to the killed seventeen terrorists first they thought i don't want to could have been holding these people but unfortunately d.n.a. tests showed that so far they haven't found the food that go through model was among these people but they did confirm that some of the killed man in the. in that operation some of the terrorists who are really close to the water. you were pissing off reporting there and now the american consumer appetite fuels thousands of jobs in the developing world but payback is a legacy of pollution and those dudes are past their best firms are getting around regulations and using countries like india as a dumping ground for you schrader now reports. it's the sound americans love
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to hear the sound of the latest laptop or the newest snap book studies show that these days the useful life span of a computer is only two years and every day americans dump their junk in the hope of keeping up with the joneses tallying up to a total of three million tons of electronic waste every year but where does it all go. welcome to ceylon pour a predominantly muslim mostly poverty stricken area of east l.a. where thousands of indians come to turn trash into what they see as a tiny treasure. and more of the my work is only going to get out so. that's how i make my living mohamed is on the thirty two years old and has been tearing apart this trash for ten years in a d.v.d. goods world for peace four hundred to five hundred split between friends and can sell the raw materials and make about a dollar
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a day unlike regular trash that can simply be tossed away in many developed countries including parts of the u.s. electronic waste must be sent to a special collection agency that is supposed to responsibly recycle the parts however while it can cost these agencies anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars to properly recycle a computer they can actually make the same amount if they ship it to a developing country like india were eager buyers think they can turn a profit on the goods deli espouse becoming one of the biggest waste dumping sites in the world trash from developed countries comes here to india where those with few options for survival hope to cash in on this job and even though it's illegal under the basil convention to ship hazardous material to india companies define the junk a second hand goods are mixed models to customs officials to get away with it many countries seem that they need to save. or for. you know with pretty good growth in the country but good to get in and exchange for. rugby our wall is
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the director of toxics like a group dedicated to protecting migrant workers from the dangers of electronic waste and workers. putting stronger suits exposing them for open. and racial hazard it's a reality most of these workers know all too well but it's a dirty job that at least for now gives them a means to survive i know what they do is not good for my heart nor the source of income nor the george will have to do something with the horror that those with no choices are sometimes forced to accept preassure either r t new delhi india. in a few minutes here in r t we hear about plans to unveil the young known mysteries of the universe. in space this what will open its twenty seven petals within thirty minutes and will start its exploration of the unknown and those who have been working on the project for more than twenty years can't wait to start getting
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the first results. join us as we take a look at one of the most in bishop space project in history which promises to revolutionize astronomy. economic recovery in greece is proving to be a long and painful process nearly a year after getting an emergency injection of billions of euros was more sturdy measures ready to bite and unemployment hard to hold down the country also faces a tide of talent going elsewhere for work or visa renegotiate or has been meeting graduates in athens. there was a time when thinkers and philosophers flocked to greece that however is ancient history to graduation day i think in all it's interested in athens an exciting day for most of the students of course but the irony of the situation is that most of them will not be able to find a job in their home country that's a worrying trend brought about by the world's financial crisis which has left deep scars on the greek economy seems to be required to look young and really world will
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cry. from every point of view you could look at us and offer other stories has two master's degrees in political science and history and an unfinished ph d. but his education seems to matter little here in greece you have sort of some connections some things like god not that it's better for the public sector and the private sector. if you don't work very well in this president of the been educated abroad it's very lose the connection because it will be much easier for example there are a broad become bike and it's more difficult to build up that on the connection let's say. spent three years in total looking for a job in his country that's aside from doing mandatory military service now he's thinking it's time to dust off his shoes and go west i'm going to give the swords in england if you don't he will call the will come god you're going to come back.
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his party is shared by many thirty something greeks some like me hollis rely on their parents for help i'm trying to find a job in my favor. my job. sometimes i'm thinking of finding something or something other way or. something like that i'm very close but i resist i'm not. with the room full of this financial crisis or sists despair may take over the entire country and news this greece has been badly affected by the crisis the contraries and danger of losing a lot of foreign interest. and not just financially speaking the young energetic and educated workforce me leave the country and the us never to be seen here again even if those core team wins. greece isn't the only country that's financially
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flatlining economics watchers say the u.s. is lucky to have kept the walls from the door up to now it's up for discussion across stark leader today r.t. and here's some of what's in store. it states of america if we didn't have the dollar is the reserve currency of the world we'd be greece and the us is actually an old greek in the greeks because if you're unfunded liabilities to the nation no good figure i mean the national debt. isn't really what this is really about but really the unfunded liabilities are the so-called fears go there well that's two hundred and put trillion us dollars or in many ways that's worse then greece the budget deficit is most annoyed at the same it's crazy of ten point eight percent budget deficit in the euro zone was formed or not there's a euro zone is any better i mean they're just blowing up right now at all so we say stay out of the us dollar stay out of any form of medium to long term u.s. treasuries but by the way also euro zone doesn't look good and so all the rest we
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are very optimistic on it ok jeffrey in cambridge i'm going to use is that too bleak of a picture there are many people like myself have been worried about this for thirty years there's nothing bad about. this year the only thing that's bad about this year is it's become a political issue this year the american political system kind of bizarrely swings back and forth between not being concerned at all about the problem and making it much worse with huge tax cuts. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world a man dressed as a soldier rogue afghan defense ministry headquarters in kabul reports suggest he was trying to set off a bomb it did kill at least two and injured seven people before being killed himself during a shootout with guards local media says local media say there were three attackers and that one did blow himself up reports from france suggest it's the fans minister
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was the target of the attack but that he was not in the building. two car bombs have gone off at a security checkpoint in baghdad killing at least nine and injuring dozens the blast struck early on monday morning near the hadley secured area which houses an international presence known as a green zone most of the dead and wounded were iraqi soldiers. there's been a surge of support for a nationalist party in finland which has won a fifth of seats in a parliamentary election the euro skeptic tour of finns strongly oppose rescue plan for debt ridden european economies there is a possibility fillin could veto the aid projects the party came third in a close run vote and just a few seats separate the top three now the leading national coalition party will look for partners to form a government. police in yemen have fired on protesters as thousands marched through the capital in a bid to and the thirty three year rule of the country's president dozens were
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injured the security forces shot live ammunition and tear gas at the crowd official say the clashes erupted after protesters smashed windows and attacked shops gulf countries are currently trying to broker a timetable for president saleh to leave office. russia's finance ministers has joining the world trade organization will get underway in the next few months speaking at a world bank session in washington but more than you talk to our team as well here next hour longstanding trade restrictions with the u.s. won't hinder the process. the jackson family commitment is not pulls any real obstacles to russia's accession to the w two your i mean is the lifting of the cement is to lead it doesn't mean russia will have to abandon its intention to join the w t your it will limit the u.s. presence on the russian market in cooperation between russian and american companies will be affected and russian freedom relations with other countries will
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be defined by the beach deal regular you've got to see american companies are in greater need of waving them in than we are on their proposed. russian scientists are confident of being able to see into the deepest secrets of the cosmos and their ambitious telescope project sprott to gather the world's top minds and will allow the galaxies to be seen with amazing clarity or does there because it takes a closer look. it's been over a decade in a making good the most ambitious russian space project for years also moved from science fiction to signs that a massive radio telescope promises to review the mysteries of deep space. is the father of the project he says within a matter of months hundreds of kilometers from the earth it will be scanning the far corners of the universe. to destroy many people wonder is as our planet the sun
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our galaxy we can't be alone out there and talk of parallel worlds and time travel may sound my science fiction let's say we only know four percent about the universe surrounding us and we hope to be able to look beyond that. if there are also known as radio astro will be the biggest telescope ever launched into space together with its largest all of them siblings it will create a network able to provide detailed images of the universe as a resolution will be a thousand times sharper than that on america's hubble telescope. radio national will expand the limits of human knowledge we might be standing on the threshold of a revolution when things like dark matter cold start become observable. and the heart of the complex is a gigantic ten metre mirror there can only be seen when the telescope is fully open and it's almost ready to leave its home in moscow and travel to the launch pad in the next step is in space this will open its twenty seven petals within thirty
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minutes and will start its exploration of piano and those who have been working on the project for more than twenty years can't wait to start getting results. based at the ground observatory that's part of the project says he made sacrifices in favor of radio astronomy he feels he's devoted a good part of his life to it. initially the interest from the ninety ninety one the break up of the soviet union put an end to those plans and brought financial difficulties the project was shelved so fifteen out of those almost thirty years were lost in very now that it's been brought up to date everyone in the industry is holding their breath the emotions well let me tell you a funny god we're back to quality space science and let's try to work but it works out and with that the whole scientific world which is the mission good luck hope all of mankind will benefit. over r.t.
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and. i'll get more on everything we're covering here at r.t. dot com let's see what else is there right now we hear from a russian siren who lifts the lid on her close contact with the cord of a tie in prime minister silvio berlusconi. and why the german tech giant siemens is in the frame over a cyber attack on iran's nuclear industry details are edited out. and after a business of date with you if he. thanks very much this is business our c hello and welcome to the program the first quarter has seen significant value added to russia's talks that it's mostly been driven by
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oil and grease we've heard from girls he believes call the crude prices will give a boost to other sectors i think if we were to see energy prices i'd restabilizing are going a little bit lower and that would be good for the global backdrop the fact that oil prices would likely stay above one hundred dollars which level the russian budget balances that think that would be sort of a good enough backdrop for the russia story and then we could start to see investors branching out on the oil and gas plays in russia looking for more domestic stories the sort of companies and sectors that benefit from higher it from the higher for longer oil revenues like the banks like infrastructure stories like the retailers so i think the second quarter will be a transition we're still looking at a very positive second half for russia we expect to see much greater focus on stocks that would benefit from the improving economy can expect to see then from the better budget in fiscal backdrop will be expect i think in the second quarter it's you know we come into the second quarter we're still with
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a lot of global uncertainties that are affecting the russia story by the end of it i think we will see this move towards domestic stories and a calmer oil price are going through the equity markets which will be positive for us. russia's industrial output grew run fine the sun's a not get is the love is for fifteen months but on the positive about growth prospects russia's economics ministry has increased its annual production so the constancy of the form of the sun they say has been see says the number of new orders is growing at the highest pace in three days with manufacturers leading the way. russian hong kong boosting professional ties presently that of expired south to five of russia initial public offering to take place in the region this year the president of the hong kong stock exchange says he's interested in close apollo mission with moscow's. moscow is going through some reform process because the major changes i believe merging. and the model looks very similar to hong
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kong both in terms of product and terms of clearing settlements and so on so i think you know from that perspective clearly we have a lot of common interests indeed we signed a memo you with my ship several years ago and we're always open to ideas for corporations. oil prices are down despite saudi arabia cutting output and concerns the market is of the supply route is stabilizing after the presidential election nigeria run peacefully the country is a major oil exporter brant is trading at nearly one hundred twenty three dollars per barrel while the light sweet crude is below one hundred nine dollars per barrel . the price of gold has reached a record high of one thousand four hundred runs into dollars an ounce amounting inflation arrived the globe and europe's sovereign debt crisis pointed investors to look into something that holds value so that has also gained its currency trading
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around forty three dollars an ounce which is its highest level since the decades. let's have a look at the markets now the european markets are in the red with germany losing around point eight percent there's some odd buying so we could have caused a lot of with shares of deutsche bank down around one point six percent while congress find this around two hundred percent arrived. and here russia the markets are also losing this hour by the artists and the markets are down almost a one star. let's have a look at some means of each other share movies other trick companies that are down and it's threatening retreating right or prices gas companies around point six percent in the red meanwhile banking and financial stocks are in the main news is with broadband down on was two percent of my six. and that was off his business update on it some more about thirty minutes time and you can always log on to our website. that's.
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i live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in this hurry to be a man or a survivor. bother her. or
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forms. road kill there's no may be on. the streets of the. temple the official r.c.m.p. cation giong a phone called touch from the queue sampson. cianci life on the go. video on demand copies mine pulls comes and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call she dot com. from. more news today violence is once again flared up.


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