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in the. polls good nicolas sarkozy is a popularity rating that historic numbers critics are saying the president is taking france down the path of imperialism with military intervention in libya and the ivory coast. crushing the security services kill a high level terror target with links to deadly bomb attacks on moscow this happening in the overnight shoot out in the south of the country. india becomes a developing world's electronic dumping ground with people in the heart of the country risking their health by picking apart hazardous and drunk. and a euro skeptic move to take over in less nationalists are strongly opposed to the
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new bail out projects when the country's parliament says. it is just after six pm on a monday here in moscow are you with r.t. putting france at the leading edge of western military action is turning into a political bomb that threatens to explode explode in the face of president nicolas sarkozy critics lining up to label him as a modern imperialist daniel a partial reports sarkozy's prospects for a second term look shaking at best. if nicolas sarkozy hoped intervening in libya and the oil free coast would boost his popularity is backfired but he's no boy for the most unpopular president in the history of france's fifth republic according to the latest opinion polls at the weekend the main beneficiary has been marie le pen
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head of the national front party she's expected to knock him out of next year's presidential elections sarkozy wants pledge france will never again kill people in africa the pen told me he's broken that promise so this will be seen as a cost colonial reaction by france by behaving like a well schoolies man deciding who is bad and who's good the president's policies a mirror it had former colleagues one inflexible personal style x. finance minister. lift the ruling party this month admitting they called to work together form a human rights minister remi yet he has quit to sarkozy let colonel gadhafi use france she said as a door mats to wipe blood off his feet by hosting him in paris now he's hunting the same man down sarkozy also sacked his integration advisor for disagreeing with him
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directly meant that a man told r.t. the president doesn't know how to compromise. there's no place for twentieth century colonialism to be but there should always be room for negotiation it's all leaves nicolas sarkozy with few friends just when he needs them it's become a lonely life inside the presidential palace but mr sarkozy not only a political opponent of pulling apart is for policy even for lies like nobody could be the talk of his hero. to villain plans work with the president for over seventeen years the former premier fears libya's turning into another afghanistan a deep. war with no clear deadline we cannot go in any country without knowing when we will go out i think this is the listen that we did not treat from afghanistan in its global diplomacy it's the same problem. france is
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facing criticism for what some see as heavy handed intervention in the ivory coast the result is a presidency experts more at home and abroad for his arrogance first it was more like a call for a popular trail in both pain and the socialists in his bid for reelection in twenty two world because he looks on likely to mellow leaked memos from a voice as claimed his only chance of winning is to make his policies even more extreme than usual see paris well meantime on the ground in libya rebels are struggling to regain control over their key eastern town which has been the scene of much fierce fighting they had previously been forced to flee following heavy shelling and a sniper fire from kidnap and troops fighting also continues in misrata the opposition's the last major foothold in the west of the country and government forces have been laying siege to the city for weeks and there are reports of
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a growing in humanitarian crisis rebel leaders they say they need more arms and ammunition to resist attacks journalist patrick henningsen says there are repercussions of an unstable libya are striking much further to the east all the way to china of the goals of intervention. stated intervention by the un in nato. or very different than what was drawn up in resolution. three goals or regime change. both of the goals of the control of resources. and the victualling in other words the dismantling of chinese economic interests in africa just in libya. and chinese contracts or some value something like twenty billion u.s. dollars per year over from the chinese investments in north africa has dropped almost fifteen percent in the first two months of this year you know if the chinese
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initially thought he took it on face value and said well this is going to help stability in the region by having a no fly zone over fully things will calm down and we can get back to business as usual obviously we know from the variance of the last couple weeks is that it wasn't just about a no fly zone it's route was really about full on military intervention and china doesn't have to have the hyperactive foreign policy behavioral patterns that the west users to get what it needs to get out of the situation the chinese will sit wait be patient and they'll make their move cordingley. you know with r.t. and still to come for you in the program greeks seeking the efforts the financial crisis hits the younger generation hardest graduates pushed abroad and such a proper job. and the russians are in that space scientists prepared to unveil an ambitious telescope project over ten years in the breaking. into the cosmos than
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ever before. russian officials have confirmed that one of the figureheads for islamic radicalism in southern russia has been killed widely known as i mean a sign he's been linked to a series of terrorist attacks including last year's moscow metro bombings nazis' north caucasus correspondent medina is now following the latest developments. well everything happened on sunday night two cars were stopped at a checkpoint in dagestan but when the driver refused to open the car and opened fire the police fights back and out beyond for terrorists including the militant leader is that i believe body john the four killed and these terrorists think responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks not only in doggy style but across the russia's north caucasus over the john of also known as the new france run a was a believed to be responsible for training women to become suicide bombers or for
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future terrorist attacks across russia and the national committee says that russia's most wanted terrorist. appointed to value john of to be hands of terrorists in dagestan in october twenty times and even other ways of a major terrorist operations is underway here in the north caucasus but still a d.n.a. test showed no evidence of models and he's a not only on the list of russia's most wanted terrorist but he's also on the list of most wanted terrorist in the united states he claimed responsibility for most though damage to the airport terrorist attack of this year and a number over the most go natural born means that happened last year but still after a number of operations that took place here in of the north caucasus there is no clear information of where those who might have might be. more news are
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going to get stories you can always talk to some of what now and see what items you have like a for you i'm going to school examination with nothing to do with education russia introduces drug tests for pupils but more to catch them using drugs rather to persuade pickers to stay away. and innovation in russian prisons health oriented inmates can now choose to serve their sentence in a non smoking cell. and of course you can always share your own videos and news stories of r.t. to come look at your screen right now you can see where it says upload your video about the section where you truly can upload your video to video and perhaps one of these days you'll see your footage right here on t.v. .
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star at ten minutes past the hour right here in moscow you with r t well there's a few gifts for young graduates and post crisis in greece the government is so deep in the red it's being forced to restructure the whole country not just as debt the consequence is a drain of the nation's a best brains heading abroad to find themselves a future. there was a time when thinkers and philosophers flocked to greece that however is ancient history to graduation day i think in all it's an aversive in athens an exciting day for most of the students of course but the irony of the situation is that most of them will not be able to find a job in their home country that's a worrying trend brought about by the world financial crisis which has left deep scars on the greek economy simply better. really world we. were prepared. from every point of view. could be could have some awful
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awful stories has two master's degrees in political science and history and an unfinished ph d. but his education seems to matter a little here in greece you got sucked up some connection with some things like that not that it's better for the public sector and the private sector. if you don't work very well and have been educated abroad it's very loose the connection because we've all been luckier for example there were abroad they come back and it's more difficult to build up to come the connection. to spend three years in total looking for a job in his country that's aside from doing mandatory military service and now he's thinking it's time to dust off his shoes and go west i'm going to give you the suds in england and if it doesn't work out we come back you know it's going come back. his party is shared by many thirty something greeks some like me hollis
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rely on their parents for help i'm trying to find a job in my favor. sometimes i'm thinking of finding something or something or other work or believe or something like that i'm very close but i resist. the butt of this financial crisis or cysts despair may take over the entire country music greece has been badly affected by the crisis the country is in danger of losing a lot of foreign interest. and not just financially speaking the young energetic and educated workforce me leave the country and the us never to be seen here again if you don't score a te greece. portugal is negotiating a possible financial bailout but political events in finland could sink their chances russian list a party that true films made major gains in the general election i was threatening
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to veto any e.u. loans to lisbon you heard from the finnish institute of international affairs says there's nothing unusual in the party starts. previous own finis economic crises in the early ninety's when finland mostly bailed itself out you know way that you could survive without support from the others and this is something which goes to that in this mentality the people and nations should take care of their own economy and in that sense i think this is something worth the very strongly feel about which this is of course something that is what you can see in other parts of northern europe as well and then of course there is the question in those countries who are receiving funds from the european union but there is also a very trusted course tourer to measure the policies of those governments under the more and more popular these days so yes there are divisions there africa relations into europe but i think that to come as a surprise because the issues at stake are so huge and the amount of the euro is
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what is needed to save the european economy and the credibility of euro they are huge issues and of course there is political debate within the country among the european partners as well. and very here when we compare the eurozone crisis with the situation in the united states how critical is america's partner that that's of course coming up cross talk show in just a few hours right here at. increasing. i guess that's a reference on the eurozone was there was a limit of three percent budget deficit as a percentage of g.d.p. it is normally considered a maximum sustainable so the u.s. is now at ten point eight percent clearly we have been warning there beyond that i don't know. just ticking a quarter minute quarter past the hour here in moscow you see the appetite of the
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hungry u.s. consumer is being fed by a steady supply of goods from developing nations those items often make the very same return journey because when americans no longer want them it's countries like india that end up as a dumping ground. it's the sound americans love to hear the sound of the latest laptop or the newest snap book studies show that these days the useful lifespan of a computer is only two years and every day americans dump their junk in the hope of keeping up with the joneses tallying up to a total of three million tons of electronic waste every year but where does it all go. welcome to ceylon pour a predominantly muslim mostly poverty stricken area of east l.a. where thousands of indians come to turn trash into what they see as a tiny treasure. and one of the my work is going to get up to this money out of
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them a good amount but that's how i make my living homages on this thirty two years old and has been tearing apart this trash for ten years in a d.v.d. good goods with rubies four hundred to five hundred split between friends and can sell the raw materials and make about a dollar a day unlike regular trash that can simply be tossed away in many developed countries including parts of the us electronic waste must be sent to a special collection agency that is supposed to responsibly recycle the parts however while it can cost these agencies anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars to properly recycle a computer they can actually make the same amount if they ship it to a developing country like india were either buyers think they can turn a profit on the goods delhi has passed becoming one of the biggest waste dumping sites in the world trash from developed countries comes here to india or those with few options for survival hope to cash in on this job and even though it's illegal under the battle convention to ship hazardous material to india companies define
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the junk as second hand goods or mixed models to customs officials to get away with it many countries feeling that they need to save on computers because if the. of predicable getting in the country but what they get in an exchange for that is for each of rugby agarwal is the director of toxics away a group dedicated to protecting migrant workers from the dangers of electronic waste in delhi workers having a very putting struggle it's exposing them to feel all kinds of racial hazards it's a reality most of these workers know all too well but for them it's a dirty job that at least for now gives them a means to survive i know what i do is not good for my health but i have no other source of income nor the job so i have to do something or the other horror that those with no choices are sometimes forced to accept either r t new delhi india.
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russia finance minister has warned that high oil prices are not all positive for the country's economy. was speaking at a world bank session in washington but he took the time to speak with us here at r.t. first here's a preview of what you can watch out in full coming your way a little bit later this hour. the thing is that whenever the place grow significantly over a short period of time russia gets a large improve and it will dollars and that either causes inflation which again hinders investment into russia as inflation causes the interest rates to go up or leads to the stripping of the ruble a stronger ruble leads to a puter x. where performance increased import volumes and makes imports cheaper that's making the imported goods competitive with domestic ones this slows down the domestic production rates and therefore such an influential dollars could have a negative impact. there's r.t. russian scientists believe they could soon be peering through the looking glass to
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outer space as the most secrets. telescope project has brought together the world's top minds and it all goes to plan will allow galaxies far far away to be seen with amazing clarity very much governor takes a closer look. it's been over a decade in the making but the most ambitious russian space project for years also moved from science fiction to science fact a massive radio telescope promises to review the mysteries of deep space. is the father of the project he says within a matter of months hundreds of kilometers from the earth it will be scanning the far corners of the universe. that many people wonder if it does planets the sun our galaxy and we can't be alone out there good to talk of parallel worlds and time travel may sound like science fiction let's say we only know percent about the universe around us what we hope to be able to look beyond that. if there are also
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known as we asked john will be the biggest telescope ever launched into space together with its largest earthbound siblings it will create a network able to put my detailed images of the universe the resolution will be a thousand times sharper then that america's hubble telescope stores a radio national expand the limits of human knowledge we might be standing on the threshold of the revolution with things like dark matter coal start to come up serve a book. and the heart of the complex is a gigantic ten metre mirror there can only be seen when the telescope is open and it's almost ready to leave its home in moscow and travel to the launch in the next step is in space this lawwell open its twenty seven petals within thirty minutes and will start its exploration of piano and those who have been working on the project for more than twenty years call. wait to start getting results through the
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fields he's devoted a good part of his life to radio astro. initially the interest planned for nine hundred ninety one from the break up of the soviet union put an end to those plans and brought financial difficulties the project was shelved so fifteen out of those almost thirty years were lost in very now that it's been brought up to date everyone in the industry is hunting their breath the emotions will let me tell you frank god we're back to the science and let's try it works out and with that whole scientific world which is the mission good luck hope all of mankind will benefit. over r.t. . the right time to watch out some other headlines from around the world this hour at least nine people have been killed and dozens wounded after two suicide car bombs exploded in the capital of iraq of course baghdad where service say both cars detonated as they were queuing to enter the heavily fortified green zone in the
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heart of the capital business and government violence in iraq has been increasing over the last year the bombings once again almost daily occurrence. two robots sent into the reactor buildings at the focus nuclear power plant have found massive amounts of radiation that's barring any workers from entering the plant's operator also announced a new nine month plan to stabilize the situation proposing to cover their reactors with a china mobile like sarcophagus the situation at the nuclear complex remains critical with radiation leaks and a difficult access to the progress. of a partial vote count has put incumbent leader good luck jonathan on track to win the presidency of nigeria but the prospect of a christian president has put africa's most populous nation on the brink almost half of the country's population is muslim and violent rioting has already begun in . number of regions drunk became a leader after the former muslim president. ok time now for the latest from the
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world of business with dmitri. thanks rory stock markets around the world are plunging after stand was questioned the credit worthiness of the united states rating agency as the outlook for the u.s. economy from stable to negative amid worries over the lack of political resolve to deal with the country's spiraling debt and for analysis i'm joined by a man knows that well from the x. capital very good to see that so this is the first time we're seeing a negative outlook for the world's largest economy. absolutely and you would have thought that if we saw a negative outlook or even a downgrade it would have happened a couple of years ago with the banking crisis but. taking a look at the situation in the us is looking at around about sixteen trillion dollars i said well you know this is pretty unsustainable you something needs to be done about this and you need something needs to be done fairly soon as well
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otherwise it runs the risk of a severe credit downgrade and losing that coveted aaa status now we've seen the dow go down two hundred thirty eight points or around two percent on the news do you think this is the beginning of a new crisis could that be it. really could be if the other ratings agencies or the three main are the ratings agencies out there all follow suit as well i don't think any of them will be so bold as to go out there and to downgrade the u.s. to anything less than aaa certainly not the moment if they do then you could see you go wider so a lot going on in the equity markets and in the commodity markets as well because we see where the money has gone into three four points of easing and this is where the money is likely to come out from the rubble how much time does the u.s. government have now to get to grips with its public finances. well go. so a year or so. nice to start tackling its public finances the standard course
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comments from earlier on say said rocky right about two years but then if we start to see this the steamroller coming into effect whereby more more credit agencies start to revise their outlook negatively as well that's going to have a weakening effect on the u.s. economy anyway so you need to tackle the situation you need to tackle you soon all right so yeah they will be. making some kind of decision very soon what is the market looking for right now it's down two percent as i mentioned in the russian markets actually they have said now how far down what's the way to pull. a lot further remember we've had a very good run up in the markets in the last couple of months or so but the volume has been very thin to the upside as well so no major conviction buying to the upside and therefore the market was looking for a catalyst to move it down and we got it this afternoon it was a major surprise no one was expecting it although there have been rumblings in the market you could go down a lot further all right what do investors do right now do they move out completely
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out of stocks and move into gold and commodities but very money into the ground what do you do. disease a sector that seen a lot of the in the course of easing money flow into it anyway so if you're buying into commodities you could be buying at very high price already and certainly stocks as well. what would be advisable is to look at hedging tactics through to possibly go long ones or. assets that are a lot more safe in the current environment is while crude oil is a fantastic one although it has had a very good run black gold is proving to be of some value and could be some store of value going forward as well so other alternative ass's other than a quick he's reduce your holdings iniquities and look elsewhere are known as one final question we have already seen rate hikes in europe we're expecting them in the united states could this process of write heise actually speed up right now do you think. i don't think it's going to speed up i think what we're going to see is
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increased talk of course the reason possibly coming to an end there's only so much money that the u.s. economy can have pumped into it and it needs to probably come to an end within the next six months or so i don't think we'll see a u.s. rate hike at any point this year it could be early next year that we do still see interest rates going up for us inflation is less of a problem there than it is over here but we're going to have to raise interest rates for some point ok thank you very much man as well senior trader from e.t.s. capital thanks so much for your comments. rise moved to take a look at the market reaction in europe the first see in the dax are sharply down because on the news banks are suffering a double whammy as a rating agency moody's downgraded banks to junk status moody's says it remains concerned about dublin's ability to push through a restructuring of the so yes here in russia the markets are also taking a massive bleeding we're looking actually at european figures right now if we could
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move to two russian figures yeah they are down almost four percent my six more than three and a half percent secular some of the stocks energy companies are down amid retreating oil prices and the u.s. state of course is the downgrade how rosneft is three point six percent biggest loser is burbank five point six percent. of course banking stocks are falling in the footsteps of their european and u.s. conference they're down so much this hour while prices also down amid news on the u.s. economy bread is trading around one hundred twenty one now dollars a barrel light sweet crude down around one hundred seven dollars a barrel. price of gold is setting a new high it is down right now just the knowledge it was at around fourteen hundred ninety five when we last looked at it this is of concerns about u.s. debt. these are prompting investors to look and look into something that holds value
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so those also close to record highs of down one percent us up and we will be back in the second one hour's time with an update on the business news on i'll take that step. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've done the future of coverage.


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