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sunday a beach hotel the western resort to subdue club med so if you tell someone you love . the. ground many as you call to return to the seasons hotel the sultan which is. the political cost of twentieth century imperialism french president sarkozy loses ground ahead of next year's election after his poll ratings following military africa. major terrorist leader linked to deadly moscow bombings is killed in southern russia after a routine police id check turns into a major fight. and a dumping ground for the developed world electronic rubbish for india resort to dismantling as of the junk because that only means of survival. and global stocks are down with. four percent. s. and p.
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downgrade the credit outlook for the united states but stable more about the mouth with. international news live from our studios in central moscow this is. putting france leading edge of western military action is turning into a political bomb that threatens to explode in the face of president. critics are lining up to label him a mob imperialist daniel bushell reports prospects for a second term look shaky at best. if nicolas sarkozy hoped intervening in libya and the oil free coast would boost his popularity it's backfired he's now why for the most unpopular president in the history of france's fifth republic according to the latest opinion polls at the weekend the main beneficiary has been
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marie le pen head of the national front party she's expected to knock him out of next year's presidential elections because he wants pledge france will never again kill people in africa and then told me he's broken that promise so that this will be seen as a past colonial reaction by france by behaving like a well it's policeman deciding who's bad and who's good the president's policies a myriad i'd former colleagues by an inflexible personal style x. finance minister. lift the ruling party this month admitting they can't work together form a human rights minister ram a year they has quit to sarkozy let colonel give that we use france she said as a tool mats to wipe blood off his feet while hosting him in paris now he's hunting the same man down sarkozy also sacked his integration advisor for disagreeing with
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him at the recommend pac-man told r.t. the president doesn't know how to compromise. there's no place for twentieth century colonialism today but there should always be room for negotiation it's all leaves nicolas sarkozy with few friends just when he needs them it's become a lonely life inside the presidential palace of mr sarkozy not only a political opponent of pulling apart is for policy even former allies like nobody now talk of his serial. to fill plans work with the president for over seventeen years a former premier fears libya turning into another afghanistan. on popular war with no clear line we cannot go in any country without knowing when we will go out i think this is the listen that we did not treat from afghanistan in its global diplomacy it's the same problem. france is facing criticism for what some see as he
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handed intervention in the ivory coast the result is a presidency experts mort at home and abroad for his arrogance saul's monarchical republican trailing both pain and the socialists in his bid for reelection in twenty twelve because he looks on likely to mellow leaked memos from advisors clean his only chance of winning is to make his policies even more extreme and r.t. paris well to talk more about the global ambitions of western powers let's cross live to london based journalist and author actually think they have you on t.v. again actually i spoke yesterday with a london based journalist who suggested that another world was interested in africa and the middle east china now that's a country that has extensive energy in construction investments there in libya is this really a worry for western powers and the u.s. in particular they think. i think it's definitely part of the wider context
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luncheon over a gate that china has more investments probably in angola or zambia than libya but definitely china is part of this equation that's worrying washington i'd say rather more than european union leaders but definitely one only has to look at khartoum to see chinese investment in africa and gaddafi was one person who for all his privatization and later suddenly coming back to the western fold he still didn't like african american defense network now a good hit in germany regarding africa and he didn't really like the u.s. dollar and what is going to currency for the continent of africa we have to wait and see to find out but if china does have significant interests in libya why didn't it veto that u.n. resolution on a no fly zone in order to protect its interests do you think it's rapidly becoming a mystery to quite a few people why russia and china decided to abstain in u.n.
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security council resolution one hundred seventy three i think some people would say that china ironically has some some colliding ambitions as it were when it comes to libya because bahrain and saudi are currently in the throes of demonstrations not covered on western corporate media and ironically china needs a stable saudi arabia and bahrain for its own energy needs so u.s. interests and chinese interests are one in the same to a degree perhaps that is why on the in this case abstain but certainly when it comes to russia the foreign minister sergei lavrov was quick to say the last few days that we need a cease fire in libya not more nato bombardment but about the relationship between china and iran how much of a challenge is that to western interests. i think as i was saying that in africa
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countries like sudan which are outside of the us orbit iran is outside of the us orbit there seems to be another had germany in the making many people say that china of course is going to be the new superpower chinese investment in iran circles some hundred sixty five billion dollars or so it is rapidly finding problems of un resolutions regarding iran so in that case beijing and washington's interests don't coincide and i think lots of countries are now looking to. the other side washington it has to be said. according to one national security agency advisor to donal and he said the reason we went into libya one factor was we had to get off we had no war could no longer be leader and it would look to iran is if we make threats that we don't follow through on bizarre wagering on foreign policy just very very briefly when we were running
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a comment that you know and we're actually seeing it in our output there are some analysts saying a new cold war is emerging between china and the us i mean it is that an exaggeration. i think there has been a cold war since the second world war withdrawn or arguably it is certainly hotting up but the state department of think tanks on capitol hill don't seem to understand what to do perhaps because of american lobbying firms on k. street in washington who themselves are trying to gain contracts with the world's a growing fastest growing or most exciting economy like china we mustn't forget the new government in the history of the world has brought so many people out of poverty so many hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and social justice the chinese government. finally i've been told you about libya very briefly i want your comments about the current situation there in libya everybody saying it's a stalemate what should happen next to get some sort of breakthrough just briefly to end all this well arguably we should quickly have moscow and beijing come in
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there putting their ceasefire plans that they've been urging on washington in the west and perhaps we're going to have is a venezuela piece churchill said george you're not war i know responsibility from arab partners from the arab world at all unless you're talking about moscow and beijing. and the african union as well and i think many people on the average in the arab league are now very very disquiets very very disconcerted by what is going on the continued later bombardment i have a very odd opposition group but no one is sure the make up the make up or. journalist north action returns he joining us live in london thanks for your comments always good to hear from me thank you. well still to come in the program greeks seeking gifts the financial crisis hits the younger generation hardest with graduates pushed abroad in search of a job. so russia is high in space such as the bed one fan and i'm sure telescope project over ten years in the making that will look deeper into the cosmos than
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ever before. russian officials are confirmed one of the figure heads for islamic radicalism in southern russia a man widely known as has been killed in the same region security services have surrounded the building which is harboring an unknown number of militants there are reports of heavy gunfire in artie's north caucasus correspondent medina questioner is following the latest developments for us. well everything happened on sunday night two cars were stopped at the checkpoint in dagestan but when the driver refused to open the car and opened fire the police fights back and out beyond for terrorists including the militant leader is that you'll believe john of were killed and these terrorists think responsibility for number of terrorist attacks not only the star but across the russia's north caucasus john are also known as first run over was a believed to be responsible for training women to become suicide bombers or for
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future terrorist attacks across russia and the national committee says that russia's most wanted terrorist. pointed to value john have to be very hard of terrorists in october twenty times indeed another wave of a major terrorist operations is underway here in the north caucasus but still a d.n.a. test showed no evidence of a mile off and these are not only on the list of russia's most wanted terrorist but he's also on the list of the most wanted terrorists in the united states he claimed responsibility for moscow dumb idea that airport terrorist attack of this year and a number over the most go natural born that happened last year but still after a number of anti terrorist ulcerations that took place here in the north caucasus
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there is no clear information of where they might be. well for more news and feature stories you can always log on to our website it's. a quick look at what's lined up for you right now they're all like a school examination with nothing to do with education russia introduces drug tests for pupils not to catch kids using drugs but to persuade them to stay away from the . innovation of russian prison inmates can choose to serve their sentence in a no smoking sign. and you can also share your own videos news stories or just click upload your video section maybe one day you'll see your footage here on the t.v. . there are a few young graduates in post crisis creates the government is so deep in the red
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it's being forced to restructure the whole country not just its debt the consequence is a drain of the nation's best brains heading abroad to find a future. there was a time when thinkers and philosophers flocked to greece that however is ancient history to graduation day at the economics interest in athens an exciting day for most of the students of course but the irony of the situation is that most of them will not be able to find a job in their home country that's a worrying trend brought about by the world's financial crisis which has lived deep scars on the greek economy. from. the upper thirty's has two master's degrees in political science and history and an unfinished ph d. because education seems to matter little here in greece. things like
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the. undergrowth that's. if you don't work very well in the space of. being educated abroad it's going to lose the connection because the remark you of the broad become by going it's more difficult to believe that the combination of the students spent three years in total looking for a job in his country aside from do mandatory military service now he's thinking it's time to dust off his shoes and go rest i'm going to give you the subs in england and if you don't come back. we're going to come bug but. his point is shared by many thirty something greeks some like me hollis rely on their parents for help i'm trying to find the. fever. sometimes i'm thinking of finding something or something. something like
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i'm very close but i resist. with the blue this financial crisis your sister is clear we take over the entire country music business greece has been badly affected by the crisis the country is in danger of losing a lot of foreign interest. and not just financially speaking the young energetic and educated workforce may leave the country and the us never to be simpler again when it comes corti. greece. and later today we compare the eurozone crisis with the situation in the us how critical is america's public debt well that's in our cross talk about a little later. germany and increasingly looking shaky on the government but just as a reference on the eurozone was spot on there was a limit of three percent a budget deficit as a percentage of g.d.p. that is normally considered the maximum sustainable so the u.s.
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is now at ten point eight percent clearly as we have been warning we're beyond that point out. the appetite of the ever hungry u.s. consumer is being fed by a study supply of goods from developing nations those items often make the very same return journey because when americans no longer want them it's countries like india and end up as a dumping ground. it's the sound americans love to hear the sound of the latest laptop or the newest snapshot studies show that these days the useful lifespan of a computer is only two years and every day americans dump their junk in the hope of keeping up with the joneses tallying up to a total of three million tons of electronic waste every year but where does it all go. welcome to ceylon for a predominantly muslim mostly poverty stricken area of east l.a.
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where thousands of indians come to turn trash into what they see as a tiny treasure. and more of the economy. going it's ok. that's how i make my living mohamed is honest thirty two years old and has been tearing apart this trash for ten years in a d.v.d. good goods works with these four hundred to five hundred split between friends and can sell the raw materials and make about a dollar a day unlike regular trash that can simply be tossed away in many developed countries including parts of the u.s. electronic waste must be sent to a special collection agency that is supposed to responsibly recycle the parts however while it can cost these agencies anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars to properly recycle a computer they can actually make the same amount if they ship it to a developing country like india were eager buyers think they can turn a profit on the goods delhi espouse becoming one of the biggest e.u.
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waste dumping sites in the world trash from developed countries comes here it. for those with few options for survival hope to cash in on this job and even though it's illegal under the basil convention to ship hazardous material to india companies to find the junk a second hand goods are mixed models to customs officials to get away with it many countries feel that they need to sit in home computers because if we or few of putting it in the country but what they get in exchange for that it's really truck rugby ball is the director of toxics link a group dedicated to protecting migrant workers from the dangers of electronic waste and workers. putting stronger suits exposing them to all kinds. it's a reality most of these workers know all too well but for them it's a dirty job but at least for now gives them a means to survive it. i know what they did is not good for my heart nor does.
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george still have to do something with. those with no choices are sometimes forced to accept preassure either r t new delhi india. come up to ninety minutes past the hour in the russian capital now a quick look for you for some other headlines making news around the world at this stage of the day at least nine people been killed and dozens wounded after two suicide car bombs exploded in the iraqi capital baghdad witnesses say both cars detonated as they were queuing to enter the heavily fortified green zone the heart of the capital is business government policy in iraq has been increasing over the last year with bombings once again an almost daily. robot sent into the reactor buildings at the fukushima nuclear plant a massive amounts of radiation barring any workers from entering the plant's operator also announce a new nine month plan to stabilize the situation proposing to cover the reactors with chernobyl like. the situation at the nuclear complex remains critical with
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radiation leaks and difficult access print progress. the russian scientists believe they could soon be peering through the looking glass to outer space is deepest secrets and ambitious telescope project supportive of the world's top minds and if all goes to plan well galaxies far far away from the scene with amazing clarity over takes a closer look. it's been over a decade in the making but the most ambitious russian space project for years will soon move from science fiction to signs fact and massive radio telescope promises to review the mysteries of deep space. is the father of the project he says within a matter of months thirteen hundreds of kilometers from the earth it will be scanning the far corners of the universe. to destroy many people wonder as well as our planets the sun our galaxy we can't be alone out there and talk of parallel worlds and time travel may sound my science fiction let's say we only know four
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percent about the universe around us and we hope to be able to look beyond that. if there are also known as radio astro on will be the biggest telescope ever launched into space together with its largest earthbound siblings it will create a network able to put my detailed images of the universe as the resolution will be a thousand times sharper then that america's hubble telescope stores a radio national books around the limits of human knowledge we might be standing on the threshold of a revolution with things like dark matter i'm black holes start come observable. and the heart of the complex is a gigantic ten metre mirror there in only be seen when the telescope is fully open and it's almost ready to leave its home in moscow and travel to the launch pad in the next step is in space this lawwell open its twenty seven petals within thirty minutes and will start its exploration know and those who have been working on the
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project for more than twenty years can't wait to start getting the best results and authority feels has devoted a good part of his life to radio astro. initially the interest from the one nine hundred ninety one the breakup of the soviet union put an end to those plans and brought financial difficulties the project was shelved so fifteen out of those almost thirty years were lost. in very now that it's been brought up to date everyone in the industry is holding their breath the emotions will let me tell you frank gold we're back to quality space science and let's trucks would that it works out and without the whole scientific world which is the mission good luck hope all of mankind will benefit. over r.t. . i'll be back with a summary of all made news stories for in about seven and a half minutes from now the meantime the business news is next we had the retreat that in just a few moments they were. watching
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business starting with need to remember that stock markets around the world are plunging after stan and poor's questioned the credit worthiness of the united states the rating agency has cut the output for the u.s. economy from stable to negative amid worries over the lack of political resolve to deal with the country's spiraling debt earlier i spoke to my knowledge of the law from e.t.s. capital i asked him if he was surprised this was the first time since the socan of world war the us has had its out the cup. he would have thought that if we saw a negative outlook or even a downgrade it would have happened a couple years ago with the banking crisis but simply taking
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a look at the situation in the us is looking around about sixteen trillion dollars i said well you know this is pretty unsustainable you something needs to be done about this and you need something needs to be done fairly soon as well otherwise it runs the risk of a severe credit downgrade and losing that coveted aaa status if the other ratings agencies or the three main other ratings agencies out there will follow suit as well think of them will be so bold as to go out there and to downgrade the u.s. if you left in tripoli certainly not the moment if they do then you could see you go wider selloff going on in the equity markets and in the commodity markets as well because you see where the money has gone into certainly from points of easing and this is where the money is likely to come out from oh how much time does the u.s. government have now to get to grips with its public finances its. well over. a year or so. nice to start tackling its public finances the standard course comments from
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earlier on say he said roughly right about two years but then if we start to see the steamroller commuter effect whereby more credit agencies start to revise their outlook negatively as well that's going to have a weakening effect on the u.s. economy anyway so you need to tackle the situation you need. all right what do investors do right now to be moved out completely out of stocks and. gold and commodities but very money into the ground what do you. welcome or disease a sector that see a lot of the money flow into it anyway so if you're buying into commodities you could be buying a very high price already and certainly stocks as well. what would be advisable is to look at hedging tactics that are possibly your long. assets that are. a lot more safe in the current environment of the world crude oil is a fantastic one although it has had a very good run and black gold is proving to be of some value and could be some
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store of value going forward as well so other alternative assayers other than reduce your holdings iniquities a look at. how the markets are very right now in the u.s. markets were down around two percent the session they're now down around one point eight japanese they're more than three percent after goldman sachs recommended selling shares in u.s. biggest market. in europe the dax shop you abuse they closed down two point one percent in monday's session banks were suffering a double whammy as ratings agency moody's downgraded irish banks to junk status moody's says its remains concerned about double its ability to push through its restructuring of its own. here in russia the markets took a beating to the r.t.s. m i six lost around four percent in monday's session and that is you companies were down in madrid freezing while prices in u.s. states a gross natural spring point seven percent lower b.c.b. of burbank was some of the biggest losers they were down to three and five percent respectively pings arrested at on gatto explains why russians markets reacted so
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now. we have a negative event russia tends to react in a more than other markets even sometimes when it's not justified. nevertheless this is something which is going to resonate in the market probably for a couple of days until we see what they're the us political response is going to be in terms of the impact given that russia russia's exposure to trade with the u.s. is very very limited where we are exposed is through commodity prices which are a feeding through through the actually treats and therefore the movement will be quite important for the russian economy so far today following the announcement from s. and p. we've seen some reaction of dollar weakness but not significant. well prices are also down amid news on the u.s. economy bred to the straining at around one hundred twenty one c. and while some light sweet crude is just about one hundred seven buildings apart
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the price of gold however is setting new records yes again for three hundred ninety three dollars but choice silver is a bit low of forty two eighty two this is because nothing inflation around the good new concerns about u.s. debt of printing investors into something that holds out. and we will be back in around fifty five minutes time with the business update bill is actually headlines do stay with.
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