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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i'll bet you still ski lift you will see it on this column if you visit. egypt steps out along the road to a democratic future gearing up for autumn's call with fears now that islamic radicals could hijack the revolution and fill the existing power vacuum. a year after billions of gallons of b.p.'s oil spilled into the gulf of mexico those whose health has been wracked by the disaster are still struggling to get help. and of russian police on constant terror alert in the volatile north caucuses we need the officers fighting on the front line on a daily basis. two
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pm here in moscow you are watching r t thanks for joining us now while the west may already be hailing the victory of democracy in egypt there are fears the celebrations may be premature radical islam is linked to groups like the muslim brotherhood could steal a march in september's elections and as they were and reports the free vote in the autumn can see a much stricter regime take control. the more things change the more they stay the same certainly that's how it seems in egypt where the army is clearing qarase tahrir square of demonstrators to show everything's back to normal and they're not wrong after months of upheaval it's very much the same people in charge and before. that they may have the weight of the dictator they have alluded to to take the deep concerns as to whether the reforms are going far enough whether the restrictions. well the military is still too great for true freedom to emerge in
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egypt and that is the debate this calmly polarizing society with but without the army a power vacuum and poised to step into that vacuum the muslim brotherhood links to al-qaeda the brotherhood is understood to be multiplying and organizing from the mosques according to their spokesperson be expected when seventy five percent of the electoral seats they contest in september's election son expect something more sinister there would be a deal. between the army and between the muslim brotherhood to share power and basically hijack the whole revolution this is the all those and the best organized political movement in opposition so far and of course if the field is more or less been leveled now after mubarak has gone they have more chances than others who are not well organized back at a beginning of the year european leaders appeared to adopt
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a hands off approach to supporting democracy in egypt. these democratic change has to start now. it needs to happen now for greater freedom and democracy in egypt. but americans are now arriving in droves to exert their influence over the democratization process it's very worrying to see so many advisers from washington arriving in cairo and perhaps trying hijack the revolution for washington but we must always remember that egypt was a strategic lynchpin of russian foreign policy that all important sue is going to hell and the nile river basin so we'll see the forces aligned against fairly leave the ship washington will differ. but what if it's the muslim brotherhood although the west has had some dealings with the brotherhood it acted very differently towards its roots organization hamas. classified by some countries
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as a terrorist organization in two thousand and six how much one a democratic election in the palestinian authority in response to middle east quartet impose severe sanctions according to the merriam webster dictionary the definition of democracy is government by the people but what will happen in european corridors of power if the people of egypt choose what's perceived to be the wrong government the world awaits the results of september the election the rabbits r.t. jobs. in libya fierce fighting continues the u. one warns the coalition that said the military escorts to protect aid shipments could put humanitarian work in the country at risk or comes as the u.k. france and italy are such a dispatch teams to advise rebels on the ground well antiwar activists lindsey german it's a clear breach of the un mandate. i don't think you can see it as a legal move it clearly goes well beyond the bounds of u.n.
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resolution nine hundred seventy three we were told explicitly a month ago this was not we were told we would not be troops on the ground we were told that this would be simply a no fly zone to help civilians we've now have more or more indication that the british and french governments in particular but also be united states are really going for something much more substantial and they had the articles in the papers last week which said really there had to be regime change this again is not it's not science and the u.n. resolution one hundred seventy three number of reasons why they are barking on a pole they want to maintain their own face of their own their own prestige over this i think both have more than sarkozy in different ways are interested in this in addition to this they are scared that the whole process that we saw earlier this
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year in the middle east will go out of their control in libya as a means of reasserting western control in arab and african countries and that is what they're doing. and so had for you this hour we take you to the front line of russia's fight against terror. being a policeman in russia's north caucasus region is a notoriously dangerous job we go on patrol in turbulent darkest hour on the front lines of the fight against islamic insurgents join us on our special report in just a few minutes on our street. plus a story of rail line in russia's far east put the region on track to a brighter future we'll stay with r.t. as we take you close up. and around the first anniversary of the gulf of mexico oil disaster that killed eleven people and dumped millions of gallons of crude into the ocean b.p. has filed two lawsuits for damages but while the company is looking for others to
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blame and fighting for big money in the courts it's locals who are paying the price with their health artie's going reports. five million barrels of oil in combination with almost two million gallons of highly toxic chemical dispersants used to fight the oil spill a cocktail that contaminated not just the water in the gulf but found its way into people's blood a year after the disaster an environmental group tested the blood of dozens of cleanup workers as well as residents of coastal areas they found levels of ban seen thirty six times higher than normal courtroom and overturn it. our shaker term we want to work in an open or a bomber want to. matter and work as a boat engineer he says he was in perfect health before he was exposed to the toxic chemicals in the gulf now he's fighting a bouquet of illnesses gardasil flugel the plot
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a little trouble for yourself for clayton is not alone in his fight dortch price owns a small boat yard in louisiana perfectly healthy just a year ago he has lost thirty pounds in the last few months george was diagnosed with severe anaemia a surname and most ill bulldozers story and we. know you really know dr michael robbie chom who's been practicing medicine in louisiana for forty years says he's never had such an influx of patients with respiratory and blood issues he fears the worst bits are going to search through the stories for calls robbie chalk is one of a few doctors who is outspoken about gulf coast residents symptoms connection with the toxic chemicals that they've been exposed to many other doctors refuse to recognize the cause as dr robert shaw says either because they don't have the necessary training or they don't want to be called a court. rebars and environmental justice group polled
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residents in several coastal communities almost half said they have experienced health problems like coughing skin and eye irritation or headaches that are consistent with common symptoms of chemical exposure doctors say the consequences of having for example benzene in the blood could be a lot more serious it can cause a decreasing red blood cells leading to a needy out or a cancer of the blood forming organs it's very when you look at the ingredients. which is considered so. it is considered as rather a hazardous material total with the ingredients in the toxic dispersants. when you mix those together it actually creates and it's all times more toxic and these are exactly the types of chemicals that are truly not literally in people's blood many of the fact it gulf coast residents and those involved in the cleanup of the gulf say they're alone in their fight with the consequences of last year disaster many
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of them likely don't even have health coverage through. your should worship every day marine biologists are saying it's going to take at least twenty years for the gulf ecosystem to recover president obama signed the country's environmental agency to investigate health of facts of the spill but many gulf coast residents are sure the agency will do its best to sweep the findings under the rug i'm going to check on reporting from washington r.t. . well even a year after the largest accidents in the history of all exploration not much has changed in terms of safety regulations in the u.s. scott roberts the director of the documentary gas hole says the corporations don't have to alter anything because of america's oil addiction i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the oil companies really don't. i care about the consumer and you know it's business as usual they're making billions billions of dollars in profits americans we like our big stories we really don't
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like to sacrifice our lifestyle for the better of long term good it seems in the car companies are producing cars that s.u.v.s trucks things that really aren't that great on fuel economy we as consumers are buying them so they're going to keep making them i think you comes down to money i think oil companies they throw some money towards the alternative fuel industry and doing research you know a lot of that is green washing but right change business as usual when you're making billions of dollars we need a powerful leadership in washington d.c. who is not afraid to point the finger at the oil industry create new legislation consumers need to find a you know we live in a society where people know more about the american idol contestants than they do their own representatives we all have to get involved we have to push legislation and we have to vote in the people that are going to make a difference and do something about it. well there are plenty more reports blogs and analysis just a click away at our team dot com and here's
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a taste of what's there right now but man i believe to have given up all the secrets to rekey weeks has been moved to a new prison but some critics say his treatment is a violation of human rights for us. all check out of russia as the very own of lord of the dance a you tube sensation shows the country's president getting into the groove a little later accuser describe the meeting you could get of style as dancing like her dad oh the leader tweeted back that his moves were certainly old school or if you want to study his moves at your leisure head to our channel. it's.
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now more than nineteen militants have been killed and dozens of terrorist attacks preventive as part of security raids in a rush over recent months but the country's out in terror committee says the north caucasus remains the main hub for training terrorists well for the police they are combating extremists on a daily basis has become worryingly familiar artie's tom burton caught up with those on constant guard. on the frontline and dug a stone in southern russia but this isn't a battlefield mistrials most of daily skirmishes bombs and hit and run the trucks are patrols that. yes i'm afraid but there has to be someone to do this job and recently the dangers of the drug
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home with. as this easy t.v. footage shows militants drive up and fire a burst from a kalashnikov into the police station door before speeding off five minutes later a second car left behind explodes seven policemen wounded the local prosecutor's office and federal security service building took the brunt of the blast. the local police chief has and no illusions about the viciousness of their opponents. as police we have to use only legal means to fight these militants however there is one birth here when these ballots these things like blowing up cars in busy street going must fight them in their own way the town of kids and the earth itself is a modest trading center surrounded by villages many of which are friendly to the hardline wahhabi form of islam and the militants it's typical of many such places throughout which is north caucasus which is struggling with radical islamic
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insurgency and locals refer to people joining the militants as having gone to the forest but can't understand how they justify their acts of god then i thought that it was crucial to find a common language with those in the forest there should be a way to reach some compromise. sometimes it feels like i live not in dagestan but in afghanistan a real muslims wouldn't go to the forest islam is a social religion and the forest is for animals not people give a hug is the goose i knew would not i don't curse the harvest they're killing their brothers they're not real muslims you must the ones that are not the towns five hundred police are mostly muslim just like the militants even so they are usually the main terror target but they're keen to distinguish between hardened terrorists and new recruits. of course young people who made a mistake or maybe the forest should be given a chance to mend their ways but those who persist in killing civilians and
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policeman will destroy them afterwards seen enough of. it's opponents to know about their methods and motives however dangerous they are he doesn't think he thinks his especial threat. those who call to the far east are just a slight canny criminals they're just scum and it's awful to use a slum to disguise theory. back at the police station they're reinforcing the concrete barricades they want to be prepared for the next wave of kalashnikovs and car bombs were at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the town police say their life here over the past decade has been one of virtual parties on the affair and yet nobody seem to be able to answer those two most obvious of questions how or when it might tempt tom watson our sea dagestan. well the president of dagestan believes the solutions lie in improving the standard of living in the region in an interview with r.t. he says it would help prevent militants from boosting the ranks. of extremist
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ideology ists are exploiting the problems we are currently facing they are trying to convince the youth that the current will flow and see the current regime is. they it's appears want to live in a different state with totally different laws or task is to prove that we've been developed successfully the matters of upbringing no ideology are just as essential generational people grown up who are not familiar with c.v. era traditions and. don't have any new ideas or values to replace them vacuum is being filled by their ears radicals and extremists as arky concerned the fight for the minds the sympathies of young people is essential you know not why that is going on everywhere these days especially in the media a hostile forces have been very active on the internet for example we are trying to oppose him i don't want your legit piece of friendship.
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but you can watch the full version of sophie shevardnadze his interview with the sun reader in about fifteen minutes time here on r.t. . now a quick look at some other news stories from around the world in australia asylum seekers have torched an immigration detention center in sydney several buildings were destroyed detainees climbed onto the roof missiles at officers trying to regain control of the complex the officials say that most of those involved in the right had to have their applications for asylum. of the twenty kilometer evacuation area around it your parents' paralyze nuclear complex has become an official no go zone where the announcement comes after police found more than sixty families still really given the contaminated area the plant crippled by both the earthquake and tsunami has been hit by a series of explosions and has leaked radiation into the air ground and sea
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although people have been urged to leave the area after the march eleventh disaster the order was not enforced by the law. nigeria's newly elected president has vowed next week's governors will go ahead despite recent riots well muslim protesters burned homes and police stations after a result good luck jonathan had taken the majority of the votes in the presidential election the nation is divided between the muslim dominated north and the christian south more than two hundred people have been killed while tens of thousands have fled the violence. and firefighters in the u.s. state of texas are finally getting a handle on a massive wildfire spreading across the region a change in weather conditions that brought cooler temperatures and calm winds is helping in the battle against the elements well over a million acres have gone up in flames and hundreds of homes have been destroyed
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two firefighters were killed while tackling the wildfires. well get set now for an adventure with r.t. as we explore russia close up. well today we're at the site of perhaps the most ambitious project of the soviet union which travels some six thousand kilometers from moscow to eastern siberia the chance by call a region which is on the border with china and mongolia became the departure point of one of the world's longest railways the construction started seventeen years ago and attractive thousands from all over the u.s.s.r. stacy bivins has more of a project but for many people became a symbol of unity. the close of her when i walk in you to russia's far east in the transfer i call region it's a six hour flight from moscow but it feels
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a world away with modest living wide open spaces and a rich tapestry of diversity that includes indigenous people and those who hail from the former soviet states many of them came to this area with romantic notions of finding a new life and working to build the nation's infrastructure to be the back mainline the bam project was meant to connect eastern siberia with the far east but it also managed to unite people and to create a culture unique to this region so here's more on the dam on the people who took a chance on it and the controversy that surrounded it. young and optimistic they came from different soviet republics but unified in the same belief that if they built about how are more mainline regional prosperity would come known as the bam it was meant to protect the country's border with china to support the trans iberian railroad and to transport the area's natural resources patriotic romanticism fueled the project but it also diversified the region by bringing indigenous people together with newcomers like them crew members fled to merely
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a shandor. we don't regret coming here will love the beauty of the north in one thousand nine hundred two during the collapse of the u.s.s.r. we moved back to cause us down for a while but then returned in july we will mark our thirty first anniversary living here prison labor early the first tracks in one nine hundred thirty eight but world war two construction to win in building wrapped up again in one nine hundred seventy four with a soviet secretary general famously declaring that only clean hands would build a ban on the us the recruitment of members of the communist union of you put politics to plans after course. as a construction project. but some who will word processor matters feel that many things going forward with the fall of the u.s.s.r. came a style of mining projects companies simply stopped investing in the exploration of
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natural resources so with little to no product or transport and a peaceful relationship with china which challenge the banns worthiness of its multi-billion dollar price tag we tired geologist alexander has mixed feelings he's proud of what he and his colleagues accomplished however it also disillusioned by time and really benefits dried up when the nation transition to democracy. people with romantic notions such for the past and benefits all profits of time when we were young and healthy in our old. he came temporary homes darting a picture as landscape visually reminds locals that economic prosperity has not yet come but a new anticipation has as the real world that was a really traveled has increase in passenger and cargo commutes companies are investing in mining exploration reading up hope at the rail will be key in transporting natural resources and bringing live to the local economy picked over
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coordinates came to work the dam from ukraine. in my native town they think the bomb is the road to nowhere but i think it's the road to the future we did the bastille commit and we were not paid much a did the utmost for the home once that's how we lived back then. to build a long lasting legacy for the nation that he shared and many who worked in line only will finally reap the benefits other sacrifices. r.t. charter. i'll be back with the headline shortly but first all the leaders business news. and. offense to this is business r.t. thanks for joining us moscow's sheremetyevo airport has played host to their
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arrival the first commercial flight of the new sukhoi superjet be on media airlines aircraft named after a cosmonaut huey gharyan was carrying its full complement of passengers on the true problem gary bryant is the first russian thank you play produced in twenty years more intense bits of richard as a competitor a medium range aircraft manufactured by canada's the guardian and brazil's embraer . russian oil pipeline monopoly transnet says it may file a lawsuit against china in a london court over under payments for all supplies and grounds for the legal action lies in chinese partner sea and the seas failure to meet their greek price formula but before going to court both companies hope to suddenly shift or a negotiation is transparent says its monthly losses are valued at around twenty million dollars while they are ruled out have exceeded one hundred million dollars . and the high tech giant apple almost doubled its net profit in the second quarter become pretty has benefited from rising demand for i was thrown out and weighed
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lower than expected sales of apartheid that news is giving strong support to act which is the world. let's look now at how the markets are performing this hour in europe as talks are on the rise acknowledges that he's leading the gains with chip equipment maker at a m.l. holding up more than one point six percent also chemical group x. and noble is gaining four percent after you report a big jump in first quarter profit. here in russia the markets are mixed this hour as investors are getting ready for the european easter holidays positive news from abroad and strong oil prices still supporting the stocks p.r.c.'s as any of us are present while the price six is trying to negative. let's take a look at some individual share movers energy majors are trading in the blackall stronger crude gazprom is up more than one percent for snatches getting around zero point two percent palmetto is still among the top losers despite high pressures metals prices and that's out of the company public disappointing results. that's now have a look at the global markets with
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a percent gain so far this month following a ten percent rise in march crude prices to keeping their heads out the w.t. eyes no floating around a hundred and twelve dollars per barrel and brant just writing more than a hundred twenty four dollars a barrel. gold prices have advanced to a new all time record topping fifteen hundred dollars an ounce smaug silver is trading about forty five dollars bounce it's highly highest level in three decades world wide inflation of that concerns are both strong investors to turn to precious metals mccutchen from a vocal gold those gold is far from being over. the past hundred years or so we salute traditional weening in someone's poor fool you from golden globe was anywhere from three to five percent right now below one percent so clearly there's huge room for gold to go back to the mean if you will that basically how gold plays the traditional role of being sort of insurance only in the best report for us right now despite the moves in gold really the world is not over listed at all by any means. because you have prices in russia grew as much as four point one percent
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this year the pace of the growth has accelerated compared to last year when it reached three point. four to seven the same period prime minister of education had pledged to tame the annual inflation ten motor to a seven point five percent. well they are today china's more textile and of course you could always go on to a website that's ok to call freshness. from
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. the russian republic blends historic diversity with economic diversification for oil drilling industry pushes for tomorrow's petrochemical products traditionally the issues the focus is on the fund i lived through the government experience to come and sit by going online sometimes stone at the heart of russian innovation on technology update we've done the future coverage. wealthy british style. sometimes violent. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my strong.


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