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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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soumitra bryson if you knew the song from the stupid. stunts on t.v. don't come. welcome back oh here's a recap of the top stories here on our t.v. egypt sets out along the path to democracy gearing up for elections in september but there are warnings islamic radicals linked to groups like the muslim brotherhood could take root in the existing power vacuum. a year after the explosion of the deepwater horizon rig spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico b.p. has filed two lawsuits for damages but those whose health has been wracked by the disaster are still struggling to get the help they desperately need.
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russian police keep a constant vigil to prevent terror attacks and the ball is held north caucasus with more than one thousand militants killed in recent months but the country's anti terror committees says the region remains of the main hub for treating extremists. a lot next joy financial gurus max cars there and stacy herbert as they look at the scandals behind this week's economic news that's after a short break. my stars are this is the kaiser report the decapitate bankers tour continues we had
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a great show in dublin and now we move on to amsterdam and then possibly sweden and from there athens huge interest in athens and you want to send me an email about this where we should come to your town send it to kaiser report at r t t v r u let's get all the latest shenanigans and criminal activity from wall street stacey however you're looking fine girl max i see you're not looking so well you're sounding very ill but it must be because of that epic battle being waged on the global financial battlefield right now as we speak on one side of course is the silver liberation army headed by super max on the other side is j.p. morgan and led by jihadi jamie and lucia dede masters but as we know they all the precious metals prices have been soaring this week and that's an my first
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headline max gold explodes an s. and p. downgrade warning s. and p. one of the three rating agencies downgraded outlook for u.s. debt and in particular s. and p. is looking at the fiscal risks we see for the u.s. include the potential for further extraordinary official assistance to large players in the u.s. financial or other sectors along with outlays related to various federal credit programs some particular they point out that fannie and freddie they believe will need another thing. three point five percent i don't t.t.p. i top of the one percent of g.d.p. that has already gone to fannie mae and freddie mac. well many of the straight. barack obama comes into office hank paulson goes to congress puts a gun to their head says a give us three quarters of a trillion dollars to solve the structural damage to the banking system obama does that comes through tarp and in other programs they take fannie mae five trillion
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dollars debt they put it on the u.s. government's balanchine that means that the u.s. government's got seventeen eighteen trillion dollars in debt they raise the debt ceiling by two trillion and then raise again by another five to twelve trillion. and at this juncture the net total sum of all of this bell money and money printing to help the creditors as amounted to zero there they are in as bad a shape as they were two years ago or three years ago as today if there's no difference all they did was take that money and pocket it as a bonus and they left us rotting carcass as a shell barrack obama could have come into office white clean every mortgage debt in the country and every credit card debt in the country for about thirteen trillion dollars and the country would be growing the mortgage crisis would be behind it and the creditors would have all gone bankrupt but we would have five or six new banks taking their place making loans operating as utility instead of a casino every bank busters into the future instead we were exactly where we were
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three years ago there hasn't been one iota of progress well max in fact you're wrong there according to a the s. and p. is saying we're we've gone backwards according to them they say quote more importantly we believe that the risks from the us financial sector are higher than we consider them to be before two thousand and eight because they loaded onto the balance sheet tens of trillions more in debt and then that's debt that means debt service that has to become that's come out of the income of the american taxpayer right now twenty five percent of the taxes that america pays to the government are paid for paying the interest on the debt the implied rate that's going to seventy five percent within five years one hundred percent of every tax collected by the federal government will go to paying the interest on the debt now that's a failed economy that's a failed currency gold and silver are saying the u.s.
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dollar is a failed currency they want to get out of it they want to help it it is dying and i say good riddance well remember as greece and portugal and spain. we're being downgraded similarly by s. and p. and fitch and moody's and it was the credit default swap the c.d.'s that was the the indicator to the global markets that the debt of these countries was being attacked well is there a hedge tweeted something very interesting about the gold price or in gold is the new u.s. c.d.s. or it has been for ten years and gold started the because a move in two thousand when the internet bubble burst when the fed came in with lower interest rates to see the housing bubble this is when the gold and silver vigilantes understood that ben bernanke and greenspan were not operating in the interest of the greater economic good but only in the very narrow interest of the top one tenth of one percent in the united states who by the way they just got
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another huge tax cut they just got another huge wealth increase and the divide between the top one tenth of one percent in the bottom ninety nine percent has got an even wider well if gold is the new u.s. c.d.s. insurance against u.s. defaults well then texas is going full on succession it smacks in this next headline texas university takes q. from kyle bass to hold one billion dollars in gold bars so the university of texas has the second largest and down it fund of any u.s. university the number one being harvard they have nineteen point nine billion in their fund and last year they added another five hundred million in gold holdings to their already five hundred million worth and they took physical delivery is being held at h.s.b.c. in new york it's physical gold they took they didn't take g.l.d. or any of these e.t.s or paper gold you know who are the bass family the bass family they are super wealthy they've been riding the ball for decades they've been
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writing the take out bull the leveraged buyout ball and the all the rallies that we've seen in stocks bonds over the past thirty years you know the past rallies amassed a huge fortune playing. in the game now they realize that the game now is gold now what's significant is that up until recently no institutional players have stepped into the gold market there's no big university endowments fund no big pension fund and this is the first shot across the bow now all these invalid funds to compete are going to start buying gold bullion as well this is phase two of the gold bull market we're out of phase one it went from two fifty to fifteen hundred and our interface to make the move from fifteen hundred to six seven thousand dollars an ounce they will get into phase three and it becomes a mania and who knows ten fifteen twenty thousand it's hard to say where the mania top will be but now we're clearly at the beginning of phase two soon or however is still in phase one it is even entered phase two at this forty two forty three dollars level i don't think it'll get into phase two will breaks out of the old
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hook brother side of fifty dollars an ounce then you see a shot to seventy five they will be in phase two and you get a clear shot at three fifty but kyle bass's comment on why he recommended the university of texas by gold was that quote central banks are printing more money than they ever have so what's the value of money in terms of purchases of goods and services i look at gold is just another currency and if they can't print any more of. right i mean it's currency risk and gold and silver are a currency that's the key concept and that phrase in other words is not a commodity it's not speculation it's a currency it's not a favor for twenty years now suddenly it's coming back and it's restarting itself as the store of value that it has been for five thousand for ten years sense of forty years of paper money experimentation after the collapse of the gold standard in one hundred seventy one is over and the end as mark probert has said he still gets seventy eight percent of the big players around the world are heavily invested
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in dollars so even though the euro looks kind of weak and not many folks really only euro compared to the dollar the dollar's really the piniella that's going to get a whacked and whacked in the act again and driving with gold and silver too on god the measures of price appreciation and i get so excited i think of it i actually have a transcendental experience i can see the silver and gold gods now hovering above beckoning me to the four place level of six seven thousand i see you gold i'm coming to you gold gods the price is appreciating gold gods thanks many people don't realize that you are also as well as being the general of the silver liberation army but you are also a pin up. and i found the photo the poster the proof the evidence that you're the pin up girl you know those are my disco days but clearly judging by this but obviously i have nicer legs than life masters now that's clear so not only is she
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a c.d.s. terrorist concocting financials of mass financial destruction but she's got hairy short little stubby legs. near that with so again gold and silver are c.d.'s against u.s. defaults yet now here is another reason to buy gold and silver to protect because there's no sign of the us a quick fix itself headline reads republicans will make the. us third world nation obama so obama said to a fundraiser in chicago under their vision meaning the republicans we can't invest in roads and bridges and broadband and high speed rail i mean we would be a nation of potholes and our airports would be worse than places that we thought that we used to call the third world who are now investing in infrastructure but apparently he's never been out of the u.s. he doesn't lies is third world is already filled with potholes and dilapidated airports well they live in the slow global delusion lutheran journalists are the
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u.s. they go to disneyland a step they say to the eiffel tower something you see in las vegas. they are without any worldly view whatsoever which is the byproduct of having the world reserve currency for sixty years after world war two you don't have any global vision there's no leadership obama you know i think he's probably the worst american president in the history of american president because he's so narrow minded he's so uninformed he's he's ever been outside of what he has when he grew up in indonesia for example but the point is it doesn't matter if it's obama or bush he was just stupid they're just as idiotic as each other because the fact is that it's not just investing in a rail systems and infrastructure that is part and parcel of having an economy that can function but first he didn't khana me and you need to get rid of those bankers as the s. and p. s. and p. didn't say oh we're the outlook for the u.s. debt is negative because they don't have an infrastructure system and the lack of
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dated system and potholes they said it because the banks are still too strong they're still they're more dangerous than they were pretty two thousand and eight that's why he his statement is idiotic ok so the infrastructure the banking system is dilapidated the banking infrastructure yes there's a lot of data yes but they were used to fix it yes but they throw money at it yes and it spurts out in places because it's all broken the plumbing is broken they have a water main break the water will come out in somebody's house one guy's house here will flood somebody else it's a complete plug breakdown of plumbing the system is the lack of it has broken the fed is keep printing money so if you're a rich person that got hooked up so the money comes gushing out of your sink but if you're poor person you're going to destitution i mean is it's really going to grow can favoring the current kleptocracy which is a which is a fantastic system if you're running a kleptocracy but yeah i mean obama obviously. one of the referring to is world
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review talking post the bottom. clearly before the bottom yes he has some world traveling experience but the postal bottoming he is a dunderhead all right so i think that does it for now no you promised chicken soup later i did max i did as long as you put back on your can of outfit. that's. tasting india well they'll go away much more coming your way. why not stick around . renewed elitists in science technology from the realms. of the future
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coverage. welcome back to the kaiser reports i'm not to go to washington d.c. and talk with a talkie director of the billionaires tea party of phil bell be airing soon on our c thanks for coming on the kaiser torte thank you very much all right doug who are the billionaires behind the tea party and what do they want my film primarily looks a billionaire that's who the koch brothers charles and i have and kartik they have primarily an oil refining conglomerates through their company card industries in the third and fourth richest people in america now and big companies considered the second largest private company in the country so they have very very wealthy people what they want is by sickly so you create a privatized america they what they call free market capitalist they hardly
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ideological and they basically try to get government out of the y. so people like them can pretty much do business in any way they truths all right so they want to do a takeover of america and they're doing this by creating this tea party movement basically and it's quite remarkable right because the tea party folks who follow it seems to be arguing and protesting and demonstrating against their own interests tell us about what is happening in wisconsin in the cult brothers' role there what is their role in governor walker's agenda how does a brothers benefit from what he is pushing before we go to that is probably quite it is an important point that you mentioned before which is people going against their own interests because i mean the big thing here is that if you say what i just said so it's a patio so i will no one's funding may i don't see any billionaires. what it is it's a kind of a two step process it's basically a propaganda campaign through a series of front groups funded by the car x.
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corporate players and other wealthy billionaires benign such as freedom works and americans for prosperity have basically car mean and set the talking points and i would organize a lot of these tape the rallies so that's the way it's worked and if you look at what's happened in wisconsin it's a lot of the science being. the the thing that with the most precise it was governor walker and the connection to the cards i should say was governor walker had been given an amount of money by the colleagues and in relation to the campaign finance it was fairly high like it was the second with it highest or something like that it was it was in the tens of thousands it wasn't a lot of money where the real influence primarily to get workers elected but then subsequently to try and support he said he's approached the bus the unions was through the through these front groups that i'm talking about and in particular americans for prosperity they ran a lot of ads during the two thousand and ten elections. for governor walker and
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they've also been running a lot of ads in favor of these reforms and they also were primary organizers of the various rallies that were out sue to support what work it was doing and so really it's through these front groups that look like citizens groups and in fact do have citizens involved but not realizing in many ways what who they're who they're actually supporting. that the koch's have been exerting influence when i hear these tea partiers on television and i hear right wing pundits and g.o.p. pundits they always lead their attacks with the government the government is this the government is that and yet the government is the people in what they're talking of. is replacing government with corporations and corporations there are clearly. interests are clearly not in the interest of the people or the
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public domain or the commonwealth or the republic there's always been this tension between the privatization of the assets of the country and free market enterprise that should benefit a majority of the country so why are the tea partiers so stupid i guess is the question walk away don't see that they're being is like you know old chum fish for sharks this is the big question isn't it i mean when i said before that there was a propaganda campaign it's exactly that it's it's you have people whose ideology is basically the private enterprise shrewd control everything so there should be no i first thing of government funding of schools there should be no unions they should be no any sort of social safety net there should be no environmental regulations no food no drug regulations i mean bicycle you've got to they have this utopian vision if you will but somehow if we if we just like private enterprise run the world then
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it's going to it's going to create this beautiful equilibrium that that it that it is perfectly in balance with human beings natural state and that somehow government is. is interfering in the market too and things like wealth redistribution and not a good thing now obviously. then you can just go ahead and straight out say it stuff because it's not very popular it's really going to benefit the very wealthy people so bases where the propaganda campaign comes in so i don't look at it as they are being is tea parties being stupid so much it is as there has been a very effective propaganda campaign to to wrap these messages up you need american flag to basically tar these messages in with the founding fathers to tar the mean with the constitution and to demonize big government big government i should say and today when i was barack obama was a socialist so you've got the jewels aspects propaganda which is when you wrap your
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thing up in something that people care about and love and it's crisis nationalism national pride and you also they even eyes your parents and things and people will have a negative reaction so you in this crisis socialism and big government trying to take control of individuals lives which is one thing american heights it's the thought of be afraid of being taken away or right now imagine wealth redistribution and coming out this week from a lot from hollywood is the film version of went that list shrugs the book written by iran and who has been quoted often by stallworth such as alan greenspan and the hall private market private equity hedge fund community the top one tenth of one percent as exemplary of the attitude that they want to aspire to and yet this idea of wealth redistribution is a misnomer because the only wealth we're seeing redistributed is the wealth from
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the commonwealth to the top one percent i mean that's the wealth redistribution and now the tea party says we're against wealth redistribution and yet they're funded by the biggest wild three distributors in the country they're called brothers to vacuum the wealth using market manipulation insider trading favor ism in washington. kleptocrat is a clipped ocracy they do everything except open up a gas chamber start gassing people so why again in america are people so frickin stupid what the philosophy that all of iran's you know who booked the virtue of selfishness kind of pitter mises the philosophy fair which is by sickly that if everybody is at it working in their own interests rather than having any form of altruism and somehow society will create this as i said before this equilibrium now the irony is that while the kikes and other people but let's talk about the quotes
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for a minute have poured millions and millions of tons of me and hundreds of millions of dollars into these these free market movement this idea of getting government out of the way as a as a philosophical issue as an ideological issue they are this arm of the worst practitioners of crony capitalism around in practice it's got nothing to do with the sting of just opening up the markets to a level playing field as he said i mean let's look at the climate example rather than accepting that most are just say that climate change is real and therefore let's see let's lay it what what more and methods can be done to try and alleviate that and different technologies can rise to the surface by sickly what they're doing is trying to artificially. high in the position of the oil industry it's got nothing to do with free market capitalism and it's got everything to do with crony capitalism and they're for. whole point of crony capitalism is let's just paper
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money in the hands of the well for you citizens right at the core of free market capitalism is a concept called competition so if the government of the people's house decides they want to bring about something called the public option that means they're bringing about competition in that industry if the people house in washington decide they want to fund alternative energy and alternative forms of mechanization and engine development that's competition if the people's house say they want to roll back patents on drugs that's pro-competition and if these big corporations go out of business then five or ten or fifteen take their place that creates more jobs so they will that's a pro-competition pro jobs platform to get rid of the novelist who were the korean capital city were the kleptocrats i would imagine would think that americans would want to have jobs and they would want to savings and they want to have and not be the laughingstock of the world by a couple of coke idiots using them like you know real real real fricken jackasses
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but anyway let's move on i got i got my still box here let's these talk about the astroturf the koch aster tour of groups they generally think they are grassroots right this is they talk about how this nonsensical astroturfing dupes people into voting against their self-interest thing to look at sort of how it arose because it it's not useful to look back you know it's a night when dr carter actually stood for for as president of the libertarian party now this is where you get insight into a lot of those policies that are mentioned before about getting rid of the social safety net etc we started to be in a policy platforms and i got less than one percent of the far right because the rarely use people who want cars things they'd be great for the wealthiest people but for the rest of us they're really not that price and so what i and state did is in about an r.t. r t four they found that a group called citizens per sandin economy now citizens first. in economy the whole purpose of this was to basically filter these this message through what looked like
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a grassroots group so it basically had the impression that people themselves were were were are expanding these particular ideals when in fact it was paid operatives of the cards and sorry what a t.v. is by by so i say having free markets be freedom right never revealing the people like it the tobacco industry or the oil industry or the banking industry with pouring money into these groups and running what they call pay for play campaigns where for example they come out and say well tobacco taxes are an example of big government going crazy well they never told their people the support of a growing support of that in fact the fewer morris happened to be pouring on a couple hundred thousand dollars into this particular camp right and so over the years the group room group campaign after campaign after campaign where we've got about thirty seconds left or so let me ask you this question over there in italy
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either of you follow the politics much but silvio berlusconi has been caught up in a scandal apparently has these my annual auditions were girls come to his place and they put some through their paces and then the girls that are willing to have sex with them at the end of this process and some degrading manner are given jobs as t.v. presenters does this explain this explain michele bachmann and sarah palin i'm going to have to look and say you are right now ok i see david cult i see silvio berlusconi i see these chicks as who are running in the tea party i think and well they're both kind of media whores i guess that fits you gotta feel kellyanne is called the billionaires tea party is going to be an artsy attack at all then thanks a lot for being on the kaiser report my pleasure and if anyone wants to check out it's so facebook dot com billionaires tea party come and check it out thank you very much max there. it's super and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser n stacy harbor is making me some chicken soup as
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we speak and i want to thank my guests thank you all and if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru until next time this is nice guys are saying bye y'all. m. m.
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