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mean the children of each college. but you know what used. to make their children killed their ability to return and you're like towns. in serbia letters available in clinton where we can see they are going to. be here smiled over the future of egypt where the al qaeda linked muslim brotherhood movement is always to claim victory in the coming election. the son of russia's antivirus software goodwill you get justice he has been really kidnapped for ransom in moscow why not all the details in just a few minutes. doctors warned of the people exposed to the gulf of mexico oil spill could face a greater risk of cancer and iran and many who took part of the clean up operation are seriously ill while officials try to sweep the story under the rug. and the suv or superjet one hundred the first russian made in the past two decades has touched
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down in the after its first commercial flight more on that is no business going to sit. there watching our t.v. live from moscow thanks for joining us now we're head of september's election egyptians are erasing the memory of alsa president hosni mubarak by destroying icons and renaming streets and while the west is cheering for democracy in egypt there are fears the vote could bring about another unwanted regime artie's a lore and that explains. the more things change the more they stay the same certainly that's how it seems in egypt where the army is clearing qarase tahrir square of demonstrators to show everything's back to normal and they're not wrong after. months of up evil it's very much the same people in charge as before this is
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a concern that they may have already the dictator they haven't really had to take shit deep concerns as to whether the reforms have gone far enough whether the restrictions on the role of the military is still too great for true freedom to emerge in egypt and there is the debate this calmly polarizing society but without the army a power vacuum and poised to step into that vacuum the muslim brotherhood links to al-qaeda the brotherhood is understood to be multiplying and organizing from the mosques according to their spokesperson they expect to win seventy five percent of the electoral seats they contest in september's election sun expect something more sinister there might be a deal. between the army and between the muslim brotherhood to share power and basically hijack the whole revolution this is all those and the best organized political movement in the opposition and of course if the field is more or less
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been leveled now after mubarak has gone they have more chances than others who are not well organized back at the beginning of the year european leaders appeared to adopt a hands off approach to supporting democracy in egypt but to show these democratic change has to start now. it needs to happen now the growth of freedom and democracy in egypt. but americans are now arriving in droves to exert their influence over the democratization process it's very worrying to see so many advisers from washington arrive in cairo and perhaps train hijack the revolution for washington but we must always remember that egypt was a strategic lynchpin of washington foreign policy that all important sue is going to hell and the nile river basin so we'll see the forces aligned against any leader that doesn't merge in egypt watching. it will differ. but what if it's the
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muslim brotherhood although the west has had some dealings with the brotherhood it acted very differently towards its roots organization hamas classified by some countries as a terrorist organization in two thousand and six how mass won a democratic election in the palestinian authority in response the middle east quartet improves to be a sanctions according to the merriam webster dictionary the definition of democracy is government by the people but what will happen if european corridors of power if the people of egypt choose what's perceived abroad to be the wrong government the world awaits the results of september's election you're an authority granted. meanwhile libya an arab nation inspired by egypt's example is struggling to overthrow gadhafi regime after two months of fighting well nato allies have announced plans to send military advisors to the rebels had quarters to help the
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opposition and break the stalemate with pro-government forces russia's foreign minister has warned that putting international bodies on the ground could have unpredictable consequences. the latest developments in libya are not making us happy it's a clear launch of the ground conflict we consider these moves extremely risky which could lead to unpredictable consequences there's been cases in history when it all started with sending in military advisors and then it drags out for years and resulted in hundreds and thousands danes on both sides we call on everyone to respect the un resolution and solving this conflict because i'm you know if you had rebels armed with heavy weaponry moving further west from their base in benghazi towards the capital the reports of just over ten thousand people have died since the uprising began in february or france has promised to intensify going to lead airstrikes to get off these offensive well antiwar activists brian told r.t.
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the escalation of force why the allies could eventually force. the real goal from the beginning has been to topple the regime they never say we're going in to take oil that would not be a very popular cause they have to give the mission some sort of noble cause in this case protecting civilians in other cases protecting democracy or freedom or stopping terrorism i think a lot of people see through this in the american people by the way they see the war in afghanistan ten years in the war in iraq eight years in another war in a muslim country the american people are don't want this they are being told that there's no money for nurses and teachers and firefighters because the country is broke but soon it seemingly endless funds for another war in another muslim country can ruin sarkozy and obama say khadafi must go and if the bombing doesn't work doesn't that then mean in order not to feel that there has to be endless escalation and escalation ultimately we are for a military invasion if they can't stop or oust gadhafi i think that's where this is
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going even though they say it'll never happen and still to come in the program of combating terror. being a police. one of russia's north caucasus region is a notoriously dangerous job we go on patrol in turbulent darkest hour on the front lines of the fight against islamic insurgents join us saw special report in just a few minutes. well we now turn to moscow where the son of russia's most prominent antivirus guru you have get me a spare ski has reportedly been a kidnap for ransom our correspondent you've got this kind of has the latest on this the alleged kidnapping happened a few days ago it's only on thursday that these news came out and according to reports twenty year old yvonne cust yes he was kidnapped right next to his work in moscow and on the same day his father you gave us jesse who is the founder of one of the biggest antivirus software production companies in the world he reportedly
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received a phone call from the kidnappers who demanded three million euros in ransom this is not yet been confirmed by the authorities although he did confirm that if you have ski is missing there are also reports that you bought on the head of gold his home address and his work address posted on the wall of these social networks so perhaps that could have helped organize this alleged kidnapping when it comes to his father you getting gustier ski he founded his company back in one thousand nine hundred seventy his wealth is estimated to be worth around eight hundred million u.s. dollars at the moment police and the federal security service are searching for his son so we know for now of course we'll be monitoring this story as it develops. coming up a blast from the past streaks across siberia find out why a thousands of russians have volunteered to build a new railway system in
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a remote region of the country which is still running strong today. well a year after one of the worst environmental disasters in history of the gulf of mexico oil spill b.p. is trying to shift the blame by suing its contractors millions of gallons of oil spewing from the deepwater rig following an explosion which killed eleven people and while b.p. fights over big bucks in court it's the locals that are bearing the brunt party's going to check out has the story five million barrels of oil in combination with almost two million gallons of highly toxic chemical dispersants used to fight the oil spill a cocktail that contaminated not just the water in the gulf but found its way into people's blood a year after the disaster and environmental group tested a lot of dozens of cleanup workers as well as residents of coastal areas they found levels of benzene thirty six times higher than normal.
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shaper truly want to work in the open a problem or even. clayton mathur and worked as a boat engineer he says he was in perfect health before he was exposed to the toxic chemicals in the gulf now he's fighting a bouquet of illnesses car little got a letter military officials from clayton is not alone in his fight george price owns a small boat yard in louisiana perfectly healthy just a year ago he has lost thirty pounds in the last few months george was diagnosed with severe anaemia us sooner and must still. be me no you know dr michael robbie chom has been practicing medicine in louisiana for forty years says he's never had such an influx of patients with respiratory and blood issues he fears the worst it seems as it's true in the tourist for calls and robbie
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cha is one of a few doctors who is outspoken about goth coast residents same times connection with a toxic chemicals that they've been exposed to many other doctors refused to recognize the cost as dr robert shaw says either because they don't have the necessary training or the word recorder cortical. programmers and environmental just his group polled residents in several coastal communities almost half said they had experienced health problems like coughing skin and eye irritation or headaches that are consistent with common symptoms of chemical exposure doctors say the consequences of having for example been seen in the blood could be a lot more serious it can cause a decreasing red blood cells leading to a nino or a cancer of the blood forming organs it's very likely when you look at the ingredients both of which is considered so. it is considered as rather
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a hazardous material couple with the ingredients in the toxic dispersants. when you mix those together and actually experiencing students or times more toxic in views are exactly the types of chemicals that are truly literally in people's blood of many of the factory gulf coast residents and those involved in the cleanup of the gulf say they are alone in their fight with the consequences of last year disaster many of them likely don't even have health coverage through. your should worship every day maureen biologists are saying it's going to take at least twenty years for the gulf ecosystem to recover president obama signed a country's environmental agency to investigate health effects of the spill but many gulf coast residents are short agency will do its best to sweep the findings under the rug i'm going to check on reporting from washington r.t. . well it seems that no lessons have been learned since last year's kilometers the gulf of mexico oil spill filmmaker scott roberts says that oil corporations are
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more concerned with making profits than regulating the industry i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the oil companies really don't. care about the consumer and you know it's business as usual they're making billions billions of dollars in profits americans we like our big stories we really don't like to sacrifice our lifestyle for the better of the long term good it seems in the car companies are producing cars that s.u.v.s trucks things that really aren't that great on fuel economy we as consumers are buying them so they're going to keep making them i think it comes down to money i think well companies they throw some money towards the alternative fuel industry and doing research you know a lot of that is green washing but why change business as usual when you're making billions of dollars we need powerful leadership in washington d.c. who's not afraid to point the finger at the oil industry create new legislation consumers need to find out you know we live in
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a society where people know more about the american idol contestants than they do their own representatives we all have to get involved we have to push legislation and we have to vote in the people that are going to make a difference and do something about it. and i want to voice your opinion in any of the stories we're covering just go over to the web sites and have your say that's our team dot com in its path with plenty of interest only to be discovered a round the clock and here's a quick look at what's online right now be careful where you go your i phone is tracking you researchers are ringing the privacy alarm after discovering that i phones trace and store their users every movement. plus the u.s. pastor who rose to infamy by burning a koran is now thriving and armed of rally outside the largest mosque in america all the details on our t.v. dot com.
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dozens of militants have been killed and many terrorist attacks prevented following recent security raids in russia but the country's southern republic of dagestan it still remains a hotbed for extremists but police putting their lives on the line hoping to put an end to the violence artie's tom bartlett reports from the north caucasus. on the frontline and douglas stone in southern russia this isn't a battlefield of tanks and missiles but of daily skirmishes bombs and hit and run attacks no controls or. yes i'm afraid but there has to be someone to do this job and recently the dangers of the job brought home with a bang. as this easy t.v. footage shows militants drive up and fire a burst from
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a kalashnikov into the police station door before speeding off. five minutes later a second car left behind explodes seven policemen were wounded and local prosecutor's office and federal security service building took the brunt of the blast. the local police chief has and no illusions about the viciousness of their opponents. the muscle mass police we have to use the only legal means to fight these militant however there is one birth here when he's bad it's these things like blowing up cars in busy street then we must fight them in their own way the town of kids will get itself is a modest training center surrounded by villages many of which are friendly to the flood line with the form of islam and militants it's typical of many such places to run russia's north caucasus which is struggling with radical islamic insurgency locals refer to people joining the militants as having come to the forest but can't understand how they justify their acts of god and i know it's crucial to find
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a common language when those in a forest but there should be a way to reach some compromise you know that it is in others sometimes it feels like i live a lot in dagestan but in afghanistan well the real muslims would go to the forest islam is a social religion and the forest is probably not people give us these the boys i knew would not i don't curse the heart least not to killing their brothers they're not real muslims new muslim monsters that are not towns five hundred police are mostly muslim just like the militants even so they are usually the main tera target but they are keen to distinguish between hardened terrorists and new recruits i tell you of course young people who made a mistake in wake of the forest should be given a chance to mend their ways but those who persisted killing civilians and policeman will destroy them afterwards seen enough of his opponents to know about the methods and motives however dangerous they are he doesn't think he faces
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a special threat for the police those who go to. for easter just like any criminals . and it's awful to be using islam to disguise their. go back at the police station they're reinforcing the concrete barricades they want to be prepared for the next wave of kalashnikovs car bombs were at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the town police say their life here over the past decade has been one of the true parties around here and yet nobody seems to be able to answer those two most obvious of questions when it might spend time bombs in our kids and yet dr stone. a quick look at some other news stories from around the world now asylum seekers have burned down an immigration detention center during riots in sydney a through roof tiles and other objects so far fighters who were called in to put out the waste and the riot started with detainees protesting over asylum
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applications police say good no injuries have been reported and that order has been restored maestro your has recently seen an increase in the number of asylum seekers arriving from sri lanka afghanistan and iraq. japan has declared the twenty kilometer evacuation area around the stricken a focal shima nuclear plant official no entry zone the ban comes after police found it more than sixty families still living inside the affected areas following the march disaster however the authorities would arrange brief visits for residents allowed them to return for up to two hours to collect vital belongings a paralyzed one of the crippled by both the earthquake and massive tsunami has been hit by a series of explosions and radiation leaks released six weeks old this is footage obtained by a remote controlled robot of japan's crippled fukushima nuclear facility the robot is exploring the damaged buildings and taking radiation readings in areas
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considered too dangerous for. humans to abjure plants are the northeastern coast was devastated by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit your pad it march . two cargo ships are believed to have been hijacked by somali pirates in the indian ocean and it's all here the vessel has been seas about four hundred miles off of coast but no to grab for ransom has yet to be made of a second vessel a south korean a cargo ship is carrying a crew of fourteen south koreans and six indonesians seoul has set a warship to the scene to help locate the vessel or piracy is that of all time high in the area despite all the rational patrol efforts. but i will suffer something a little bit different as we join our close of t.v. for a new journey through russia's most exciting locations and the hotspot this time around is a mile to this region in eastern siberia. it
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lies some six thousand kilometers away from moscow add warders china and mongolia this location became the bedrock for one of the if not the most ambitious projects of the soviet union construction of the so-called bob a real will by gad over seventeen years ago linking people from different parts of the country artist a suburban style to some of those people who dropped everything and headed east. young an optimistic they came from different soviet republics unified in the same belief that if they built me mine spirity would come newness it was meant to protect the country's border with china to support the transcend the real route into transport the area's natural resources patriotic romanticism fueled the project but it also diversified the region by bringing indigenous people together
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with newcomers like night. shandor. we don't regret coming here will love the beauty of the north in one thousand nine hundred two during the collapse of the u.s.s.r. we moved back to cause us down for a while but then returned in july we will mark our thirty first anniversary living here prison labor laid the first tracks in one nine hundred thirty eight building back up in one nine hundred seventy four with a soviet secretary general famously declaring that only clean hands would build a dam that's the recruitment of members of the communist you and of you put politics to plans after course the soviet union. construction project of the century but. the process for matter all that many things failed to forward with the fall of the u.s.s.r. came the start of mining projects companies simply stopped investing in the exploration of natural resources so with little to no product to transport and
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a peaceful relationship with china critics challenge the banns worthiness of its multi-billion dollar price tag retired geologist alexander has mixed feelings he's proud of what he and his colleagues accomplished however also disillusioned by time and really benefits trying not only nation transition to democracy. people with romantic notions did such very pastoral benefits all profits in that period of time when we were young and healthy our older. decaying temporary homes during the picture as landscape visually reminds locals that economic prosperity has not yet come but a new anticipation hats and the real world that was a really traveled has increased in passenger and cargo commutes companies are investing in mining exploration revving up hope that the rail will be key in transporting natural resources and bring new life to the local economy a cubicle bonnets came to work the bam from ukraine was restored in my native town
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the. i think that is the road to nowhere but i think it's the road to the future we did the best we could not paid much but what i don't want that's how we lived. to build a long lasting legacy for the nation that he and shandon and many who worked on mine only will finally meet the benefits of their sacrifices so you see that our team. lets our cross to dimitry at the business desk. bank says hello and welcome to business outside the russian co-owners of tears considering suing b.p. over violations of the company's shareholder agreement we consortium of russian shareholders they are saved lawsuits may take place in two weeks' time however the amount of the claim has yet to be revealed that it was reported in may one to ten
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billion dollars for b.p. and generally the british oil for sign and article expiration and share swap agreement with another russian oil major was nafta they are considered a move to be against a joint ventures agreement that temporarily blocked the. fast forward has played host to the arrival of the first commercial flight of the new steward superjet one hundred. named after the first man in space you've got him was carrying its full capacity of passengers on the ship in about is the first russian passenger plane produced in twenty years super jet is intended to be a hesitance arrival medium range aircraft manufacturers by canada's gardere and brazil said brett. a look at the stock markets now u.s. stocks opened slightly positive after a strong wednesday session driven day by apple and morgan stanley apple boosted the first quarter profits with blowout sales of its i phone and the stock is up more
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than two percent this hour. in europe stocks mixed shortly before closing footsies down one percent technology sector is leading the games with the chip equipment makers and those polled a lot more than a percent also chemical group ag the nobel is gaining strong they are to report with a jump in first for profits. here in russia the markets closed the first day session mixed the audience was up harvest had a my six point one percent this is ahead of the european easter holiday. so some individual shares and gas problem is up two percent because it's analysis not planning to join the elephant field project in libya for the time being luke oil is down one percent so really mixed feeling about energy stocks and polymath so it's still among the top losers despite high pressures metal prices that's up to the company part was disappointing results might seem such an course but capital believes the recent corrections on the russian stock markets have been triggered by
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a wave of hot money. the nature of money is a joke told quickly they come back very quickly so soon as people realize it is just one of the fake throws in the continuing don't greet. oh since the risk of losing people still to come back and that's was reflected in very good performance of russia in the post few days so we will lose back to where we were a few days ago and again the names which were hit worst of the worse won't get as. the leading players know performance in the post to the. commodity markets now with a four percent gain so far this month following a ten percent rise in march group prices are still keeping their heads up no sign of a strong correction w.b.i. is just sixteen cents or one hundred eleven dollars a barrel brant is down slightly at one hundred twenty three and. gold prices are
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advancing to new all time highs we see that fifteen hundred. dollars per troy ounce of gold silver has finally reached the full twenty six dollars mark this is its highest level in three decades yet again worldwide inflation and concerns are causing investors to look for safe haven assets. economic news consumer prices in russia grew as much as four point one percent so far this year the pace of growth has accelerated compared to last year want to reach three point four percent in the same period prime minister levin approves or not earlier pledged to maintain inflation within seven percent. russia's international reserve jumped to the highest level in more than two years help why a rise in euro euro denominated assets account for forty percent of the reserves which are now topping five hundred billion dollars but that's still lower than china and japan. so for now we will be back in fifty
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five minutes time with an update stay with us and had a headline. thank. you.


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