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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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video on demand keys mind old girls. feeds now in the palm of your. machine on the job com. you watching r.t. the headlines now american drones are in action over libya the coalition turns out he took over graphic it's more than a month since operation started life well since entrenched and they are saying across the campaign it's going well. moscow has warned the coalition that sending military advisors to libya is risky breaks the u.n. resolution bodies chief is in moscow to discuss the situation in the arab world the russian leadership. almost twenty five years are such a noble nuclear catastrophe he has gained exclusive access to another secret buried
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deep in the exclusion zone there that simply retrieve the city which is one of only three in the world. next on moscow out team checks out the best places to don't sell some of each mexican food in moscow as a discover all things that you know the russian capital. but. i love i was the president on this christmas last i would say that everything with feeling funny and impressive so fun to listen to the same size of someone else's number seventy six is
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a point when it comes to fiery and sniff to see the rhythm i might have. to choose from keep him as you and the village you know he's given a dance class and russian is key to being a popular holiday just nation from muscovites many of its family to continue day and it just moves back in mr finale krypton's cos he cost three hundred fifty rubles that's around ten dollars but you buy in black amounts and these guys are feeling pretty good. isn't this just this is in our school with each dunces there's not this one for real by the people of lebanon are good and which represent its culture and history because nietzsche future when i was school is cuban and also have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti the think that for people living in moscow eighteen downs is like a big tune of joy and happiness how. big
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yes i love commerce asked that are you prepared to say this ok let's start the south across pennsylvania ok that. ok can't we can't i don't speak for so i shouldn't be taking that another cuticle. you know it's my partner she takes classes here every to say i'm friday nights in english. is a simple as that it. was going. right way house he says and don't worry if you got that stressed the boss accommodate people of various levels. that. are going to have to sort by inserting these a latina spirit that's in the company. and out of the sex. and moving onto the streets and staying in news.
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the latest connection by one of the most famous russian design is because she corey has been showcased and most times in these clothes for the next four months even were inspired by st petersburg and the zine it holds visions of the film capital as a launch on subjects with striking architecture parks and canals models paraded a captain a few dresses made of jazzy combine between and will fabrics cheering described his designs as minimalism and such colors as black light and dark blue germinating the collection of somebody get chic reminding us of a city where the weather is in the boonies something. french luxury brand of leather goods and so has opened a large store outside of france located in the old mansion in the center of moscow to the cheek occupies the halls of the house which is an architectural monument of the capsule there is little back street cicely's from iceman and woman on sale of
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the stool is also displayed illustrations from the brown's catalogue from the beginning of the twentieth century pitching the history of fashion house. hidden away behind an old mustang late is an absolute gem of a restaurant a wonderful topper to commute to. work the interior is simple and deliberately shabby. the tiny table says odds of fit a couple of glasses and a plate of snacks three story mansion is competed voted to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. ralph very nice with the food here is excellent and the toughest is when quite affordable for the average me or folks who is say around a few thousand rubles that's going sixty and seventy has always been spent several times why no one could tough food tastes like health care it's hard. to say. no wonder this is one
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of the most popular restaurants the most. easy one other places are connected with spain the latin america and disabilities institute in moscow is the latest in there as asians specializing in spanish language close's eight thousand students to establish at the institute for every year founded in stay not you know if you want to from a dishonest language and latin american culture around the world there are a number of missiles similar centers on the full confidence. polish passion flamenco rhythms and it's by the popular band keep seeking some roots to go to the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital names also the fictional clock in moscow to zora which means folks in spanish it is going to become a great success of the moscow palace of youth which performs almost every night. and chevelle is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital when you know only serves the
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original mexican cuisine but also stays true to the atmosphere of a gang soliciting village full of fun. every night is a lot considerably teena music alosa must the cost of lessons also breaking the organized. from restaurants. very structured american jobs music is very few people can measure which is a fiery flamenco always results in full houses in most cases international house of music. moving a small next venue to smash it is impressive to say the least submitted in something mexican ambassador and with rosie gross of celebrities and politicians it's easy to
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see the social scene this isn't just because of the residences calendar so also will we be seeing street scares let's meet your guests just like. tell me having been living here in moscow well it's. three and a half years five now it's time to. tell you about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so this is moscow with. big city and a very exciting city i must say there's a lot of going on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because on the order had you had you wanted to also alternate with your at the russians with the local people that will i mean love it very and we like it very much because there are so it's a very interesting country it's a beautiful country all first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we have
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to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or by d.s. o.c.a. shows to the so yes it's funny i mean it's a large co you know i think every year more and more russians actually visit mexico it's become a mainstream popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course it's very far for you know it's still but i'm glad they are really you know growing and trying to go out because they know that i mean of course out of spain or you know it's very popular as well it's good weather and everything and now you know russians they travel a lot to southeast asia thailand all these places but i'm so glad that they are no turning their head to the other side to you know to the atlantic and then just take you know good things or to go all the way there because not everybody speaks
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english or spanish or so east but this is just arrived there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel at home because there's like letting american touch in through russian culture. or way of being with his russian and this person's soul but you know spirit knew oh well that's perfect that way. it's made you think you. can finish this week's program at the bids for the space to plus art gallery here showcasing an exhibition of the first across by spanish artist isabella moon is one of the biggest names in stylist can simply photo face a work to see that in the most prestigious institutions around the world the us is still in barcelona in much in fifty one lives and works in madrid. the french grocer the summa tried to win the world press photo war in two thousand and four these pictures taken in places from cuba to gwen is that is played on highlighting
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the most characteristic she is of every place human bodies and frames of lights up also further toward her feet. people who love to discuss their world people who love their real photography and people who love the nature of. pictures the nature of human being because in co works as she shows the begin a foul world the beginning of a series ation the things about we always forget sometimes in our. way of life. the city maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain in latin america the capital as an international hub still absorbs culture from over the world whether it's a cuban dance class tina rhythms or a delicious tapas bar year after the diverse multicultural city of moscow always in
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the case on file if you want to enjoy a latino themed nights out and about so grill here on pushkin sky scroll secondly be applied servant but of course the that's all it's going to have on the streets are good also you get the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew i buy from. live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in the spring a man breaks a. good buzz or limits. to the.
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crowd gathers a moment revealing the mistreatment that. we have seen the damage it has down to our environment martha mcauliffe what the fair props we do not want anymore of new modes. of course systems because there was a dismal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled that that's allowed to go on in america. here are getting this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for it being used like the board to experiment you can use this getting. old now we have
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more questions than we have matches the guards in like. the. mine. would be soo much brighter than if you knew about some new from plans to try to shoot some. stunts on t.v. don't succumb. to. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images from world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today. american drones are not shaven there pierre is the coalition turns up the heat on colonel gadhafi it's more than a month since operation started out with a lot of forces entrenched many are saying that cost the template is going than we're. all scalars war in the coalition that's sending but the truth lies just a bit here is risky breaks the u.n. resolution or the string for symbols into the scuffs the situation in the arab world with the russian leadership. almost twenty five years of the noble effort to test if you want to use them exclusive access to another secret very deep in the exclusion zone of their that soviet military facility which is one of many three people who. are mixed on the sports hall light switch.
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well of open source this could be with us as always with the headlines. champions again russia when the ice hockey is euro top of town in four years to victory over sweden. out of four little i don't think is was continue on the tennis courts as the russian loses out in the third round in barcelona. and we can chart. the boxing's greatest ever people take the ring roy jones jr for his plans for russia's in his native they to this month. and start revise hockey in a stronger for period help russia. third time in four years as they did sweden for two and here putting game the final leg of the tournament and started well enough
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of the russians they are. models of unstudied of of the two and after a period however two goals in as many minutes before the second goal the swedes level which is how we decide where not to be denied blue line of italian to show off all important go ahead goal on the powerplay for models of his second with an empty netter to seal victory. on the cloud of again his words continue as the russian has done tyrants in the barcelona open in the third round and it was armado well for your comments opening to the year when the russian got to the final in doha it's been all downhill since the dividend go he was looking to reach his first quarterfinal since part of ben's in barcelona however the twenty nine year old is now slipped up thirty nine in the world rankings was disparaged in straight sets by nicolas almagro and broke new ground would violate sri lanka moving into the world's top ten but first this.
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nor rafael nadal who's looking sweyn with one rope and for the sixth time in his career was not be troubled by something i'll go there i'll go number one reason for you to say the first set six three. colombian qualifier had no uncertain assignats excellent baseline gain. moves spruce before finals and i faced the i moved piece. sunday with freya camp an excellent david home crowd a spaniard is also proof of a quarter panels and straight sets victory against. when one of the women are in action instead god was one of the all about doubts but i was better news for the world number one line was nancy and her recent defeat under a college in miami well bit of a german to me for it to the semifinals it wasn't plain sailing but again it was pushed hard in a first set different story verna second and twenty year old six one. straight sets
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victory. has got ski when i meet her for a place in the final intially coming from rubens germany's christina barriers some five six three to score there. were going to pop a lot of familiar faces back about helm of ukrainian national team league blocky in returning to the managerial hot seat hotter for your absence made on not clear which controversy quit his post back in august we're in now getting the job of helping got to guide the euro two thousand and twelve co-host a successful showing it was minus. that it was i live in this country in here so there is why the responsibility is bigger but also the understanding of everything heavily used big or too i know that we have little time to make preparations for the european championships however building a foundation is moving forward on short notice is nothing new to me will it be crossing the atlantic now on real solid leg or battle with cancer
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a mechanical. living through or draw in mexico and side able to strike for seventy minutes in all the civil balancing his way to full advantage. is not borders it's high head home equaliser in the first thirty minutes or so as one of the great one apiece. converter's was also slowed home a penalty for months ray and a second officer put them side to one in front. well the mexican champions spoken sooner or later for it from washington's trying to have the i'm not alice until i've been a strike salvaging a top draw for real salt lake seven latest coming up next wednesday in utah. all of us boxing now doesn't just announce time a true legend of a small one and only roy jones jr will face russia's cruiserweight divisions biggest hope there is leave it in and out of the upcoming bars r.t. caught up with arguably the best pound for pound boxer all time during his visit to
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the russian capital one of our going here and has more. her. millions admire him and believe is the best plan for phone books or the ring he's ever seen love him or hate him his greatness is in the question and. through the facts about roy jones jr. named fly there was a decade in the ninety's previously unbeatable full fifteen years and you're a stumble holder in four divisions from incredibly middleweight to heavyweight and all the while playing fun doing still. his skills even leading to legendary russian books an expert with him again limb stating jules was the pugilist who reads books into the height of or at
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a career spent creating musser pieces may have taken its toll on the forty two year old but he's but again in a civil way from cannes as glory the american takes in russia's great hold these live video in a month's time but jones has found support even in his opponents and so will huge surprise i never knew i never knew that i here so wanted so much of a fair base in moscow or in russia because i like people to the world me. i like the competitive and what they like about it. would you like about me what you love about me what they want to see you know so i like to get a feel for what the crowd will do wheat stores floyd mayweather and many will kill a widely considered the most complete book series on the planet at present. do they deserve to drink alongside a james and his prime. mask they could be. what the wall do you know. because. you can't remember things from their face don't think
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don't know about take out from his main fight and when he got knocked down and got no water or the fact he'd be the guy all seventeen felt a bit proud to go out for six hours here to me. i have things up michael richard remember about particular fights. things like in the sixth given a he one chair a cornucopia box being dug up at my ham i begged him again not come out because there's so many things i did that you're going to look at my career that's what my how they really are still reigns supreme over all good so matson bad they probably proved to me what a total package. they never seen about to fuck that i had a lot of people go for popularity a lot of people were powerful pals about skeel. to me about the state power pound a bit i would say that a guy with power power base should be around in every paper pusher he's killed and
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hard. if you have skill but you're free to put him in a ring happy to be pound pound a bit. so i think he's one of the best pure fighters here but you have to care give the new to me pick out right now he's not afraid of idol but kept him who hasn't had the best records recently flawless mark of poorly can be claimed any longer six losses coming in his last eleven. on the twenty first of meet the floor in the media will have a chance. to her she's nice serious against cruiserweight store lydia. roy jones is not really here he's still in the ring it's easy to believe it's not the money or the but those who can never give know what he's gift. robert bertie last name of boxing and money is hearing out for his native son bring danger with sugar shane mosley the man regarded as awards best pound for pound finds out
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he's hoping to lots about man so it's probably a belt on the line thirty two year old has a lot of hours and more than six years in the second or fourteen straight win for thirty nine year old opponents isn't in quite the same health of late go mostly and it appears to defeat at the hands of wade maybe the junior guy draws soldier morea last year so it's not a big task apartment filipinos say is in the spotlight simply spurs not. yet been a big say. in a lot of people supporting. the war and the. possible undermining he moved to win one victory making the next round of the n.b.a. playoffs. series with philadelphia drawing waves on top of visitors netted thirty
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two points while the bron james weighed in with the rebounds and a six point victory or learn from problems into contention vesey recent dollars trailblazer is making the most of home court advantage and i trail the true one meanwhile chicago they're also for a no op and their series of indiana pacers head coach says his side must start to make inroads into the bulls the pens that they're going to stand this series. on their defense. your guys are a good team. they just you know they make plays. costumes made some good adjustments and i have been roy roy thought trouble hard us . creepy fans of team all of us in a multiple coming up in our arms to us on the stage and also to what's coming next but i want to carry.
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culture is that so much a given to each musician because. we're told the because gadhafi must go but the royal family of corinne must stay is this a double standard is freedom allowed for some well. wealthy british style. sometimes guys. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report. all
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. oh something was going to the chill yeah it's creature for the longest secret of dhamma steel has been discovered. now archie goes east of lake baikal with the longest russian railway line runs. for the sunday desert lies the most siberian mountains. where people follow the same routes as hundreds of years ago.


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