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probably closer on the radio and leave the junkie which owns shares in new delhi which are among the be the true story connections among the close of the month made a child believe that the leader medicine cheerfully rose from its repercussions let's. call them back here's a recap of the top stories here on r t nato airstrikes hit the center of the libyan capital leading to more civilian casualties as at least three people are reportedly killed well that's as pro get off and forces are ordered to leave the rebel held city of misrata a claim they'll be replaced by tribesmen. india's latest census reveals an alarming sex ratio and exposes a rise in abortions when parents discover their how to be a girl for poor families sons are considered financially far more attractive than
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daughters. and the u.s. pastor infamous for burning the koran is a lot for molding and adds news long rally in a city described as america's most little capital a quarterback of the protest as it threaten to incite religious hatred and provoke violence. coming up next it's our entertainment moscow route and this time the team shows us some of the lots of flavors of the russian capital. but. i love i was the person on this christmas last i would say that everything with
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feeling something in the recipe so solicit has the same size as someone else's mr says this is a point when it comes to fire you have christmas and i remember my style. to choose from cuba is u.n.c. the roots here he's given a dance class in russian is key to being a popular holiday dissemination for muscovites many of the trimmings concede that he just moves back in mr anally krypton's cos he cost three hundred fifty rubles that's around ten dollars but you try and block the maps and these guys are free to drop a good. system just recently in our school we teach dumbasses there's not one for real minded people and that's another good and which represents its culture and history because the chief future when i was school is cuban and those have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti millions of them i think the people living in most killa tina downs is like a bit into the joy and happiness how. to
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live. life. to get commerce asked their battery and her spirit ok let's start the south across the west of here ok. ok can't we can't i don't speak for you so i shouldn't be taking that you know that you tell. you know is my partner she takes classes here every to say i'm funny nights in english. it is a simple i think that it. was. really has he said don't worry if you got that stressed the boss accommodate people of various levels. to some of my instilling that is a latina spirit that's in the company. and out of the sex. and moving on
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to the streets and stay news. places connection my one of the most famous for some design institution corey has been showcased in muslim women's clothes for the next four months season were inspired by some pieces but as a sign of holds visions of the film capital has a lot on subjects but it's striking architecture parks and canals is a parade of the captain if you dresses me and jazzy combined between you and will fabrics should porn described his designs as my minimalism and such colors as black lines on blue germinating a collection of somebody get chic reminding us of a city where the weather is not who may see something. french luxury brand of leather goods on so and can the largest to outside of fronds located in the old mansion in the center of moscow the beauty comprise the hallways
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of the house which is an architectural monument of the capital there is little back street sister lisa banks man and woman on sale at the store is also a display of illustrations from the brand's catalogs from the beginning of the twentieth century it's a page in the history of fashion house. hidden away behind an old moscow late is an absolute gem of a restaurant the wonderful topper to the media. being cheery it is simple and deliberately shabby. the tiny table says science of physical of glasses and a plate of snacks three story mansion is complete each of ots to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. while very nice for the food here is excellent and it's hopeless as when quite affordable for the average me of the say was say around i'd see thousand rubles pass between sixty and seventy dollars for life because i spend several times i know what good stuff food tastes like sugar trust. me.
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to say. no wonder this is one of the most popular restaurants. ok one other places ok with spain or latin america in the seventy's instituting most current is the latest in there as asian specializing in spanish language classes eight thousand students to be spanish at the institute every year transit in spain not sure what you want to promote the spanish language and latin american culture around the world there in our movement for similar senses come to the. polish passion flamenco rhythms and it's by the popular keep seeking some relief to gather in the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital names off to the fictional black moscow to czar which means folks in spanish it is
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going to become a great success of the moscow palace of youth which performs well most every night . thank you and your village is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital when you know only such a regional mexican cuisine but also stays true to the atmosphere like yanks a mexican village full of fun. every night is a lot considerably teena music alosa must across the seas also breaking the old allies. it's progressed. very structure in american jobs music is very difficult to measure in the safari flamenco always results in full houses in most cases international house of music. moving a small next venue to smash it is impressive to say the least submitted something
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mexican ambassador and with photographs of celebrities and politicians it's easy to see the social see a disadvantage because of the residences calendar it's also will meet a meeting streetscapes let's meet your guests. now welcome tom helling me living here in moscow well it's almost three and a half years for me now it's time to. come. and tell you about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so well this is a must call this. big city and a very exciting city i must say there's a lot of going on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because on the order had you had you wanted to also alternate with your with the russians with the local people that will love it and we like it very much because
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there are so it's a very interesting country it's a beautiful country or first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we had to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or idea associations to the so yes it's funny i mean it's call you know i think every year more and more russians actually visit mexico it's become a place really popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course it's very far for you know it's still but i'm glad they are really you know growing. to go out because they know that i mean of course out of spain or you know it's very popular as well over there and everything and now i know russians they travel a lot to. these places but i'm so glad that they are now turning their head to the
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other side you know to the atlantic and then just take you know good things or to go all the way there because not everybody speaks english or spanish or so east but they just they just arrive there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel like home. like letting the american touch in the russian culture you think a way of being with his russian and this russian soul but you know spirit knew full well that's perfect that way the hello. it's made you think you. can finish this week's program at the bids for the space plus art gallery here so case in an exhibition of photographs by spanish artist isabella moon is one of the biggest names in spanish can simply soul face a work in seeing it in the most prestigious institutions around the world the us is
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still in barcelona emerging fifty one lives and works in madrid. the french grocer the summa tried to win the world press photo war in two thousand and four these pictures taken in places from cuba to born as riders played on highlighting the most characteristic shoes of every place human bodies and frames of lights up also further children three. people who love to discuss their world people who love their real photography and the people who love the nature of. pictures and the nature of human being because the intro works as she shows the beginning of our world the beginning of our series ation of the things about we always forget sometimes in our. way of life. the city maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain in latin america the capital as an international hub still absorbs culture from over the world whether it's
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a cuban dance class tina rhythms or a delicious tapas bar you're after the service multicultural city of moscow always if you can file if you want something throwing a latino theme nights out had. on pushkin sky scroll certainly be a part served on the force the that's what's holding out on the streets part of all so you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew are by saddam. i live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad.
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one night in the spring the embrace of. the bias of. the most of the. crowd gathers momentum. the ministry of the. top. twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. and culture of the century on his monthlong he learned from its mistakes. the legacy of chernobyl. on the arctic.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked. for asians to rule today.
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i am. toes airstrikes at the center of the libyan capital leading to more civilian casualties as at least three people are reportedly killed well that's us pro golf you forces are ordered to leave the rebel held city of misrata but claim they'll be replaced by armed tribesmen. india's latest census reveals an alarming to sex ratio and exposes a rise in abortions when parents discover a girl or family's sons are considered the national leader far more attractive than daughters. the u.s. pastor infamous for burning the koran is blocked from holding an islamic rally in
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a city described as america's most them capital a quarter of down to the protest as a bludgeon suicide religious hatred and provoke violence sports news. hello and welcome to sports live a great to have you with us i was always about. table top as well as packages of organ blocking it out as we speak but when that's actually the top of the russian. profile low moves to within we in the clear big three number fifty five hundred in barcelona. luke donald leads the way to a stage in south carolina that petri will see him become goltz new world number one . well solvable and that's an unlikely early season top of the table clash in the
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russian premier league with threats to the newly promoted sides both having the chance to go top of the table but least for twenty four hours no good they're entertaining. both teams around mind points a point behind the leaders since the needs that are coming up to half time of the moment that the latest score is and they'll nail the other end of the table arsenal play rootlets telling both sides only one wins so far in the campaign and next you can also be looking to maintain their unbeaten record in the my teeth. we want terakhir hoping to welcome one of the most world's most decorated climbs to town and society marks a new beginning italian johns you venters are expected to get a feel for the caucuses hospitality the chechen outfit opened their new stadium on maybe eleventh the athletic idea of arena named after the republic first presidents will open two days to this. sweet. nation because vice president idea of confirming talks are ongoing with twenty seven months and we are champions
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one million euros the proposed and i am to be page moving says nothing has been signed are still being looked at. single footballer manchester united will consolidate very grip on top spot in english premier league as they take on everton at old trafford meanwhile star explodes and says he now believes chelsea are not arsenal the only team that can stop them from winning a record nineteenth title. we reckon is both of six points behind us who are the challenger. i just have a preference for two also. because i think. we were easier for the group come to a blow from those no good reason from. the. combined is not a good thing to do with who experience. what sort of face was brought on white hart lane spurs are just two points off fourth place amongst the city hold of her final
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champions league spot while their opponents are battling to avoid a drop i don't know how you read not knows it will be tough for top manager hasn't given up hope of making it into europe's premier competition make season. when a position to get a chance is going to be choice recently you're going to keep keep going we need to win you know because we've got a tough issue only of. them and see if there's no deal where they're going to go home and say go get a little pool go to go to josephine. you know. we were in good form you know done a good job. so they'll be a tough game again but we're in there and it's a good into decision sides look forward to for influence to to achieve something again and who can ask. for us ability. for people in whitehall are in desperate need of all three points against newcastle liverpool where an action against city sunderland need a wind to help ease their relegation fears against them we can side playing to
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secure their premier league status following visit visit knowing you and chelsea will be looking to keep their paint hopes of turning back title alive against west ham. or boyd by their first trophy in three years real madrid will be hoping to keep their title hopes alive on saturday in spain when they travel to the lens here was a very near thing trail leaders barcelona eight points victory up and could come but five points twenty four hours at least the real boss says his side haven't given up hope of winning the title. will take tomorrow's game seriously in the league it doesn't matter whether you're in the eight ball for tenth or twentieth in the table tomorrow it will be a difficult game against a brutal who will probably finish third behind barcelona and real madrid this is a great achievement the lindsey are a very good team we might not be at our best tomorrow with injuries and exhaustion
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we obviously have problems but it's we've got to play tomorrow and concentrate. well number one rafael nadal who is now almost halfway through a thousand wins a spaniard marching up victory at number four hundred ninety nine over gilmore feasts to advance through to the semifinals in barcelona number nine month piece appearing ready to slug it out of the baseline of one of the games here since hitters roaring home crowd watch their local hero easily absorb french and special shots as he went on to take of per se six too. little change in the second piece could do little to slow down raptors quest for a sixth title here in seven years. six two six two the final score collation college try to hold with twenty seven much winning streak next. but watson celtics are just one win away from making the next round of the playoffs
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start of the summer to explore convincing winners in new york or peers again high thirty eight points for visitors who have a lakers a two one up in their series with new orleans kobe bryant not scoring all distance with thirty points meanwhile atlanta bryant's old win against holland on their home course jamal crawford weighing in with a game high twenty three and he was also the hero of our own side as his free pointer would just point to seconds left on the clock seal beach or even the holds on court but said it was a vital victory. we knew that this was probably the most important game with you and we still want to. come with the best person you know the person you know and we were you they were terrific we were so much really pushes the group who. will come out here you know. golf a little more the shorter round of sixty five to take a slender one stroke lead about halfway stage of the heritage and south carolina gold will jump to the top of the world rankings if he manages to win the events
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donald began the round three shots behind the overnight leader garrett willis but quickly moved in france with five birdies in the front line holes. a ball of his ranked third in the world the high number one martin kaymer number two lead by seward a win at harvard to see him become world number one regardless of how westwood you can win even monsters ok mitt isn't playing this week well be overnight leader willis two under par round of sixty nine is alone in second place one shot donald ian poulter where he's also in contention finishing his round on seven under par and it's pretty strange not to leave. him as well use for formula one turkish grand prix is currently at the red light of two thousand and twelve the events is likely to be called off due to financial disagreements between the organizes and formula one supreme or bernie ecclestone so much media reports that the government rejected
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eccleston's be it to double the payment of a raise that would have brought the feeds her twenty six million dollars this humble chamber of commerce eighteen but that simply wasn't an art form of the one chiefs had originally said event can remain on the calendar at this point for attendance figures of this year's event is due to take place or maybe eighth or which the current deal runs out. or the end of one race may be a new beginning for a lot of us grown pretty has made me return to be of one calendar also in two thousand and twelve so a bit of america is in austin texas will serve as a good new venue for the event which hasn't been on the radar says two thousand and seven developer regular coombs is no stranger to the sporting world having only two n.b.a. swords and one n.f.l. team a track will also be used for moto g.p. races as one of two. to be out in the next three years two thousand and fourteen remember season won't see russia post its personnel race and sochi.
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all over some ocelot where russia's mix fighters produce a further proof of their dominance of the sport's sun by some team went head to head with their spanish warrior side in moscow which saw the easter victory of a venue as more. the outcome may have been very different if the nations had met on a football pitch although as soon as it comes to the mentoring cage the russian select often tend to have the edge over their space rebels reach them out one of russia's strongest weeks by clubs some with seventy two per to tears the best spain had to offer in the sport for a poor speech with the competition as is tradition starting with the lightweights the first we saw seeing thirty books and specialists. taking on spanish jujitsu champion ramon vs. the visitor came to take the fight to the ground but the left took his chance with a sudden keep out of the clean white over russia one new out. the hosts
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hand to hand fighting champion and he could go to one of the other day next school kids a killing a perfect submission for the spaniard to give up the fight all in the first round with two other clashes following a similar pattern came to the most anticipated battle of the night and one global champion bitches love basilisk the fleecing and not solace the men voted spain's best weeks while the office year this much closer than all that came previous and the only one to us all three scandal rounds the city of keep proving his players dominating the entire white to claim victory by a unanimous decision however solis had every reason to live the ring with his head held high but girls for girls of the it was a tough fight i was always seeking a knock out but failed it me of even the boring but that's not what either me or my
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fans expected i'm sorry i promise i'll do much better next time. at five nil swiffer the russians something they've got four of the sports good a million fully approved. robert jordan known party must kill. all of us said so you know they'll be hands are sponsoring all the latest insight into arceo as mixed and as a we have had lots. wealthy british style.
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markets. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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