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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because a report on r.g.p. . is all a beloved celebrate the holiday today we hear quite it's a good gauge of whether the digital age to seventy has been taking place. they had no choice but to ensure be told by the phone broker no believe this community house remained intact twenty five years managing to survive on contaminated land. and leave them government claims are new civilian casualties as american drone strike broke the toughest meanwhile the rebels gain ground in the strategic growth of the sisters. and also into is running out to women families
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oversleep turns agenda selectors abortions and the drastic bits to secure all that financial aid. twenty four hour news coming to you live from the russian capital is a six am and mosco thousands of people have welcomed easter sunday ask russia's main cathedral christians worldwide celebrate their most tell a festival this year falls on the same day for orthodox and western worshippers are jews are a fifth witness the mass of christ the savior because he for one must. easter is a major holiday in russia marked with. the service that takes place at christ the savior cathedral and. the five thousand people attending
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including both president medvedev and prime minister. and also families inside bringing their children it really is a family event a religious event that's marked by thousands and thousands of people every year but floods to the cathedral and celebrate not only inside but also lined the streets as well with candles just to take part in the ceremony. it's russian christian holiday which has always been celebrated russian. business trip and we just couldn't come here. is the first time we've had a chance to celebrate this festival in moscow so we came to see the service here it's a journey to be here in the interest. to comprise the community came here st it's a great holiday. to know the church actually have seen and hear. the bells timing out like. that for the people the service has lots of
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candles flowers unless by patriarch kirill and people attending with their children really it's a family affair and i was. really and they just celebration here in russia and this year on the same day. the author talks church and the catholic church doesn't always happen because the easter holiday isn't always a fixed date it's called unmovable face at this year's celebrations pulling on the same day now some of the russian traditions that. making the cake and also eating a type of past that's actually the original name for the celebration. there we saw the big procession from christ the savior cathedral it's traditional recession it goes around the cathedral grounds with patriarch will leading that they carry the crucifix and thousands of people joining that before they get back
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inside to continue the ceremony now the actual will itself really had an absolutely fascinating history it might look very dated and grand but it's actually less than twenty years old in ninety one the building was completely destroyed and then rebuilt in ninety nine really is an absolutely magnificent thirty thing to hold that easter service all around russia families will be celebrating a religious holiday. throughout the country. the main one in russia and of course everyone celebrating it around the world very happy easter from us here are. reporting from outside russia's main cathedral all the highlights of the liberates easter mass there go to a website after. six weeks after the disaster struck
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fukushima nuclear plants local still living inside the twenty kilometer evacuation zone are being ordered to leave the arias a relative being compared to the infamous exclusion zone around which was established twenty five years ago but some who should have left but never did. find out why. the exclusion zone on the border between russia and belarus. more than a hundred kilometers from chernobyl interests. to follow accident in knowledge you know eighty six. people were advised to leave but not everybody has to this used to be a thriving community of more than five thousand feet for after chernobyl it was deemed unsuitable for living and its inhabitants were a house in fact if you measure the radiation around here it's still several times higher than normal but just walk down the road and draw still people living all
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around their area. at first glance bush cough looks like an ordinary village motel of what they grow in their gardens and the livestock they keep. the government says that it made from animals far from the local feed from contaminated land isn't safe to eat. and. of course he's scared of the radiation and we simply can't afford to go anywhere else according to the government anyone who is living in the exclusion zone isn't titled the equivalent housing outside it but actually getting it as a problem. we hail miller chair of personally for the fire chernobyl as the mayor of the nearby town of numbers that. he admits that a current system isn't working. there is a commission that values the housing of those people who want to leave and gives the money for it but the money's too small those people wouldn't be able to afford
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a house in most places around russia so many people choose to stay here with. their cancer rate in the area has gone up way seven times since chernobyl and the fact of the contamination may not have peaked yet. with in the first few years after chernobyl at least or government programs to clean up local food supplies but now they are gradually coming to an end who are being forgotten about the. person holding his clinic doctor when i visit his relative at home eighty six year old husband died of cancer from hamley contaminated materials she says she plans to live out the rest of her life here. i was never given a chance to leave and now i'm too old to go anywhere else. but while it may be too late for anna to move others here can still enjoy life without the shadow of radiation. either of their own never see their own screech and.
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have although the fukushima plant remains in crisis center g. experts have told you that japan has little choice but to clean up and carry on relying heavily on atomic power it's certainly a very serious accident it's the second most serious after chernobyl in the history of nuclear energy there have been releases of radioactive material as the environment and there have been evacuation i mean i think we one of the things when they sign like that and this probably dealt with which are some time this year is that we need to look into these it certainly does seem to be the case that a high level of pressure. in one direction prosper reactor number one weather event here are the later than the record they should have done that build up approach or may have affected the seals within the range of vessel which could have given the roof radio show material to come out and i do say having been commentating throughout this that i think the speed of information coming out of become has not
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been as high as one would have hoped to tsushima they are getting cooling water into the sensors of the reactor but they haven't got the what's called culture where all the water inside directors are is liquid that means there will be missteps of radioactive material but they want to be able to start looking at a long term solution until they have the centers of those reactors brought under control and they can remove the seal the third biggest economy in the world doesn't have an awful lot of choices in japan imports eighty four percent of its energy it's enormously dependent on imports of energy problem the middle east and of course. russia and the former soviet union it's kind of industries particularly british ships it's pretty much used all of it's cold and it doesn't have an enormously valuable renewable reserves there. let's turn nobbles twenty. says anniversary just two days away we'll be bringing you plenty of coverage on what happens at the time and the consequences of the disaster responder you'll also be
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able to catch an exclusive documentary on the chart by legacy of the lost right from the heart of the exclusion zone. twenty five years of fall action. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. the culture of the century has monthly or its mistakes. like this in the church. are changed. i position forces in libya have been preparing a new offensive on colonel gadhafi his military in the eastern city of darby which has been in a stalemate for nearly two weeks it's counted as gadhafi forces retreat from the port city of misrata where they faced heavy thoughts from rebels human rights
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groups claim misrata is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis often more than a thousand people died in the seven weeks each by gadhafi troops meanwhile the libyan government says three people have been killed in nature as strikes. pound in central tripoli so john donne who has just returned from the knowledge training mission in libya thinks the decision to intervene in the country was groundless. the basis for nine hundred seventy three the u.n. resolution was that the claim was that gadhafi had bombed from the air three particular districts in tripoli sort of pushed moon. we visited these places there was no indication whatsoever of any aerial bombardment so they go it just it just goes to show that if there's a claim this has to be actually cooperated properly and that hasn't been done and what we've what we've had is a situation where nato has gone to war going to serve some other nation on the base off an allegation which in terms of our findings was just baseless the point is
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that there has been no international investigative teams to investigate the nato bombings as well. we call ocean a spy ring that pressure on government forces in libya as the u.s. carries out its predator drone strike asia times correspondent. told me that military action in the country is nothing but a u.s. led war under nato cover. in their minds ok so don't these drones have. two thousand and eight so they can make them. civilians and frankly this is obviously not true and they're coming back to that. why we have been target this is not a us war they were started by africa the african command there was its first african war. by general carter ham which is the commander of africa then the
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us switched to nato which is basically the pentagon of the army in europe nursing is decided in brussels without an american ok and now that we have been told that the us is of less seriously out of strike missions. u.s. creditors on the ground so much room to write off another nonstop. boots on the ground of course. you are with r.t. still to come on the program the trust cycle. was of the awful story yesterday and it was almost a riot that broke out over the yard. what do you think of that i mean it's ridiculous. america's obsession with the latest gosh it sounds the wave of tide out to acknowledge it to countries like the m r t r six people in new york you plays think twice before ditching their digital garbage. the infamous koran burning pastor. jailed in the u.s.
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after a court blocked his plans for announcing islamic process a mosque a court ruled that the rally which was due to take place in a city described as america's capital could cause violence artie's christian crystal has been looking at how free speech public safety. the kynges show that the planned protest was not causing a rift in their community even formed a human chain in a show of solidarity christians jews and muslims were not afraid it or not. but we can work together as a team as if it is one family they came to send pastor terry jones a message whatever has him tormented i'm going to pray and as god to deliver him on this is to give is i am praying for you he needs still more than seven hundred people attended a service on the eve of the protest planned by a man that has held the qur'an on trial and another man who actually set the holy book on fire to fight what some here deemed the greatest offense with peace.
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peace. peace. but where some in the city of dearborn are divided along the lines of two rules of law the constitution and the qur'an and truly with everything of speech but i think it should be a little bit more strict with people they get to create a problem he has every right to say what he wants to do what he wants this is america this is not the middle east but at least he should not hurt our feelings for some across the country the question is will freedom of speech incite violence . earlier this month in response to pastor terry jones actions more than a dozen people were killed in mazar e sharif in afghanistan here in dearborn it is about public safety pastor jones was refused a permit to protest at the mosque but was told he could protest elsewhere he should
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not be stopped from expressing his opinion in other venues that he's been offered including in the city hall under local laws here there are four designated for. the henry ford community center a public library city hall and right here and i think this record but the bigger question. for many years should there be designated free speech zones or under the first amendment of the constitution can the entire country designated free speech them in their war in michigan christine freeze out our team. as a major downsize to america's lost for the latest techno garnets dot com we're reporting on how developing countries saw paying the price for a hearth honest takes to the streets of new york to find out if people care of all . americans produce about three million tons of electronic waste every year and
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countries like india end up as the dumping ground so how many gadgets have you got this year this week let's talk about that is there a gadget that you're lusting after this is g.p.s. that you are desperately yes you have no way to track where you're going without it basically no maps of the just not as great but an i phone ended she already have a phone course what was wrong with that that she needed an i phone was an i phone i was at the store yesterday and it was it was the right leg broke out of it i mean. what do you think of that i think it's ridiculous actually why do you think americans are so all about their get it. short attention spans. of money jacket. you guys. you know i forgot what are you talking about everybody has some type of way like you see the speed right here when i drive because. way so it out ok if we just say what everyone's doing it someone
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jumps off a bridge the ok to do it too. i mean it is what it is we don't seem to care why is that. it's invisible it's you know it should be twenty years somebody else from such a civil war in africa if you can't see it it's not really happening do you think people do care and just don't do anything about it or do you think they really don't care i think it's interested her and i think industry should create an infrastructure for taken aback because people would react. how would we get them to do that. how would we get in through that tunnel the reaction it was like yes i may be figure out some way to make it profitable for i'm right it's always about the bottom line honestly i think you just need laws for the bottom line is that millions of tons of just started gadgets are polluting your planet every year so please do think about that the next time you feel that gadget lust coming up.
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the recent census shows india is becoming an increasingly male dominated society for the birth of a song considers more financially lucrative on born baby girls falling victim to gender selection. pressure of course is just a sign of devastating effect on the country's future. it takes a village to raise a child the saying goes but in the village of clora hurry on about three hours from the indian capital not every child is given a chance here there are twice as many ways as girls and according to the latest indian census numbers the trend of more boys is a national reality and no coincidence. should be refused one son who looks after the family business of the.
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dr rajiv cook is a physician at a hospital in hari ana in india sex selective abortion and finding out the sex of a baby before birth are illegal but every day good sees patients who are willing to do just about anything to construct a family with more boys than girls. nor . do anything while the villagers in clora can't deny the statistics if you will talk about what is happening to all the baby girls they do however admit that having boys is more attractive to them financially especially when it comes to the indian practice of a bride's family paying a gallery to the groom's family before their wedding is that are they both agree there are a lot of poor people in the villages who are mostly due to illness defeated dari it
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could be called the. gender side continues at the rate it's happening now by twenty twenty one india will have twenty percent more men than women one major concern for people here is through these young boys only when they grow up if nothing changes immediate but this is a worry for everyone even we have two sons the drilling number of goods does worry us whether we will find wives or our sons are not in. some places like hari are not the gender ratios are so skewed that some villagers are traveling to other states to buy brides for their sons. or poor families are brought in for other states they had their families with money and there have been several stories of imported brides who end up for rasin ostracized for their cultural differences. between plants. people and instances of google earth or three brothers who get one value to many it's a rooted mentality that will be difficult to change everybody thinks of a girl as
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a burden and wishes that it is not born in the family leaving the future for females in the country by no preassure either r t india. and now a time for a closer look at some headlines from around the world. the number of deaths among demonstrators in syria has reportedly talked to one hundred thirty after police opened fire on mourners i threw rolls of anti-government protesters killed him quietly it was the plaza his day in a month of demonstrations with security forces opening fire on a crowd of thousands of protesters promise prompted two lawmakers and a local religious leader to resign approaches rather as the syrian art and just by the president putting an end to the death it's all to emergency law. at least a level soldiers have reportedly been killed in an exchange of five different combos in troops it's called a renewed violence in an ongoing dispute of the two both sides gunfire last several
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hours and kept thousands of civilians out of their homes composing military uses time forces of using shells loaded with was in as gas. again some battle president has agreed to drill to step down within a month often moving three decades in power the current was brokered by gulf are making it as it's been accepted by the opposition out there concerns the last parliament which is dominated by presidential loyalists to reject his resignation the largest demonstrations get hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters rallied to the capital on saturday despite breakdowns that had already killed one hundred question. well now some of the world's most talented drivers have raced to russia for the rally masters show which has had its most school day be among those taking part a british racing star who also appears in
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a hollywood blockbuster it's all of that to watch the fast and furious in action. kagan's the three time british champion british champion is here a most go to strut his stuff he is of course the man behind the driving in james bond in a quantum of solace so he's being whizzing around this track behind me like a thunderbolt with a view to a thrill that she could call him the spy that drove it drove me well not just me in that market in the rest of the companies i'm just here to allow me to make terrible james bond funds to showcase the way of the rally mouse this now this is the first time event being held here in russia from next year it becomes a regular on the racing calendar so that being here try to just drum up support for sports here in moscow and glorious on a glorious day the fans have had plenty of pills and spills to see and he gives himself was telling me the course here in moscow provides a unique opportunity for the drivers as well as the spectators to be the sport of
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raleigh i think it's great to be running it's quite difficult to watch in the forest you know you got to travel a long way away to get the normal stages that you see it here is a screen rallying to the people you know it's close it's very simple it's very different to the water on so i think it's one of the we like the one where you can really throw it away you know so only a champion on the track you're also. the driver behind making behind james holmes and the way he drives us of the most yeah we did the quantum of solace which was with the driver the body. you know spent more likely to crash there's a few occasions we have a crush of that so that was great i have to say after watching them going round this truck around them know me whizzing around so close to the bikes that the most ribbon here breakneck speed so that's the way it looks a as they try to promote the sport of rallying here in russia. now we take you on a trip over five and a half thousand kilometers east of moscow in russia close up to him explores the
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country's many hope mining heart also renowned for its incredible landscapes the trans by called region. this area celebrated for its amazing views of almost untouched nature's nightly mountains and huge forests valuable was found here sixty years ago but it's only now that mining works have started going full scale arches to suburbans has literally gone underground to dig up more. naturally reaches across russia's transport car region and beneath it a wealth of natural resources bringing them to the surface is why abdullah and the crew from the by coal mining company are here in the economy to. the east i'm sorry
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to be. exploited into three sectors in these areas we drove thirteen thousand meters in twenty ten it's the first stage of his deposit. it's expected to take five years to get from the exploratory phase to full scale escalation of the twenty million times of copper believed to be buried here and to get to a deal and his crew are now has taken nearly six decades carter was first found here in nine hundred forty nine with a lack of infrastructure an energy grid escalation difficult then mining effort stalled with the union still the work there began back then and a starting point of today this mine was initially explored by soviet geologists if you take a look at this group here you'll see whether modern day counterparts have dug to verify their findings to determine the viability and capability of estimating with mine. long ago that we need to develop is deployed but the absence of engineering
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energy transportation facilities and infrastructure made those ones possible past delays and present challenges architecting the work or the hopes of local government the project means more investments and new jobs but it will also provide additional tax revenues into the entire region and new social programs will be launched some ecologists war that full scale escalating while profitable could harm the environment the regional government and the by coal mining company have agreed on a strategy that they insist will preserve the local economy and encourage the economy so that the people of the trans like all region will not only benefit from the beauty of the area but also from its abundance of period resources seceded and r.t. . and in a few minutes moscow our discovers all things latino in the russian capital that sucks up every cup of our top stories which is next.
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in the. class. welfare british style but it's a must but i'm proud of my. high ground.


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