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the clubs will return so close hotel in the big old circus hotel firstly a ski caribbean escape plan is reticent to say yes royal kempinski might go twenty two look you talk of sky park in the sky now so tell. this is the artsy international news channel from moscow thank you for being with us my name is kevin i win and these are all top stories tonight activists in syria are holding a day of nationwide protests against the government with reports that demonstrators been fired on the u.s. is threatening action and slamming syria's alliance with the rand meantime experts say washington may have its sights on both countries. russian security forces killed ten armed militants in the caucasus region including the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for a number of attacks it's the latest in a series of successful country terror sting operations in the region. a moscow says
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a russian pilot found guilty in new york of drug smuggling was taken to america legally and abused in custody konstantin the other centers committed no crime on american soil because he'd never been live before his arrest by u.s. agents in west africa last year. if we can time them for arts and leisure show now today storing the many ways you can burn off calories here in the capital. hello and welcome to moscow as in this week's present. on the subject of fitness.
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not just about. traditional sports there are now dozens of calorie busting activities that both muscovites and ex-pats can both enjoy such as this activity there. if you're looking for an alternative workout and welcome to the world of career a to brazilian film that combines elements of martial arts schools and music created centuries ago by descendants of african slaves the brazilian native influences is known by quickly as using name politics in quick make sweeps creating a similar difference what counts it culturally sensitive here is a range of activities such as dogs martial arts and camera classes and sessions of how the different levels of experience. now might sound to try could nation balance and some basic knowledge of where is background is needed for example again usually does not focus on looking down the opponents but rather
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emphasizes on the skill involved. music is also in charge of it says his handling style of the game that is to be played each person in the room takes turns in practicing the energetic moves and instruments interesting to say the least chiklis with a different twist in a moscow. closing to take a look at. the sweets and stay nice and cozy magazine stay not only tell the readers about the latest cosmetic products and beauty trends but also organized p.r. events where readers can try and suggest various products in its fifth year now beach is an event by in style magazine some of the most popular international brands showcase the goods and creations this year b.c. will also features most acosta's body tissues make it all assists and stylists.
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treme other new film from the fast and the furious series taking place in the russian capital costs five is the fifteen siemens in the street race movies we should become box office it's around the world. so are the action films american activities of the ten in the premier himself announced his thrill of being in moscow i can tell you one thing i love moscow. i can tell you that i want to shoot a movie in moscow so badly that you heard about it which obliged and when you see yours you seek out a spot. you'll hear all the time brian talking about russia ah. the next location is a ride to the glamour lifestyle eyes are rats it's health for many going to the days of soviet style jeans so why not snout exercise in style and it's how to name
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a stroke become a modern look climb into the competitive metropolis seems they can never be enough supply of fitness spaces in the city center so what is different about the space year well we have a faith in the center of moscow. where open twenty four hours this is something exclusive that we have. people are coming to us they have private trainings and according to the fact that we do not have many people and guests here and members. they can have. real private classes. whatever the weather outside town here for keys any. piece and. when i say can. turn on dozens of swanky jeans in the center of moscow although expensive with swanky interiors and swimming pools thrown in face is going to be so good here in the russian capital now on the fourth floor inside this
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spatial fun most of the equipment that you need for a good workout train is the house and you never know what russian or hollywood celebrity. can this has always played along. those lines in michigan in the u.c. santa cruz in the. meeting today nice to see muscular response never sees his room with me in this. building isn't anyone's to some people his whole lifestyle and nothing to the ip. i found that great so you've got a ready made to market you look good you know you're big and i think working out. is going to so tell me a little bit about your t.v. and film career in hollywood what i'm doing there i'm producing and i still have you know russia because you know i myself by the building star many years ago you and. i will miss you know last year it was like you know it was like great come
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back to me you know it was like great i'm back with a childhood dream because when i started bodybuilding it was my what my dream you know i think like arnold because you wanted us you went to hollywood and i went by that with enough of that they. knew it but i think that everyone everyone you know . whatever you want to buy the building because you know it's not really big sports yet but it's great. in the home you can do it you're bound both you can do it. i hope next time you're in the white meat of the gym our family will show you are you you know how good what is the difference between fitness and vanity and image you know for me personally i think that i always was and i was a great example because so much and by the going on fitness it became part of me and right so for me. since i started in russia first film about me was produced
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russian television in one thousand nine hundred three many many years ago when i was like twenty year old here you know and i used it in this part of my image very strongly and i wrote five books about. this and i think and i hope you know that a lot of russian people go the founders you know and started by the building during the ninety's but not one saying one thing believing in yourself sure you can hear about this you of course we can achieve whatever you want to achieve you have a positive you have to be optimistic and you can do it you know definitely and that's why i promote healthy lifestyle all my life because it was really my secret help me here. that's really my secret and i'm trying to share it you know the international audience staying healthy and positive inside here i'm here with everything maybe all the fans and some of your kids films thank you very much of us
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all of you stay strong. if you want. to know since he was. always stay fit and healthy to start with this need. to china. hotel recreates the relaxing energy as an. asian and oriental traditions. treatments including seeing dance tracks are just. islands of land the skills the oldest ministries. in the storm is where you can purchase all kinds of fitness equipment and exercise machines for your home you can find any women including trip on those weights and exercise bikes. with the same since they can help choose from the various machines and guidance of how to use them effectively. if you feel
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that you need professional assistance while training is a wide choice of discovers engines in the still free memberships tell is a fake this is a chain of clubs which has fifteen locations in the russian capital and also many clubs in other cities in the country and beyond the five thousand train is an instructor's work at shea including your pm hands and take champions. if you want your status to emerge painting on a workout in tripoli it doesn't matter how old you ships you want but how are one of the days with your clothes soaking wet completely amused by stars a trampoline school located inside illusion of the stadium of his professional trainers the special exercises and equipment tons of extreme schools. and finally good at this as a special feat a sense of the dogs and cats a musket helps make the lives of a full legged friends healthy open three years ago dog alice has various exercise
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of pets including triple running and swimming but even plans to start until the causes which is yes you guessed right if you go the dogs. well if you mention pressure friends at the same time keep away attention burglars why don't try outs next sports. a file acacia is a former cross near our chocolate factory and situated between the striking cafes i mean like comes here as. this new boxing club i'm not sure i'm professional men are women come to train here although for some people it's about the competitive sport first of all it's simply about fitness. russia and the us saw this he'd have me involved with decades boxing to you can be the ideal way to keep all those interest . exercise machines like treadmills might be boring and we wanted to offer something different some have come up with a deal to open
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a so-called white collar boxing club in most cases it's popular in the west with the emphasis on fitness rather than fighting. i've been put through my paces with my trainer. clearly like this certainly the heart beats racing at the same time strengthens the major muscle groups it seems to be working on me. around. with me like the next thing i believe will be building. will always change and develop. and with russia shoveling move the training with the getting smaller no one to many of teaching the treadmill and up to through alternative fitness activities. that said i don't think i'm very. well that's always tell me how in this week's program on fitness here in the russian capital i certainly will not be giving up my day job so i'll see him again
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at the same time next week for more must go out for adventures and hold them for me and the rest the same. for. a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer today in the land. that was the first
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but probably not the landstuhl military uses of this weapon. well many more will meet. children a common get on in the future wealthy british style it's am sometimes it's classified. but in. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cause a report on archie. top
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stories this friday night activists in syria are holding a day of nationwide protests against the government with of course the government's traitors have been fired on the u.s. is threatening action and is slamming syria's alliance with iran meantime next would say washington hasn't sykes's maybe on both countries. russian security forces killed ten armed militants in the caucasus region including the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for a number of attacks it's the latest in a series of successful counterterrorist operations in the region. a moscow says a russian pilot found guilty in new york of drug smuggling was taken to america and legally and abused in custody konstantin the other shank has committed no crime on
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american soil because he'd ever been there before his arrest by u.s. agents in west africa is q. twenty forty five moscow time it's culture with a sport it richard. no milk of the source of a great to have you with us so you start with the headlines. on the feed russia you mean game a prize for his world championships going germany. russia times and this week take a look ahead to the biggest game in russian put all its arrival says col longhorns with city rival sponsor moscow. news boxes and take a look at how to make stars of russian basketball in the capital. but first in two thousand and eleven rolled ice hockey championships are underway and russia's got the worst possible stanbury last opening game of the tournament
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germany again they were expected to win a lack of match practice certainly showed as the russians are in this joint to performance and they went behind early in the second period as thomas grayling gets shot somehow managed to find its way between you know both aspirants goaltender clearly called them for russia had plenty of shots on goal but one day able to reply and with time running out of practice or people side pushing bodies forward in search of bomb goal the germans sealed victory two minutes from time thanks to a hundred three month old full song from the russians for the next phase of the slovenians first game against the hosts that are here on the streets on the way in around an hour and a hot. new head coach the tournament will provide a great opportunity to scan for new talent as a top job on his hands try and turn around the army men who failed to reach the playoffs last year however he says some new faces could prove a catalyst to change. well. look here it's number of clearance when there are
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of course i would love to serve in the list of demeter a good boric and perhaps sharpton and maybe a few others to get clearance of the skilled work i think is out of the question and fortunately. i'm more of a war of words between real madrid and barcelona shows no sign of dying down and the clubs will charge while you wait for me for in their bad temper champions league tie i have a confluence of reported a real boss was an audio for his comments out of a game of a portuguese and basel in a sea of preferential treatment from europe's footballing governing body that. we have agreed to see marine you before you a first disciplinary tribe you know following his declarations during the press conference those statements are against article five paragraphs and see if you was disciplinary legal codes f c or saloon or feels those rates have been violated i
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mean. they were all real madrid take on a side author on saturdays they look to keep title hopes alive. refused to make any further comments following a possible in a game on wednesday. he said earlier. look up. i don't want to speak about this topic anymore because of one simple reason because a picture speaks of thousand words and in this moment there are so many accumulated pictures and there are so many of these pictures spinning around the world if a picture speaks more than a thousand words and there are so many pictures translate them to guess how many words there are i have nothing left to say my father was given colors. on the heels of our classico will be russia's very own superclass ago with its arrival and sponsor i'm also said to lock horns the only one could return to the top of the table if they managed to get all three points would squeeze side are on beaten so far from a spy games however the army had to suffer a double blow a head of
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a game as first choice strikers. and wagner love are likely to be available for selection. however them also rivals have problems of their own woeful start of the season to see value carp in stand down as head coach and plan the red and white second win of the season last time out of inspire technology a victory trying to turn them off the bottom of the table. elsewhere on saturday ruefully it's terry what we're looking for not turning fortunes of a take on new promoted of albany not because i cannot hear an action against krasnodar. we've all in the english premier league chelsea will be looking to keep their fate hopes of retaining their title alive as may face london rivals top hot spot at stamford bridge chelsea boss carlo ancelotti has a fully fit squad to choose from with michael essien in years and now it's already from injury obviously his biggest dilemma is to play up front and under torres and
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. to get the nod we want spurs need but when themselves a trail fourth place mention a city by four points to try and claim a final champions league spot chelsea has six points off the top of the table none . and he is hoping one right is also can do a sort of favor. i'm sure that doesn't really do. his job to do i want a job or a web service that we've gotten on for would not be easy because thought i was a very good team strong. but. i think that we wanted to play a completely open the premier league until the last minute well you see some play for still obviously made city of pole position there we've trumping a couple of points saturday and when you're. playful we've got a gun when we go with games and you know people try to win as many as we can in
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c.t. we're finisher. also on top of the fun of some deep in the relegation mark take a look around the colton drive there's a playful white cold war hope to ease their worries about the trouble to try to stoke sunderland take on full on soprano victory over us and delegate all that secure of their premier league status next season and weekends are in desperate need of a point at home to have a. search for the next under a care language still continuing in russia and scots what better place to look for future talent than a country's youth astable league finals which are held just outside the capital this weight constantin of the story i grow basketball in russia isn't in the best of health at the moment however to grassroots level the signs are more promising well developing the sport has become a priority the under eighteen basketball league aims to develop future stars and this year's finals were held just outside moscow came to claim the united league
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title this year and the future holds bright for the club from the muscular region as their juniors have been unstoppable this season but it is not the first time we fall to such tournament's the finals turned out to be very exciting but tied battles and having that there was lots of talent on the court we hold everybody enjoyed. the league is a stepping stone between sports schools and poor basketball youngest there is again more and more experience from games welcome to titian him and them increases merely and by the time the queen enters the world of professional sport after another stint in the minor leagues they're ready for action on the senior hardwood reconciles these tournament is very important as it's a first step for youngster moving towards adult sport and this is were killed as can when you turn for the national team as it gives game practice with players under eighteen. the aim of all this younger sister is to play for the national team
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and to have a future career in the n.b.a. and for some of them this could soon become a reality as the show there were. in finishing second at the european championships last year clean your medal at the under eighteen tournament but the first time since the soviet union was second in one thousand nine hundred this signs are promising in russia will be hoping to better there this summer and pulling that elusive gold at european championships and paul and his name vulnerable. staying on the hard work for two time defending champions are alive and well in the n.b.a. playoffs the los angeles lakers advancing to the second round. against new orleans in game six l.a. making the ending of an exciting series somewhat of an anticlimax leading by more than twenty points above the stage in the game and rubin on a double double for the wins eighteen points and twelve rebounds. get on the horse meanwhile upset the orlando magic to advance to the next round favorites to send the holes packing up the sweeping them during last year's postseason but land
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surface will return the favor by favre surprising a lot and taking the series in six games commemorates the last eight his role in the hall of trailblazers to a small i mean game six on the road things. big for confidence to do with the road. in the playoffs we haven't gotten a wall so that one down and this league if you have a chance to close the team out you always want to go for. actual ties and talk about it we talked before the game and this was kind of our game seven where we didn't want to play again on. this is american football and i'm a fellow drop comes amid labor uncertainty in the league ok pick up a two thousand and eleven was anything but a time quarterback cam newton making his way to carolina panthers to collegiate national champion first overall top of your current graduate needs and he's an imposing figure for his position just under two meters tall weighing over one
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hundred ten kilograms by one trophy winner has drawn mixed reviews from the critics of its drawbacks are geishas over the nesson gentlemanly parenting issues during a collegiate career that spanned three different schools linebacker von miller from texas a and m. went to the denver broncos with the next break pass russia has been the scene in the courtroom a lot lately as he sided with the current n.f.l. players and the league's ongoing labor speech. oh that's all the sport the weather's coming up next and then kevin i'll be here with the headlines.
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would be soon which brightened. the sun from feinstein it's. the start time team don't come. closer is the same reason given to you to be sitting on the market as the arab spring interesting six months it appears to have run into some serious head with you some here yes.
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just saw them for decades. cringing five years ago the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town a preview of what the market waited with three hours. plus now it wants to be rich recently some people started receiving post notices telling them to big up letters at this post office in virginia into. the stories of the world's mom come on. just have to be told.


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