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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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are you ready to run joining me on the ballots a night for the rumble three esteemed political commentators heather servo and service strategist managing owner of four forty group public relations joe madison the black eagle host of the joe madison show on sirius x.m. satellite radio and brian darling director of government studies at the heritage
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foundation and columnist of human events and contributor to red state dot com and big government oh oh we love big government. but let's get started the u.s. economy slow down in the first quarter of two thousand and eleven coincidentally it's the first quarter the republicans have been in control the war of the house of representatives economists are pointing their fingers at rising gas prices the call for the slow growth but well most of those are our wallets emptied. at the hub are having me our wallets empty but exxon mobil post that seven was ten price billion dollars profit b.p. rang up a seven billion dollars profit alibre gadget of five billion and change it so to all the oil companies and the republicans who insist that taxpayers should consist of continue subsidizing these well governments think that profiting off the american downturn is patriotic. profiting is patriotic i
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mean making profits and only doing the suffering. i mean you're talking about suffering these people are producing something that's very important to our economy people who can really have more to make it to work any more but i have a hard time affording to make it to work too but i wouldn't the early companies are already well we have a president who is hostile to energy he does not want to draw in the gulf of mexico he won't drill and was told on has nothing to do with these it has a lot to do it would it takes you ten years in the time drilling begins that's absolutely right so i'm sure started ten years ago but we could have start our survey if we start so you want to criticize george bush's policies i think george bush wanted to drill in many of these places like anwar he wanted to expand drilling in a lot of areas and he should be criticized for not drilling you know is ok if you're an addict to you know making profits on oil. oh it's a patriotic i don't have a problem with me profits but i don't think that when you make the types of profits that you just reciting the government should be subsidizing these these companies
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in any way and i think that's one of the reasons that you even have speaker of the house banner kind of backing off because of just what you said people who are suffering the reason high oil prices we know now are leading to what high grocery store prices and so to answer your question directly it don't look everybody wants to make a profit everybody wants more assets than the. do they have liability but when you have a kind of profit there's no sense in having these oil companies subsidize the way the way they are and i do disagree with this president not being energy. friendly because one of the criticisms i have of him is that he's certainly very pro nuclear energy and of course he comes from a state that is very pro and i'm going to new ten you drill in our brains of all to say that you know once we start subsidizing something that's very hard to stop i
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think america has become very good record of containing subsidized things that we saw you joy in your with john boehner let's pull the subsidies from the big oil companies not idolize the virtually and the entire tea party movement in congress is going. i think it's a good way that tea party movement is monolithic is on tea party movement is all over the place there are a lot of different types of people who are involved in tea party movement there's no one party so you know i conservatives are definitely not united on subsidies being main out there but don't just characterize the conservative movement i think the movement agrees no subsidies for ethanol subsidies no subsidies for electric cars nor for big oil i think most would agree if you do it to comprehensive tax reform take away all the subsidies to these industries i think liberals and conservatives agree with that needs to happen. so i think it'll be a cold day and help before girls and the republicans have to take but they may not
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have a they may not have a choice because i what i find interesting about the tea party is that i think they finally realize many of them have realized wait a minute we're the little guys who we look around and now and i've had this on my show many times i don't like and tied in knots and then i would ask is your grandmother still alive yes does she have medicare yes do you want to see her lose that medicare when there's a hesitation and they realize they're losing some. but they really can't afford to lose that medicare is not mean we're going to cut off seniors that well ok in fact let's let's move along to harry reid announced this week that he's going to force a vote in the senate paul ryan's budget plan speaking of privatizing medicare over the last two weeks house republicans have felt the wrath of their constituents for voting in favor of the ryan plan take a look. at. it
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you voted medicare probably play it back to people who are in there for al gore that they don't have not the medicare that i think he said nothing in the campaign that i'm going to change that now you hear voted for by and that will destroy. her. for. the job it's really. sort of republicans just blow their shot at real life in two thousand and twelve after only four months in office by adopting this radical platform that they're the party that's going to privatizing medicare i mean what what ninety year old is going to walk into an insurance company and say here's my seven thousand dollars
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please take care of me i've had three aren't taxed instruction i need a pacemaker you know that's not in effect ninety year olds this is not going to go into effect tomorrow in effect nine year old you don't think they are the ninety someday you are talking about a nine year old right now this is going to be taking a fact over a course of years reforming it's going to be perry grasso twenty and thirty and thirty year olds who should be really pissed off yes. i guess so but you know if they're not there if they. are not receptive to. eighteen you know you want to do anything that look you know i thirty forty twenty thirty forty year olds are not i've got i've got children thirty forty years old is because they think they're invincible i think this point in time let me tell you and as one sitting here who just last year had to have ended up with prostate cancer and then ended up with something as simple as kidney stones do you know it cost me ten thousand freakin
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dollars to get a kidney stone procedures now let's say my son who is in his thirty's now finds himself with the same problem or let's say that his prostate cancer we know that there's some in and some genetic connection. if he does not have a good medical plan or he finds himself under and poorly what has he did because that eight thousand dollars would hardly get you a doctor's visit. to lock it under the rationing of president obama under obamacare i mean there's going to have any rationing yes there is going to have to be rationing because the government's going to be controlling what is paid for and what you think you don't have a rational right now for united health care you don't think that when you call up when your doctor has to call up and say may i please have this procedure we had please have this test before they can even tell you whether they could have it as with the saying you know i should be doing this test right now but i got to call it an insurance company first you think we don't have rationing is this are you
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seriously saying we have a bad system you want to make it worse we haven't necessarily we should you are nowhere we're the only other player on the federal or else only seriously gantries we are the only one that allows by law for profit corporations to operate as medical insurance companies every other one of them stephen j. hensley would his hundred million dollars a year run in united health care would be in prison in every other developed country which you really have here and again we're all sitting here fortunate we all have jobs we hopefully have good medical. medical practice and i'm like you go i just talked with a friend of mine today who who has prostate cancer and he wants the cyberknife and the and the insurance company is saying you can happen even though that's probably it even though they recommended that he go to this particular specialist for cyber nice then when he when he came back they said no we're not going to approve it but i mean those situations are are there are not as granted as as what happens on
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camera they are when you asked to have something done and you are it's about it's about hasan here's the point i was going to make what we're talking about is for poor people to have a safety net and that's really what this is all about not the fortunate few who have jobs but we have. poor people underemployed people and unemployed people who need a safety net and that's what this as you know what why do the wealthy have medicare you know that's something that we don't either given that. this right here. frankly to answer the original question of republicans boehner for two thousand and twelve i don't think so because it's a year and a half away and. i don't think people are paying attention politics yet. yeah i think the republicans still have a big he just gave us a. half and the president had to stoop down to the likes of news and donald trump releases long form birth certificate this week temporarily deflating the birth or
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bubble the birth of birth or has stuck to their predictable talking points take a look. to day i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish i was just informed while on the helicopter that our president has finally released a birth certificate the white house obviously wants to make everything about the cursor to fit and was he really from a lawyer kenya instead of his record of more wars torture bailing out banks signing statements and lobbyist i really feel to be as if i am on ground zero of what this is what her gave number two i was orly taitz on this show day before yesterday. she's. this isn't great this is absolute credible. claiming the president's committing social security fraud and you've got the donald now wanting
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to see the president's educational records so rather than taking a victory lap shouldn't the birth there's be apologizing to the american people for wasting your time over the least last two years and in fact i even stated stepper that shouldn't donald trump be apologizing for his talk about i want to know how this guy got into college and he spent too much time on a basketball court the seems to me like. code language for just apps you know racist dog whistle stuff i don't think donald trump's a racist at all i think that donald trump i mean this whole birth of the one percent of americans or believed in it or whatever i mean the hard core i believe right fifty five percent of the republican so you're saying that fifty five percent of the republican party is racist i mean that's absurd that's absurd not to say are racist. actually his friends and i defy racists but i don't i don't recall any but can you name one white politician who's ever been asked or is it has burst in the midst of this guy dr no while of artics along to present it could have been nipped in the butt a long time ago by his just saying here's my stereotypical it he had the money for
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a lot of controversy i mean i agree that birth there said stop talking about it when he showed it but he's a what you can admit to about a lot i wasn't really israel logical strategy joe you know what's interesting and i don't think either excuse me. i'm old enough to know exactly what racism minutes i've lived through it i've experienced it i know what a metaphor is when i hear one and this is all that it's been i've lived through jim crow and what we now have is a very sophisticated cousin of jim crow and i refer to him on my show as james crow esquire these are metaphor and the reality of if i were present united states and someone came up with every dickless assertion that i was not born in the united states and i've got the card myself i've been a u.s. senator i've been a state senator and now you want me to card myself it reminds me
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when i lived in detroit michigan you remember the city of dearborn where an african-american who worked in that city would have to have a letter from his employer if he got caught in the city before dusk or before dawn or after us this was an absolute insult to this president of the united states. it's the most unpatriotic thing that could be done and quite candidly i think that down trump has done the democratic party a big favor because the birth thing is over with and as i have and i'll conclude by saying i have valerie jarrett on my show the other day and i asked her are they going to release the college transcripts and she said something very interesting the president is almost fifty years old. you know fifty year olds should be asked to do these college transcripts it's ridiculous and that their public and party as a whole is not asking for him to release his college transcripts and i would also
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say that during the whole health care debate i was out there protesting like a lot of other americans are protesting and someone on the other side said me you don't like him because he's black right so what there was through this thing from my mind i don't like his policies it has nothing to do with whether it's why are black our peach colored it has to do with his policy to believe. it's bigger. to make everybody to be a burglar who's a conservative or republican it's the left trying to play the race card to say if you don't why president obama the policies you're somehow are way excuse me i'm not going to sit here and have this race card play i am sixty plus years old i've seen it i've got children your age i know a metaphor when i see it and i get really sick and tired of white people telling me that when i recognize something that's seen or mogwai i'm playing the race card i'm sort of like whoopi goldberg on this one you know what i'm playing the cards that were dealt me the reality is nobody is accusing the republican party and whole of
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being racist nobody is accusing all conservatives of being racist and you're probably absolutely honest in your assessment but you've got to recognize when these polls are taken you're right tom you've got over fifty percent of the people who question whether this man is legitimate and this is what we're dealing with reason as he leeches them at the population start asking questions because he didn't he didn't show it he should be attacked you know no i mean it's a weird situation and it's not like it and president and no one else has ever been asked to do it why should this prayer and you know why it's because he's got this name it's because somebody started his crap about is he legitimate and if i were he . am as a candidate i wouldn't honor a ridiculous request so he said the only reason he was doing it is because it had. a conversation it was titled reaction and i lays out just one other thing i think
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maybe we all can agree on is the media ought to be is equally criticized about this as anybody else they really should because they kept playing it and kept playing it . shows your show you should be criticized losing is worth it was making believe that all concerned yeah ok all right ok final question quickfire we couldn't make it through the entire show without talking about what everyone else is talking about the royal wedding and since william and kate's marriage is supposed to be called catherine i received wall to wall media coverage for weeks i couldn't help but wonder what high profile political marriage in america would elicit similar nonstop coverage step into an alternative universe and see which couple would get the most attention y'all can vote on it here it would be a move over todd sarah pailin and former congressman christopher lee's shotgun craigslist marriage or be donald trump and congresswoman sheila jackson lee's carriage trailer ganza marriage or c.
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president obama and michele bachmann's marriage you know just to get his green card . ok. you have. got to say something serious about this this wall to wall coverage so anything that really bothers me is that there are some very serious hurt people in the southern part of this country from mississippi to virginia and i wish the media will give and had given the wall to wall coverage i mean over three hundred lives were lost and there's been tremendous destruction down there and i would have much rather have seen that and caused us to respond much the way we did to katrina and the hurricane and new. orleans and we did watching disney land for instance and everybody living vicariously through reads to me like a baby last night. i slept like a baby all i did any good opening
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a third i'm sure no i did not all my friends did i felt like an oddity but you know nuthin so i think it's something that many americans love to watch just because we don't have a king we don't have a queen here's three days but you. watch american fascinated by it but i did not watch it at all i think it's going to be the marriage between louie gohmert and steve king republican one season rock kid called the phobia of the party brian darling heather servo joe madison thank you all for a few much appreciate coming up tennessee wants to legalize political corruption seriously is three behind their movement what it means for the working class and that still leaves a. few. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. easy to understand it and then you glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you say. i'm sorry is a big picture.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think. beatable and on the oil. republicans in tennessee are on the verge of legalizing political corruption legislation is moving along and that states government that will allow corporations to contribute directly to politicians something that is currently illegal
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corporations can funnel money through political action committees and thanks to the supreme court's citizens united decision last year they could now throw unlimited amounts of cash into electioneering television radio ads those things but it's always been illegal for corporations to give money directly to politicians there's always been this wall in place between corporations and politicians and tennessee is quite serious about blowing that wall up. this is just the latest salvo in the race to the top the race to see which state will be first to be wholly owned by big money interests in this race to the bottom as a wonga history after the civil war and the construction of the transcontinental railroad eight hundred seventy s. for the first time in american history a landed gentry rose up of people who insist they as dollars were our country's first billionaires they made their fortunes by playing dirty building up monopolies
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and trusts sabotaging the competition and buying off titian's to get favorable treatment here in washington d.c. look up the presidential administration of ulysses s. grant one of the most corrupt white houses in the history of the united states thanks to the billionaires of his day this is what was known as the gilded age in american history and it's no coincidence that the rise of the billionaires coincided with the dying off of the previous generations of americans who had fought against british billionaires and the east india company the british east india company when our nation was founded by thomas jefferson worried about corporate power but he was confident that since america was born out of rebellion against the world's largest corporation the east india company that had a anti-corporate spirit would be ingrained into the american culture and it was
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until he in the rest of his generation died off and then sure enough the corporations rose up in america with economic and political clout the rivaled with the east india tea company had held generations earlier it wouldn't be long before the billionaires were out their welcome in america and the working class tired of being screwed over rose up and in eight hundred eighty five. democrat would be the only democratic president in fact during the entire from the civil war until the ninety early one thousand nine hundred democratic president grover cleveland moved into the white house with a plan to end the google of the gilded age of billionaires and political corruption it is eight hundred eighty eight state of the union address president cleveland as we view of your great achievements of aggregated capital we discovered the existence of trusts combinations and monopolies all the citizen is struggling far in the rear or is trampled to death behind an iron heel corporations which should
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be the carefully restrained creatures of the war and the servants of the people are fast becoming the people's masters again this was coming out of the mouth of the proudest of the sitting president of the united states in his annual constitutionally mandated report to congress on the state of the nation saying that the iron heel of corporations were trampoline the working people of america and you imagine a president obama said something like that today. words by the way did not fall on deaf ears soon that corporate iron heel would be broken up by a title wave of state and federal laws making trusts the monopolies illegal because sherman antitrust act and by eight hundred ninety two the gilded age was winding down with nearly every statement country putting the laws of the books to break up corporate trusts most notably ohio home of senator sherman who proposed the sherman
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act in one thousand nine hundred one and coincidentally the home of john d. rockefeller and stated it will trust but these billionaires would not back down they figured if the current politicians didn't want to be their friends and they'd buy new politicians who would want to and they did. so you know cept when teddy roosevelt passed the tillman act it made it illegal for any corporation to make any contribution to any politician but in one hundred years after the tillman act was passed republican presidents and some democrats would water it down so much with today a state like that a c. will soon pass a law that says the exact opposite of the law that they're proposing in tennessee will say that any corporation can make any contribution to any politician similarly those states back then that have passed anti-trust laws in eight hundred ninety s. they soon gave in to the pressure of corporate power after all heigho kids rockefeller
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a move distrust to new jersey first state to adopt adopt wild west like rules on corporations giving them free reign to get any sort of business they'd like it became standard oil in jersey and delaware soon follow passing laws that would give corporations the easiest right of any other state the union and sure enough today more than fifty percent of all u.s. publicly traded companies and sixty three percent of fortune five hundred companies called delaware home and that's pretty much where it stood and so reagan stopped in force in the sherman act in one thousand nine hundred two and george bush put john roberts on the supreme court because of these two guys we've entered another gilded age in america and with this latest move by tennessee to legalize the wholesale purchase of our call of our politicians by corporations but for other states to follow suit just to prove that they can be more favorable to big business the irony
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he'll of corporate power has descended once again under the throats of the working class unless we wake up and do something about it soon we're all going to be screwed. as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we've covered check out our website the tom hartman dark on our t.v. entire series available for free podcast on i tunes you also check out our youtube page youtube dot com slash the big picture are two t. are as left over and over yet the modesty begins when you show up when you get active tag your it will see a mother. to
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be official like a show. called touch from the. video . feeds with the palm of your. question.


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