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john sees life on the. video on demand on t.v.'s mine old girls. are in a sense feeds now in the palm of your. question on the comb. and two thirty pm in moscow these here are the headlines syria under a new u.s. sanctions after dozens were killed in friday's anti-government protests united nations launched an investigation and western influence is being blamed for making matters worse. new york smokers will soon find lighting up could leave them lighter in the pocket and they're among the targets of numerous trips to bylaws that could see fines imposed for minor misbehavior as the city struggles to raise much needed
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cash. and conscripts in the russian army regularly facing occasionally fatal bullying and abuse brutality is leaving bereaved relatives desperately calling for action over the deadly culture. of summer on the way it's time to shed a few pounds before shutting the heavy clothes host martin enders as your guide to the moscow gym scene coming up. hello and welcome to the last two hours and this was probably taking a look at the subject of fitness and today's modern not just about tickle gyms and
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traditional sports there are now dozens of calorie busting activities that both muscovites and x. past can both enjoy such as this activity so. if you're looking for an alternative workout the welcome to the world of career and it was really off in the combines elements of martial arts schools and music created centuries ago by descendants of slaves the brazilian native influences is known by quickly as using many politics in quake lake sweeps which is somewhat different workouts a cultural center here of is a range of activities such as jobs martial arts how clear a class is concessions or how different levels of experience. now might sound to try could nation balance and some basic knowledge of where is background is needed for example again easy does not focus on the can down the president's brother emphasizes on the skill involved. and the
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zinc is also entitled cause you can clear up he says his handling style of the game that is to be played each person in the room takes turns in practicing the energetic moves and instruments interesting to say the least fitness with a different twist in modern day moscow. losing to take a look at. the streets entertaining nice and cozy magazines stay not only tell the readers about the latest cosmetic products and beauty trends but also organized the all events where readers can try and test various products in its fifth year now b.c. is an event by in style magazine some of the most popular international brands showcase the goods and creations this year p.c. ball also features must take losses by bt she is making all assists and stylists. the premiere of the new film from the fast and the furious series taking place in the russian capital cost five is the fifty soon least in the street race movies we
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should become box office kids around the world. start the action films american activities and the ten of the pretty himself and announce his thrill of being in moscow i think tell you one thing i love moscow. i can tell you that i want to see the movie in moscow so badly that you heard about it with your blood and when you see us in a furious when you see thousand. you'll hear all the embroidery and talking about russia our law. context location is allegedly glamorous lifestyle it's our rats it's health for many going to the days of soviet style gyms so why not snout exercise in style and that's how the image both become a modern look climb into the competitive metropolis scenes that can never be enough spa and fitness spaces in the city center so what is different about the space year
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well we are located in the center of moscow. where open twenty four hours base is something exclusive that we have. people are coming to us they have private trainings and according to the fact that we do not have many people and guests here and members. they can have. real private. whatever the weather outside. any. beach and. what i say can. turn out dozens of funky chains in the center of moscow although expensive with swanky interiors and swimming pools right in fact this is going to be so good here in the russian capital now on the fourth floor a sybase luxurious special find most of the equipment you need for a good workout. and you never know what russian or hollywood celebs make you might
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bump into. this has always played along. those lines in michigan in the u.s. is not because of this meeting today nice to see. his room to millions. building isn't anyone's to teach some people it's. not going to. be. great so you've got a very limited market you look good you know you're big in a way think working out. is going to so tell me a little bit about your t.v. and film career in hollywood what i'm doing there and producing and i think i have you know what the road with russia because you know i have it myself by the buildings are many years ago during the one mr universe i will miss you know. it was like you know it was like great come back to me you know it was great i'm back
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with a childhood dream because when i started bodybuilding it was my what my dream you know i think like arnold because he wanted us he went to hollywood and i went there with enough of that. in the miss universe but i think that everyone everyone unites you whatever you want to buy the building because you know. what you have but it's great. in the home you can do it down both you can do it in the barbers in your home you can do some running some jogging i hope next time you in the white me to the gym i finally will show you audience you know how to do it what is the difference between fitness and vanity and image. you know i mean personally i think that this was a great example so much and by the. it became part of him right so when we. started in russia. about me what produced russian television in one thousand nine hundred three many many years ago when i was like one year old you know and i used
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. part of my is stronger and i wrote my book. in nine years. and i think and i hope you know that a lot of russian people go. by the building during the ninety's but one thing one thing believing in yourself. of course we can achieve whatever you want you have a positive you have to be optimistic and you can do it you know and that way upon more healthy lifestyle all my life because it was my secret help me help me in. my figure and i'm going to share it you know the international audience staying healthy and positive inside here. with me here all the fans and some of your thank you very much of us all of you space wrong.
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if you want. the way say states and health to. china. beijing hotel recreates the relaxing energy. of asian. treatments including. by specialist. skills. you can. find any. it's an exercise bikes feel personal gym with the school systems they can help choose from a very small and offer guidance of how to use them effectively. if you feel that you need professional assistance while training has a wide choice of fitness coaches engines in moscow offering memberships tellus
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effect this is a chain of clubs which has fifteen locations in the region capital and also many clubs in other cities in the country and beyond. five thousand trailers and instructors work at the chain including your team hands and take champions. if you want your status to be more entertaining on a workout using a trampoline it doesn't matter how old you state you want it how or want to place with your clothes certain weights when will be completely amused by stars a trampoline to located inside the luzhniki stadium a few professional trainers in special ed sciences and equipment tons of extreme schools. and finally good music at this as a special feel a sense of dogs and cats a musket helps make the lives of a full legged friends healthy open three years ago don't tell us of his various exercises yes including treadmill running and swimming but even plan to start until the causes which is yes you can strike
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a yoga until. probably a few months in christian friends at the same time keep away and said she goodness why not try outs next sports. afile acacia is a former cross near tapper a chocolate factory and situated between a swanky cafes and night comes here is this new boxing club amateur hour professional men our women come to train here although for some people it's about the competitive sport for most people it's simply about fitness. established russia and the u.s. assault his he'd have fully involved. the decades well you can be the ideal way to keep those. old. exercise machines like treadmills might be boring and we wanted to offer something different to most come up with a year to open a so-called white collar boxing club in most cases it's popular in the west with the emphasis on fitness rather than fighting but i think. i'm being put to much
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basis in my trade. training like this certainly. some racing at the same time strengthens the major muscle groups seems to be working with me. around. with me like that saying i believe the only building. you will always change and develop. and with russians shoveling move the train into the world getting smaller and the ones in many of teaching the treadmill and opting for fitness activities. that said i don't think i'm doing. well that's all and somehow in this week's program on fitness here in the russian capital i certainly will not be giving up my thanks so i'll see you again at the same time next week for more i must go out for ventures and sell them for me and the rest the same back.
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twenty years ago in the largest country in the history books. but how did you catch that. it's began a journey. where did it take. this time of silence for decades. twenty five years ago on the entire fifty thousand baht ration a week radiotelephone previously was a microwave to within three hours. plus now it wants to be heard recently some
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people started receiving post notices telling them to pick up letters at this post office ingredients. the stories of the world long gone it. doesn't have to be totally. new to the diaries of the ghost of our two. to. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china's corporations are rooted a clue. syria under new u.s. sanctions after dozens were killed in friday's anti-government protests the united nations was an investigation while the western interference is being blamed by some for making matters worse. than new york smokers will soon find lighting up to leave them lighter in the pocket or among the targets of a new restrictive bylaws which can see fines imposed for not minor misbehavior as the city is struggling to raise cash. and conscripts in the russian army facing bullying and abuse would sometimes fatal consequences brutalities leaving bereaved relatives desperately calling for action over an ingrained in deadly culture. time
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now to check out the latest in the world of sports with kate partridge. hello welcome to the sports news and here are the top stories proselytizers says gallop to go talk of the russian premier league with victory over struggling prosecute rival spots like moscow. top tussles chelsea to keep alive the defense of their premier league title if they help you here take this top long. and to face germany strong russia to deliver the game of the ice hockey world championships. as well as i'm aiming to go top of the russian premier league as they host manager spots in this saturday's crunch moscow dobie. i'm falling in love with both started the argument with ballots and on the bench spots are eleven i'll go both will start
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of the season in the last the last trade of this guy and the school almost at the end of the first half of the luzhniki stage there is no elsewhere on saturday well it's twelve placed so that there is a new boys goal. late game. to bond with each side also has the chance to go with a victory. and leave one in the english premier league chelsea are aiming to boost their faint hopes of retaining the title as they has taught them in the evening london darby called on chelsea has a full squad to choose from with michael s.c.n. or mirrors and alex returning from injury with fernando torres and progress that's a start up front meanwhile this place was also need a victory they try out fourth place match the city by four points as they target the final champions league spot second place chelsea are six points behind leaders manchester united and i'm trying to use hoping london rivals all snow can do his side of favor as they host united on saturday. i'm sure that was not.
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the job i want to draw but i know what drivers were because the daughter known all would not be drawn on whether they were going to be. very strong. but. we want to. play forced you mean city of color in pole position we've struck in a couple of points you are certainly. grateful we're going to go into games with you know the president george winners and really as we can and see you see where we finish up. while earlier on saturday's struggling black man host you know like i should ave that call about the drop zone only on goal difference from the f.a. cup final stake sunderland face fell and aston villa may prosper on the middle and darting to both sides eyeing a victory over their safety and third we can play. now the
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recent transfer markets across europe to top flight football leagues have seen new records reach in player fees but when it comes to russia or jobs or profitable then all those events of course reports. kevin dennis karate it combines premier footballing d.n.a. with a superb skill set the brazilian born german international is also the highest paid footballer in russia the twenty nine year old striker is set to make five point seven million year old this year played for the novel moscow. dhani war those same day now will colors from two thousand and five to two thousand and eight but a since donned a lighter shade of blue and grabbed a bigger wallet cup north the portuguese international on the books for three point four million for this year as his in need look for back to back league championships andreeva raanan also finding out that the novel connection results in quite a payday three million euro in two thousand and eleven to be exact the thirty one
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year old now the third highest paid player in russia after making the move from liverpool in january last year. routines carlos said lardo will bring in two point six million year old this year while on g.'s and bard will sue for hands in eads brew olive issues round out the top six with just under two and a half million each a good featuring several well known premier league stars as one run down on the salary scale russian national team members alexandre bahar of and alexandre casual cough along with brazilian bagnall love among those making just over two million to heart of the only russian player to enter the top ten at two point two a year on g.'s big signing roberto carlos has the same base salary as a host of others he makes two million flat but that doesn't count as signing and other numerous bonuses russian international veterans eager i can fail if sergei sim mock and constantine's are out of also sitting on the two million euro mark.
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two foreign stars seem underpaid by world standards while playing for big market clubs in the country sparked x. aiden mcgeady raking in just one point nine million this year. while sales kosky suki hond paid one point three million looks a bargain considering discipline ruled call to head in two thousand and plenty of clubs showed interest in the japanese striker after the finals but it seems honda is set on playing out his four year deal he signed at the end of december two thousand and nine and while local salaries are said to be climbing they still have a long way to go before reaching global levels a boss alone a player makes an average of five point three million euro annually they caught the lions archrivals real madrid meanwhile hold to the highest paid player in the world cristiano ronaldo cashes in an unprecedented thirteen point one million per year not counting his numerous product endorsements a football manager's job usually pays less in europe yet with considerably more
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pressure for an specialist in russia though and have been enjoying quite a payday exit need and current national team head dick advocaat will pocket seven million year old this year his replacement in st petersburg new channel split he makes a cool four million. bowls of asia was due two million this year but was recently sacked from his deal on a post terence ruud gullit and says caused skew round out the top five with one point five and one point two million respectively compare all of that to the top earners in other sports boxing great many packs you know and baseball star alex rodriguez both of the sunday with twenty one point five million year old random but with no salary cap rules or current labor disputes and football clubs can only braze themselves for increasing wage demands all in the name of the beautiful game
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buns of course t r g five. and russia got off to the west possible start championships often turns to nil by germany and the tournament iraq much practice over. the russians but behind probably in the second period i wasn't braving the strike that somehow going between getting the ball crossed paths russia had plenty of shots but couldn't see call eyes and his gestures not of side pushing forward the german sealed victory two minutes from time to patrick reimer so about the start of the russians well next day so i mean here we lost three one to his slovakia and meanwhile in group b. jordan ever lanes scored twice as a living champions kind of the come to be. won and switzerland edged botswana with overtime julian voeckler with the winning goal and one can see the saturday and the big silver medalist the usa will take on underdogs austria the last two games played between the sides result in six one and six two victories for the americans while in the other match it's an all scandinavian affair there's no way to take on
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sweden. finland or i did not mean to avenge last year's shock fall on the face of the most champions the czech republic is facing latvia the czechs having beaten the thoughts of state in the last three encounters. and it's likely that the n.b.a. where there's been a shock in the playoffs as the top seeded sun so you spurs have been knocked out by number eight since the memphis grizzlies reached their first ever western conference i think finals more to series victory was the first ever in the playoffs with agrees this is one game six by ninety nine points to ninety one top scorer zach randolph landed sixteen of these thirty one points as memphis took control of both the water on the table oklahoma city thunder in the next round. we was not a very coming in training camp you know we feel we can play it could be with anybody so you know just having our confidence you know people don't say what they want to say you know it's a small market team i guess it will be on t.v. a lot so i would be we'll know so you know we believe we work or to get to where we
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are mr arthur from day one was a charity care we believe. russians can send them a part of our is hopeful of securing a medal at the figure skating world trappin chips here in moscow the eighteen year old finished third in qualifying for the short program behind south korea's olympic champion kim you know and japan's former world champion and aims to keep up good form in the main competition. i am very surprised i mean i'm sitting with. legends pretty much to go and make jam band i'm really happy that my hard work has paid off because i've been working so hard the whole two months that we've been waiting for this competition and for tomorrow i'm just going to do the same thing that i did today and hopefully it comes out well. finally italian not someone surely has sprung the surprise in practice for the portuguese they are setting the quickest time in processions ahead of defending world champion jorge renzo after failing to finish in spain last time and that's all when acacia stone
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is back in the points in the third round it was this fast as seven time champion valentino rossi is getting up to speed on his capacity with a sluggish start to the campaign and was fourth with danica trosa third fastest runs only the championship after victory in his native spain but the defending champion was six hundred pounds and charlie who was delighted with his performance . today. great day for me because. very fast from this morning and we continuing these afternoon we did this. and everything. was good so i am i mad we have to continue to improve for tomorrow. and that's all the sports news.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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