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the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of manipulation. spring the nineteen forty five on our team. looking back at the week's top stories as russia blocks a u.n. resolution over syria arguing it could ignite another full fledged civil war in the region questions are raised over who will be next to sink into violence and who will suffer the most. it's easier to persuade people that there could be a to z. this is the truth stage and it's easy then for people in france to believe well that they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do for have stepped up security at home fearing revenge for the nato bombings in libya the government is accused of invading people's privacy. the world marks the anniversary of the worst ever
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nuclear accident with a radioactive threat still present twenty five years after the disaster. and to punish or award controversial piece of graffiti gets a state prize but critics say it's an act of vandalism rather than our. thirty pm in moscow i mad treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r t this week the arab world remained inflamed with nato bombs still falling on libya while syria saw a violent crackdown against protesters syrian troops continue their siege of the southern city of daraa with reports suggesting forty two people were killed over the weekend more than five hundred have died since the end arrest started in march washington's impose a new set of sanctions targeting high level officials in the syrian government and . criticized the rascals for bringing in a rod and while the u.s.
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is taking an active part in trying to tackle the ongoing problems in the arab world in doing many favors for israel its closest ally in the region or it is policy reports. to keep these kind of in mean business and they're upping the stakes just that little bit higher. the egyptian regime in a me trying to stop us foreigners and girls are but we always got the weapons we needed to fight the zionist enemy. and now they give more than they could give a hopeful but for me gyptian president hosni mubarak's main guy on the borders couldn't be easier to get through to the bruins. who were all those who struggled. who. have much more freedom to do whatever they like. and they doing it smuggling weapons into gaza the result two attacks in three months on a natural gas pipeline that supplies a quarter of israel's electricity which is why is the u.s.
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claims it's bringing a new tomorrow to egypt most israelis would rather remember gives two year the eagerness of the united states to topple the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and bring about regime change as i want to meet most candid closest ally in the region israel the u.s. says it wants to establish democracy in the region but instead of democracy it's a very real possibility that radical islamists could come to power the u.s. strongly supported the opposition in libya despite al qaeda connections among its ranks now it's currently governors in supporting syrian president bashar assad but the wiki leaks website claiming that washington has been funding some anti-government factions what is afraid that if you go the way the muslim brotherhood can do exist so instead of in freedom in syria we're going. to swapping one dictator for what could be worse if and when. radicals come to
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power their nightly to direct the arms at israel people will be very conscious of the fact that syria is not libya and the fact that if you do decide to intervene in syria you will have knock on effects across the region in iraq in lebanon through israel palestine but even you through it israel might face from an even more hostile arab world emerging from the present instability some experts believe the security of the jewish state is not under any grave threat israel has never been an unsafe place and one of the greatest lie as a mother and father of all lies as it relates to the israeli palestinian conflict is israel's been in danger of annihilation i detail in the three volumes of my book it is a complete israel's existence as never been danger in the combination of our military force and that is unlikely to change in any foreseeable future. but the fighters on the ground aren't giving up hope and they are minnes warning is
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that is worse to come. and the time of defeat and retreat is over now it's time for the israeli people and the israeli enemy to. israel is keeping quiet amid the coming to chaos in the middle east and north africa but behind closed doors they'll be plenty of disquiet here about how much america's desire to make new friends in the arab world is fueling serious instability policy r.t. television. there's fears continuing the violence in syria might pave the way for foreign intervention there too but this week russia and china blocked un security council resolution on the matter and was advocated by the u.s. at a number of european nations when beijing argued outside intervention would only lead to further instability and full fledged civil war global policy analyst william ngo believes libya's experience shows how easily a sovereign state can be attacked under the guise of protecting civilians. well if you look at what the us did to engineer the. un resolution on
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libya this is one of the most the. reason transgressions of the rights of nation national sovereignty and international law the we've seen in the post world war two period the responsibility to protect is an insidious doctrine that's been developed by various and you'll think tanks connected with the circles in the united states to justify a nato definition of an intervention in a sovereign country fortunately this time russia and china are playing a reasonable role in blocking any u.n. security council sanction for. strong measures against syria so i think they learned from their deadly mistake on the on the libya case from the strain that this thing has no wind if it's allowed to pass. in libya nato air strike has hit colonel gadhafi his compound in tripoli reportedly killing one of his sons and
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three of his grandchildren this isn't the first time the alliance has made an apparent attempt on the libyan leader's life earlier this week russia's prime minister urged the coalition to stop breaching the u.n. resolution. does that even some into the coalition say destroying did jeffrey was not like kill. his palaces some officials have claimed that eliminating him was in fact that goal who gave them the right to be have a fair trial returning to the new fly zone the bombings are destroying the country's entire infrastructure when the so-called civilized world uses all its military power against a small country destroying what's been created by generations i don't know if that's good. website we're looking for your opinion why is intervention to happen in libya but not syria so far an overwhelming majority believes the reason lies with syria smaller oil reserves thirty five percent think it's only a question of time before nato begins bombing there about six per cent i think the reason is the different leadership style of president assad purses car colonel
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gadhafi whatever you think about it have your say. arrest in the middle east and north africa has been partly fueled by western powers and from within the region itself according to the president and yet he spoke exclusively with our team he supreme here's a preview of what's coming your way next hour. some countries in the region and some with you can cheese can leave at least tendencies comedy scene in the suit you need least if you can chilled kale scenarios and. it is enough to have a look at what is going on in egypt tunisia and other countries cannot be cooled otherwise and it gives the region. with france taking an active part in the nato bombing of libya fears arising it could result in a revenge attacks security alert in the country has been dramatically raise in bringing our military personnel onto the streets as are his failed bush or ports
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the measure has been met with accusations that the government is running a police state. soldiers on the streets with machine guns this is crossing the sheep here at fifty of europe's most expensive and to tear a program to for its what it called the growing terrorist threat the government claims troops make the public feel safer but that's not what people think they look a little bit dangerous they can. use the force and the other way if there is a good frighted to guard the. premier francois feel says troops are required because france bombing libya threatens a terror attack at home you'll never find soldiers at shops tourist sites government buildings train stations airports schools and churches but expose the system doesn't even work in the main feature of terrorism is that it's impossible
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to foresee. real targets is not to catch terrorists says one investigator but to monitor the public it's easy to persuade people that they could be a terrorist just natural station it's easy then for people in friends to believe well then they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do they do do it they have a right to monitor my emails and facebook because they're really protecting us troops are only the visible part or storage fees can now read people's emails under a law passed quietly in february president sarkozy also signed a bill for police to tap phones without getting judges authorization to justify the invasion of people's privacy says one author because he makes france's six million arabs a scapegoat he has to make them afraid thinking that there is an arab with a bomb. here. the government recently branded muslims
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a problem and banned the muslim full. well some already mocks the band and what they see as an arab witch hunt by going out in virgil's and miniskirts there's also the law cost world workers continue to be laid off in the economic crisis video estimated prices eighteen billion euros each year enough to create a million new teaching jobs and embarrassed government and lists a choice to hide the amount which. is very expensive because the executive can move resources from one area to another quite quickly it's very difficult to find an exact figure critics like michelle cologne who have done the video system vishy pirouettes vishy was france's first in the second world war it spoiled and informed people and told that it is minorities. the french government today stands accused
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of doing the same to its own citizens the new bush or r.t. paris but the consequence of friends taking part in the libya operations is the wave of immigrants heading in trying to escape the conflict spoke to marine le pen the president of france as far right national front party will spark controversy i claiming it threatens the very survival of the french nation. they say we're in a democracy but authorities refused to show the real figures on how many immigrants there are there are probably sixty seven million muslims here already plus additional immigration on a massive scale each year this is an organized replacement of our population this threatens our very survival we don't have the means to integrate those who are already here there is though it's endless cultural conflicts you can be against immigration fights immigration suspend all immigration but not hate immigrants as individuals i understand immigrants wants a better future here but i honestly say to them you can't find
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a better future here with finding it hard to give a better future to our own people as it is. and watch the full interview with marine le pen our web site r t that car. is there the world war twenty five years since the worst nuclear accident in history set a huge radioactive cloud across much of europe we've been kilometers of went around the reactor poisoned for centuries to come. your ports. it's not every day you can see the chernobyl exclusion zone in ukraine as crowded as this hundreds and looting the russian and ukrainian presidents came to the mornin beside the nuclear plant to mark the date which changed the world the twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl fallout. i believe there's a huge amount of citizens news from ukraine and russia and putin to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy in the face of such disasters we should be honest it's the government's obligation to tell people the truth we need to admit to back in
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n.z. that the government was not always doing the right thing nowadays the zone looks like this deserted streets and abandoned houses however a quarter of a century ago it was the place to be in the soviet union salaries for the residents of the town of people. living standards splatter and infrastructure more developed the communist paradise changed on april the twenty six nineteen eighty six when the chernobyl reactor exploded the result of an experiment left in the wrong hands. with. the reactor was almost completely out of control on april twenty fifth but it could still have been saved and management pushed for a completion of an experiment personal hesitated were reluctant to and eventually couldn't go against the authorities we'll know the result. meanwhile the town's population had no idea about the disaster people were enjoying an unusually sunny saturday outdoors when with me and my friend we were away from school the plate of
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beach we returned home or colder than mud and my mother asked me where i had been i lied that we were cleaning the school yard and she was shocked as she had already heard rumors of some action in the nuclear station both already started the evacuation only thirty six hours after the last that's why many of those who stayed in the town later died or suffered radiation sickness not to look at any and all was among the evacuees from the thirty kilometer zone which just several years after they were tasked to feed she returned to the fervid inland having lived there for more than two decades she says she wants to see the end of her days in the land where she was born we could begin your flat and the pension but i found it impossible to survive like that in the key of a i have a condo and a grow everything in radiation yes there is a little here but you won't find a place without it anywhere we are not scared. despite this optimism from recyclers the world still seems concerned about the chernobyl threat especially in the wake
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of the fukushima disaster that's why ahead of this anniversary countries invested more than five hundred million euro into constructing a new confinement. destined to seal the exploding reactor for another century this is probably the last time we have managed to see the infamous chimney of the fourth floor of the chernobyl nuclear power station people behind the music office say that next year it will be dismantled then the station will be covered with the dull and that will end the existence of the church of noble nuclear power station but the former residents of this area say matters little to them their life as they knew it had ended twenty five years ago let's see russia. reporting from the channel model exclusion zone in ukraine. as many continue comparing the show noble disaster with the ongoing nuclear crisis in japan some experts argue the fukushima health effects will be far greater it's much less under control and chernobyl was ok i have to say that the soviet system moved very fast to try and contain what was
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happening at chernobyl and that the japanese have been very very lax and in the way in which they took people out of the exclusion zone and they still haven't enough people out of an exclusion zone which should i'm concerned go to sixty or seventy kilometers they're measuring enormous amounts of radioactivity on the ground zero to seven kilometers reporting this so that and these are amounts of higher than the amounts in the true normal exclusion zone and we have increases in radioactivity near tokyo also from tokyo so the difference really is a very very much larger population risk in japan and there was internet. the last ten fifteen minutes you can watch our special report from the exclusion zone which alexei investigates the mysteries of the deserted town of. this child saw the trajectory it's. twenty five years ago and the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town a preview of what the microwave within three hours. puts now it wants to be
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recently some people started receiving posts notices telling them to become pledges at this post office in. the stories of the world's long gone. after the totals in the. region the diaries of those two zero are two. russian security forces carried out a string of successful anti terror operations in the north caucasus this week the latest resulted in the deaths of ten militants suspected of links with al qaeda and carrying out deadly attacks against civilians artie's medina cochon of it has more from the north caucasus. this biggest achieving operation was carried out at the altar between the region and about the republic when ten militants including at least two women were killed and among them were some high profile terrorists with
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links with the international terrorist group all in this region of d.n.a. task would probably be required to identify some of the militants are leading figures in a so-called box on gang were already identified because big truth was believed to be involved in a number of terror attacks across the area and nothing among terrorists who it was believed to be involved in attacking tourist from moscow in february twentieth love and then earlier in the week and now the special operation was carried out. and the leader of the republic runs on could be that of was personally in charge of this operation militants that were killed that were later identified ask close associates to russia's most wanted terrorist the mind of iran's in the neighboring doug has done a leader of the so-called. guys there was also killed in
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a special operation this wave of terror raids was launched after a number of high profile terror attacks in russia. we've got extensive anti terror coverage of the crackdown in iraq on our web site r.t. dot com including exclusive interview with the president of dagestan the republic have the forefront of the fight. in the search operations will continue until we have eliminated the terrorist only groomed in the republic you can get the full interview with the president of dagestan as well as the latest productive ates and back right information on our web site r t dot com. a giant work of graffiti has ignited a debate in the russian art world after what many perceived as an obscene image was headed our national award the work of drawing next to the federal security office in st petersburg was given the recognition as a sign of a merging free society in russia are bennett explains. reese is
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award winning art according to russia's ministry of culture a sixty five metre phallus whitewashed on a drawbridge instant petersburg as one the twenty ten innovation prize for best visual artwork self-styled aren't terrorists vyner meaning war in russian are the unpopular with us. i think it's essentially vandalism a bridge is a cultural and historical monument and to paint anything on it is an act of vandalism and it should be punished not rewarded it's already here in the center of contemporary art you can see the other entries for the award nothing is stimulating or a shocking or as innovative as violence and according to the jury that's why they won purely artistic merit but now it's not as simple as that the same symbol the ministry rewarded is now being brandished in mocking protest this russian youth group is angry four hundred thousand rubles of taxpayers' money and we given to
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a group it calls vandals for vyner the protest only legitimizes their own but. it's a very awkward situation when the state award goes to a group that in fact organizes an action aimed against the state but this is a very important signal artists always express society's pain and a healthy society accepts these. but there's been no acceptance of binah as until now team members still face trial on hooliganism charges for this little stunt british graffiti artist banksy the pale girl meant they could still play seven years in prison and flipping police cars so why this sudden show of state support. the minister of culture was afraid of being accused of political censorship and i think he was right in our country is better being afraid of imposing political censorship than to actually import your breezewood. a sea change from four years
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ago this image of two kissing policeman was banned by the culture ministry from international exhibits fearing embarrassment a curate's evacuate submission who's angry you're a fear back then he lost his job but this time he was on the jury so why is this out than. the during is a graphic and expressive example of how nuances reacts to a solution climate he doesn't specify the target of his protest he simply says that strong protest is brewing in much and society but how do you draw the line between think this and arts and vandalism because this is clearly discreet thinking. not street art is mind of vandalism but is not hooliganism the disorder it may cause is compensated hundreds of times by the meaning of the pictures which is painted could be restored on the bridge to become a symbol of some petersburg's culture because it's the first work there is proof of a civil society. why no courts controversy usually at the expense of the
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authorities whether it's art or not they've achieved what they wanted to notoriety they say they'll donate the prize money to political prisoners i didn't r.t. . they call it now it's another stories making headlines across the globe italy benedict the sixteenth has bad late pope john paul before about a million excited viewers these are live pictures of the from the vatican right now that is the prayer about on top of a coffin of a second which has been exam from his tomb as part of a ceremony that he heads of state are also in telling event including the president of the deceased hopes native poland play part of his set or more for miracles which is necessary for about a fifth haitian which is the final step before sainthood. to germany now where leftist demonstrators have clashed with police leaving ten officers injured protesters torched a car and rubbish bins threw stones and paint bombs security has been stepped up
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across the country to prevent more street violence may first often known as international workers day has been accompanied by protests for decades. labor day is also being observed in a rush hour with yet another official holiday offering a chance to relax but most take it as an opportunity to escape the city others have used that time to convey political or social messages through demonstrations artie's catarina those are reports from the heart of the events. a very rare occasion that central moscow is completely empty and this of course is done for these people's twenty five thousand members of trading who on this day are celebrating their professional holiday as part of that celebration marching through the heart of moscow all the way down through the kremlin now of course it's not just tree you can't do there seems to anyone and everyone is on the streets of the
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capital including some of the more extreme organizations like of course the ultra bright movements in moscow some go as far as to call them they are nazis or even as far as fascists they of course are standing and walking down the streets of the russian capital with slogans such as russia full russians. very few people could have imagined that these guys would be allowed to walk the streets and yet here they are with their banners their slogans and of course their unconventional covered up faces they're not the only ones who are allowed to walk the streets of moscow on this day we know that many other groups that wouldn't traditionally be included in the first of may parades did walk the streets of the capital we know that the russian gay community also took to the streets and fortunately for them perhaps they chose to join a communist rally and they were not well received there got luckily no scuffles
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ensued and the both respective parties simply went their respective ways as well as those groups you know that various other demonstrations took place and even one monstrous now that is a specific group created by an artist called for in the most absurd slogans ever banners to be brought to the streets of the capital island deede cities across russia and that is exactly what they did standing in the heart of the capital with slogans such as bring back the sun which is of course not exactly a very feasible thing to do. no but they had fun and that was many say is what matters that seems to have become the spirit of may first of all some like these people take it more seriously for others it is just a day when everything is possible and they do have a chance to speak their mind or maybe even have a little thought. about shortly but the headlines stay with us here on arching.
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his side for decades. principe five years ago on the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town a preview of what the market waited with his three hours. plus now it wants to be recently some people started receiving posts notices telling them to pick up
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letters at this post office in britain are. the stories of the world's not going to . have to be troublesome. reading the diaries of those two of our choice. the tree new the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've dumped the future covered. a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. her hands.


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