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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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oh she's available and we're going to the joint be the jewels some of us the gateway to the grand imperial truly to tell us to push through until you can to listen to chill close listen civility to go and. read this and the colonel was the channel as a retreat. could tell you with us here on r t two thirty pm in moscow these are your headlines the world welcomes news the al qaeda leader osama bin ladin is dead with russia joining the praise but experts say the death will not bring an end to the war on terror. and in russia's north caucasus the search for terrorists continues this was a string of successful operations last week when sixteen militants were killed. and a reported killing of colonel gadhafi son in
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a nato airstrike sparks outrage in libya angry crowds of burning porn embassies in rebel forcing the u.n. withdraw its staff from the country. next start he speaks exclusively with julian assange the founder of the wiki leaks website and the man behind the leaking of thousands of classified diplomatic cables stay with us. do you realize the talking to r.t. now through the course of your work it's reasonable to assume that you have insights into how political decisions are being made what do you make of the recent events in the middle east and north africa do you think that we're seeing genuine social unrest or are we seeing some kind of orchestrated revolt and if so who do you think is behind or where there's genuine change in some parts of the middle east i mean egypt is a clear case so i was concerned in the beginning of the egyptian revolution as to when whether we just saw a changing of the cheers and you know you know the main something the same existing
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power structure was something really different was happening after mubarak. played kyra and you saw the revolution that's occurring in every institution we've seen here right now executive i'm so good that's the sort of change it's hard to know what's happening in some other countries be different so the situation in libya is clearly has all been of state actors in it from many different areas it's not something that's being driven by saying that because now it is normal for neighboring countries to have interconnections winter activists in different countries families in different countries businesses in different countries and states from neighboring countries that's normally when outside forces from very very far flung countries start to take an aggressive role in a regional affair. then we have to look a bit more and say what's going on is not normal so what's happening in libya for
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example is not normal and social networking what role do you think sites like facebook and twitter have played in the revolutions in the middle east how easy would you say it is to manipulate media like facebook in particular. the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented here we have the world's most comprehensive database about people and their relationships and names and addresses their locations on the big communications we can each other their relatives all sitting within the united states all accessible to us and to others and facebook google yahoo always making this organization has built an interesting and for us intelligence. it's not a matter of sitting it's a human they have a need to face it they have developed we was intelligence to use now is it the case
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that facebook. actually run by u.s. intelligence now it's not like that it's simply that u.s. intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them and it's costly for them to hand out records and one by one so they have automated the process everyone should understand that if they when they had their friends to facebook they are doing free work for the united states intelligence agencies. in building these debates with him let's talk about. the latest of wiki leaks cables that have been released they show the u.k. as a haven for extremism with at least thirty five guantanamo detainees having at least passed through the u.k. is the u.k. still a haven for terrorists but still be a haven for terrorists but certainly i haven for all the guards and former regime dictators and come here i mean you remember the famous pinochet trial for the
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execution of permission from the u.k. which the if that's your resistance. incredibly using a lawyer who's involved in in trying to fix it right now me from the united kingdom now part of that is perhaps a good it's an example of true religion in the united kingdom everyone come here. on the other hand there does seem to be at least connect between is it really supporting free speech or act was like me to come to the u.k. but on the other hand you know supporting people like sons of gadhafi and. the information of why has wiki leaks released it now i mean it seems to sort of sort of to be to be off to the fact is it because obama has recently announced his we're election campaign and obviously closing guantanamo was one of his main election promises was
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a number of reasons why we released now the primary one is that we are a small organization very committed one and last year we came under it's extraordinary attack all these things continue to go on and so they really dampen down our ability to move quickly and quietly quickly the timing is good obama has given not only closing guantanamo but he's decided to reopen the trial process and we now have a situation where even the. ministration says that forty eight of the people doing harm from abroad are completely innocent and the bay should be sent somewhere i may not be in some way so you completely innocent people incarcerated for years and you need no trial and no hope i'm not really no no country no greeting including the state of the united states has made it's probably. nine states which involved in rounding up these innocent people setting up
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a process that was from the very beginning perhaps there's a reason why they're in guantanamo and not on the us mainland and not in our country and that reason was to hide them and keep them outside of a war just like you have caribbean islands and great money laundering united states was engaged in people doing it let's move on and talk about your media partners one of which is the guardian with whom you are now involved in a dispute that you chose them as your primary english language partner for distributing that we can these cables and now guardian journalists to publish this book called wiki leaks which you say is an attack on you how would you describe following that the gods is the guardian stance on whistleblowing and media freedom in general you know they are they are not publish an organization and so of course they want as much right for them to publish as it's possible that's a natural self interest what they have done with this cable cooking and use
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incredible reaction over reaction is they have pushed the right of the people to know it's a very very edge and what they're concerned about. is any possible with tack on them but we have seen this sort of abuse. of the material that we have provided. several times and the guardian guardian is the worst offender but we saw it also by the new york times new york times where you directed a sixty two page cable down to two paragraphs and this is completely against the agreement that we recently set up and sent on november of last year that agreement was that the only reductions that should take place are to protect people's lives and should be no out of. reduction not to protect perpetration not not to protect the guardian's profit but only to protect lives what happens in the west is that
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there is no border between the state interest and commercial from. the eighty's of the state as a result of privatizing ration. cards there and blew it out into the ages of companies and so when you look at how the guardian behaves or how the new york times behaves. it is part of that image of corporate and state interests seamlessly during twenty guardian is concerned i don't want to worry about being criticized but he's going to it's about a lawsuit security against and. driven by i was driven by people powerful enough to push. a court case forward let's talk a little bit about you and what you are going through at the moment you are currently fighting extradition to sweden what tell your face should you be extravagant that the problem is in two parts. united states is
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trying to get up an execution case for me to the united states. just today receiving a new subpoena coming out of the secret grand jury that is operating you know xandra virginia is trying to get up this espionage case against them. it is but building that case and whatever country i mean once he decides to interact they will try to extract money from that country and possibly not just me of the body are those not. the other problem with the swedish extradition is that the process itself has been corrupt and. so it was corrupt from the very beginning and we've seen corruption in the swedish media we've seen. all sorts of strange actions in relation to how do these
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cases progressed what message you think it would send to the world if the u.k. did turn around almost unexpectedly at this point it seems and refused to extradite you repent on which country so here's the sort of calculations going on united kingdom. united kingdom wants to keep its various levels once again it's called relationship with united states. so if you k. was to reject the u.s. extradition order that would pose terrible problems similarly if it was to reject the swedish extradition it would pose problems for it because it would look like if we see from harlem and this is the sort of difficult situation in afghanistan where people think we've harboring bin ladin. christmas cards or any country which he used to be harboring us as united states
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are trying to conduct its aggressive response. faces we compressions and the united kingdom. does came to exploit me the united states. then it faces a difficult position politically. which is the bulk of people who like them and support us i'm finally julian who do you consider to be your number one enemy and number one enemy the ignorance. and i believe that is the number one in me is everyone is not understanding what is actually going on in the world and certainly when you start to understand that you can make it fit the seasons and effective plans you know chris news who is promoting ignorance all those organizations that try to keep things secret. and those organizations which distort truth from ation to making false misrepresentative in this latter category. you know is detonated.
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it really is my opinion that the media it in general so that we we have to question whether the world would be better off without them all together. there is no distortive to how the world actually uses. but the result is we see wars and the same corrupt governments continue. one of the hopeful things that i discovered is that really a reward that is started in the past fifty years has been a result of media lies and the media quote is not that good so cheap not that they hadn't been reprinted government propaganda they could have stopped it but what does that mean that means basically populations don't like words and populations have to be fooled into world's population and done with english and
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with open eyes going to war so if we have a good media environment then good also have a peaceful environment cleaner like you very much. the official tea hopefully cation. touch from the. lights on the good. video on demand. will come. with the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british sign on the sun it's time.
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for the. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report. the world welcomes news the al qaeda leader osama bin ladin is dead with russia joining a craze but experts say his death bring an end to the war on terror. in russia's north caucasus the search for al qaeda linked terrorists continues following a string of successful operations last week where sixteen militants were killed. and a reported killing of colonel gadhafi son in a nato airstrike sparks outrage in libya angry crowds foreign embassies in revenge forcing the u.n. to withdraw its staff from the country. stay with us here on our t.v. and your farmers up next with the sports news.
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hello there you're watching the sports let's start with a quick look at our headlines. russia coach be told twice back at his critics after a hard ball will know the sort of thing with the ice hockey world championship. while the nikkei top spot in the russian premier league despite being held by class in the dark. back in the sciences trip to the royal wedding after his l.a. galaxy side slumped to defeat. to stop the ice hockey world championships day where russia courage for just be called has defended his side's live starts they needed to like go with a victory over slovenia last night after losing that evening going to germany russia let slip a fluke cletus the venial levelled the match in the period but late goal from alexander the dual of the surrogate in the bed rushes blushes after his beak upset
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fans should not panic and stress there are no easy games at these world championships which some are russia in place of backyard last group elite is germany i think of says there are no easy games but it's canada he told great bay after nine months rushing to france switzerland also has two wins from tonight great after taking back the ridge. that stands the football was a neat remain top of the table in the russian premier league but only by a point from lokomotiv after being held to a goalless draw i knew boys krasnodar was the hi i'm signing had the first two chances again however the biggest b.s. did well tonight in san angelo a victory i think there's a need stockholders again called into action this time to keep a long range effort. so most of the town had to visit best chance of the gang bikies go by and after that was beaten away by you again you could have thought. so present are holding on for it is the point it means i suppose any type of
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a. just the simple point so much. else where another refer to polish penalty gave angie the points against graustark the school from the spot last week for his first goal this season and did it again for this one though when cliff decide to fourth in the table that trusting that peggy is doing the business again the rooftop tried to find an equalizer but ran i could pass angie going five games back to faith. and in a high scoring game of the day chris of yourself came from behind twice to do routine the visitors went ahead of the on until i do was pull down by marlo and put on a bow at school the resulting penalty but all it sounds will equalize just this light i want to strike the wall street see the only decision. to go ahead again start the second half of me but i do the man on target a with respect. to this lead and lasted less than ten minutes because the game savvy funny line just after you've been filed to play it so clear the second bottom
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league stumbling upon being stupid that would be my last bike gangs. and told me on the basement battle against fellow strugglers i'm carcassi one however they had to come from behind three stage giving the how you saw it really with tom keep a second place you called not exactly at his best that however his side were level just before the half time break public will shift the flag if you find it. interesting minutes after the game to go that mangle the shared practice second because if it saves you playing three points for tom you're up to twelve. so it's a confirm all of the means here's a look at the table defending champions any way with my seats breathing down their necks abandon angie and not fall behind in the gathering. i'm coughing and spluttering now to prop up the title by point. faced anonymous guys monday.
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and while over in england the title race is on again after arsenal beat manchester united by goal to military emirates and it means the red devils lead the premier league by just three points from second place chelsea who they will play next week and aaron ramsey got the only goal of the game on fifty six minutes of the world finished off a well we're moving the celts united has the same goal difference as chelsea could go home with victory at old trafford elsewhere man city's meant pull support with a two one win over port side west and little paul rudd to face after their three meals when the new castle stay in the drop zone after a one one draw against birmingham. put the bend title in england it is really close isn't it just three points separating united and chelsea with both sides with the same goal difference. and then man city or the party of the two champions league sport liverpool in the europa league place ahead of spurs look at the bottom it is quest town proper everybody up at the moment but as we could lift them out of. the
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last four sides separated by a week point. back and insists his trip to the royal wedding didn't affect his performance for his the l.a. galaxy side on sunday night they slumped to a two one defeat to dallas. back in the states just a few days after being in london for the occasion but the former england captain believes his performance wasn't good by the long flight home but his trip had the backing of l.a. galaxy and he came she was ready to play. i think my performance but i wasn't there wasn't. tired in any way i felt great in the game i do see is not what i do have in the travel and having to fly back to england when come here but no luck i said to you i've got a great bunch of teammates that are behind me and the manager took gooses you know he could have not played me today but you know he spoke to me and obviously spoke
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to the players and he knew it always ready so you know that was never an issue. russia's former number one tennis player drafted genco or nick i'd ever janko has moved up the world rankings his victory and unique open seeing the former number three twelve places to twenty eight for the big four in my three sets the claims the title of the season. rafa on the down still tops the men's rankings ahead of him over djokovic and roger federer. also climbing the charts after a layoff with injury is arjun time by martin del potro he won the estoril open in portugal with a straight sets win over spain's fernandez that scope his second title of the year and the former u.s. open champion looked in good form to take in the first set six two in just over half an hour. before going on to take the second by this a squall line join his time in detail portray slipped a four hundred eighty four in the world at large in time is now up to thirty two after getting his second title of the season and showing some really nice touches
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as well. now let's take a look at the n.b.a. where men face continue their role in the playoffs after knocking out top seeds at san antonio in the first round they won the opening game in a series against oklahoma zach randolph a thirty four points from memphis on the road while in the eastern conference semifinal miami pasta ninety nine points to nineteen training wade top scoring thirty eight points for and praise in this case. the start of the game was very good with our energy commitment on that side of the floor. that really brought us a ton of energy for the rest of the game twain said tahn with his energy on the matchup with ray allen we expend a lot of energy chasing him our screens pushing them to our help guys were active in some flexions. you know making some plays there so we got got to win
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and now we have to try to get in the asia as quickly as possible and figure out how we can play better obviously i think in the fourth quarter we can execute better sure but more toys are when we do have a lead and that's something work on the exported hours. bubba watson has one goal this year a classic louisiana win the second hole of a playoff against webb simpson the pair were not connect going into the final round both on twelve under par overall and by the time they reached the last they were both on fifteen hundred but since his attempt to birdie they're stopped well short of the hole and that gave watson a sniff of victory but this effort came to nerves playing their part so it did go to a playoff but both the first since then mrs chance for birdie second. but what's than made sure he didn't miss to claim a second title on the p.g.a. tour this year. where england's lee westwood keeps hold of the world number one
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spot winning the gannon times championship in south korea he fired a flawless five and our final round of sixty seven and that gave him a one shot win over immunise westwood one in indonesia last week needed a top five finish to stay on top of the rankings ahead of german martin. and finally moto g.p. riley danny put drives that has thanked his doctors after winning his first race following surgery on his shoulder of a spaniard has had problems since crashing in japan last year but appears to finally recovered with victory at the extra grand prix in portugal it was a real jewel between him and fellow spanish girl giller enzo but patrols have made his move with three laps to go to cross the line first and that was a great relief for the twenty five year old who had suffered the several months of plate inserted into the shoulder of the breaking news poll of having pinching an artery and in turn made his arm another operation was needed to put it right but it appears to have worked pippen lorenzo into second place in portugal with the
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teammate pace in stoner coming home third the overall standing still see the end they lead the way with the drought is just four points behind. french laces the him out is the sport for the moment kate will be here in the next couple of hours to keep you updated. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china for asians are on the day.
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the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothing. it's our son's wounded. service members tend to suffer today. it was the first one probably not the last military uses of this weapon. the morning. should come upon get on in the future. twenty years ago in the largest country in. the certificates of. c. . one hundred. speed janitor. where did it take them.
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