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the elements. among the old. and the mission streets. from washington d.c. to new york city americans are jumping for joy over the killing of osama bin one even though he's dead isn't the war on terror still very much alive. this is bigger than the moon landing this is you this is just an amazing moment for the country while the u.s. mainstream media celebrates been one of the countries around the world consider other terrorists their biggest threat so who is the u.s. to say the world's most wanted terrorist is that. right wing governors what we call
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to find because a couple of countries of the corporations by the corporations for the corporations so with that live may day of the holiday all around the world except here in the u.s. both a look at unions right in a country where they're slowly disappearing. for good evening it's monday may second i'm christine freeze out and you're watching our team. our top story today osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda has been killed the announcement came down last night late by president obama who said the killing was a result of a targeted operation launched by the u.s. military the small group of navy seals stormed bin laden's compound in a lot about pakistan killed him and a few others inside and this was followed almost immediately by crowds gathering to celebrate from ground zero in new york right outside the white house here in
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washington. celebration and jubilation over a mission that has been in the works for nearly ten years actually some argue that osama bin laden was wanted even before the attacks of september eleventh around the u.s. today newspaper headlines interpreted the action the miami herald simply had he's dead the l a times u.s. kills bin laden and then there's the new york post got him vengeance vengeance at last u.s. nails the bastard well many see this action as a major step and a single in the global war on terror but as our season he said now we reports even though bin laden is dead the fight against terror is far from over. a man want to defend all mine for a decade is gone the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. you can hear some of that cheering going on right well right your son it was
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a movement of a victory for others a movement of the parents meant president obama is in fact it was a us size and i'm sorry but there's one moment analysts say should not be overlooked become a bin laden may be dead but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of the difference that it's dead people here working in still long lines at least for the last two years and very convinced that the al qaeda figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks instead it's russia now kind of linked terrorists that have made the most recent remarks scales metro blast an airport bombing two of the greatest school bill attacks masterminded by domestic church and terror leader joker more of your years has been trying to third bin laden's role as the face of international terrorism the al-qaeda leaders demise is expected to
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remain a significant symbol but having little or no in fact in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in two thousand and one right before that george bush's approval rating was around sixty percent within twenty four hours and sharply ninety percent so watch for obama to get a bump from this and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil first it was a start and it was with the russian federation and in some of the larger ones the da hussein and the news of course we have more on the. next one will come of course whenever the rises. i would argue correspondent a nice analogy recording so not a solid one is dead many are wondering who takes his place we want to take a look at some of the others who might be vying for the title i want all the way
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here he wanted for the murder of u.s. nationals outside the u.s. and for his direct involvement in the bombing of the united states embassy s. in dar all islam timed tanzania and kenya and we're all lucky who earlier this year are just muslims residing in the u.s. to attack this country mongol sarel shukrijumah a high ranking member of al qaeda formerly a resident of florida he speaks perfect english and is thought by many to be a field commander planning the next terrorist attack on u.s. soil and then there's adam gadahn he was born in oregon and grew up in southern california he has appeared in numerous al qaeda videos and has threatened violence against his home country he remains also on the f.b.i.'s list of most wanted terrorists now many people today calling osama bin laden the quote world's most wanted terrorists and let's not forget we're only one country and all those all of the line was our most wanted terrorist if you go to other parts of the world there are others considered more important for them for example in russia doku umarov he
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is said to have ordered the moscow airport bombing that took place just a few months ago that injured nearly two hundred people and killed thirty six he's also said to be behind last year's bombings in the cities metro in which thirty nine people died and for the living in india there osama good longs are names and a lot of the food far off even with all that excited. me and they would either him and then in china one of their most wanted terrorists who may or may not still be alive is made on to a hawk. well many people are looking at what happened and saying you know this is the continuation of a mission started by george w. bush president bush one of the first people called when this happened before president obama announced to the country but some say this is not only the continuation of the mission but evidence that the obama administration and the bush administrations are not as different as many may think i want to go now to jeremy
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scahill he blogs at the nation dot com and also wrote this book blackwater the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army. hey there jeremy spoof you you know now that we've had some time to digest what's happened many pundits and so-called experts are starting to talk about what it means osama bin laden of course used as an excuse at least a symbol of for the involvement of the war in afghanistan now that he's gone what changes. but i think first of all we have to remember that nine eleven was used to justify the invasion and occupation of iraq a country that had nothing to do with al qaida nothing to do with osama bin laden and nothing to do with nine eleven and the billions upon billions of dollars that were spent on that war the american lives military and civilian that were lost in that war and the hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians that died should also be remembered this week as people declare that sort of and human error or say that they're getting closure the vast majority of the victims in the post nine eleven
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world have been iraqi civilians so that's important that we remember that number two i think that while you can certainly say that this is a great symbolic victory for the obama administration to have taken down osama bin laden it doesn't mean that the issues that were raised by the u.s. policies the last ten years go away if anything what we've seen is the obama administration double down on some of the most authentic policies of the bush administration targeted assassinations in particular but also viewing the world as a battlefield where u.s. forces are allowed to strike it well so i think we have to the very sober discussion of what this means for u.s. policy going forward and what it means for the rest of the world that's going to be dealing with it and there are certainly some people who say you know i was on a deadline that may be dead and he takes with them the satisfaction of knowing some of the changes his decisions made on this country are permanent and i'm not just talking about the victims who were lost but also the civil liberties that were lost
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as well what do you think about this notion that you know bin laden dies in some way to where. well i mean i'm sure osama bin laden died as a terrified man from the from the sounds of the description of how his house was raided in the literal sense and it sounds like he he died in a sort of cowardly way by throwing a woman in front of if you were to believe u.s. officials and that description but to your bigger point there's a way in which some of bin laden did win because in fact someone had a twitter account with some and how they started it said i've taken your civil liberties with me you know the united states spent over a trillion dollars on these wars invaded a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven or bin laden and in fact was an enemy of bin ladin pain and in doing so created or inspired a whole new generation of people to rise up against united states that probably wouldn't have been inclined to do so otherwise so in that sense i mean i don't know
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that victory is the right word but in that sense of some of bin ladin agenda of trying to chisel away at the u.s. power in the world certainly was successful and maybe successful for the forseeable future so i mean yes i would agree with the sentiment of the victory is the right word but certainly his agenda is alive and well in several aspects of u.s. society unfortunately and i think a lot of u.s. officials are also being really careful we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton this morning you know who said yes this is reason to be happy however we need to you know take a look at what's next and we need to be vigilant i want to play a little bit of what she said and i'll get your reaction. continued cooperation will be just as important in the days ahead. because even as we mark this milestone we should not forget that the battle to stop al qaida and its syndicate of terror will not end with the death of bin ladin indeed we must
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take this opportunity to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts so redouble our efforts that sounds like this is maybe even an excuse to go ahead with some of the mission that have been going on for so many years. well let's look at what's happened since president obama took office two years ago or so he has radically expanded the use of u.s. special operations forces around the globe including those from the joint special operations command a team that we understand killed osama bin laden one of the primary battle fronts of this special operations war has been in yemen where the united states has used tomahawk cruise missiles to multiple occasions and has used the yemeni government to cover up or try to cover up the u.s. role u.s. special ops teams have been engaged in targeted killing operations in yemen a u.s. citizen a lockie is. targeted assassination less the obama administration is also
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inside of somalia you have the drone war that's raging raging in pakistan and you have a dramatic increase in special operations forces targeted killings in afghanistan particularly under general david petraeus who set to take over as the director of the central intelligence agency so what we've really seen from the obama administration and i you know to respond to what secretary clinton is saying is a doubling down on these bush era policies of targeted assassination becoming just a norm in how the u.s. conducts business so far from being over either from the al qaeda side of things because we see these disparate small groups still thriving in small ways in their in their countries on the one hand and then the u.s. on the other hand engaged in this special operations form of attrition warfare where we believe we can kill our way out of the problem that was a big part of the problem with the bush era strategy so i'm very concerned about what comes next i don't see the obama administration saying let's take this as an
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opportunity to scale back some of this it really does seem like they're going to continue with this targeted assassination policy believing they can kill their way out of out of our problems and we just can't do that i was going to ask you that john and i want to get your take as i know you've covered a fact for quite some time and you have one hand it seems like either. the best of the best i mean like the olympic team i guess you could say within the u.s. military we heard about them these navy seals i think during that dangerous almost unbelievable mission with the pirates in somalia and here again they've accomplished these extremely complex highly dangerous missions the one that we're talking about that just happened yesterday i guess talk about their role in the future of u.s. military operations. well these are the these are the people that are on the very tip of the tip of the spear of the u.s. war machine they are a surgical strike force they are not meant to be used to invade countries occupy countries in fact a former special forces colonel with extensive operational experience in the muslim
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world told me that they're like murder incorporated and that they're not interested in converting anyone to our agenda their job is to is to kill al qaeda terrorists and you know we've seen them time and again used in what many special ops guys i know consider to be inappropriate ways particularly in iraq but also in afghanistan right now where they don't see themselves as fighting actual important enemies but rather afghans who have sided with the taliban for whatever reason or that are actually have nothing to do with the taliban you find you've killed the wrong people so we've seen a misuse of these forces that were really supposed to be used only in circumstances like the takedown of osama bin laden being used in a far more widespread way i will say that contrary to what a lot of people on the right may believe president obama's very very close and very respected within that community and he's very close to admiral william mcraven the current head of j. sachs so if anything this relationship between president obama and jason does that
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it gives the lie to this perception that obama has some kind of clueless dove floating around unicorn land he's doing he's doing what president bush said he was going to do in a more effective way and i think you can make a credible case that that's that's one hundred percent true and finally again i want to talk a little bit about this nation itself about how this happened where it happened were torched show that this was close to a pakistani military academy of course this is different to confirm that pakistan is not a place where there are a lot of you know u.s. journalists on the ground but there are a lot of it seems the questions that are still not answered about the specifics of this anything that you know you thought when you first heard about it that some dots that didn't necessarily connect right away. well the the fact that apparently you know osama bin laden live next door to a pocket in the military facility a training facility really should just jump out at people here i mean the looming
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question that needs to be answered here is how did the pakistanis know that osama bin laden was there and if they didn't how on earth didn't they know if he was able to make it all the way from tora bora to you know this is this town that is sort of like you know vail colorado it's a big haitian popular vacation place and also is a heavy military town if they didn't know it that says something about talk sounds intelligence i find it almost impossible to believe that the pakistanis are some elements of pox the intelligence committee didn't know that he was there remember also raymond davis the cia special forces guy that the u.s. had in pakistan earlier this year and killed two pakistanis and before there was a huge diplomatic crisis between the u.s. and pakistan so there's a lot about the result questions here you have the u.s. waging a covert war there you have the pakistanis who long have been double dealing with al qaida the taliban the united states that's the crucial question that needs to be asked because general petraeus does not have a good relationship with the pakistanis he's going to be having the cia this is really the wild card to watch
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a lot of unanswered questions jeremy and it's hard to know how or when we'll get those answers jeremy scahill author of blackwater the rise of the world's most powerful gore scenario army joining us from our new york studio switching gears now to the rights of workers in the united states yesterday on may first it's a day that many people celebrate may day the day to honor workers and unions immigrant worker rights now ever feel that leaders in the u.s. not only don't care about workers' rights but that labor unions are on their last legs and could be destroyed at the hands of u.s. corporations are these women going to without a rally in los angeles and have this for a. marching to the beat of the drum thousands of people took to the streets of los angeles demanding more jobs and better pay this like many other media marches across america has also transformed into a cry for immigration reform rage against the machine guitars tamburello says
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workers are workers around the world on may first workers of all stripes of all religions of all colors flood the streets to show solidarity with one another it celebrates the history of workers progress and worker struggles of course were the successes and of the challenges we still have before us i'm always on the streets on may first union members in particular are feeling the challenges to worker rights steve hurst or a teacher worries about his ability to earn a decent wage at a time when collective bargaining rights across the country are untrue attack i don't think people on the believe their side really understand that there is power and people power and that the more they think they can get away with stuff. back the beach people international workers day has its roots in america when workers organize to demand an eight hour work day but today maybe is not an official
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holiday in the united states and marches like this one in los angeles are still not as passionate as rallies taking place in other parts of the world in turkey hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets demanding better jobs and pig. massive crowds in red and white march to the hope banner to commemorate the workers' holiday in germany anti-capitalist demonstrators clashed with police in berlin i think the word will spread i think the more the more and more people get pushed around it'll spread and starts in the big cities and starts in the urban areas and it will spread world. i facts and colors are waiting here in the streets of los angeles that's now some people show their support and solidarity with immigrants and the workers of the world now this pay day rally is not as large as the ones we've seen in years past but the people that are taking part today say that it's better time for the rest of america wakes up to what they call the work
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tax workers' rights and join in a wider struggle to achieve a more fair and equal society this corporate agenda like the right wing governors right wing politicians trying to make as a couple a country of the corporations by the corporations and for the corporations as you see in the streets of los angeles today we want this to be country of the people by the people and for the people in los angeles doubling the archie so workers' rights continue to dwindle or will they take to streets and demand them back run goes as a community organizer and as in our studios in los angeles hey there ron you know we did see workers take to the streets over the weekend in los angeles we also saw a few months ago them take to the streets in wisconsin and demand their right to man to hold on to those union rights as well what do you think about you know what happened in wisconsin and what it says about the future of our workers' rights in this country. i think that we're seeing that you know in the heartland of america
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working class people have risen up and wisconsin is a great example for the entire nation that shows that the working class can rise up if they organize themselves to defend their rights so i think that not only was constant but in other parts of the country people are really feeling the pinch economic crisis and you know for the rest of the world knows where it is like to be hungry in the rest that was in poor for a very long time and here in the united states you have millions of people who live below the poverty line so i think that it's only a matter of time before the mass of the people in this country organize themselves whether it be through organized labor or not to defend their interests and to have a better life that iran is inspiring as it was to see what we saw in wisconsin and you're absolutely right they certainly did organize and what actually came out of what happened rather than sort of bring an awareness what actually came out of that in terms of policy and change in this country well we understand that it's a long process and you know in this struggle we can't expect victories overnight i
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think what came out of it is the example that people can organize themselves and to really make them bring attention to the issue of workers' rights so although you know the struggle in wisconsin might have come out exactly how they wanted it you know we understand this is a long process and the working class we believe eventually will come out victorious because you know obviously we resent the majority the work the people in this country and in any country so as long as our workers are organized there's no reason why the bosses or the class can't keep us where we are so i think that it's on they said it's a matter of time when ron would have said this report that on our teaser monkland up and together and you know he interviewed the guitarist for on rage against the machine this is one of his good causes tom morello and he said what our country has become is a country of the corporation by the corporation and for the corporation and thought of of the people by the people and for the people what do you think about that statement. oh i most definitely agree i think that you know we have many corporations here who are so powerful that they're the ones that really call the
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shots and you know when it comes to workers' rights or immigrant rights or you know president obama may have the right intentions in mind but we know that the people really have the power behind them maybe folks who might not know their names and faces they are extremely powerful not only here but across the world so i definitely agree with the statement may think that the decline in union membership is definitely a reflection of the power that the corporations have had over for working class people i want to go now to a country south of the border that many in the u.s. love to hate talking about venezuela just a few blocks from capitol hill activists are praising over the revolution that's lifted million doubt of poverty and looking to replicate success here are just killing for to have more enron i'll keep you with me and we'll talk more about this after the rip current. i'm talking about hugo chavez and his campaign to destroy freedom and democracy throughout latin america in washington this is the rhetoric most often heard about venezuelan challengers making himself the usama bin and the
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acme damage out of the western hemisphere childless self could develop a nuclear weapon a systematic policy to change the regime in venezuela but just a few miles from the u.s. capitol hill it isn't seen as the enemy. activists and community organizers like reverend graham and hagar are seizing on the spirit of the pull of varian revolution we need a kind of. revolution that really oppress us. the ills that need to be taken within the society hager says he views poverty as a systemic issue much like hugo chavez that he fought to keep these only public hospital open and converted this exxon super gas station into affordable senior housing here across the street from his church activist benjamin woods says he stand in solidarity with venezuela's president hugo chavez who is the leader of minutes away and on the back it actually says socially twenty first century which says he's working to bring the principles of travis is full of airy and circles to
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his own community organization in working class d.c. if you take like the neighborhood associations i think exist in columbia heights and part of you were say i lived up the road i think they would have much more power and say so in the government instead of many people feeling alienated under chavez venezuela was the only country on track to achieve the united nations millennium development goals having poverty in twelve years one of the things that we kind of are from us well is that everything is not built upon. how much could make and how much you can keep for yourself a lesson activists say president obama is in eager to learn right now politicians have written this if you want to talk about the plans and never really to talk about. marginal laws i'd like ten dollars us announced thirteen point nine billion dollars in cuts to food stamp program as venezuela thirty eight fifteen million through its more crowd program and health history and while
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president obama cut maternal and child health care benefits seventeen million out of twenty six million venezuelans now receive free health care. congress also proposed five billion dollars in cuts to education while chavez's education programs have included four million but it's whelan's a quarter of whom receive educational scholarships and despite the ends are going to school and rhetoric on capitol hill oppression aggression charism and drugs these are the tools. with one in six americans living below the poverty line some say there's much to learn from a country that focuses on social spending in ford artsy washington d.c. our community organizer ron go charles i want to bring you back into the discussion we just saw this report i'm curious what do you think it would take to bring a ball varian style revolution to the u.s. . i think that it would take the mass of the american people have to lose a fear that's been really impose into our minds by some of the mainstream media here in this country you know i've had the fortune of going to venice or the twice
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now and i can tell you that the lies that they tell you on capitol hill are the lies that they might say and some other networks are just that their lies the masses the people minutes will absolutely support their president and they support him because he's providing for the great majority of the people like the story said you know there in them in poverty they are completely eliminated in literacy their every single human being there has health care for free i mean it's a system it's amazing what they're doing in they're doing this so so so fast you know in this country survey after survey shows that americans do agree that you know the world has to be distributed a bit more evenly but when they hear the socialist word they get really scared if they do see what's happening in venezuela you know it's these totally unsubstantiated. claims of drugs and all these things they're simply not true the reason that the united states hates the minister well is because of what they're doing with the oil money there for generations simply made a few in his oil is rich and now that money's being used to you know better the
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living conditions of harbin is oil and if you go to venezuela to be a gallon of gasoline is less than twenty cents a gallon you know why because if people in this weather now can enjoy their own resources which is something a wish that it make you can other parts of that america we can claim so in a celeb on the way in the right direction and they're leading the way for that in american revolution they think here in the united states you have millions of people who are willing now to listen to that type of political line that things are going to support it because it benefits all working class people and just thinking about both reports run and we just i'm curious your take on you know the plight of workers in other countries around the world compared to the plight of workers here and in terms of being outraged in terms of demanding rights back how do you think the u.s. compares with other countries around around them. i think that you know workers here are very quickly realizing that this system that we've had in this country for so long is really not a system. that's for a few humanity and i think that you know when it comes to health care when it comes
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so are these are types of things i mean what kind of a society do we live in where if you don't have any money you want to be attended in a hospital where if you don't have any money you don't have a place to live or going to be homeless for the united states to have you know so many homeless people is an outright tragedy and these other countries and in countries like cuba for example or homelessness doesn't even exist you know that people have to understand that little said what's important there is not how much money you make but that every single human eats every single human has as a roof over their head and they all have medical attention and i think that united states that's a note that we can learn in the united states from these other countries where they provide the basics for their people and sure they may not have fancy cars and mansions but at least they're you know no one's going to guide because they can't afford to go to a hospital certainly we think about workers' rights you always have to think about the distribution of wealth run gotos activists and community organizer joining us from our studios in los angeles. and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered in her r.t. dot com slash u.s. .


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