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the. does the world welcomes the death of osama bin laden new generation of people angered by u.s. foreign policies in the last a decade means his agenda is still raw. news from washington spread rapidly around the world but then you point to the perfect timing of the announcement that day after a deadly attack on pearl get off he's come out of libya. a preview to be insulted meet the russian not a heartbeat and trust me out with hostile hospitality a russian citizen claims he was beaten by george and police to send a warning to her opposition leader relatives. and shop owners hoping for
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a little big sales records but a fake frenzy is first across the line in sochi ahead of the twenty fourteen winter games. and during business in twenty minutes signs of the global markets are reacting to good luck as the mines in russia the picture is pretty gloomy up at. three pm in moscow i'm not good to have you with us here on r t our top story the death of osama bin laden may have been praised around the world but that world is now bracing itself for a possible terrorist sponsor meanwhile the white house is reportedly discussing whether to release photos of the al qaeda leader's body but fact no one seen him yet coupled with a news he was buried at sea does little to counter claims that he's still alive or if he's got any chickie on reports the aim of the operation may have been as much
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to do with winning elections as the war on terror. method great then dead a moment shrouded in secrecy as americans celebrated the killing of the nation's number one terrorist they had not approve of his death but the word of their president they needed to give us a big win and we didn't want to feel good but sure you can see is gone and we threw him in the ocean and all we did show you a fake photo according to u.s. officials american special forces killed osama bin laden in his mentioning pakistan conducted a d.n.a. test to make sure it was him and promptly got rid of the body as they put it following islamic burial tradition while the symbol of america's war on terror seems to be done with the war on terror itself is not it is death does not mark the end of our effort there is no doubt that al qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us we must and we will remain vigilant as well men abroad the u.s.
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has been long chasing all kited beyond of his then borders in yemen those of being covert drone strikes in pakistan they were overt and widely criticized for the scores of civilians killed in the attacks the questions on ask now is could the success of killing bin ladin in pakistan give the u.s. more of a carte blanche were carrying out strikes in other countries it will be used to justify further wars greater repression and will our extra trigger judicial targeted assassinations against political opponents and this is true whether and libya and iraq and pakistan and afghanistan and many analysts say mary kiss war on terror so far has been a double edged sword that involves fighting terror and provoking terror at the same time the war waged by allied forces and led by the united states has left afghanistan as unstable as ever the war on terror has the. a military to
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allow the u.s. to carry out military operations that sense two thousand and one have taken the lives of more than a million civilians. in iraq and afghanistan now in libya and of course that leads to an escalation of resistance of hatred of revenge and so in terms of keeping the american people save that's a ridiculous notion the u.s. has a track record of policies that backfired like arming and training the afghan mujahideen in the 1980's in their fight against the soviet troops subsequently the same with jackie the militants turned their rap and training against the u.s. among those supported by the us was also some of the modern who's group eventual evolved into al qaida. and. it was a great success. but one lesson was learnt victory
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over evil makes great television and approval ratings well the man in charge. obama said that he had known about bin laden's whereabouts sees august last year but only last week had he given the order to take him it's been two weeks sees obama and now it's his reelection plans he's been slipping in the polls over inconclusive wars over seas and economic woes at home it's actually led to the president of the united states being beatified almost more than the you know the pope's you know kind of accolades to john paul this is you know obama is cashing in on this everything for everything that it's worth and you'll notice that his speech last night he kept stressing several times i ordered i promised ties such and such it was clearly done for you know the statement was clearly worded for political
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advantage and it was unity and joy over the death of these evil man americans to be missing the bigger picture in the last twenty years the war on terror and the way it's been that has earned them more enemies than friends and then a second reporting home was hard. it was to get a journalist jeremy shara believes bin laden may be gone but his agenda and you live on. there's a way in which some of them did win because in fact someone have a twitter account in hell that they started and said i've taken your civil liberties with me you know the united states spent over a trillion dollars on these wars invaded a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven or bin laden and in fact was an enemy of bin ladin saddam hussein and in doing so created or inspired a whole new generation of people to rise up against united states that probably wouldn't have been inclined to do so otherwise so in that sense i mean i don't know
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that victory is the right word but in that sense osama bin laden's agenda of trying to chisel away at the u.s. power in the world certainly was successful. they just wiki leaks revelations suggest pakistani special forces had been shielding bin laden for many years political analyst ivan evil and says the fact it was about an inexpensive mansion close to the pakistani capital is alone raising a certain degree of suspicion there is some possibility that the pakistani government was saving him as the eighth in the hole because they knew that's what the united states why didn't if the united states gets him they may be less willing to provide billions of dollars of aid and other support to the pakistani government so i think the united states has. always been a victim of pakistan supporting the taliban under the table and perhaps even hiding . simply because they are manipulating the united states in that part of the region . on our website we're asking you how international terrorism will change with the
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news a bit a lot of death the overwhelming of a majority believes that everything will go on as usual as bin ladin was no longer the main driving force around if it doubt his death and don't foresee any changes twelve per cent fear of terrorism will become stronger because of the demised seven percent believe the killing will lead to the end of international terror if you got what you. earlier nato made an apparent attempt on the life of another man the u.s. is considering an enemy on saturday night in tripoli the compound of moammar gadhafi was hit by an airstrike he escaped death but three of his grandchildren and he's youngest son were reportedly killed. or ports bin laden's death helped bury the news. it was a test the buried under the barrage of breaking news libyan leader moammar gadhafi has twenty nine year old son and three grandchildren were reportedly killed by nato
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airstrike on saturday night all children were said to be under twelve years old but within twenty four hours the u.s. president and nouns the death of the world's number one terrorist the news which overshadowed anything coming from the idea of extra judicial assassinations just days after a nato that attempted to assassinate gadhafi and ended up killing his son and grandchildren once again we see another type of extra judicial assassination going on which of course is an international war crime but in this case it's a it's ok because it's the beginning and everyone loves to hate. the coalition commanders have protested they are in full compliance with the u.n. security council resolution on libya and only target military objects insisting they're not targeting any one person in particular this despite two recent airstrikes targeting known whereabouts of khadafi this was an attack on a so you know your structure this was. a murder free verse
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for. what it is science well i think it very good why did it anybody with any you're associated with they really want to get you know and they're not untrained the idea is to kill here this was all a crime but of course being a libya is a war crime all of the nato countries meeting walk around every single day attacking civilian targets killing civilians. the bombings the sports riots with gadhafi supporters storming the italian and british embassies in protests and some believe the coalition forces continue in their chosen course in libya the situation will go from bad to worse nato's activities has only strengthened the loyalty. these are the resolve of the supporters for each. on tripoli. loyalist strongholds it's just the psychology of the war
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anywhere when you. are resisting group their resolve carrots stronger and this history shows it's recently be a made course already familiar to western politicians we have to give full credit to the. us political establishment of the military establishment they've been always very creative in finding enemies first it was a you know it was a it was the russian federation and it was some of them large in saddam hussein and these days that. makes one come of it whenever it rises also has expressed concern over the straits in libya times saying the coalition is using excessive force but promises from countries like russia china and india have been noticed by the west and will need to decide the ultimate goal who knows how many more lives will be lost in. moscow. you can check out our
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video section on our website of our team for our own footage from tripoli our crews filmed angry crowds of libyans warming western diplomatic missions following the news that gadhafi was setting grandchildren to sign up to get full access to our free video library. georgia's opposition is bracing itself for another battle against president saakashvili as mass rallies are set for later this month while some opposition leaders are determined to bring thousands to the streets their relatives are already turning towards after getting a warning shot from the government as are his or her in a grouch over reports. the georgian shiny with hospitality according to president. evo and to words it's political and
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i want to tell the russian people that they will always be welcome in georgia as partners best tourists students as businessmen journalists or simply are spread. might be noted serbs are due on the for who holds a russian passport describes the kind of course for telly mr saakashvili stalking about in slightly different words but here. we insulted me called me russian matter hari and trust me up one officer two credit cards from my pocket and one two foot of concrete the other one to count a pack of painkillers from my bank and so if i protest these three humans would emerge into drugs in a second we were in a protested and was almost beaten up these was a world welcome should receive our port in shiny d.c. a couple of weeks ago the previous reception was just as hostile we're in a search here a russian passport is one but not the only reason to believe. they
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would repeat it over and over again that i am a relative often you know who john odds are these bonded over the fact that she went to visit trash and met with putin in person. and you know who john adds a leader of opposition democratic movement united georgia says attacks on her family have become regular and this time around the time to order just days before a major opposition rally is to take. people are all illegal actions of the government people are really just tired always more critique. from the side of government and pyrrhic sions we cherish showings f.s.e. them democracy is a situation that in fact we are living in now bullshit because of the country but even here in the central do you see has many landmark the starts that people flock to see where i grew up on aga parliaments but it's still
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a good season danger of being overshadowed by its explosive reputation as a place where so many opposition rallies i've been surprised by police since we are suckers really took office as president in two thousand opposition leaders have come and gone but the muppets are dealing with remain very much the same i think you just. gave me georgie you are in your position. right you were right. of course the truth. is you were just mystic you could buy. all these you know good gentle deserts she won't be broken down by it's had some her family i'm sure people would make it to the streets of d.c. no matter what but more rena who sought medical attention twice up to dealing with the georgian police will be hard to persuade that hospitality is the heartbeat of
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the whole circus should be his regime she says she will now think twice before visiting what the used to be her native country it's to do with our t.v. the b.b.c. georgia if you want to have a current state of play in other countries that used to be a part of the u.s.s.r. we're entering our series of reports on the soviet states as ukraine you can catch that documentary a little later here on our team. twenty years ago in the largest country in the world he says he says this is. what a good teacher. to teach began the journey. where did it take to. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe at least two people were killed dozens more injured when a tornado a tornado tore through auckland new zealand is amateur footage captured the twister at is as it made its destructive way through the country's largest city witnesses
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reported cars being flipped over and the roots ripped clean from buildings. angry mobs in argentina torched train carriages at railway stations near the capital of buenos aires trouble started after a direct train caused delays during morning rush hour police say at least eight carriages were and three stations were burned also been reports of attacks on conductors and ticket offices. electronics giant sony has admitted a fresh massive leak of personal info of its customers the company says hackers have compromised the data of almost twenty five million more online gamers this fall as last week's announcement of the theft of the details of seventy seven million playstation videogame users sony says thousands of bank account numbers may have also been compromised three years before the winter olympics in the russian city of sochi the local souvenir markets and shops are already full to bursting
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with merchandise this art he says. none of it would win medals for authenticity. when sochi was announced as the home for the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics. it was music to the ears of many entrepreneurs' a tidal wave of investment promised booming business for everyone including those who like to cash in with no official right to do so last year we confiscated over two hundred forty items of merchandise which had olympic symbols illegally employed this hotel's owner a place the olympic sign on his gates. to attract customers he's now facing a fine for copyright violation and so should police say he's just one of many sochi souvenir stands are full of sports goods most of them like these three sure great here so either sochi or city of the future or have logos resembling the olympic emblem put officially they are not good legs since none of these goods carry the elements which would make them food of course the right. but after these funny
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little creatures were picked in a nationwide televised food it didn't take much to inspire the corporate leaders to produce their own versions and now custom sells us a full of unofficial bears hares and snow leopard bed just but not all vendors seem to want to sell them and it's not going to go do you have the olympic memorabilia here. no of course we don't i don't even like this mascot's i voted for the both not skis you know. as full scale official souvenir sales won't start until later this year moves to visitors these asian tourists simply pick what's available you make a fine and moral captain's hats are in good supply this spring despite all the counterfeit frenzy the organizers seem not to be too alarmed there's still about a thousand days to go before the big event plenty of time to set the room olympic sales record. r t so shoot. our website r.t.
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dot com you'll find a latest news plus features nvidia's for you to check out here's what's online right now. raising video of an airplane spinning out of control over what of moscow's airport certainly would turn your stomach find out how the pilot managed to bring it to the ground safely plus. ecology is fighting against ocean pollution may soon resort to little critters for help as scientists discover a bacteria that actually feeds the garbage. we freeze up next with a business update stay with us here on r.t. . and welcome to business huge oil and gas field in russia's far east look set to come online earlier than expected kasparov says there will be drilling its first production well in certainly in three this year and the gas giant had planned to start production and twenty fourteen however the share jule was sped up jews are
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growing demand from asia gazprom also wants to get production underway in time for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit that will be held in russia's far east and twenty two world. russia's largest private oil company lukoil says the current price is not justified but company plans to list in hong kong but the head of luke whether you think you have says it will only happen when the market stabilizes. linnet we can use the markets rather girl child saw the current top russians who believe that about twenty percent of the oil price you speak will just capital the current price of about one hundred ten dollars a barrel is perhaps the price to reflect the current costs in the current situation on the market so we would like to wait until the situation becomes stable and the dynamic development of the industry begins to use. commodity markets now oil prices drop for a second day in the news of osama bin laden's death terrorist demise led to swings in commodities as traders wagered on now it will affect the major oil producing
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regions of the middle east and north africa my suite is down to one hundred twelve dollars per barrel european stocks are mixed this hour with germany's dax declining one percent shares and car producers are among the key decliners with b.m.w. down almost three percent this hour here in russia the markets are indeed going from bad to worse in my sixes down two percent the r.t.s. one half percent that's after a long weekend pause a second look at some of the main movers on the my sex energy majors are down with lukoil is shedding one point six percent on the oil prices banking stocks hit pretty bad leading t.v. down two point two percent and ross telecom is varying better than the market if you can say that about the stock the whining one percent. all russia's markets are trading on a short week next week is also going to be short due to public holidays getting a few miles of alpha capital believes trading will be marginally less. but we're going to see some significant activity in russian market because of long holidays
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and we expect trading volumes to be real a lot and of course no three no matter whether we see any positive news for you the from the u.s. or from europe or from russia itself you know going to see a real a strong market moves probably will go on consolidating at current levels probably will make will make an attempt to go a bit higher however it's not going to be a rug but still again the bell a chanst remain positive and the overall sentiment in global markets also remain positive we have already seen last week some positive signals on the federal reserve policy on the economy on earnings so i think that we're going to consolidate now probably some local players will make their positions and i believe that we're going to go higher so at least we will have to outperform in comparison to say the developed markets and also given the fact that we've been
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legen during the last month. in other news russian manufacturing growth showed its sharpest drop in april for more than two years rising producer prices and a fall in expo orders are seen as the key factors restraining both investments in production and output because of this alexander but it was a bad day just b.c. bank that leaves other sectors of the economy will need to push growth. of a quantum it cannot rely in a longer form and affections as a sole driver for all sorts of the country in total demand especially in the summer september has to pick up this has happened in the past not all prices for a rise in and taken their toll prices have been created by more than fifty percent over the past few months quite logical that. looks very similar to take place. so you start as well so our expectation is that when the silver surfer will alludes to sustainability all for economic growth for expect in the second
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quarter growth may accelerate to a bar for five percent from. the roof is four point five percent a year on the engine to people from the first quarter of allowable cocktail of use monetary policy in the u.s. and growing fears over its debts have said that all that's a three year lows but as worries intensify about the world's reserve currency nobel laureates robert monday he says despite its ups and downs the blues reign remains on challenge the dollar will continue to be one of if not the most important currency is wrong if the united states is a great power in the late thirty's big characteristics that other countries don't have it. for the loan in a way in the hemisphere with three great ocean that. it's very high in both of the position compared to many of the countries. i wouldn't
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trade this. i think we're going to be when the dollar is going down put in that happened four or five times before in history an important way out of it the dollar is rebounded and come up. in the end has become more important than before the. and russia's top lenders burbank may not least the seven point six percent stake all at once as was planned and as they privatization program alice believe lowered best the demand will oblige the company to office more tranche of shares so void of depreciation the price of a final decision is yet to be made the head of the per bag and a half says the company is doing its utmost to why even the number of potential investors. it's not so good to me so the pressure shares will depend on the market situation we are more he could be scum pretty more than half or account would
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always be traded in american territory deciding the price will not be a problem for this in two months time will aim to get all the necessary approvals and to start listing or a.d.r. is and london this will significantly wide in the region where potential investors should. join my colleague kareen america and she'll be here in around fifty five minutes time to bring you nothing but i'd like some us in the headlines to say that . to.
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the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. man doomed to suffer to the end of the land. it was the first but probably not the last image or uses of this weapon. many more will need come. children come and get on in the future. twenty years ago in the largest country in. the sentences of.
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what had been an achievement. which began a journey. for where did it take the. wealthy british style such. as not such classified. cargo. markets. finance scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mind stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report.


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