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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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it was the milestone in the war on terror also with pre-election stunt critics doubt al qaeda will crumble optima death of osama bin ladin but believe the timing was perfect to strengthen the u.s. president's political ambitions. news of the death of the world's top terrorist post quake to spread overshadowing the nato bombing of the home of the libyan leader and the outrage over the apparent assassination attempt. georgia's president says his country is hospitable to all but a russian a relative of an opposition leader is welcome to lead by threats and violence from police. also justice for the man who blew out of chapman's cover throwing her to
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the wolves along with ten other russian agents in the u.s. during last year's transatlantic spy saga. four pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story less than two days after osama bin laden was shot dead pakistan is now caught in the crosshairs of international scrutiny observers have been baffled over how the world's most wanted terrorist managed to hide only a kilometer away from the country's military academy but it's not the only uncertainty surrounding bin laden's death which marks a major milestone in the global fight on terror this sting in the tail here is the increased risk of revenge attacks coming from al qaeda supporters as our he's got a cheeky on reports the operation won't have done barack obama's presidential
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ambitions and harm. either. the great been dead a moment shrouded in secrecy as americans celebrated the killing of the nation's number one terrorist they had no other proof of his death but the word of their president they needed to give us a big winge we could call it feel good but sorry can't see his body we threw him in the ocean and all we did show you a fake photo according to u.s. officials american special forces killed osama bin laden in his mentioning pakistan conducted a d.n.a. test to make sure it was him and promptly got rid of the body as they put it following islamic burial tradition while the symbol of america's war on terror seems to be done with the war on terror itself is not it is death does not mark the end of our effort there is no doubt that al qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. we must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad the u.s.
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has been long chasing all kind of beyond of ghana's then borders in yemen those of being covert drone strikes in pakistan they were overt and widely criticised for the scores of civilians killed in the attacks the question some asked now is could the success of killing bin ladin in pakistan give the u.s. more of a carte blanche were carrying out strikes in other countries it would be used to justify further wars greater repression and more acts tortured judicial targeted assassinations against political opponents and this is true whether and libya and iraq and pakistan and afghanistan many analysts say mary kiss war on terror so far has been a double edged sword that involves fighting terror and provoking terror at the same time the war waged by allied forces and led by the united states is left of ghana's then as unstable as ever the war on terror has the ability to allow the
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u.s. to carry out military operations that since two thousand and one have taken the lives of more than a million civilians. in iraq in afghanistan now in libya and of course to an escalation of resistance of hatred of revenge and so in terms of keeping the american people safe that's a ridiculous notion the us has a track record of policies that backfired like arming and training the afghan mujahideen in the 1980's in their fight against the soviet troops subsequently the same which are hitting militants turned their weapons and training against the us among those supported by the us was also some of bin ladin whose group eventual evolved into al qaida one great program. great. good one lesson was learnt
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victory over evil makes great television and approval ratings for the man in charge . obama said that he had known about bin laden's whereabouts sees august last year but only last week had he given the order to take him it's been two weeks he's obama and now it's his reelection plants he's been slipping in the polls over inconclusive wars overseas and economic woes at home has actually led to the president of the united states being beatified almost more than the you know the pope's you know kind of accolades to john paul this is you know obama is cashing in on this everything for everything that it's worth and you'll notice in his speech last night he kept stressing several times i ordered i promised eyes such and such it was clearly done for you know this statement was clearly word for political advantage at a time of unity. over the death of these evil man americans have been missing the
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bigger picture in the last twenty years the war on terror and the way. think that that spurned them more enemies than friends i'm getting sick of reporting from watching our. latest release revelations suggests pakistani special forces had been shielding bin laden from u.s. troops for many years country's president though denies the terrorist had any support system political analysts i haven't even says harboring bin laden may have been a profitable move for pakistan but there is some possibility that the pakistani government was saving him as the eighth in the hole because they knew that's what the united states why didn't have the united states get him they may be less willing to provide billions of dollars of aid and other support to the pakistani government so i think the united states has. always been a victim of pakistan supporting the taliban under the table and perhaps even hiding
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bin laden simply because they are manipulating the united states in that part of the region. some of the may be gone but his agenda may certainly live on as american investigative journalist jeremy scahill. there's a way in which some of bin laden did win because in fact someone have a twitter account in hell that they started and said i've taken your civil liberties with me you know the united states spent over a trillion dollars on these wars invaded a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven or bin laden and in fact was an enemy of saddam hussein and in doing so created or inspired a whole new generation of people to rise up against united states that probably wouldn't have been inclined to do so otherwise so in that sense i mean i don't know that victory is the right word but in that sense osama bin laden's agenda of trying to chisel away at the u.s. power in the world certainly was successful and maybe successful for the forseeable
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future on our website we're asking how you think international terrorism will change with the news of bin laden's death so far the overwhelming majority of respondents believe that everything will go on as usual as a lot of wasn't the main driving force behind al qaeda more a fifty doubt his death and don't foresee any changes eleven percent of your terrorism will become stronger in the wake of his death only six percent believe the killing will lead to the end of the international terror. and have your say. before the break the news of bin laden's death the u.s. led nato forces attack colonel gadhafi compound in libya despite nato claims that they bombed a military target some say it was an attempt to get rid of the libyan leader himself. it was a death the buried under the barrage of breaking news libyan leader moammar gadhafi has twenty nine year old son and three grandchildren were reportedly killed by nato airstrike on saturday night all children were said to be under twelve years old but
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within twenty four hours the u.s. president and nouns the death of the world's number one terrorist news which were shadowed anything coming from libya your idea of extra judicial assassinations just days after attempted to assassinate him and ended up killing his son and grandchildren once again we see another type of extra judicial assassination going on which of course is an international war crime but in this case it's ok because it's the bogeyman that everyone loves to hate. the coolish and commanders have protested they are in full compliance with the u.n. security council resolution on libya and only target military objects insisting they're not targeting any one person in particular this despite two recent airstrikes targeting known whereabouts of qaddafi this was an attack on a so you know your structure it was. a murder three was for it sure and what it is so. well i think it very delighted. anybody with any
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if you're associated with you know they really want to get you know and you know. sure it was all a crime but of course being a libya is all across all of the nato countries committing war crimes every single day attacking civilian targets killing civilians. and the bombings the sports riots with gadhafi supporters the storming the italian and british embassies and protests and some believe should the coalition forces continue in their chosen course in libya the situation will go from bad to worse nato's activities has really strained the loyalty. season resolve of could for the supporters for each volume that's dropped on tripoli and other could feel loyalist strongholds it's just the psychology of war anywhere when you. are
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resisting group their resolve gets stronger. and as history shows the situation in libya me full of course already familiar to western politicians we have to give full credit to the. political establishment of the military establishment have been always very creative in finding interviews first it was a meeting and it was the russian federation and then came some of the hussein and they used to use of course we have. makes one come of it whenever the need arises also has expressed concern over the stress in libya at times saying the coalition is using excessive force but promises from countries like russia china and india have come in noticed by the west and will need to decide ultimately who knows how many more lives were lost they do not wish the arts in moscow. or mania has declared it will host missile interceptors as part of the u.s.
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plan defense shield for europe you know it's been came from the romanian president who stressed that the system was not directed at russia or he could authorize us live with more on this story hello gora so it's not the first time the u.s. has a plan to deploy its shield in europe what makes this move different. well romania is giving the green light for washington to build. a long range interceptor missiles in romania and it's also allowing it to use one of its seaports air bases the same time the romanian president is saying is that this base will still be controlled by the romanian of the east even though it will also how strong two hundred to five hundred american a staff members will be present and also stressed that this piece will not be authorized to russia's national security romania is a washington supply and b. when it comes to its anti missile defense shield plans in europe previously the
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george bush administration wanted to build a long range interceptor missile base in poland people actually shipped business. into the ground in stoles and also our radar in the czech republic for this cause though we've all criticism from russia which said that such a system would ruin the balance of forces on the european continent and would also become a threat to russia's national security because both poland and the czech republic or another far we crawl on russia's borders but the administration scrapped these plans and actually for the past year or so there was quite a lot of talk between washington and moscow and need to call for more cooperation why no cooperation also in other contacts also building some sort of a unified defense shield moscow is supporting the idea of a system in which everybody would share the responsibility for the safety off the others the idea of building elements of the system in romania turned up around
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a year ago it wasn't really criticized by moscow but nevertheless this decision is already sparking quite a lot of controversy because despite all this talk about working together and. thinking and planning together all know this unified missile defense system this is a decision to be second or mean you know just shows that it was not meet with russia. for more thank you very much. now to our website are more along with news and features and analysis there is plenty for you to check out here's what you'll find when you click on. the magic pictures of an airplane spinning out of control over one of moscow's airports but certainly turn anyone to find out how the pilot managed to land safely plus. ecologists fighting against ocean pollution may soon resort to drugs for help scientists discover a bacteria that actually. the garbage. georgia
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is once again bracing itself for a wave of anti-government rallies planned for later this month the opposition angry at what they really is a criminal regime say they're determined to make a united stand against abuse of power but his heart he carried a grudge over reports that government has made clear dissent isn't something it's willing to tolerate. i would search the georgia shiny wood hospitality according to president. eve one two words its political enemies i want to tell the russian people that they will always be welcome in georgia partners their stories their student businessmen jurors or simply express. my you know good serves or do on the who holds a russian passport describes the kind of course but telly mr saakashvili is talking
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about in slightly different words but he knew. we insulted me called me russian not a hari and trust me out one officer took a credit card from my pocket and went to compete the other one to counter-attack from my bag and sorry if i protest these would emerge into drugs in a second we were in a protested and was almost beaten up these was a worthwhile come she received at a our port in shiny b.c. a couple of weeks ago the previous reception was just as hostile we're in a search for russian passport is one but not the only reason to believe. they would repeat it over and over again that i am a relative often you know. these pilot over the fact that she went to visit russia and met with pushing in person. not
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a leader of opposition democratic movement united two were gerry says attacks on her family have become regular and this time around the time to order just days before a major opposition rally is to take place in delhi see people of all police illegal actions of the government people are really just tired always and that will critique. steps from the side of government actions which are showing to face a little bit more prosy in the situation there. in fact we are leaving no bolshevik style of the country but having him here in the central believes he has no idea why the marxist starts that people flip to see i got it wrong on the parliament but it's historic this season danger of being overshadowed by its explosive reputation as a place where so many opposition rallies have been suppressed by police since we know saakashvili took office as president in two thousand through our opposition leaders
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have come and gone but the muppets of dealing with them remain very much the same i think you just told your ball game in georgia if you are in a position where you can be right you know people rights no protection of course if . you are just persecuted by. the ruling party and by all states that he she you know the genesis says she won't be broken down by attacks on her family and sure people will make it to the streets of d.c. no matter what but marina who sought medical attention twice opted to dealing with a georgian police will be hard to persuade but hospitality is the heartbeat of me whole saakashvili is a regime she says she will not think twice before visiting what used to be her native country exceeded their children r t the b.b.c. georgia. stay with us coming up a little later ukraine for the lens of history r.t.
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brings you a series of reports from the countries that comprise the soviet union and how they're getting on twenty years later. twenty years ago largest country. but how did. you get a job. where did it take. an investigation into last year's disclosure of eleven russian agents in the u.s. is officially closed a former russian intelligence officer is believed to have informed washington about the spy ring our team is carrying those are of a joins us live and tells catarina what punishment could be used officer face. it's just the right. thing to say. that it. will see. the.
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nature of. the city. if something. earn keeps it going to see it it's just. it's very clear will find he thinks it's been six she said. this family first and then of course the test now and it still exists sir good it's the least thing that he's hearing and it. is something else taking a look at the piece itself that should settle security service. leslie. the responsible county police evidence you know charges. let's see. if you. know these
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are these. things here's the thing. is. there one simple. system. shut. down. and it's. the sensitive nature of the child. in. the field that is. to be seen another person involved in the story back in the headlines tells more about that. i. did. see. here. yes it would. have.
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said. it's. a pretty. simple things. if we. see. anything. like that as. i keep. seeing this story of the lives. that she's covering those are over reporting live thanks to the. turnout of some other stories making headlines across the globe
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at least two people have been killed dozens injured after a tornado struck new zealand's largest city auckland suburbs were the worst affected with the twister tearing the roof off of a busy shopping mall tornadoes are common in new zealand but rarely cause severe damage. pressure investigators have located the cockpit voice recorder of the air france jet that crashed in two thousand and nine this follows the recent discovery of the plane's a black box data those devices are in good physical condition investigators hope to find out why the plane flying from brazil to france crashed in the atlantic killing all two hundred twenty eight passengers aboard a korean melican is up next but that is news news stay with us. hello welcome to our business update this out thanks for joining me a huge oil and gas field in russia's far east looks set to come online earlier than expected from says it will be drilling its first production well in seventy three this year the gas giant had planned to start production in two thousand and
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fourteen over sharjah was spread out due to growing demand from asia gasper and also wants to get production underway in time for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit will be held in russia eighty thousand and twelve. which is the largest private all company lukoil says the current oil price is not justified the company plans to list in hong kong a head of lukoil a good bet of says it will only happen when the market stabilizes. linnik within the markets rather saw the current crisis you do you get about twenty percent of the price you speak which of capital the current price of about one hundred ten dollars a barrel is perhaps a price to reflect the current cost stern the current situation of the market so we would like to wait until the situation becomes stable and they don't even develop into the industry begins. or prices drop for a second day and the news of osama bin laden's death the terrorist denies let's use
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swings in commodities traders or how it will affect the major wall producing regions of the middle east and north africa where the european stocks are down this germany's dax point nine percent in the red shares in company uses among. the hands up and down about three percent. here in the us has advisors are edging lower after a long weekend and here that it's movers all the lies excess energy majors and banks are among the top losers this hour look call drops over one and a half percent while the bank down over two percent last telecom is losing one point four percent. plus a manufacturing growth shows the shoppers in april for more than two years rising producer prices and a fall in expert orders are seen as the key factors in straining both investment in the godson and output because of this that arose of at h.s.b.c. bank believes other sectors of the economy will need to push call for. a quantum it
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cannot rely on the long go forward approach and serve as a sole driver for the world of a country in total demand for especially in the solar circuit has to pick up this has happened in the past not all process will rise in. prices of greece problem with cerebral palsy a few worlds quite logical reparation or books purpose and one. if i have to take place over the start as well so our expectation is pick up in the service sector will pollutes the system ability or for economic growth for sure we expect but in the second quarter growth rate accelerates for a certain fraud or so but will freeze a four point four percent annually and she typical from the first quarter the thought of a cocktail of loose monetary policy in the u.s. and growing fears over its debts has sent the dollar to three years lows but has
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worries intensified reserve currency nobel laureate robert monde says despite its ups and downs dollars reyna made. it dollar will continue to be one of the most important currency is wrong as the united states is a great power and he laid siege to be characteristics that other countries don't have it. through alone in a way in the hemisphere with three great oceans the other side it's a very. involved will position compared to many of the countries so. i wouldn't be too discouraged if there were all i think we are going through a freeze when the dollar is going down put in that did happen for five times before in history an important way burke oh to read the dollars rebound didn't come up in june in new. has become more important than before the. last the
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latest so now we have all the markets but homes and other stories for you in less than one hour. all. millions died here. and millions look forward to be
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helped and say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of not a racial. era spring of nineteen forty five on our cheap. they faced this is not a drug education but a warning that. they force it and we should say it's everybody you should is a critic restrictions they have no idea about the hardships the face. they wanted the says it all go to movies to for any army the life of abusing them is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism books of those who understand it fully but you have to live it.


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