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at the least the use of the enemy is the most precious thing in the world. of self-sacrifice and it was with those who understands it fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen forty five goals she told. six thirty pm in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. easier headlines was the milestone in the war on terror also a korea election stuff critics doubt all title will crumble after the death of bin ladin but believe the timing was right to strengthen the u.s. president's political games. or maybe it becomes the latest link in america's anti-missile chain agreeing to host part of a u.s. defense system planned across europe. the man who blew and chapman's cover charge
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investigators concluded their work over the disclosure of eleven russian agents in the u.s. and made for a dramatic real life spy saga last summer. next we assess hopes for a lasting peace between israel and the palestinians the interview coming up. what happens to be aired on maliki the palestinian foreign affairs minister so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. in the palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood that's scheduled for september at the united nations is it still on track because there has been recent noises that if negotiations between israelis and palestinians work out and it will be canceled well you know first of all. it wasn't our choice to go to the united nations to seek permission for the policy of state never to be. our intention has been always always until this moment. to get. negotiations
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with the israelis and as a result of the negotiations the militants overcome since the. should take place so. should come as a result of negotiations of an agreement between israel and palestine this is it now since less of them but. this release have been avoiding. committing themselves into serious negotiations they have refused requests of the international community to seize to stop settlement activities as international political ambition for the resumption of negotiations and since then you know we did not have i think round of negotiations with the israelis so i want to put a position is that my septum bush we should have you can see the state as it was promised to us by present but up obama by the international community by the court
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date everybody else is we will be ready as are the studios in building on situations and so you know september should yield to the palestinian state either through. negotiation with israelis and this is really our preferred choice. or if that's not the case you know we should seek. you under commission through you know asking. her to do so. prime minister binyamin netanyahu is a partner for peace making i don't think so. you know because you know he did so he said it from the beginning even before he was elected as prime minister during his election campaign he was very clear he said no to sin state no to. withdrawal from the occupied territories. that
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was really very clear yes to supplement activities. so he was very clear from the beginning. in his position he campaigned with an anti peace platform. on syrian state platform and when he tried to build his own volition he built it based on these. important elements and so i cannot but to take into consideration what he has really said where how he has performed what are his policies and actions and you know also to judge him on his deeds since you know since he took office until today he did not show. any kind of sign of willingness to be part of the peace with the palestinians. maintaining his coalition government over negotiating with the palestinians and he preferred to continue with the settlement activities against
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having. peace with the palestinians and so if that's the case then you know yes we lack a partner on the israeli side then congressional committee has been very clear to this we have heard. statements coming from international leaders about that i think this is really the conclusion that. most of the international leaders have really reached we have heard. a telephone. call that he had with merkel recently when she told him but he clearly that. he did not do anything really to progress the negotiations and he has to be to be blamed if that's really the case then you know i think you know he has to know that he has to pick responsibilities for the lack of patience or and for the lack of any kind of progress in the negotiations when considering all the variables assuming you do go
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to the united nations in september and you know concern that the united states will veto the whole mission well you know if we are going to the united nations to see can we look at mission you know we have to study. the situation very well but you know to tell you the truth. not from now until september we have to keep all options open we should not really close the door on the resumption of negotiations so this is really should be. and we have to be ready we are ready you know could be involved in the negotiations immediately twenty four hours a day to commit ourselves into a process of negotiations that should lead before september to peace agreement that would allow a policy of state to be established next wednesday for there's a if that's the really the. big national community will find that the palestinians are ready to be fully really engaged are we expecting that the committee to do
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something about this we hear. rumors that you know present for obama to propose an idea there are eight now certain resumption of contacts by the american station you know to see through. you know if there is a possibility to negotiations under what kind of conditions etc so these are really possibilities you know we have to complete that we have to keep that open as an option viable option under really to see you know how things will go we have said if we can get ourselves into this these negotiations before september and we need september while we are still negotiating we will continue to sit in during september and beyond september this is very clear which means that you know negotiations is our priority before anything goes but you know these negotiations should really have a very clear terms of reference and this is really very important what are words that our terms of reference first of all that in
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a should be based on the success of our borders this is very important that you know the objective should be the creation of a sense the next of the state of israel. should be the capital of the concern states was there was a couple of those real estate that you know while we are doing this israel should really afraid from any kind of unilateral action including you know settlement activities and this is really very useful for you know if these terms of a full of acknowledged them accepted by the by israel as they are you could get a little break now by the profit then you know we are really really kind of negotiations with the israeli side we are not going to take any kind of premature actions now but we will prepare ourselves for september and then of course it's not going to be us for the international community we asked on our behalf in all such recognition by the information she was not going to be a military action by the palestinians it's going to be a collective action by the international community because they consider the
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international community that you know solving the casino problem is over due on september should be the deadline for police in a state of marriage so sometimes leaning there's a sense of well do you at the united nations and the u.s. the vetoes the motion what works. of course you know the political stability that the americans will lead to. such a decision is is there and if that's going to be the case in iran you know we can complete what are really the options you know we don't have that many options very limited options one of them is going to really to assembly. and really asking is an assembly to meet under the united for peace and seek international recognition for the state of palestine if not. it's possible that you know we go to go. i think. there's a decision about the right of the permissiveness to have people to send state these are you know one of the options we are contemplating and continue completing before
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between now and discipline but why should the palestinian authority is the single biggest recipient of aid why should you be paying for the palestinian struggle. because you know we are in the backyard of europe and instability here to affect also stability. within europe. huge minority of. people who live in and you know of. this against. muslims it's. also. you know the have shown their support and solidarity with the palestinian cause. not to mention also. you know economic interest you know the geopolitics of the situation what it means you know palestine and the whole region to the world
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specially to europe in terms of oil and go as these are just you know the combination of for reasons why should be interested why the united states of america should be interested. why you eventually should be interested y e n any country should be interested about about the situation here and why south africa is interested why you find out if you know india pakistan. is interested why. chile is interested why make sequels interesting each one you know sees the situation from different perspectives but you know each one feels like you know the have the obligation under responsibility to pick action and read to seek justice for the palestinians so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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wealthy british style. that's not the type of. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheek. a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands pounced to nothingness. thousands wounded. nursed her and doomed to suffer a condition of the. most the first but probably not
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the landstuhl military uses of this weapon. well many more will be come. children a common get on in the future. first for. the first few. just. more news today violence is once again flared up saying these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets and chatted lasts for asians are all day.
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and. age. in time the loosies available in the chills to convince most of its old brain called the onion tree been called an olympic gold bungle swiss it's a little green to be joe prone to tell million those prone roman guilty so it's
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a new royal hotel then the princess in bangkok rather simply chilling cold dream which will bring cold so if it sells until a grander phone call specific hotel going cold grim friends who told one cold close it and even called a role in the radio. was a milestone in the war on terror also a pre-election stunt and critics doubt al title will crumble after the death of bin ladin but believe the timing was right to strengthen the u.s. president's political goals. romania the latest link in america's anti-missile chain agreeing to host part of the u.s. missile defense system planned across europe and. the man who blew out a tremendous cover is charged investigators conclude their work over the disclosure of eleven russian agents in the u.s. that made for dramatic real life spy side some are. more news stories in less than a quarter hour but a partridge is up for the spoilers ahead it's
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a pivotal night for russia in the world ice hockey championships i am not yes russia take on high setback and later in a group a game they really must win despite having to rely on other countries' results while healthy plus the bill that see that's much anticipated champions league semifinal coming out now. i don't know because those news on this crunch play in ice hockey and european football and here are the headlines must win game russia prepares to face slovakia in a crucial contest at the ice hockey well championship so i may be champions kind of that taking on the swiss now. the all ultimate al classico around the trigger that's why the ten and two goal deficit against feels waddles. alone in the champions league semifinal. and the return of the legends now on follows a host of other world cup stars to get set to play a football game the church here and he's not the only one. but first joined hockey
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in russia are preparing to take on heisler back here at the ice hockey world championships this tuesday evening knowing they have to win to be sure of reaching the qualification round russia bounce back in their opening to know that the germany with a six four win over slovenia will go forward alexei conditioning coach picked up an injury in that victory and won't be fit to play against slovaks and is again russia i can't really lose but they do and slovenia beat group a leaders germany this tuesday night russia could be on their way home early they really are relieved one nil and meanwhile the group the olympic champions and second ranked canada taking on switzerland both sides are on the beat in winnipeg top the group score is currently one of the switzerland valorise will look to get their first when it's likely france you consult has not yet managed a victory they did take they gave its roots into a big strike which and the points. turned green while to recap what happens on
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monday the czech republic showed why they are different trampy and hold the steamrolling denmark six nil to take the lead interesting their next opponents are finland and the luckiest three to the shootout group c. leaders the united states taking two goals down to beat norway fortune and also going to see sweden beat austria three no. four go now in this tuesday boss alone host arch rivals realm adrift in the second leg of their champions league semifinal the bad tempered first leg at the bernabeu ass or boss or come away with a two away goal advantage after a hour reduced to ten men the match was so heated that both complained about each other to wait but bray all said their players were provoked by bosses while the catalan side were upset by poached not post match comments even made by coach jos a rino. however has rejected these claims re al will feel the week inside that. sense of sixty one minutes into the first leg and sergio ramos was also suspended
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bringing up what from the sounds of receiving the touchline ban. cars that rail believes they can still reach the final recent matches against barcelona so they have a chance. because we've been criticised a lot but the truth is that caseloads during the first game the spanish league didn't score until the penalty when we were still playing eleven against eleven during a point hundred twenty minutes without scoring in the last game also with a lot of us on the pitch could score i think these are ways of winning in playing but now all that matters is that make it to the final game in wimberley so they are still believe a place in the file is possible although barcelona have a clear advantage after their to no one in the dritte the two sides have met four times this season with fassel winning two and drawing one although they did lose one they'll final. guardiola expects rael to go all out for victory this tuesday night. we have talked about the fact that we need to be prepared for anything all
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of them know how to play food move very well they are capable of putting pressure on us in our penalty area as well as being able to attack us in the midfield and in their area all that will dictate how they will attack and defend we have to be prepared tomorrow is like a final and in a final game you don't speculate because there will be a second leg and that will be all the only reality is that tomorrow real madrid will play the game of their life in order to make it to the final that is the only fact we know. all staying with football and diego maradona will soon be rolling back the years as the argentina legend signed up to once again take to the pitch for an exhibition match in russia's chechen republic next week the fifty year old has been without a job after being such as argentina last year and was poised to robin causing the eleventh called the unveiling of a new stadium and i had eighty six world cup winner is only one made in a star studded lineup expected to turn up the likes of coach will most players figure for the fast talking about fabio martyrs are also on the guest list another
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former france great isn't in sudan have been linked with the event with initial reports just two months ago grozny hosted a run of a kind not featuring teams from brazil and the church an eleven ballots take a look at the n.b.a. playoffs where atlanta had big chicago to go one up in the eastern conference semifinal final score one hundred three ninety five and joe johnson scored thirty four points ten of which came in the final quarter ounce and the other game on monday night dallas speech the l.a. lakers on the road ninety six ninety four taken early leaves in the western conference semifinal the mavericks toss that is based determination saw them straight past and start your hostile crowd you know everything going against. but in those situations i don't have to say much more guys are going in the rally together in the in the timeouts and encourage each other. and they keep playing you
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know we have to go team that's going to keep going. boxing sensation money parky out his health his last training session before one of the most lucrative fights of his career he'll defend his w b o welterweight crown against shane mosley in las vegas on saturday and around twenty million dollars in the process back here is considered the world's best pound for pound fighter and one gold titles in eight divisions the filipino enjoyed a light session at the hollywood gym in california athens opponents mostly said he may quit if he loses badly however the american underdog thirty nine still has an impressive record of forty six wins and six losses there will meet at a press conference on wednesday before the weigh in on friday. cricket now and former sri lanka test captain hash until it correctly says he'll tell the international cricket council about cricket matches he believes were fixed during his career the forty three year old politician told a television programme earlier this month that match fixing has been rampant in sri
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lanka since one thousand nine hundred two and he'd reveal the names of those involved at the appropriate time so the granny was a member of the country's only world cup winning team in nineteen ninety six and said he'd been reluctant to voice his allegations previously for fear of his safety . here made a statement with it but. according to him i have advised all my lawyers and i did not. expose those who are annoyed. after year after i came out with these allegations i have been getting lots of losers go of the feds and nor do things but definitely i really was. good those who were involved in. and finally one of the oldest races in europe has been held in the russian capital chere hundreds of runners take off in a real way around the central moscow and event which states in history.
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this summer sports season in moscow traditionally starts with a rally race and the annual running competition was held for the eighty fourth time on monday the race was never cancelled even during the harsh days of the second world war which is why lots of veterans flock to this event every year and some of them believe that sport help to save their lives. it was winter when our ship was clear in mines in the sea and i was thrown overboard i had little chance of surviving in the cold water only a few ever survive and i was an athlete and a champion of my region in running i was in good shape and that helped me to somehow grab on to the ship and come back on board. despite not having any criticisms of the competition when maines one of the oldest running events in europe and that runs can tell lots of interesting stories he's got this championship used to be a tough battle between anonymous and scott once the son of joseph stalin i see that
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was the charge of this race and you know how much he didn't use the studs to get more grip and when my city stand in who was a mess it's a scar fan found out about it they cancelled the results the race was held again and here's how one of the many alembic champions have taken part in the race but nowadays mainly youngsters compare however the fact that war veterans attend the event more pressure on them athletes ran on moscow's main ring road the twelfth lingering which is close for the race and rare chance in a remarkable sight to see the cost of a new actually empty and these heroes skaters decided to use their personality enjoying the runners on the route. it was the inaugural roller skating race on the circuit or adding around ten from moscow and i really enjoyed it i've been that in the capital for a few mouths. and already have many impressions of it but this race as a more positive manner is it's managed to claim a prize they can but usually is no longer this popular as it used to be in the soviet union but still for many people it's a festival of sport and
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a traditional chance for war in sport but it's wrong to come together and play about out of other team and that's all for this but all that with another update in just a little less time i hope you'll join me again. twenty years ago when i just country. to socialism. but how did. the challenger. where did it take the. wealthy british scientists on. time by.
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market trying to. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. millions
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died. and millions looked forward to be helped and say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of going to ration. gear a spring of nineteen forty five on our team. in the united kingdom ulti is available in through the house bill and forty one has found the old way even if it's on you can also turn the mill stone hotel and some a large country house holiday in the full.


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