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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i'm gonna get on in the future. the. one thirty pm in moscow these are your r.t. headlines washington may have finally killed the man who was the main reason behind the ten year long war in afghanistan but that does little to silence critics who say the operation is stuck in a quagmire. fresh nato airstrikes hit the libyan capital overnight but still little sign of progress for any side in the fight has prompted more talk of coalition ground troops going in but experts say the move could greatly spike the death toll
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. moscow looking for guarantees that new u.s. plans for parts of a missile shield in romania pose no threat to its own deterrent this says russia and nato are in the middle of talks over common missile defense in europe. next when nuclear weapons were first used in one nine hundred forty five it changed the world are filled now children of armageddon asks if such a tragedy could ever happen again stay with us. you're. in. the nuclear age is sixty used to one constant thing as far east peace is concerned soon want to know the last atomic bomb psychiatrists will become. perhaps in less than twenty a century yes or so that at it's i would like to pass on my grandmother story as it
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to the younger generations focus night my dream is to not let it die. how great is the threat of nuclear war today. a nuclear bomb to become the current your power. how do you explain that the five permanent members of the security council and they're the ones who have the nuclear weapons. and the five most powerful states in the world. united states russia britain france china. so india looks at just says that they're going to get into a nuclear club and pakistan israel's and there's all this constitutes a volcano of nuclear weapons likely erupt at any time. we thought the threat had disappeared but we were around. during the cold war we were worried about the mutually assured destruction so-called not between russia states that fear is gone however we are not out of the danger zones at all there are still
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some trying to seven thousand nuclear warheads of which twelve thousand generate are operative active. we shouldn't forget to rush him and i guess. there's a new restaurant that democracies with nuclear weapons. well. their weapons are for use as far as i go we're not inspired here shit. what is the legacy of that weapon what does that hold in store for us. next sunday he was three years old when she was exposed to the bone when she was twelve she developed leukemia and she hoped that she made one thousand paper cranes she would be killed. imagine all
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here i'm a soldier after her death and the screen became a disability piece. i thought the cold war was over and the nuclear threat a thing of the past it's not a nightmare is alive and well with the help of the military strategies of the nuclear powers are the one hundred forty three thousand dead if he does she need to be soley remembered as the triumph of the u.s. over japan. from hiroshima to the pacific islands where nuclear testing took place the decisions made by american strategists are taking a heavy toll on another generation. is a third generation he but her grandmother survived the radiation mathy doesn't want the bomb to ever be used again. but i also discovered how alone lucky us because
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even here people don't care enough about this old weapon other than to be the highlight of the newseum. what is it i am only talking to my friends about my activism. and they don't care about such serious matters of canaanite. only the people who then understand what happens under the mushroom cloud today it's not all it is very difficult in these peaceful time to make young people understand how tragic it was maggie is the youngest died in the heat of peace memorial museum but she goes further than providing information her goal is to provoke fear and dread. i want the children has never experienced an atomic bombing that's why i use simple n which while trying to make an impact on a family it's amazing you know in it but it isn't us and you know. cleese let's look over here evolve that turnbull see that airplane. in that airplane when
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they were carrying the bomb in that airplane. is about about do you know what time it was. the night of the. it was eight fifteen. i was in my house in front of the al char i had been used paper printed out and was reading it why i had just opened it and i filled the bluish white light coming in from the garden run a hole in our daily thankful and it. it
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was complete darkness and i couldn't move i was bullied under the house eventually i managed to get out by walking barefoot across a wooden board people were completely blackened and her burned king winners were torn apart or the nun and woman were walking naked in the streets covering themselves with their hands ashamed. that wasn't all the time when everybody finished breakfast the heat was so intense that flesh them out and blackened just like when you burn toast it was like that. but it would go to that other disfigured corpses were naked except for the watch
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and see if you. as a hit of the vase was all that it was left to identify the body is my skin rotted and ost parts and though my auntie destructed me to need pretty from herbs i drank his tea every day for the rest of the year since we didn't have medicine and we had just natural cures you know these are all children they were all bad food in my second this is the least mine was trying to help but she was also a victim they didn't really have any medication or so they used things like temper or to try to heal people go to your step of a room and it was a living hell of a leg hell on earth on then. and. because of this great that you brought your children here to get it this is not a fun place to be but thank you thank you very much good morning do you see some black and lunch boxes in another building please take your time to look at them.
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lloyd i can remember well it is freely how difficult i don't want to remember. bucky's fight to convey the dreadful images runs counter to the priorities of our country actually japan looks for ways to rewrite its history we have many pictures of victims in the textbooks but the committee says it is too. dark to invent them people who know. the facts is fading away. japan has tended. umbrella of the us in its security policy their logic is it's a necessary evil you put
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a whip on the society. you're fishel explanation of the. united states. has been introduced this country as well that woman's perspective in the second world war and it saved a lot. of people. i remember there was. one raid eggs old haitian i were they lied to i had been fighting the japanese for four years i was the pearl harbor on the destroyer the morning bear. but as time went on and with the knowledge that we could have won the war with all that youthful. i was in. rebel. hiroshima nagasaki they are targets it is wrong they were kept intact because they wanted to know exactly how the effect wants to be.
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pliable used the bomb we cut off almost all. in the war area. how big could pick surely in a few months. three days after he lost it was not a stock seventy five thousand. the annual commemoration of the bombing gave me the opportunity to meet with her me that a sample of the student had just returned from the united states. and i took an american history class and restarted the use of their charming gome literature asked what you are the most are to for and they're good aspects or drop an atomic bombs in japan let's think about it and discuss what they saw what i was quite shocked by
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this but i realize then they did tell people of all the consequences of their told me while my growing up body. my grandmother never told me anything i only heard the whole story quite recently all right after it entered my second year of university. i thought this could be the only time i hear it and i remember it's made me very happy. where you're alone with her what did i share just wrong lane in the past it was just the two of us i was always around her as i grew up but i discovered that sheer was a grandmother i didn't know. it to the meeting with my grandma that has only recently triggered a feeling of guilt. but she has never shown any anger towards the united states. when your bill of under all
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destroy. the fur economical hostile fire or even such a devastating birds. who destroys the will of the people it's like. the sopranos and before i became a volunteer a real guy i had to the he speak in a study group and all the experiences. ha ha ha my mother never talked to god because she tell the tale to us that she survived the mother and sister never crying for help. and yes at the time we were all looking for her. she tried to fix her mother tonight how moderate couldn't it is. blocked all over her but it's how should i
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chose my the thing i was a school playing marbles when suddenly dawned flashbang the cup and however i didn't see the flash of light out of one of the farmhouses was burning and i was very scared to see that you that's where my memory of the horrors stops is grateful and you get nine days. what the snow my mother couldn't express herself normally was so my father was here or in a psychiatric hospital at home i couldn't see her very own the doctors didn't link her condition to their phone and. they thought my mother was there my mother had become one saying that if she was put away in a place like
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a brazen to see her there ways miss so old as oh. yes if the bomb was the only thing enjoy my you will go insane. he doesn't like it of him with i don't know how to rush to talk about it but i must . say that cannot speak your. truth and you know my daughter is a friend. my daughter's child. kitty got a second child to fall out with but it looked like he was born with six fingers. in was this my fault. it's that i was exposed to the bone. type if you're going to sew my grandchild code in blood in his hand for the first time. this i saw the flash of the atomic bomb.
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my oldest son had a problem with the both in the hearts and the very much so that. some of them had surgery and they found out that because it was genetic i blame myself if this is in the now more than. before i was not afraid also i told these that's of the moment what i eat from one generation to the next one. when a young people are worried they can turn to the radiation effects research foundation established by american scientists after the bombs drop the institute gathers statistical studies on the victims that he russia and medicine can. see done on my degree tonge is he the box on what's on the bottom two of her children
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died of cancer or is there a link. we have been doing research based on statistical models since one thousand forty eight but we have not found any link to it so we decided to study the d.n.a. of night. all. generations. until now i hadn't really been afraid but i've heard that my generation has more problems than the second generation that i know. because i know. the disease is caused by the genetic mutations are such a tragedy. what are you sure you want to know. we also have new information and it's not really well on the still a lot of experimental what are called trans genetic type of the facts the facts
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that have not necessarily appear in the children of people exposed to radiation but maybe even skip generations. until the results of the american japanese and asians d.n.a. studies are now the younger generation is left wondering and given the social stigma attached to the radiation this doubt can take so much and all the children. picked on. my husband who was a sandwich his daughter was labeled the baku showing the press that the responses seem to meet that's when he proposed to me the fact that i was he really daughter team. i was worried about what would happen to our children at the time it was
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considered a transmittable disease so i didn't know what would happen. i thought well what if it happens it happens that. my love was stronger than my fear you know i still worry that my wife and daughter will be affected by the moment it. and my mother in law feels responsible as she suffers the most heinous and discussed yet. i was born and raised in hiroshima outsiders always emphasize that i am from here ashima sure she might or ashima i don't enjoy it very much. does not agree being from a series she must have been you know to be to to make a contribution. i know it isn't and so since university i learned a lot about conflicts in the world. to the really easy terms are always the
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children who we model this is the lives in general and. the nuclear powers are perfectly aware that their bombs are ten twenty one hundred. but with unbound cynicism and military are searching for more flexible uses. there are discussions about the development of nuclear weapons of smaller caliber or of the capacity to penetrate the earth deeper american plans to develop what we call. those that we say will not spread radioactivity actually in such weapons only get a short distance under the earth and stir up more radioactive debris and again in the case of hiroshima that type of radioactive fallout was limited because it wasn't near burst it's not the same as all of your your building materials themselves contaminated by the force of the explosion and now we've moved in the
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second nuclear age. we have moved into an era when nuclear weapons are threatened for war fighting purposes if you simply have weapons that are stretch edges huge bombs well that's more for the town but if you have smaller weapons i might be a temptation to use them to smoke out taliban's or what have you. the super powers plan their next nuclear armageddon the families of he or she might lanterns there is a surreal feeling. symbols and words are all that the japanese passports have to confront the threat and these are loaded with the memory of having once been the bad guys or young people in japan except to see my sucky. we should. all get out but. we should go forward. we know. how to get. something done. on treats them
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doesn't mean we should be quiet. that's why we can't be quiet and to not. true high ranking japanese politicians nation two years ago that perhaps it's time for japan to consider the possibility of having nuclear weapons. as well as rocket technology we have abundant proponent abundant. it's hard to tell the public will react when the government decides to go nuclear. my supposition is if. south korea and north
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korea and if united and their group nuclear weapons overnight japanese public opinion will change. because nuclear deterrence is a fact it's not about it saddens me to think that we have found no other way to live in peace is going on aim for japan acquires this bomb this means that the lesson of your ashima and a sucky has been lost in the second mouthful the twenty first century when the center of china this prediction scares many japanese and makes them think of japan as stronger with the united states and no he does she my is not an end it's
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a scream heralding a new chapter in human history a nuclear age stimulated by the scope of the devastation the united states launches its pursuit of the absolute record it selects the pacific ocean for its the board sorry but this laboratory is inhabited. imagine if. and when it's time. and i. went and shot a bomb that is on phone six equivalent now and she in my shot every day for twelve years i would they still want that. and they they just sit. there in the fight. evelyn lives in honolulu where she attends college like other inhabitants of the marshall islands an archipelago lost in the middle of the civic ocean she lives in exile forced
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a way by the fallout of nuclear testing fifty years later her island is still contaminated and the united states are not really taking full responsibility of what they did. there's a saying all. we're going to give you one would think and it just is just they didn't seem fair to me. they robbed them off the island on the island the marshal on is. it where your my god intends you to be. my day is to. finish school and my people. the economy every country depends on american aid and the balance dialog between the islanders and the almighty america tears the young woman apart how do you obtain justice from the united states when you are marshallese and maybe with a memory the only weapon evelyn inherited the reason that americans are giving up money because of a so great wish i would just go and make sure that their story doesn't that they
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still remember it as the one that suffered more from the top of our. without a conference i get caught the title was a set of i did a presentation. and they were all shocked because they there were like. what. you need there was there was a bomb in the marsh. and then it would be dead in the one in the regime. and i'm like yeah and they're like where is the washer. and it's all in the marshall islands was. you know why is it even axes so i had to. actually be moving there and one of them from there.
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