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we've got the future cover. international news live from moscow with twenty four hours a day this is r.t. top stories now this at a crossroads the u.s. gets the man they've been hunting for a decade but the war on terror it goes on and the world waits to see what's in store for america's undoing conflicts. out of betrayal russian soil and chief al qaeda coordinates in the north caucasus has been eliminated with officials hopeful news will devastate the region's terrorist network. all according to plan nato in sort of possible transition from air strikes to
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a ground operation in libya and experts say it was always part of the program. probably but with more news for you another update in less than fifteen hours from now in the meantime it's our interview where we're discussing the possibility of all out war in libya with a british member of parliament one of the few who voted against taking action that that interview is next. today i'm talking to john barr an m.p. who is one of only thirteen members of parliament who voted against the military intervention in libya compared to five hundred fifty seven who voted for john barrack thanks for talking to r.t. now why very sick again it's a number of concerns a lot of questions that remain unanswered warm as you seem to be meddling in the affairs of another muslim quarter to rich muslim country in the record information has not been good recent years secondly where are why couldn't the arabs themselves
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are put in the no fly zone in. particular given what we've been selling the capability for to carry its thirdly why there's such a policy lead to be doing something similar in say the yemen or bahrain finally what is the exit strategy we simply don't know but do you feel that you achieved something by voting against the intervention was it a pointless move it away oh no it's not a pointless. thing as you see fit that's why i'm here at the end of the day we're here to listen we're we're here to listen to the views of government and others but you have to vote as you see fit now you are a member of a party there is looking currently a rollercoaster gungho was blair's did at the height of its power essentially how do you feel about that route well they would argue that the conservative party that they acted within the un well do it a un resolution which is a little different to what for example previous government did when they went into iraq. so there is a legitimacy there but that doesn't necessarily make it the right decision and i
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thought it was not the right decision that's been previously discussed what do you make of the un security council resolution is it floored well i think we must always remember with these resolutions that not everybody is happy to sign up to them for example brazil russia india china germany all of staying this resolution did not have you know. backing and if it wasn't for the british and french in particular i don't think there would have been warm as strongly worded as it was but this resolution has then become penthouses shaped beyond all recognition really hasn't it i think there are real questions being raised i mean the reason for going in was concerned about the civilians and being drowsy it was the humanitarian ticket if you like and that was a valid concern of whether it was a valid justification for intervention is another reason but what seems becoming apparent is that we now have the no fly zone in effect becoming the air force of the rebel fighters. and theoretically this air force can provide cover all the way
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to tripoli and i question whether that was within the spirit of the resolution as it was originally to fight and how do you feel about what our hague and ship a have done to this resolution well you know at the end of the day i think it was for me anyway the reason the obvious that this was more than just about humanitarian aid i think there was no amount of regime change about this and so it has not come as a surprise to me what we have seen happen since the resolution was passed so he's coming out of this west you think the government in this country or the u.n. security council as a whole i think you'd have to analyze probably you know i think if they're all party to and find the thought through mission which has no clear exit structure and meanwhile civilian casualties mount. you know there is a contradiction to this policy one we all value human life but at the end of the
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day if we are being consistent in what we should be doing is talking about a no fly zone for yemen for bahrain you could have all come from the ivory coast. there is an inconsistency in this policy and i certainly think for example that the arabs themselves let's take egypt for example perfectly placed the call. for a no fly zone it was in a very good position to put one in and perhaps they should have guns or a peace map put forward by the african union was rejected by the rebels because it didn't include making death and his family leave libya how much support do you think there is for ousting pits athlete outside benghazi washington and. i think it's very mixed i think you can see that by the fact that there are very few ground attack. fighters being committed by the of the u.n. nation allies and i think that's very telling. i think and there's no shortage of countries willing to put in fighter aircraft which would be needed to instigate
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a no fly zone but when it comes to ground attack aircraft i think very few nations and put that forward i think that tells and story as you said earlier this is another military intervention in another muslim country with natural resources have we learned nothing from our past mistakes well you know as you know i voted against the iraq war i voted against afghanistan when we had the opportunity of voting i think we have got to be very careful before we commit troops to battle. you've got to make sure you've got the moral high ground you've got to make sure that it is the measure of last resort where all other avenues of negotiations have been exhausted and i'm not sure we met those criteria when it came to libya as well so i think the lesson still need to be learned and repeating past mistakes and you see any progress in terms of learning lessons from the past well i see some progress you will have seen the prime minister has talked to the curating parliament and
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this year you will have seen the foreign secretary has agreed to review its britain's arm sales policy after every questioning in the foreign affairs select committee these are small positives and i do believe to a certain extent british foreign policy may be at a crossroads in which it seems we've got to become more ethical and moral honest but let's talk about that i mean you say that the prime. it's a speech to the parliament but that was a part of the trip which was essentially to hawk arms around the middle east when the trouble had already started it was that a serious error in judgment i mean is does that is he the right man to lead the country when it comes to the issue of course i think it is the good rather illustrate the fact that you know there is a bit of a contradiction and push from present moment and i think that is being recognized by the government which is why we've had this announcement recently that there is going to be review sales selling arms to
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a country for purposes of national defense i think a legitimate selling control weapons or crowd control weapons i should say to autocrats and at the same time preached democracy to many will smack of a proper so you can only preach about the markets tomorrow if you from the moral high ground you're not just a member of parliament you're also a former soldier what are people saying off the record in westminster do you think the troops will be deployed on the ground once that in fact the plan all alone no i do i don't think it was the plan all along to i think most people would say no that would be a step too far we had assurances right from the beginning of the new ground troops committed and as far as we're concerned many of us but hold the government to account if it changed its mind but we also had assurances that they wouldn't directly target athletes and that wasn't part of the un security council resolution well it was all they was this is where the if you like the vagueness of the resolution kicks in because it does talk about an force in
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a no fly zone and protecting civilians and using all necessary measures to implement policy and you could theoretically that all necessary measures includes attacking the command and control center and tripoli is the beautiful but still of the view that this was about regime change as much as about humanitarian aid but if you could argue that why couldn't you argue that so. ground troops is part of all necessary measures and it seemed such a powerful and then it's all encompassing for a while because i think the majority of people in this place who voted for the intervention and i respect that you did so warmly assumption that this was about humanitarian aid to nothing more and that it had the legitimacy of the un resolution ground troops and i think that would clearly go beyond that resolution. as i say you force in northern ireland what difficulties do you think the troops would face going into the middle of a civil war i don't think we have to discuss the. scenario that
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a hypothetical scenario because i really don't see it happening i think there would be up in this country if we committed predators the u.k. was instrumental in good after three had let's face it and do you think that cameron hague zeal for war in libya is in attendance to make up for the fact that the u.k. was complicit with it it's a sort of what this is a question you have to ask then i can only view the situation as i see it and very to cordingley i mean for all the reasons we've discussed i think this was the wrong intervention i suggest you put that question to the prime minister and the foreign secretary i'm finding is this a war for oil i don't know i think it's more a little bit about i think the humanitarian aid is definitely one reason but i think it's also about regime change and it could actually was becoming unpredictable you have the same scenario in other countries in the middle east whether it's the game in bahrain you could argue syria and why aren't we talking about you know intervention or a no fly zone was there i think it's largely because you know it. was to
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a certain extent becoming unpredictable there was not necessarily amount of the west despite approaches and claims to the contrary in the period leading up to the intervention and it was no no going to syria to the west maybe well maybe i mean i don't think we'll ever know the results of that question but i mean i'm sure the conclusions of various levels. about this matter but all we can do as parliamentarians is take a step back with knowledge that there's probably a lot of we're not aware of but judge the situation on the facts that we have in front of us and almost facts whether it's the fact we don't have an exit strategy where there are we're not sure where this policy would lead whether it's the fact that you know once again are intervening and why couldn't the arabs have done this and they have the capability to do so those are all factors that help me to come to the decision that this was the wrong intervention canberra thank you very much.
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ground tunnelling sedona sweet. park royal saigon photos of her ability to shirts in saigon her children's homes the world hotels in the movie aunties available in poland resort and spa. the floors are naughty at a crossroads the us gets them and they've been hunting for a decade but the war on terror goes on in the world waits to see what's in store for america's coming conflicts. and a betrayal russian soil the chief coordinator in the north caucuses is being eliminated from the fischel is hopeful the news will devastate the region's terrorist network. all according to plan nato hints of a possible transition from airstrikes to a ground operation in libya and experts say it was always part of the program. with more news stories more developments in less than fifteen minutes from now next kate
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with you stay with us for. hello welcome to the sport is wednesday another big night of european football and world championship ice hockey and here are the top stories also through barcelona it's all gone wrong with rail madrid to reach the champions league final but their opponents cry foul. while ninety minutes away now soon eyes and ourselves to rest the stars ahead of next week and showdown with chelsea as they prepared her shelter in the champions league. and african challenge russia because the car confirms his side's next friendly will be against cameroon in austria in june. so if that was the goal and barcelona have reached the final of the champions league and two one one wins well madrid the new count to go through three one on aggregate that's way out against feel hard done by after a goal was disallowed possibility too little missing balls up from last week's
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perswade in the trade scored after ray allen had had with the other step a sent off but a second later comeback looks on the cards going god thought it again looked to other open for a out early in the second half only for his goal to be ruled out as part of teammate or another was in ally's the first file then after fifty four minutes pass alone a score to pedro to all but secure a place in the final for my fellow equaliser then ten minutes to make it one one on the night that was only a consolation and lay out the hide their stance been just dissolved the words of a barcelona coach that guardiola traces players and their fans regard from the people as you go firstly i want to congratulate our supporters who came to the stadium tonight this has been one of the greatest poets i didn't see they were so supportive despite heavy rain also i want to congratulate real madrid for the courage of coming here and playing face to face and you can graduate my team get on to the draw instead of play defensive they kept playing football even in very
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difficult situation you push it blows and you want. only yesterday in the same chair i had stared at the referees just for this game was a ready done because after what we had seen in a very bare stadium this was a really sore series but once again the mr was right when he said right after the first like it was an impossible task to make it to the final and as we all sorts of day it was truly impossible to make it in what you knew him well bunched united a favorites to meet basso in the final at london's wembley stadium on may the twenty eighth the red devils host german side shocker at old trafford this wednesday night with a two no advantage from the first leg of their semi final however they have been forced to rest star striker wayne rooney who has a tight hamstring i would probably leave as other thirsty regulars ahead of their potential primarily title decider against chelsea next sunday. well if you look at least piers of why she really was the region. where the game via a team a very tired because chelsea in a game. of
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a billion with him so asian. two massive games for them important is as important as the other. there will be. some changes hopefully. you can see him is not placed there when much well as the shock of the going to see his side still believes they can reach a european final for the first time they had a taste of old trafford during a training session on cheese day where you want to go unbeaten this season trying to do have firepower the former spanish better role on the physical and class and huntelaar at the back they have a more than capable keeper in manuel neuer that gives coach rank hope as does the fact that in some around five two at the san siro in the previous round. and it's maybe you will the people here will think doesn't really matter i'm sure the batting securitisation is similar but there is no difference really to the situation before the into tahrir but i want to sure we can play better this time
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and we. learn our lessons from the last two weeks and then we'll see what happens and you have always got a chance so we'll see what happens tomorrow night. now david beckham may be england's most capped outfield player but the midfielder would like another feather in his cap as the former manchester united and rail madrid star is aiming to be a part of the great britain squad the next i was a london olympics back and seen here with some a lympics sponsor sometimes thirty six on monday and will be a year older when the games return to his native city for a third time but age isn't worryingly veteran l.a. galaxy need to feel that he still wants to play for his country back and was instrumental in bringing the thirtieth olympiad to the english capital and says a coaching position of any time would also whet his appetite great britain will be entering the olympic football tournament for the first time in forty years however only players will be flying the flag for team g.b. so far i've heard that i'm going to be managing the coaching play and. so. i would
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like to be part of it in some way you know love to be glad to be a player in it of course but you know to be just part of that team would be a pretty incredible because here for a football team to go into the lympics in england here it is there is a huge thing so here i would love to be part of it in some way and play in would be . well meanwhile russia to grab a gun has confirmed those charges were filed cameroon in a friendly next month that match will take place in salzburg in austria on june the seventh street days after russia host all media in a crunch euro two thousand and twelve qualifier currently russia shares the group the league with slovakia and the republic of ireland the women simply just could give them the vital edge however they form leaves a lot to be desired as they get some going again this year and they are shut in and company lost to iran in a friendly in february while also drawing as armenia and pats are in march. i stuck
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it out and it could have been a nervous night for russia at the world championships but after he calls men move safely into the next round they make hard work of the thought three win over who slovakia ahead of the game russia knew they'd made it through to the qualification round after group a leaders germany beat slovenian on penalties and alex and the lovely did less than a minute to open the russians however slovakia back to lead three toon the second areas it wasn't easy and we couldn't happen alexei models of silverware to make sure russia finished second in the grid the backyard took third spot and also progressed. well meanwhile the group the olympic champions canada needed over science week switzerland but both sides and through a long response who took serves spot with an oversight when the batteries follow this wednesday night in the concluding games in group c. winless austria faced third place norway the norwegians won comfortably five mil and table top as the usa second place sweden play for tonight as in group d.
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group leaders the czech republic play finland top the group if they win the other game latvia bottom side denmark scored only runs be considered eleven both teams looking for their first win the game went to a penalty shoot out final score three teams in denmark. now let's take a look at the n.b.a. playoffs where the miami heat are taking it to no seriously over the boston celtics after winning their second home game one hundred two points to nineteen on miami's big stream of liberal. james dwyane wade and chris bosh combined eighty points lead to a victory in the western conference semifinal level best series with memphis from one after one hundred eleven twelve wanted to have victory let me wash out their receive some good news ahead of their second match with atlanta at twenty two year old gods derrick rose has become the n.b.a.'s longest most valuable player a proud moment for him and for his mother. he's.
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come from chicago. chicago has been away in. religion or for a very long time but in for some to have a. feel as if you were in. when you go out and people are cheering for you and your budgets in rates are going very well a girl a tree everybody the same especially your various degrees of me or the worst person in the game you know now there are fans are very. boxing now and money and shane mosley were greeted by fans as they arrived in las vegas ahead of saturday's torrey rio welterweight title at the m.g.m. grand hotel and both fighters told the media fully prepared for the fight hundreds of vocal fans crowded into the lobby of the hotel to catch a glimpse of the filipino eighth division world champion and his american challenger as they made their official entrance into the venue a mostly says. despite being just a few months off his fortieth birthday. is
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a great guy in the areas. where. the real. thing is and to is to myself the are no no when. to him. yes it is there not a yes. now warm weather seems to have finally settled here in the russian capital so what better time for bits of cycling and speculation of five rings of moscow road races here to provide the perfect opportunity the event dates back to nineteen twenty and has been a fixture on the international telegraph since the turn of the century it's a five day tournament with the picturesque spiral hills and kremlin providing just part of the backdrop kicking off on thursday the race will conclude on the true day and night to make more than two hundred fifty cyclists from tom countries haven't rolled the team terror into shock are probably the favorites after winning twice
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before they also invested in last year's winner at circuit the son of he says he's raring to go yet again. i'm very happy to be back here to defend my title but i'm a she almost everyone in our team could be that we. didn't of paramount importance who wins the race this long as it's one of our team. and that's all the sports news disposable serug and couple of hours i think. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm plus. we've got the future covered.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians are relieved a. mum.
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