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the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. your. spring of nineteen forty five on our key. out a crossroads the us good for men they've been hunting for a decade but the war on terror goes on and the world waits to see what's in store for america's ongoing conflicts. all according to nato hints of a possible transition from air strikes to a ground operation in libya experts say it was always part of the program. and some russian parents the more more decisive laws against predatory paedophiles what others resort to vigilante justice after losing faith in the authorities.
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international news live from moscow this is r t with you twenty four hours a day well now that the symbolic reason for the u.s. presence in afghanistan has gone with the fall of. the question is whether america is going to stick to its war plan this summer u.s. forces are due to start pulling out of the recent anti terror milestone may prompt the white house to prolong its mission. there are reports a possible new turn would do little to improve life in a war torn country. nine and a half years on the war in afghanistan has grown visibly worse while u.s. rhetoric surrounding it has consistently spun in circles we are making progress that is what is unable to make the progress that we have made and i think it's possible that by the end of this year. since two thousand and three washington has repeatedly claimed turning points for a conflict that critics call failing. reality is that things are still
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mean that things are worse than they were. every year and send more troops every year as we spend more money and the insurgency grows and size karzai government gets weaker and the violence gets worse and nearly fifteen hundred u.s. soldiers and ten thousand afghan civilians have been killed in a war costing america two billion dollars per week meanwhile after assassinating the man it's been hunting since two thousand and one the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden i disconnect between what the u.s. says and what the world sees may have deep it a defining moment in the war against al qaeda the war on terrorism decapitating the head of the snake effectively you have these aging sickly old man who really hasn't done anything of real political significance for a long time and the great kind of triumph against evil that the western leaders are
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really kind of starting to trumpet so the moments. before him turned into this kind of symbol of evil following the nine eleven attacks he is actually more creation of the west than he is you know a real political kind of terrorist threats in himself u.s. officials branded good lodgings killing as a success and strategic blow to al qaeda but it is going to have i think very important reverberation struggle. area on the all kind of network in that area and i think you're going to see them start eating themselves from within more and more this as some see the u.s. turning and spinning fiction into fact in afghanistan itself it's not going to have that much of a role we're fighting taliban for the afghan taliban in afghanistan we're not fighting al qaeda you have a new generation of young radicals who have grown up watching these wars over the
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past ten years that are far more radical than their predecessors osama bin laden claimed responsibility for the nine eleven attacks that killed nearly three thousand people and devastated new york city nearly ten years later his death is being reported as a victory for the u.s. while the war that america we just to get him still struggles to find a conclusion up or not artsy new york. let's get more insight on osama bin laden's death from frank anderson he's an ex cia division chief and also president of the middle east policy council joining me live in washington thank you very much indeed for being with us here on r.t. . now that we've had a little time for thought what do you think bin laden's death might mean for the war in afghanistan the war on terror in general well. bin laden's death like the terrorist event.
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spawned or launched the war on terror has a lot more social psychological and political effect in the immediate military or counterterrorism affair it is a major for the psychology. of both sides of this solution. it certainly makes people on the counterterrorism side feel. bitter side feel a lot worse does it not resolve the strength of the terrorist side of al qaeda could it not in fact breathe a bit more. and a g.m. to their cause. i think they'll be an immediate spike in motivation for terrorist operations in. revenge for his death but. over the even short term that will soon be balanced by the effect of the information that was gathered from the house and probably more important in the
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counterterrorism sense than his own death. more and moral qaida leaders are trying now one bit of information people would like to see from that house where he died is of course photographic evidence of his body as you know so many conspiracy theorists a saying this didn't happen he's not dead surely washington understands that it wouldn't be prudent to show a photograph of his body. really glad i don't have to make their decision new truth is. the people who want to believe he's dead believe he's dead in the people want to believe he's a lawyer if are going to persist in being. believing that he's alive whether or not there's a photograph we could issue as many photographs as you want the conspiracy theorists would say they've been doctored i wish i was the person who first said the real thing is that he knows he's dead. as an ex cia man staying with an ex cia man i should say staying with the fact of where he was found what does that tell you
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about intelligence how could he escaped for so long and such a strategically important place there in pakistan. you know again things that i'm glad i wasn't doing i'm glad that i haven't been responsible for finding him. i truly a money bill to judge the degree to which if any pakistani help in staying near. the. most of the leaders of al qaida whom we've captured or killed in the previous decade in fact have been captured or killed inside pakistan and with the help with the pakistanis and also referring to that information that you said was found in that house will that lead to further operations do you think that has the c.i. really got its hands on something pretty significant here and we'll see further operations now against al qaida. the public statements indicate that there's quote
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a treasure trove in the intuitively one would assume that if you if you were into a house in which bin laden has stayed for five or six years and you have the computers you have documents and hard drives there's going to be a lot of very useful information that go for the middle east peace policy a council just briefly though we going to see stability now as a result of this all perhaps further chaos. i want to go back to the point that i raised earlier. obama is terrorist operations certainly the world trade center of nine eleven had a far greater social psychological and political impact than they had immediate physical or even economic impact. his death will have a far greater social and political impact and it will have an operations and i'm ok and all of this i think will. just pray think get especially pace.
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are all of this sort of of march smaller impact. the demonstrators and young people who are changing governments political show huge in the middle east in fact the narrative of those young people has nothing to do with the near it. is a far more important event ok frank rather than thanks very much in the present the middle east policy council the next cia division chief thanks for your time here in washington. where the u.s. is not going to release a photo of the dead bin laden as we've already said there in an interview claim it could pose threats threats to its national security well general it's not actually returns he told me that it's not the only uncertainty surrounding the demise of the washington made monsters he says he claims the reason why bin laden was killed or not captured is that the u.s. had something to hide. they obviously didn't want the about six revelations of how
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the united states basically created bin laden as it's created so many islam ists because it's funded so many islam is around the world what's so terrible is how the american population are being lied to about how that exactly went on so when you saw those chants of usa around ground zero i think very few people seem to understand that bin laden is a creation of america as a nation is as we've known and usually don't make the world a safer place i think you know we do have to be on guard but we mustn't allow the united states which after all created this al qaeda operation through its foreign policies to make it even less safe place. the chief al qaeda operative in the north caucasus has been killed by russia's law enforcement a turkish national he's credited with being the international coordinator for the region's terrorist cells i think was part of that in a question of is following the developments for us there. chief al qaeda operative in the region of lockwood has been killed during a special operation led by russian special forces now it is believed that he
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arrived to russia from georgia now he was of the al qaida arabic group that was operating in russia's north caucasus and since two thousand and six he has been the deputy had of the chief al qaida operative in the region in charge of cash flows of funds that paid for terrorist activities in russia now russia's terrorist committee as that the results of this recent open ration will disrupt the connection between the terrorists that are operating here in russia's north caucasus with the international terrorist group al qaida and indeed to the killing of the love where it is a part of a major anti terror operation that was launched in this area but still there is no clear information on where russia's most wanted terrorist lot of might be hiding and russia's north caucasus it was believed that he may have been among the dead in another operation an english sense yeah buddy and they tossed found no presence of him and currently
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a major search operations are under way here in russia's north caucasus. an old russian woman was so affected by recent news events that she started seeing things and what and you can see what all our web site is r.t. dot com the current question called the police and told them she had dreamt the bomb of been planted in one of the capitals major metro stations here in russia but after a period of panic the prediction was proved to be a false alarm and also on the website of the moment if you see someone repair looking lips with their computer don't be surprised the new invention allows people to experience the sensation of kissing. that store in plenty of others that are dot com.
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the international criminal court prosecutor announced he will seek arrest warrants for three people suspected of the deaths of hundreds of libyans luis moreno ocampo told the u.n. security council that there is strong evidence that peaceful protesters was shot during government demonstrations in february well for more details let's now cross live to our she's going to church courage and joining us live in our washington studio. how was the prosecutor's report received by the u.n. . well carol the u.s. welcomed the international criminal court prosecutors plans to request three arrest warrants for alleged criminal crimes alleged crimes against humanity committed in libya since february fifteenth they hate prosecutor did not specify who these three people are pretty stone that the international criminal court has been investigating colonel gadhafi some of his sons and aides over what the prosecutor called a predetermined plan to attack protesters he said now is the time to start planning on how to implement those possible rest warrants and that's the interesting part
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carrying out those arrests will require foreign forces on the ground to actually do that the issue of him forcing any future accord or it is expected to be discussed at the meeting of the coalition countries in rome on thursday from what we know now coalition forces are really edging toward sending in ground troops the problem is the u.n. resolution that allows the military interference in order to protect civilians there's not a lot of foreign troops on the ground and the nato spokesperson has recently made it clear that they do want and mandate to send troops they say there is little sign of progress for either side of the conflict and the aerial bombardment of leave here has reached a dead end so too great to see it made the need to do that but getting a mandate like that from the u.n. security council will be will be very difficult considering all the criticism that would need to operations in the face now for example russia for a permanent member of the security at the u.n. security council has heavily criticized nato bill calling far beyond the u.n. resolution many are deeply alarmed by the growing number of civilian casualties and
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by the way on the hague prosecutor's decision to go off to war criminals and leave you russia actually supports it but as russia same voice as we've learned said what about needle strikes that kill civilians who's going to be punished for that many analysts believe that any ground involvement will lead to escalation of the conflict or to more violence on the ground but with these recent. elements coalition forces could be looking for ways to go around the u.n. resolution that does not allow the environment of foreign troops on the ground and some say maybe those international criminal court warrants will provide that loophole for more on the coalition forces on how the coalition forces are trying to break the stalemate there is my colleague daniel bushnell. a real bombardments of libya's reached did in according to nato libya's leader colonel gadhafi has dug in defensive positions meanwhile civilian casualties from allied bombing continue to
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mount nato spokesman review this solution sending ground troops. the u.n. security council should adopt a new resolution on libya was aleutian one hundred seventy three there's not inverse richland operations we need a new resolution western forces plan that's all along says a leading u.s. law professor clearly what we're seeing unfold here in libya is a pre existing war plan by nato by the british by the french by the americans to attack move the everything that was going according to the players which is why i believe that since they have failed to are the poles darkly which is steps are so far the next stage will be moving into a ground invasion powers have to push the international community into supporting war and those one or them protecting civilians was the claim that grabbing the
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country's resources is the real goal this is one of the most the. reason transgressions of rights of nation national sovereignty and international law that we've seen in the post-war period the west the u.s. and france and britain have been called berkeley according to the evidence that's leaking out covertly arming the opposition to gadhafi in hopes of grabbing control of the oil and in the different parts of libya the libyan government promise is still for nato if it sends in ground troops some agree such a war may be tougher than expected we will see increased. not only in the air but also on the ground and maybe this will solve the problem or perspective for the nato countries or maybe. the one who. bombing from thirty thousand feet coalition soldiers feel fairly safe tense you war activists want putting troops on the ground risks not just more civilian killing
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but deaths as well the further away they get from high tech and they and the nearer they get to low tech then the greater the danger of casualties on both sides turkey china and russia who will criticize the bombardment of libya for minister sergey lavrov thinks nato has already gone beyond the first u.n. resolution to maintain a no fly zone he hints the second resolution to move in ground troops may not come as easy now several nations feel tricked if anybody wants to ask for this mandate welcome to the u.n. security council we will discuss try to understand what was planned because the degradations from the monday and we're seeing now are enough to learn lessons with international opposition on the rois states face and tossed to make the case for more war britain's prime minister will dealt sending ground troops to libya his defense secretary admitted to parliament they planned exactly that but you have
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members good at the number of civilian deaths from late so bombing a drone likely to welcome escalation of the conflict that your boss your party london. pressure is mounting on the russian parliament to introduce chemical castration for paedophiles activists say the current laws allow criminals to reaffirm something which has forced desperate parents to have their own form of mob justice however some believe that string falls apart what alone will not solve such a complex issue. alina is a mother of three last summer her four year old daughter was raked wisely learned what happened she found the man responsible and beat him to death. now looking back i can only say that i just wanted to be sure this animal must punish and would never do such a terrible thing he did to my little girl was found guilty of murder just plenty in prison before public pressure saw her released. sadly it is cases not an isolated
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one in russia in a country where seventy percent of paedophiles up and rolled with their beauty to reoffend age land to justice is often used as an eternity to call out of law for him lynching is inadmissible but it starts with the state fails if poor mothers and fathers knew that offenders would get fifteen years in prison or more would be castrated before being released would never be released without a satellite tracking chip as in the usa the police to know about their every step i'm pretty sure they would not kill them. there have been numerous attempts to toughen the laws on paedophiles in russia in a decade dozens of bills stipulate in chemical castration a life in prison and have been discussed when to stay duma but not a single one has passed a morgue or paedophiles aren't without support in russia this means some police officers receive money for allowing brother walls and thence to operate members of
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the court system equipped and criminals and i am not only talking about the child porn industry there is so much money in so many people involved in this corruption this evil is too to hard. fight but some don't give up and fight iran war so he's hiding his face his hands the country's paedophiles hunting for him gathering information from these papers and t.v. he's created an online paedophile database with truffles and for those. ninety eight percent of cases child abuse is real and people should know who they are they should know what they look like they should be on alert sergei says in the thirteen years he's been working on the site not a single official has taken any interest in his plight and they do have far greater databases or just don't want to open the market would be should have done sex offenders here are divided into categories from those serving sentences to those
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who have passed away but there are many who are marked as at large i wanted a terrifying thought for parents everywhere every day some six to children become victims of paedophiles in russia that means in the two weeks we've been working on this report more than eight hundred kids happen to be four years russian legislators have been talking about protecting children but for each they failed to act even more innocent lives are being. written off guard see more. check out some other international headlines at this hour the couple in charge of the fukushima power plant in japan has released footage from inside the site's most devastated area every shows installation of purifies that are expected to dramatically decrease radioactivity levels in unit one allow workers to enter the area and resume their efforts on restoring the cooling systems destroyed by the tsunami. that high radioactivity have been detected on the pacific seabed near the
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stricken plant. the two main palestinian political forces have reached an agreement ending their four year rift and lasting far enough i don't. joint government following the national elections next year relations with israel was the main sticking point in the talks and us is unwilling to recognize a jewish state while fatah supports peaceful process with some of you. thought in a wave of protests portugal is allowed but it has secured a one hundred sixteen billion dollar financial bailout package from the e.u. after greece a lot and it's the third eurozone member to require a financial lifeline to keep its economy afloat the exact terms of the deal yet to be thought of as but portugal's prime minister announced that no drastic spending cuts were required when the units signed it will then have to be approved by donor nations which faced tough internal opposition party has been speaking to associate professor harold ford he's from the department of economics at the business school who told me earlier that the bailouts will only help protect big banks and. he
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won't solve anything in principle to live line. but it's a way of gaining time gaining time to implement more fiscal reform and it's certainly a relief to. a whole group of european banks really exposed to watergate and other debts believe that the level of debt in portugal is around eighty seven are you concerned that has historically been associated with frequent default so the question is are the politicians willing to accept national banks from a sovereign default what are you willing to sort of a big role please go. further with their arctic spirit and it seems to be you know the politicians are basically taken hostage at a bank. to bridge or play the lottery but with a recap of our main news stories about five minutes from now the meantime coming up next from all the latest business news we've kareena stay with us for that here in
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moscow. to our business sports and the banks in russia are still suffering from the aftermath of the economic crisis that's according to a new stress test undertaken by other central banks in the event of another wave of economic turmoil about half the banks were found to be under capitalizing over three hundred would be forced out of the market but that it lowered from alpha back explains what the results mean. i think what is very important at the moment is to see that off the two thousand and eight crisis will still have a very big number of banks which potentially can be in financial trouble in case of in troubles and i would say the mold of three hundred banks which will be forced all of the market will your humble beginnings show you why some sport this is the very deep portion of the banking system and i would say we have seen after the publication of this stress doesn't the intervening market rates went slightly this
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is definitely generating some nervousness between banks in terms of the world of the counterpart is released and i think distressed central bank to be more proactive in controlling. the banking sector the. largest car maker after vases had a strong start to the year the car died almost double sales from january in april compared to the same period last year after all still benefiting from the successful cash for clunkers program and managed to increase exports and exports by fifty percent within the period. so let's have a look at how the markets are performing desire or prices are dropping in the wake of supply in the u.s. which means of demand in the country could be slowing down you know stocks declined sharply on wednesday weighed baikonur of things financial stocks are also lower along with the broader market in reaction to data showing a still troubled u.s. economy energy stocks extend the slide for a first rate session with the price of crude falling back to one hundred ten
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dollars a barrel exxon mobil and chevron will give the ground. european markets finished in the red on wednesday probably out yes both of which see and ex-pro one point six percent majors total and b.p. both market as a pastor said nine percent on the footsie after the company said first quarter results missed its target but banks in portugal rallied news of a bailout deal for the country also shares in b.m.w. rose by more than a percent about. strong profit results. here in russia two main stock exchanges closed in the red being nice extended two percent lower and the odds he has said one point three percent now let's look at some individual movers on the night six energy majors and metal miners were among the top losers commodity prices fell over four percent while totus gold finished three point three percent in the red and into raw gains one percent. of the business we have for you but you could always
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find most always just what's called. i am. going to. to. if. for. a moment when the world has changed forever.
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thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and then doomed to suffer today in the land. of oz the first one from billy not the last image or uses of this weapon. will need come. on come on again in the future.


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