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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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the. rights of a few. from the student parachutists. starts on t.v. don't come. eleven thirty am in moscow these are your headlines washington changes its mind over showing the world proof of osama bin laden's death this another in consistencies pave the way for more suspicions about the operation against the head of the international criminal court wants to arrest colonel to dopy for alleged crimes against humanity meanwhile speculation mounts that the coalition forces only took action in libya when discovering its leader was trying to ditch the dollar in oil trade. a russian space rocket gets rolled onto
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a european launch pad as part of an ambitious joint project the move is to check if everything is in order and over the summer a launch that's meant to open a new chapter in space exploration up next our financial guru max kaiser explains what rising silver prices have to do with the killing of osama bin laden stay with us. hi i'm max kaiser and welcome to the kaiser report you know j.p. morgan is so desperate to keep the price of silver down they defrosted some of bin laden threw him into the ocean just it deflect attention from the fact that the silver prices rising of j.p. morgan stock price that's the key threshold once it gets above j.p. morgan stock price it's hello enron style collapse jamie diamond on the street doing nothing yeah that's the way it is in the way the world of global finance
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where america's animal spirits and lust for they kill kill hate hate of a song as god the testosterone level so high that the sperm banks are overflowing over there oh yeah i get those dixie cups thirty ok stays there but yeah for me well max actually mention osama bin laden he should've listened to charlie monger because of course you're halfway had their shareholders meeting last week and no longer buy gold if you think your country is going to kill you good idea charlie munger well this is a tacit approval recognition of the fact that the relationship between gold and total countrywide malfeasance monger is putting the price on the fact that as the u.s. commits suicide price of gold to go. well also you have to define kill i mean there are you could kill somebody physically and dump their body in the ocean or you could still kill them financially and economically and kill their future and that
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is what one could argue the fed and the treasury are doing that's exactly what they're doing in exactly one gold is going are they're committing euthanasia of america conducted by the oligarch lists also following on bin laden the dollar rallied and silver thank sharply on his reported death here comes the headline however city comes pouring cold water the short lived bin ladin bounce. so they're referring to the short sharp rise in the dollar following the death but then they go on max however negative sentiment for the u.s. dollar has accelerated in recent weeks and short u.s. dollar positioning remains high this event serves as a reminder that the us dollar is increasingly susceptible to short squeezes but the relatively quick reversal also indicates that some pretty committed us dollar
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sellers remain in place yet course bear markets are punctuated with short swift bear market rallies and bull markets are punctuated with short swift declines like we're seeing in summer so over made a quick ten percent move down no tone toward five hundred the dollar made a quick bounce up a dead cat bounce if you will but it primary trend is down into the gutter is going to zero a ploy over is a ploy to put the us dollar where osama is living at the bottom of the ocean after they do frosted him because america wants obama again because they don't want to compete anymore they just want to pull people style noncompetitive economy run by psychos mecca i just made that up it's a concatenation of schmuck and hieroglyphics just rewind and save a play that again forward and you'll know exactly what i'm saying so max let's move into the other world of financial terrorism i as i said the berkshire hathaway meeting was this weekend and we interviewed janet have
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a koli recently about those who wield these weapons of mass destruction financial destruction and we refer to david sokol who was the heir apparent to warren buffett and then he was outed after insider trading his lawyer said it is alarming that mr buffett would be advised to so completely flip flop and resort to transparent scapegoat isn't mr sokol would have expected to be treated fairly that would have been in berkshire's interest and i think it's interesting because you know this was the first mainstream global media show. that started talking about warren buffett and the fact that he was overrated and he took away the fraud the malfeasance the insider trading the market manipulation from his performance e be no better than an s. and p. index fund and this is finally coming out of the end of his career it's a shame that he and charlie monger his friends and are not going to end their career on a more positive note i'd like to see the video footage of charlie monger just like the gimp from that movie pulp fiction becomes out of florida leather head to toe
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suit and a king and then he performs on godly acts of financial carnage in front of warren and their shareholders now that would be a video worth watching so well speaking of shady dealings let's move to the next headline acts shady dealings helps gadhafi build fortune and regime now the thing that's so interesting about this of course we all knew this right where did khadafi get his hundred twenty billion dollars well of course he got it from western corporations or western politicians or western governments but here's the quote. it's referring to all these western corporations who plead innocence that they were so shocked that to be asked to pay all these kickbacks the episode and others like it the official said reflect a libyan culture rife with corruption kickbacks strong arm tactics and political patronage since the united states reopened trade with colonel gadhafi as government in two thousand and four as american international oil companies telecom firms and
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contractors moved into the libyan market they discovered that colonel gadhafi or his loyalists often sought to extract millions of dollars in signing bonuses and consultancy contracts or insisted that the strongman songs get a piece of the action through shotgun partnerships to gadhafi is inheriting the mantle from osama bin laden you know because american television is so there's so infused with commercials that they can't have the time to focus on two. bad guys that once they could only have one bad guy had done so since gadhafi is the bad guys sure they killed off sama the threw him in the water after they defrosted him and this is now their focus going forward is the new bit more importantly max this the important thing about this what i'm trying to bring to your attention here is they're saying that they're shocked that this is such a unique to libyan culture the strong arm tactics these consultancy fees for the
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those connected to the khadafy regime the fact that the son has to be put on to boards of directors think of the bush family think of the clinton family think of the kennedy family how many of these people are forced onto boards of directors look at the carlyle group who's on their boards of directors do we not have the same situation in our own countries forget about gadhafi and bin laden is guys are you know dead or were fake i guess i'm confused because i don't really separate gadhafi and the libyan what we know about libya as any different than what we see in america i mean this is part of the same octopus of corrupt wall street and general electric i mean there's a perfect example of a they all they have by their terrorist jeff immelt is now inside the white house whispering into all obama's i mean obama zero all day long so this is just a complete merging of terrorism and the state it goes beyond fascism festival which is corporations merge with the state this is terrorism merge with the states state sanctioned terrorism these companies claim they were forced to pay signing bonuses
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and consultancy contracts so let's look at this next act of financial terrorism that we've been watching across the european union banks accused of talking up greek debt fears so this comes from klaus regling the head of europe's rescue fund the european financial stability facility and he told a german newspaper that he believes banks are encouraging talk of a possible greek debt restructuring because they are hoping to earn large fees well first of all terrance quick. host the contre t.v. agrees and gave me this time that's the first thing i want to say about greece the second thing i want to say is well as we've been talking about on the show for months the greek debt situation is a place thing of the sea seeking banks on wall street there is no onerous debt there are only assets and fees to rape and pillage and take from the greek people we just came back from athens and i played to a standing room only house once again with the hang the bankers there were people
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in greece still think that there's some logic behind the financial right for their country they don't understand us just rapists so the quote from klaus regling is that he said in the one nine hundred eighty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. banks cash in very high fees for the restructuring of sovereign debt in latin america and asia they would like to do that again in europe and apparently a according to this article is also on board with this he believes this news warrants sovereign nations that this is happening that these banks just want a stupid fee and they'll throw entire nations under the bus they've thrown ireland under the bus and thrown portugal they've attacked greece they're attacking all these countries just for stupid little feet we've reported this over and over and over again five trillion dollars taken from the us economy just for fifty billion dollars in bonuses well the opposite of too big to fail is too small to succeed and in the case of greece it's only a three hundred billion dollar economy so it's not even as big as wal-mart one us company it's just the right size to rape and pillage by bankers is too small to
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succeed so it has to be taken out but you can make you can leverage that through insurance products that you can then you can make trillions on destroying small economy like greece you see this again in the e.u. from this next headline e.u. probes banks over debt insurance abuses europe has launched antitrust probes into giant u.s. and european banks whose fine slicing of the insurance market was blamed by debt ridden euro. states for pushing them into bailouts so the investigation is focusing on credit default swaps c.d.s. says i love the term fine slicing another synonym for fraud and lying you know that's that's that's what ultimately could stop the scandals they run out of synonyms for fine slicing the insurance products that's a. it was originally designed as a product to insure those who had holdings or investments in these bonds including
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the nation but of course they became used as a weapon yeah that's right we've known this for quite some time but the regulators are in the pocket of the banks so don't look for them to regulate and the people are underwater on their houses and they can't have been bothered so in a two pronged investigation the european commission said it will examine whether sixteen investment banks and market and r.k. i.t. the leading provider of credit default swap market information kulu did or abused a dominant position to control financial information this is an update on google's propaganda model number to tell a lie big enough people believe it in today's financial terrorism landscape with j.p. morgan goldman sachs if you create an index you say then people will believe it if you take all the fraudulent securities and you create an index that tracks the fraudulent securities then the index magically makes the fraud look legitimate this
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is all of the fraud here it's so tasty and so delicious because it's collapsing and driving precious metal prices are but the banks of all the sixteen banks involved in this alleged fraud they're investigating this potential fraud the sixteen banks who all recognize as being the biggest recipients of bailout funds and state aid across the entire world j.p. morgan bank of america barclays b.m.p. pair of us citi group commerce bank credit suisse first boston deutsche bank goldman sachs h.s.b.c. morgan stanley world bank of scotland u.b.s. wells fargo credit agricole and society in general you know maybe you could all turn off and go home but if you do a terrorist or defrosting thrown in the ocean all right stacie over thanks so much for being on the cause or report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way. stay right there with the lead.
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lead. more news today violence is once again flared up look. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for asians to rule the day lead. i'll come back to the kaiser report on max kaiser time now to go to athens greece
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and talk with dr characters told brass who is suing goldman sachs j.p. morgan and others for their role in the financial assassination of greece dr tubb ross welcome to the kaiser report hi mike starr you that should surprise you are suing not only j.p. morgan and goldman sachs but here suing the entire financial kit and caboodle even the intermediaries that deal with these fraudulent securities the the broker dealers the derivative traders you're going after the whole spectrum of fraud is that not correct this is. all people who are behind a sword in a fight is responsible to lay there's only good government good morning bill ation . suit against people but where and if i if this call for service tomorrow if there's a soda well for you investment back soon we'll get a scam of the big government price if you can get on the government big crisis.
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investment banks has sponsored traders or for c.b.s. . make it so so they're so freaked about government bones and. including. them. who if. they're so be shipped on the greek economy you know looking back at past scandals like. nick leeson and the barings bank collapse you know these big these brokers are always used to kind of the same technique by hiding all their speculative debts off the balance sheet in seoul and suddenly they're discovered and in this case of course you've got the compliance with the rating agencies moody's and s. and p. you've got money managers involved you've got bankers involved i mean is there a case here for rocketeer. after this for for under racketeering law this is exactly as are said finance reichard this is there in organized crime no plan.
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would be intense to the full degree could call me in order to speculate on their c.d.'s would be shoot them to get government points this sounds a lot like the sub prime crisis in america where banks like goldman sachs were willing to take a loss on the bonds because i made two or three times that amount on their current a fatwah quote unquote insurance products isn't like that people is exactly what you say it is in the united states in the united states raised in two thousand and eight. c.d.'s cd orse issued on. united states won't be as use the same think happens here maisha see this on the big government paulson who created a same crazy the same effect as to manipulation of the market and there is the same results as for example of a united states lehman brothers ripple opt out of iraq even here it's happening exactly the same league where once markets collapsed because it was c.v.s. to create government boards yes were familiar now is how the hedge funds and the
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banks get together and they collude and they engage in market manipulation and insider trading to collapse economies to collapse countries and on this front with greece you've got john paulson right he was in the country recently with goldman sachs colluding to collapse the economy correct. position to just one year copper gold who was here with either fund managers together with the goldman sachs whom the with old international speculators who were fear not friends there when i spoke a lot so their credit betterment bed together should be seen us their magic their trading day and their been nice critique over meant the course dr to prosper my understanding is that the greek constitution says very clear. barely that in the case of tax owed abroad you have to pay those debts and it causes hardship on the people that there is now obligation to pay those debts as codified
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by the greek constitution these austerity measures therefore come are by definition hardship on the people and by definition constitutionally there's no obligation to pay these debts so why is the greek government so willing to break the law and look prostitution is not speaking exactly pub government beds but constitution speaking about public interest about the means what their various against greek citizens agree and against against greek wealth against the greek state oh god get busy in course occlusion out. guess you don't get out there be without he's not speaking exactly about government dead but he's speaking about public interest that to me is the same now on your personal right government bit differently because governments here in greece for so many years more or less thirty years i slate's well the beds because. they've made business to look at squarely governments here
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at the night in seventy four so they're doing what they are going to them to do all they're going to say with a consensus looking at your lawsuit you're not surprised it's a criminal lawsuit not a civil lawsuit so you can't name names correct us if this is a criminal shit so that means this is not a guess this corporations and it is against physical person who. monitors c.e.o.'s trade or in any word it working best in this economy in this finance or scam that is good it government crisis so in other words and find a trader of derivatives h.s.b.c. barclays morgan j.p. morgan connected to the fraudulent debts that are being applied toward greece my. name as even a traitor dreamed of traitor could be in the suit yes and they could do with fine call you traits. that pushes your fatal are you solace yes you have you
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will know when you will when you say this is their stronger you have the knowledge that because nato not make it you understand all of these particular circumstances by creating a crime so good a reason stars it was fine cue roommate issues your own credit will be the person who will be. responsible or not yes and and the way you're going after this also right here year applying the way just departments have gone after rackets in the mafia in the past they find a low level thug in the chain and they go after him and get him to squeal and then work their way up to food chain toward the big copper to cop out like a lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond correct yes that protrudes tool keep their days as well nor beside organizational and it will be the justice of this crowd that but we are for them to let the filaments their love for the local for proof. of
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everything to proceed to make their names to stop calling people who'll coke and that for them it will be easy to fry a prior to the end or this disease to circle or for it's a vicious circle of kratos ok so you mentioned proof what form does the truth take ok the firm's over the proof very easy to understand for somebody who. cares if it pleased him and got a notice or whatever to mike it's unclear whether he's a criminal lawyer here in greece for example. when you turn in international markets. but i'm dealer of the government once where the greek state and the same time you cannot say oh c.d.s. against the government balance if you do run game you cannot do also the opposite so we say against the interest of your customers and.
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your country of greece. look good or bad getting here in greece it is one of the prime do less of the greek government bonds markets it is like governments are sort of apparently there's. by working in these remote good from so many years but believe me people are speaking about the losses of the bank would suffer any further greece would default but believe me the first interest with germany today it is it could be furled that's way in the last month there you would hear a lot of german closeness existing to the greek government to. pretty fold mission beautiful declare ation official default equation because the limits are very important that you're. getting cheaper gas storage today units one forty five one forty eight and with the good that price hist chairmans cannot export question below german economy is it fifty percent exporting g.d.p.
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fifty percent exporting or quantum it for them with a euro a tonne thirty eight it is very very difficult to compete to the world market so it was fair to have a lower priced euro to be competitive against germany so strategist said our soulforce then the interest over credit course for greek clubs it's much higher than the losses that brooch a bank either has or mum banks will suffer even deferred were really happening during the market yes so looking at this cast of characters do you see these folks banding together with not blankfein targeting spain possibly next as a way to talk down the here on how terminating i don't think that. that's a no or that i made an institutional scale the same interest with the germans i think that in this moment with a well. let's say financial world between use the euro in this who were in this financial war there's two different forms one is chairman of those. medica so
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they play two different games and the question is that in this moment the problem in greece is that a priest great country does not play any game to it or not float my kit here we are just following against robert are playing. me. my opinion regarding the strong euro it is that is not depending. on their factors and could never change in the next short period because there is a problem is that i made a kind of quote on which this music has a very very huge financial problems and even if european countries move again you're a guest who will be more well known for got sort of shoulder could never it's a ok doctor to brush thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you very much much by and i was going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy her and i guess doctor to process if you want to send me an
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email please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru until next time this is nice guys are saying bye. i'm.
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