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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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three. three. three three. three. three. videos for your media project a free media hearty time. will. be with you live from moscow let's do the headlines americans cheer is the government announced osama bin laden's death but many are now questioning how it happened and why the evidence of. conflicting reports from u.s. officials and their refusal to release images of the body giving rise to conspiracy theories. pakistan is on high alert as fears grow the peace and stability is struggling to achieve will go up in smoke after the killing of outsiders leader
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locals blame americans and their war on terror fuelling uncertainty on the ground and a worldwide. nato countries seek ways to help the libyan opposition others accuse the coalition of starting the unrest to prevent gadhafi creating a new rival international currency the obama administration meantime is planning to release frozen khadafi assets to support the rebels and provide tarion. with the situation in libya is still far from being resolved we talked to an independent journalist about the neighborhoods role in the country and what's fueling his interest in the campaign. plus the guy is an independent journalist a member of the americans against war coalition mr speaker thanks for speaking with ulti you see the bombing of libya as a continuation of the western powers cologne you london well their motives first of all are simply there to exploit democratic movements and political
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turmoil exploiting sort of think in a guarantee that they do commodities and oil purchasing favorable to their terrorists which often means unfavorable to the local economies in libya they talk about democracy but the bottom line is we have to manage these resources and these indigenous economies and when popular movements seem to challenge their agenda for management then they come in and talk about humanitarian interventions every time there's humanitarian intervention and we can talk about the americans in iraq which is typical of the french right now and. thousands and thousands and thousands of. displaced. forced immigration. pollution radioactive pollution from modern weaponry on it
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on what the public gets to know or doesn't it gets a short of is it your commodities will come here at a price that you can barely afford and we can certainly profit from. are you surprised. is playing in the military intervention in libya look at nato established right after world war two to real or imagined counter soviet communist influence in the west due to so much corruption and happened by industrialists in the way. we might add. it was called the north atlantic treaty organization north atlantic it means western europe and for real terms where is the north atlantic treaty organization acting today well of course it's active in the middle east it's active in central asia it's active in north africa and so.
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nato itself is a military and economic engine that does not want to. just because of the end of the soviet empire or its promise to exist it wants to feed itself as a military operation and as a as a bloodsucker of tax money it pays quite well to its upper staff and to its contractors and suppliers it's an industry that's a one a guy so like government needs a foreign enemy and it's led to play along with we are north atlantic let's go to the middle east let's go to central asia let's go to north africa and not even have the sense to change the name. you know in effect they might as well call it the middle east treaty interventionist organisation or the north african european our military intervention machine where north atlantic treaty organization every gets
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the sheer arrogance it's just simply announcing unabashedly what imperial army of western global management and we don't need to stay in western europe we don't need to look at eastern europe so much anymore. nicholas sarkozy trying to achieve on the world stage. well i mean just to sort those he wants to do as elevate france from a major world player a neo colonial master francophone africa and francophone north africa to move himself. inner circle the highest ranks of global management which is the western country club of the us britain germany japan and i think it's just so cozy wants to break with the old position established by one nine hundred fifty six when they go broke from nato all right
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and then he did unilateral nuclear testing and he did other other military industrial operations abroad. however he did wish france to stay outside the sphere of influence nato and go it alone mr cozy is realized with with global management operation succeeding a new paradigm succeeding he would like to be sitting there if the round table with the. select group of global managers which are elected officials and corporate managers from the united states from britain from germany from japan and so i think that's why you're seeing him speak more cooperating more in nato operations and wanting to be in involve other western leaders efforts to control and manage. political and economic circumstances outside of western europe what role does the
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french media play in making sure the french people come out against the war so that there's an understanding here between the journalist corps and the palace with the president and then i'm their understanding is you will basically follow our editorial line on foreign policy or you will not be invited or included to come back and ask questions or press conferences and we will not be cooperate with you when you seek interviews now this is not published officially but it's. world same thing goes on in the white house under george bush under barak obama under bill clinton which is to say if you go too far out of line with. challenging. you know anybody get called on. we're going to pressure your media ownership not even to send you here anymore you're not going to go to those in tears you're not
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going to get on diplomats airplanes you're just going to be isolated out. of the of the most important course of cover makes your case one way of keeping french people in what you call perpetual fear. of having soldiers with machine guns on the streets what role does the play. what they have to do is to keep us in perpetual fear something smack of belly in age the external enemy is your friend stay busy worrying about enemy you may have an external enemy to a. small degree. our. jihad is from the arab and muslim world. but we want to magnify that enemy like that it might be in your neighborhood in your school and what we're doing that let's take away your constitutional rights your civil rights. guarantees the freedom of
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expression freedom of assembly freedom from i'm just a syrian a lawful search and seizure because the more we violate your social contract the more these empires violate human rights conventions and blatant view of the world community the more they need to remove the right to demonstrate and objected to the way to do that i'm doing this to you in the name terrorism i'm protecting you from them and if that's what they're doing. it's protecting themselves from mobilizing. the nature the true nature and causes of these we've been in perpetual war in the united states perpetual war for decades do you know if you and i sat down and take to examine a period of time when the u.s.
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and other western allies of not going to war we could not find thirty days in the last thirty years. where there hasn't been a period of military escapade the last thirty years because that business that business anybody of the objects run them over militarily. and follow them up with business like while the arabs historically so angry with france there has been over a century of mistreatment by friends of the various arab populations primarily in north africa. in modern times and particularly out to be algerian war for independence there was so much bloodshed and massacring going on that there was reason to believe that people might come to french soil and do acts of terror if you will ok on french soil because of all that. in the name of friendship in algeria. so many people innocent
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noncombatants were kicked tortured in prisons. now in recent times refresh french management. close relationship with again natural resources in commodities being produced from north africa and subsaharan africa. and french compliance with dictatorial regimes that have war against protest elements in those countries there is reason to believe. elements from those rebel groups would want to come on french soil and strike here more importantly i think truly does is again the french. matter of saying that it teligent state surveilling its own people it's necessary when you see why we have to have automatic weapon gun toting
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soldiers the image is so stark that it's easy to believe it's easy to persuade people that there could be a terrorist list that states. it's easy for people in france to believe well that they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do they do do it they have a right to monitor my e-mails and facebook because they're only protecting us from them when i guess. what in fact what it's going again is governments are more and more keen in making sure they have proactively in place security mechanisms surveillance operations the massive popular uprisings because one has to remember that france the u.k. the u.s. the last thing it wants is a popular democratic uprising in the western countries similar to what we saw in
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tunisia and egypt and yemen and bahrain going on in syria the last thing they want is that people find out enough truth. wealthy british style. is not on the title. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy was much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on. the phone from. her to the latest in science technology
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from the realms rushed so we've dumped the future coverage. if. any cave took a. seat. to the team. to. see. the mission and free the critic a should three times for charges free to make amends three risk free studio types free. old free blogs just plug in video for your media projects
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a free media and on to our teeth dot com. games. just so. the first. headlines here on r.t. and americans cheered as the government announced osama bin laden's death many are now questioning how it happened and why there's been evidence of a blackout conflicting reports from u.s. officials and their refusal to release images of the body giving rise to conspiracy theories. pakistan is on high alert as fears grow the peace and stability at struggling to achieve will go up in smoke after the killing of al qaeda leader locals blame americans and their war on terror fuelling uncertainty on the ground and worldwide. to some nato countries seek ways to help the libyan opposition
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others accuse the coalition of starting beyond rest to prevent gadhafi from creating a new rival international currency the obama administration is planning to release frozen it could be assets to support the rebels and provide humanitarian aid. right time now for the latest on the third and final night of european football with kate . well i thank you for joining me for the sports news and here are the headlines that isn't fearless manchester united look forward to another champions league final with bosler after using posh elka. just give me a chance and russia's been called striker the need to break in is raring to go for the national side he's turned down once again. and he did it again germany's you hear gurgles beats world number one power line doesn't ask for the second time this many weeks. with first
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a field goal and manchester united manager sir alex ferguson says his side will be full of confidence when they face bosler in the champions league final at wembley on may the twenty eighth a repeat of the two thousand and nine sonali united set up with russia after crushing german side shock a four one with a weakened side in the second leg of their sunday final assault trafford thanks to my mind changes inside the last one and arsenal star striker wayne rooney and sons of health rio ferdinand go rested but you know i think easily dispatched that in this league or opponents are two dogs from antonio valencia far and gibson grace around us and that's a united states six one on aggregate from our first boss over the chance to avenge their defeat at the hands of qatar the elliston live in the two thousand lines on the world ferguson says his players quite short of confidence and that it will call right on this poll shows a really open to it without loss to boston legal the semifinal.
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i mean those experiences are very real madrid different from what is for a start. i think we were depending on knowledge of course on this was a never seen before. or so many many times a season. where you know there's been three i would have known from bruce his own goal. you know you always take information from the way that because it's very helpful. well elsewhere this thursday night for iberian teams were trying to reach the final of euro pally portuguese champions porto are almost there after a five on first leg when it's time to spanish side their al but it's much closer in the other side as broader look to overturn a one goal deficit as they husband speak up in an all portuguese encounter rather lost to want to vent because the stadium of lights of classic brazilian midfielder in years away goal could be a lifeline rather have conceded in only one of the nine european games this season
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so a single goal and a clean shirt at home will see them through to the final end up in andre the eighteenth. yes those are different this will be a different match from all others behalf played it has nothing to do with the ones who played against a number of key it or liverpool because it will be played between two portuguese teams so it's a different match and we also know that there is a score to be recovered. meanwhile rush to help the cause says he has no plans to call up the berg much inform strike go to me to go to the can for next month's euro twenty twelve qualifier against armenia really again has fans the next twenty one times in twenty nine games this season but outside then thought the vote the thirty one year old hasn't played for russia since two thousand and five but. the national side however the coach of the product has again said yes it is forward line of it's on the persian gulf. and the one potty train code even though russia have yet to win this year and host all media on june the fourth what could be a crucial you didn't qualify after russia will then play
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a friendly against cameroon in austria three days later. the russian players have been remembering those who lost their lives in the second gold war among them on a journey like mickey mickey desimone on and on it's only illian who scored the winner in the olympic final in one hundred fifty six pele greece at victory in moscow head of victory day on may the ninth also in attendance was russian football union president forcing their children from these teams a spot at moscow and say style. i mean while russia will play denmark this thursday evening in the second group stage of our studies world championships in slovakia the data through to the next stage the better rustic will overlap yet in a penalty shoot out in their final group game also strengthen that group articling champions a track record like after their two one victory over thin limbs. and also into the next stage on all the way to thrash austria five nil on wednesday night i came
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third in group c. while the swedes topped the group ahead of the usa after beating the americans six two. meanwhile the relegation and is taking place this thursday evening with valerie's play austria with the latest score three emails about the roost on slovenia not there you will know the latest story. and it's now and she may be the undisputed. looks like how long does nancy has found them assist in form day informing at the hands of lesser known you for a second time was many weeks as we have seen was the number one state at the top fear tournament's of the dress really causing white hair rough it's only when she thought of the crushing not stupid seated go to sleep around three six one six six three the final score in this one and let's stop the german is russia's unspecific how to tango to not touch number five since some star is a twenty three year old also shot wozniacki in the finals to stuttgart take them just eleven days ago. now let's take a look at the n.b.a.
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playoffs where dallas went out to no luck in the western conference semifinal against the l.a. lakers after a ninety three eighty one with the good seats and scored twenty four points for the mavericks the best second win on the road against the lakers released in conference chicago how tight their series with that line so long long after winning the second game eighty six seventy three the bulls most valuable player derrick rose scored twenty five points and says his team have to keep working. with always you always improve the game where we came out we just aggressive more for years playing defense making sure that they get some shots. because employees just means it's just going to be harder well meanwhile twenty one year old l.a. clippers forward blake griffin has been named working of the year he led all the newcomers scoring and rebounds and says the award is just the starting point with his career. where i want to be adequate i know we're. a lot of work to
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do and that's one of the driving you know sure i'm sure your own washing obviously . you care what you have to work really care which religion. but some great manny pacquiao has won saturday's title fight against shane mosley won't be easy even though the philippine i was the hope favorite to successfully defend his w b o welterweight bounce back yet was one time world titles in eight different divisions and is the favorite for the battle ground in las vegas this weekend but although many think his thirty nine year old opponent is past his prime disagrees saying former champion mostly looking dangerous. you heard go one hundred percent with the asian a three hundred is great in a way because a neighbor anderson would mostly mostly he's a good fighter good thing going you see it's all he's not all he moved late late thirty two years old very one years old he still is you know we had no time to be
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full speed in strong enough we're going to do our i thought margarito and we produced well grounds. well talking about resting the bells there is actually a martial art called belt rustling it's a disability making its debut at university. eight hundred kilometers east of moscow the sports center in the asian city of cazan is where local infuses train in bell translating and this is also the place that will host the north york bell tristan torment at the twenty thirteen university games also known as career this sport may be little known to the world outside but it's actually centuries old and has been passed down from generation to generation in the republic of tatarstan where cousin is the capital i can still remember the first time i wrestled i was only five years old when my father gave me a belt and pushed me on during the national holiday it was one of the judges and
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though i lost my first fight it was made in my heart forever. corrosion is fundamentally similar to other types of wrestling but there is one crucial difference whatever you do don't let go of your opponent's belt and to ween throw him on his back or else rely on the judges' decision and in cars on everyone's invited to give it a try. and you'll screw weird with kids from eight and we don't have any demanding tests for those eager to train the only thing that really matters is that both kids and their parents are willing to go all lessons are free of charge this kind of wrestling is one of the highlights of the traditional summer festival called someone to eat which is celebrated and unique throughout tatarstan and beyond but correct is now also an international sport with world championships being held on a regular basis and while the pipe dream of want to enter in the olympic games may be still a long way out of the universe to games a definitely a good start. r t. now the warm weather seems to have finally settled here in the
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russian capital pleasant conditions for the cyclists taking part in this year's five rings of moscow road race the event dates back to nine hundred twenty and has been a fixture on the international calendar since the turn of the century it's a five day tournament with the picturesque spyro hills and kremlin providing just part of the backdrop kicking off on thursday the race will conclude on victory day the ninth of may more than one hundred fifty cyclists from ten countries have involved but it's terrible to share probably the favorites after winning twice before the sickness to last in this manner so the sun off. and finally to a different kind of racing as america's most loved horse race the kentucky derby is just around the corner where dialed in has been touted as the early forty one favorite in the one hundred thirty students running the space about and the daughter starting places in the most exciting two minutes since water was made at churchill downs and there is still dull then is trained by two time when exists
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over and receive the number eight host home course is the one from that position second favorite uncle mo drew that number eighteen post ball no rope was a slow choice at sixty one until the nineteenth post seventy horses were listed double digit holds the kentucky derby is the first and all of you biggest leg of the united states triple crown racing however the horse needs to win all three races to trade the ultimate trophy. and that's all sports news for this person i've been a. green for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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