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in history. to flaunt to women stand around. against the tide of history may be rewritten. history sixty years of featuring one orange. this is also you coming to life from moscow for a check of the headlines the top trends beyond. the pressure mounts in syria as well toronto threatens fresh sanctions of the violent crackdowns on demonstrators don't stop this comes as reports emerge of troops and time story out of until government protests. it's a victory day parade previewed moskos of russia gears up to meld the defeat of the nazis with its annual shows trying thousands of soldiers march to the heart of the rational callisto what some of the country's military hardware. the american gotten
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over it get that out of openly carrying that weapons saying it's the last line of defense and oppose soil despite claims that it encourages violence on citizens side a how to right to protect themselves from an increasingly dangerous society. right now public opinion differs between countries as to who contributed most a victory in the second world war it's just constant spotlight up next.
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hello again or welcome to the spotlight. on r.t. . and today my guest on the show is your shania more than sixty five years after the end of the nazi regime public opinion in different countries is split over who contributed most to the victory some praised their house but others share the sacrifice between the allies others don't even know who was at war with. how should we treat the world war two what is the most balanced. here's the president of the moscow school of social and economic sciences. shortly after the liberation of paris and before paul held in france shoulder people consider the soviet army is their main liberators now almost seventy years on people in europe seem to have a different viewpoint on this. believes there are
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a number of reasons he says while some countries value the in world war two legacy the others nearly forget it so is the world war two becoming an. interesting ali for historians here's our guest. permits the show you're welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us today the first of all speaking about the history of world war two is it interesting today only for historians or should it be a matter of interest for wide open. it should be definitely of interest to you. public opinion if the thing. not out about it. to which extent it actually happens is an argument that people know quite a lot of things they're on the minority and the people who. know about
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it look exceedingly surprised to hear about facts which seemingly. well you you taught in many countries and you lectured lectured there people of different nobodies where did you see the best knowledge of the history of the second world war instead of your. influence there are support of court and such places you do and. why because because what you think because these were the countries that suffered a lot or because the communist propaganda. noising to begin v.t. to because family people somehow do which is usually a grandfather it's not a no longer father their grandfather who was you know evolved either getting himself shot or just fighting. the zen you have it.
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much closer to oneself it's like a living history when you hear the stories from the decision. the numbers of people who. get close. to getting. who says go by so the ignorance is rising yes i think some. people in the streets are rushing to london paris which country contributed most of the victory of the nazis let's now listen to opinions from different parts of the world. the us chorus i mean they helped with all the investing of the war and everything else i would say. the u.s. or france. france united states i think. they have yes. i have nothing to look.
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i don't know and i don't know. i. think it would be a great plan. to repeat. the spores because. they were involved the longest the involved at the start i mean. the americans. took the money i think you guys. recently going where my father was in the warsaw. and because of him and his colleagues were here today russia being one of them and also just a sort of says they actually contribute quite a good deal to winning the circle. in the first place england in the second the united states. and the third place i'd say because in his own. my god. i have nothing to.
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do and why is the english in first place just because churchill was the leader who succeeded best in countering the germans i think. militarily it's the united states its objectives i think just after it's the soviet union after all it lost sixty two sixty two million civilians i think all countries which were massacred contributed to the victory over nazi something and i just. i don't know the ras without a doubt. well i think i think the reason for the people praising the us is definitely saving private ryan i mean the movie because it was fantastic and things like that i like true stories which people remember but i can understand that but what just take why don't people know a lot about the soviet contribution which was enormous. maybe
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we don't show was side of the story i mean the russians. showed you sort of the stark you have to get. to people who know something about it and. on that basis some understanding from them and seeing people already told because. to usually under schools and universities is extremely limited and when you're counted verde bit of knowledge you go by more newspapers or something well i want a newspaper quote here it actually shows how the public opinion was changing how it was transformed ever since our after the war after nine hundred forty four and only forty five here is a quote from a french newspaper called diplomatic. in the september nineteenth
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right after paris had been liberated the reasons were pooled in which country contributed most of the recovery sixty one percent said it was the soviet union twenty nine percent thought it was the united states sixty years later the same pool organization asked the same question this time twenty percent said it was and some retuning and fifty eight percent the united states after a decade the reading of the red army continues to diminish. do you think this is the reason i rather say the thing the reason for this is the cold war the post cold war no doubt that was the closest thing because it blocked any possibility to get something of a test before parliament if you will of what was happening. and that was enough. i would say there are some others about them because
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you mentioned things that were really happening on the ground during the war on the occupied territories near the fronts do western people people in the west today students do they have any idea of the german behavior of the behavior of the nazis atrocities and occupied. does partly because it's difficult to bludgeon i mean the cruelty. of this type of. normal englishman. would consider it an human and impossible for you margin. i think that. is sufficient to stop people from inquiring considering something about. there is a very good quote from george orwell once wrote that who controls the present
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controls the past and who controls the past controls the future do you agree that people in power or governments the presidents will always want to grab history and to control the history of their country and maybe author of the world no doubt about that and what i know for a fact is that the extent to reach people you know of the different countries which includes in your russia and england. poor countries which will bust is. fundamentally this stereotype of. defiance of what is happening with the then why are we trying to get support get money get funding and the standing from governments when we when we explore this we shouldn't shouldn't be the work of historians be there be considered as destructive
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and governmental or. this is some two for one. it's not that people will stop talking. they will simply get even the worse information of history even versus a deal of these happen. what is happening if you're not so and this is developed of the stern is you useful because it gives a small. vote that. is independent and independent historian something that is possible today a person who is not who is not subsidized not funded not supported by a government agency. what is possible definition produce a balance is the system that is somebody who assumes it's self-evident. never once thought that world history. and the moment you
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accept that this follows a better understanding obviously comes the moment people accept this ten years ago actually does but then one is the two and one no once over history do you do you see a lot of people that look down. and note. the countries which have more of it and countries which have less of it and. levels of education because some not all mature way of sin and fall from personal relations especially when students i know the. people. you know says. presidents of the moscow school of social and economic side says spotlight will be back shortly after the break so stay with us we'll continue this
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interview in the. in those dining. rooms forward to be held and say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of moderation. europe springle nineteen forty five on our team. if. the kiddies beauties is to.
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be. least. sixty. walkabouts the spotlight i'm in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today's terror challis the president of the moscow school of social and economic sciences we're talking about the second world war the war. in which nazi germany was defeated by allies who were trying to understand why people today don't have enough knowledge back then which should be
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well in the very beginning you said that they should and people should study that what isn't it time to forget for example you spoke about old people telling the stories my granny never told me the stories about the war she was that the french were she was in moscow she was under the shelling she she saw people die next door in the street but she never told the story and she never watched war movies she said i want to forget and i want you to forget it then she like this attitude towards tragic moments in history and i think it's a long. on the homeless man the sings you would like to forget but to forget is not to forget it is not to know and to lose beauty to understanding future and. disturbing call for vo in this sermon so saying most of the scholars. this is the kind of company to be shipped
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a long night. here and. he. accepted that is the feeling that you have to know because then you are. able to understand later today and also. against some. which can happen. russia along the way there is the main winners in world war two but he said i understand who we are and if we want to explain to the people of this country that we are a nation of winners is remembering we were in the earth today after sixty five years that he him to not a because one has to save the. time to roast the first. of people. who would find
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him so fighting against nazi his. one a year. to come to believe it into the hands of the german nazis. food metal and all the things they use for war which was then promptly used against the sons of this one to be a club this term because of and effective and we are also we were a country or when used which after nine hundred forty five after the end of the war watched as other countries first of all the united states took advantage of the results of this one cause so in this system the plagues the stories he said certainly important and by diverse it advocates. to my belief. my students were good historians and some of them. understand there are leaders today i'm sure better other winners in war is in general. if we look if we look at two hundred
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thousand years into history are there real winners in wars where lots. of you know. even to be. not a story. but story of everybody being unbelievably. he was very good to but he ended miserably at the yeah he lost. last i mean i mean you have to understand this kind of cause even though other people. didn't do so the whole thing is to give people the standard complexity of the nitty and as such it's an extremely useful exercise let's get back to to the state of the relationship of the states and historians like yourself in teaching history in remembering history what should be the world you said
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a historian should be independent he should be balanced but what's the role of the state. get all of this terms of the piece of paper on the governing first us industry because there are governments which will meet fairly balanced picture. of the past and countries if it isn't permitted if you do a country of it is kind of typical and balanced and loosen up of looking seeing scandinavia say to take an example that's a compass for people who understand a little better seeing. it here. because i. thought. those things that should be taught one of the arguments is that knowledge good knowledge of the second will were the results of the second world war and the events of the second world war are good arguments against neo nazis and today they
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agree. no doubt it is and i don't want to gain seasons of stripes it is also. a lesson in how. loose buckles. because they did not know how to handle the situation and how to handle their little but what makes neo nazis who popular in russia it is becoming popular these days we should as mix why in a country which you say has a good knowledge about the war we remember we remember the ones they still are but we see people like that marching in the streets of russian cities and it was still an exceedingly insufficient part of what was going on or. less of it was the meaningless. united states the people dog little about so
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so so you you you what you're saying is that the russian students' knowledge of the war is not sufficient. you know it's not in your opinion definite is sufficient perfectly regular thing because there's a problem of how you teach in this. good school university teaching of a vision of people recently because they say their way to say on the one hand on the. on one hand you see to the other. the odds are. not to say what is true the british system of education is exemplary for many so then why would a british prince where the swastika to a nightclub be remembered thank you is it is a just a joke or maybe these films and these these maybe years knowledge makes a sort of that you know fancy trying to dress like. i think it's for the first girl
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stupid because. and this is. video and i just i don't question the education inside the well family so yeah so what should have happened to make them to think. it is not always the best of the case to be annoyed so give words of bit of them so they often say themselves but not the educated in understanding that maybe they're just being modest kids maybe more distant no i don't think so it may be sometimes it's ponderously subtilties the reason people in the streets of moscow let's get back to moscow are you know who made the greatest contribution to the victory in the second world war here are the words of people. there's no doubt that russia contributed the moves to the real we're not
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a julie i'm saying it not just because i'm russian myself but because it's true the most lines from the. their beginning until the end of the war on like the allies we save the world that's all there is to it. i think it was the u.s.s.r. because according to official data the u.s.s.r. lost the most soldiers not in germany had this country the hardest as far as i know from history classes the allies participated a lot less than the us s. r. . so you think the soviet union contributed the most because the war was mainly on its territory many people were killed the west helped to that this week three was important to everyone we will never forget their names yet. again i think a country that unfortunately no longer exists the u.s.s.r. contributed the last little victory over nazi germany why did it happen because the u.s.s.r. mobilized all its resources and freed now only its own territories but other
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countries as well. i'm convinced that the soviet union contributed the most to the victory over nazi germany despite the actions of the country's leadership the soviet people won the war sacrificing millions of lives. well so here we have these opinions but people certainly know the main thing that we contributed there that there that most of the battles were on the russian soil but there are gaps in the knowledge of russians on day and especially i mean their knowledge of the role of the allies facing. peace which was presented. he's very good to explain. much this knowledge is luck because the first samples and the pieces i noticed was the. longest. unbelievably here we joined it after two
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years and. years in which the not just merely over another book because. steve did not think to come to a lot of my killswitch then later used against as a matter of fact it as a matter of fact this was this was a very clever trick by the soviet propaganda because because they separated the great patriotic war of russia against germany from the second world war and this war the great patriotic war the dates are forty one to maybe forty five and that's it. no problem no you know why africa and so one so this was the soviet propaganda trick to make the russian people believe that we were only we fought in the war and those capitalists they couldn't have been really our allies right. this is what we were taught when we went to school this if you do of this is out of this young.
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very keen on. those old age and you declare. that. you thought big of this world trash thank you thank you very much for the weather center just to remind that my guest in the studio today was tired or shall you president of the moscow school of social and economic standards and that's it for now from all of us here spotlight will be there r.t. and take taking. place about. mission free cretaceous free lance for charges free from a german free risk free student free.
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