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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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three. three. three. videos for your media project c.e.o. guards r t. the week's top stories this hour u.s. special forces assassinated a son of bin laden in pakistan bringing cheering crowds old american streets but leading questions over the contradictory accounts afterwards and why the world's number one terrorist was killed rather than arrested. fighting hard intensified in need any of this here misrata the last rebel stronghold in the west of the country this comes as a nato considers funding the rebels with cash from pulled out his frozen assets with russia warning the alliance against taking the the steps in the breach of the un security council motion to protect civilians. or to run time since troops are resisted by defines protesters as security forces surging into more cities in forty
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intensifying government suppression of nationwide demonstrations meanwhile washington and the deploying more sanctions against the regime for the brutal crackdown but human rights groups claiming around eight hundred have been killed. in moscow preparations last of the battles to roll out the big guns for the annual grand victory day parade on she looks at why some people and former soviet states are siding with his play instead. this is also his weekly review hello and welcome to the program there weeks been dominated by the death of the world's most notorious terrorist leader after ten years in hiding the trail to our salah bin laden finally ended at a heavily fortified compound in pakistan where he was shot dead in
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a commando raid by u.s. special forces but as any so now reports say this as a nation will not kill off but will merely mean global militants taking a new torchbearer terrorism. the man wanted dead or alive for a decade is gone but the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden for some it was a moment of victory here's a cheery note for others a moment. president obama is in fact dead it was a u.s. strategic ups are but there's one thing analysts say should not be overlooked but some of the large and maybe dad but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of a difference that bin laden is dead people here working in still long lines at least for the last two years to be very convinced that the al qaeda figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks it's been years since bin laden has
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claimed responsibility for an attack instead it's russia now kind of linked terrorists that have made the most recent remarks moscow's metro blast an airport bombing two of the latest global attacks were masterminded by domestic chechen terribly or doku umarov you for years has been trying to use thurbon montreuil as the face of international terrorism you know kind of leaders demise is expected to remain a significant symbol of having little or no in fact in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in the two thousand war and right. george bush's approval rating was around fifty percent within twenty four hours he shot at a ninety percent so watch for obama to get a little bump from. a new poll shows obama is up more than ten percent since and martin was killed and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil. first it was
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a. russian federation it was some of the large. and used use of. the carry those have been made this week without the u.s. armed groups that later evolves into loctite i have the taliban because what they're doing now in libya the new hardly getting the number one is just beginning his journey this time. and he's now a r t. the pentagon has released five hundred years of a sound of an audience from his pakistani compound and they offer a glimpse of bin laden's life and presence somewhat and the many images of the al qaeda leader despite a public profile as a confident figure has shown we have in his speeches reading our paper and looking to the side as if asking for advice and other media but not in a sense sitting on the floor watching a programme about himself the release of the footage of criticism of president obama who blocked publication of photos of the al qaeda leader's party and as
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journalist option it returns he says information that obama's alter was to kill bin laden and not capture some convinced this was done to prevent him from talking. they obviously didn't want the embarrassing revelations of the united states basically created bin laden as it's created so many islam it's because it's funded so when he is going to sit around the world what's so terrible is how the american population are being lied to about how that exactly went on so when you saw those chants of usa around ground zero i think very few people seem joined that bin laden is a creation of america as we've known and usually don't make the world a safer place i think we do have a real god but we mustn't allow the united states which after all created this al qaeda operation through its foreign policies to make it even less safer place because of what happened is as iran said. you know this alien forces in iraq in afghanistan all around the world that is what makes the world less stable. pakistan
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has claimed at sorrento was violated by the u.s. secret mission to eliminate othella billard and washington those trying to establish what a ally was sheltering that arab leader doesn't really have a national reporter they're hoping more pressure on their already strained relationship some of bin laden's death couldn't have come at a better time u.s. and pakistani relations are going through their worst period since nine eleven reasons behind it grow to drones and private contractors when a cia agent shows two pakistanis that in broad daylight earlier this year officials in islamabad said it was the final straw and demanded all american operatives leave the country immediately we have to be doubly sure rather their presence be in the interest of a guest in the interest of. pressure why not western pakistan just one week before encoders leader was killed an anti u.s.
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drone demonstration united hundreds of protesters fear is that another twenty five people were killed in a strike taking the total number of civilian jass into the hundreds. karim had lost his son and a brother in a two thousand and nine attack the drone operator miles away from here pushed a button when it was night in pakistan and creams how family was sleeping well you were a real may may may may or meant. gore. there these people for gore the left. and the would be countries with many people sharing this opinion pakistani officials are warning the u.s. is fueling insurgency rather than cooling it they harm more than they help because of the. damage is their treasure dees of the civilians in the area america's reaction has been varied the white house first accused pakistan of not doing enough
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to counter terror before the us changed its tactics finally addressing pakistan's calls to axes america's drone technology or despite signs of a peace offering and generic and sentiment has continued rising u.s. plans to extend its military presence in pakistan and ensure its dominance in the region after its troops withdrew from a guy stand seem to have collapsed and he's about in london's demise just like us drones came out of the blue delivering a direct hit on us critics. many say america is victory will hardly change the life of ordinary people here in a country to speak them and the mates to fact and by the global war on terror since religion in pakistan was among the first to be cleared of the times in two thousand and nine to stand this any army division in the region that these abilities to population is placed really quite tranquil as you can see people going about
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their daily lives that we have gotten less than a hundred can as they go from here and with antennas all around this piece is very fragile article. the country's army has always been alert now more than ever. many fear the dearth of was some of the london will spark a backlash and then danger piece that has been achieved refinishing r t pakistan. the fight against al qaeda inspired terrorism continues in russia eight returns were killed on sunday and there are growing and a terror operation in the north caucuses one policeman died during the raid earlier this week a senior al qaeda operative was killed in the southern russian republic of chechnya the tank is born militant learner's abdullah kurd is believed to have been the key
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a financier and organizer of terror cells in the region kurt is also said to have played a leading role in major attacks in russia as well as assaults on please he had only recently as you know the leading role after his predecessor was killed by security forces. this is us here coming up a grand parade to honor the victims the victors of war. sixty six years old russia is getting ready to celebrate victory over nazi germany will have more not later in the program. let's go to me right now where fighting between pro and anti-government forces has intensified near the. city of misrata the last rebel stronghold in the west of the country and surgeons have meanwhile backtracked on claims they've reached a deal with a totally to supply weapons are claiming on saturday that they were expecting a shipment of arms very soon if they deny big claims but said it will provide right here and mentor civilian itself differently supplying weapons to leave is banned by un embargo the outcome of the civil war is no clear despite over two thousand and
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eight airstrikes which have not had any decisive in baghdad on thursday that international condom group agreed to set up a cash fund for the rebels but russia's foreign minister they've demonstrated how far the coalition is staying on the un resolution and. distance from the contact group has established itself and now is trying to take responsibility for the international community's policy tools libya should be not only libya we're hearing voices calling for this group to decide what to do in other states in the region we believe that all sides should be focusing on a peaceful resolution of the situation and not supporting one side. conflict which is essentially civil war. the fighting in libya has been dragging out and says february has reportedly claimed thousands of lives professor alan couple are an expert on military intervention things the involvement of the nato led coalition
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has actually prolonged the conflict. if their rebels were strong then a little bit of outside assistance to them might have been enough to topple the government but the rebels were extraordinarily weak in fact the war would have ended more than a month ago if not for intervention the rebels simply defeated the killing would have stopped and more people would be alive in our life today so what the intervention really did is just to level the playing field this is actually quite common intervention that is intended to end the violence sometimes escalates the violence and that's exactly what's happened in libya and so. that's why it's secure and in tripoli his forces are loyal large parts of the country support him and so a little bit of intervention is not going to compel him to step down but there are tribal differences between the west of libya and the east of libya this is mainly a regional war between those regional tribes west and east and that would not
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change with the killing of one man the ultimate solution in libya is going to be a peace agreement it's going to be a peace agreement between the west and the east power sharing and this part of the world the very familiar with those sorts of deals where tribes that are killing each other one day then share power of the next day and so that's really where the effort internationally should be focused. in syria a military crackdown on protesters broadened farther and troops. than three other towns and this comes just a day after the country's forces. in the latest violence against antiabortion demonstrates is according to. a firm for. the brutal suppression of nationwide protests against several that meanwhile the us has threatens to impose. on friday be you also. go as one of the travel by reason worth it yeah i felt that more correspondence eric was going to say that when
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a towering convention was just a protest the. troops. there's great excitement in washington at the prospect of overthrowing the syrian government that's been on the front burner in washington ever since the bush administration the wiki leaks papers have shown that the us has been funding ever since the bush administration been funding our militant groups in syria along with saudi arabia and israel. overthrowing the regime. this will intensify and we're seeing new broadcasts coming from washington purporting to be syrian liberation front regular broadcasts emails and now this new machine this liberation machine you might want to call it is be turned against syria so i think the fuse has been let's change syrian government and there's a diplomatic coalition forming against syria so that it is very very nerve
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wracking for the syrians right now they're quite isolated and even the saudis are our against them. it's trying to. it's surprising that europe is this side of the good so people involved france in particular because they used to be the colonial rulers of the area seems to be hankering to return to its. only the roots to what we're seeing is a sort of counter-revolution weirdly you're the browers maybe the united states had seized the earlier revolution to try and bend it to their will and they're using a humanitarian intervention as a new reason for sending troops in however humanitarian intervention usually lies to place resources or strategic geography. in several cold conflicts around the world you don't have to look far before finding french military involvement in libya and france's former colony i have very. high profile engagements which president sarkozy has driven his nation into daniel bush the
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explains why theoric become the next. cousin was shot by troops during syria's protests his parents there now live in hiding but he fears france will make things even worse for me his country on the pretext of stopping the violence i don't wish to have. been on and therefore since. but i but i. you know it's the same chain of events that brought war with libya and now on full during its whole first syrian leader bashar al assad was invited for talks in paris as was colonel gadhafi but at the same time france reportedly was funding opposition groups in both states now nicolas sarkozy's government is slipping damascus with sanctions the precursor to the invasion of libya humanitarian aide says one also will again be their excuse to go in who would
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think of their own government in libya he's not going to be in. syria was once on the front jokey petion but friends behaves as if it's still in control france they've had their spies there for decades now and the religious movements have had their people their. for decades so they're going to do whatever they can influence the regime in the way that they see fit intervention would leave france fighting in four walls that hasn't happened since it was a colonial power for its defense ministry hasn't been busy in over fifty years already fighting in afghanistan libya and the ivory coast is now turning its sights on another former colony syria but expose think the real target is serious key ally iran france is growing increasingly angry at tehran's nuclear ambitions and is part of international moves to stop the program to must because it will become
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a springboard for the sarkozy administration as it pushes east even in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar development in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat the syrian scenario russia watches western military interventions with rising along it warns the fueling violence across the middle east. deliberately escalating the conflict is an invitation to a series of civil wars outside forces should not interfere give advice or take sides in internal conflicts but russia's foreign minister adds there could be a sting in the tail he says chaos in the region helps the very extremist the west wants to stop him in power valuable sure r.t. paris. international news in a briefing now egypt's military government has vowed to quiet down i think terror
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and violence after twelve people died in clashes between christians and muslims in cairo violence broke out when muslims a kind of church leader a question was being held inside a golfer well because he wanted to come back to bridges tension has been arriving things. seemed controlled following the ousting of president mubarak fragile diet. faith violence in march. at least seventeen people have been killed during an attempted revolt inside a high security prison. six of those killed were prison officers a government official said the detainees all links to al qaeda will be moved to another building one that targets guards and leave them or their weapons. under are going to government forces have defeated time to burn and surgeons and recapture the areas of kandahar city after a two day battle and he is fighting eleven fighters were killed and seven suicide bombers blew themselves up out of the taliban launched away will coordinate attacks
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on government buildings on saturday they are getting teary ministries of the recent ears and the officers have died in the operation to create a city of insurgents. and moscow gets ready for a day of celebration marking the sixtieth anniversary of the victory and the second world war. so a russian victory is not and maybe nine for a traditional military parade correct square ahead of the band the country's political elite laid wreaths at the tune of the no soldier by the crimean war meanwhile i think that on monday separated out a speaker on a cool it's a hugely important day with the probable exception of new year's eve it's the biggest celebration in the russian calendar now just behind me you can see same puzzles cathedral just behind that of course red square now that's closed off at the moment i have however been sneaking a little peek at what's going on through there soldiers from all strata of the
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russian armed forces looking resplendent in their dress uniforms going through their paces ahead of what should be a fantastic parade as usual on monday now monday they celebrate the the ninth of may victory day victory over over nazi germany victory in here in world war two. now this is as a huge day a huge day of celebration in russia and they were it's also a day of remembrance as well remember those who laid down their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we do today now all those perforations going ahead right now to make sure that on monday we see a fantastic display of pomp and circumstance well the reason it is celebrated in the ninth and the ninth of may in russia is the eight of may in western europe and in america is due to the fact that the surrender of nazi germany was signed at a time on the eighth of may in germany which meant that it was actually the ninth here in russia and that's why it's celebrated on the ninth however in some of the
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countries closest neighbors in fact those countries they were liberated by soviet troops during world war two the red army troops are viewed as an occupying force in fact so nationalists in russia's closest neighbors actually forced alongside the nazis as a legacy of a chef. ukraine is divided once again over its wartime history a bitter scandal has erupted in the west of the country over the soviet red banner an exact replica of the one with the reichstag in one thousand nine hundred forty five as the nazi regime collapsed when the ukrainian parliament passed a law to allow the soviet red flags fly on victory day this year along with the country's national flag it sparked outrage for among some who view the soviet era as a time of oppression. those who initiated the slow are against our country they must hand over the past bullets and live to the places where the soviet red banner is
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a symbol of good cheer the bill was eventually passed and on monday when the former soviet union marks the nazi defeat most of ukrainian cities will be adorned with both the state and red victory flags most but not in the western ukrainian city of course situated in a region where some nationalist elements collaborated with the invading nazis those local council says it would not obey the new parliamentary law and intends not to celebrate may the night that all there has been a furious response from anti-fascist groups who say the council should be wound up for failing to commemorate the nazi defeat. and shoot great improvement. to world the nation of the constitution which. the gluten free. in freely can really. do.
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moreover a decision of evolve court has banned any marches on may the ninth making it even harder for the twenty five thousand strong contingent of red army veterans here to hold their own victory day commemorations the western ukrainian capital city of evolve has its very own monuments to the red army soldiers every year veterans of. great passion at the core come here to lay flowers and commemorate those who died liberating the land from the fascists however ever since the collapse of the soviet union every trip here turns into a risky adventure this veteran says he is frightened to put all his medals on victory day for fear of being attacked by nationalists the former artillery man fort in the force liberation from fascism but now feels disillusioned you quickly from goodness we think it's painful but we can't walk in a victory march into cold to an acrostic city it's painful when you're not given the right to remember the day it is the sea you create i was fighting for you know
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who these were the scenes last clear when ross nationalists wipe their feet on the red banner a sacred symbol for those who fought against the nazis. because of these people and to prove that their lines with the new recruits to suvi union was the right thing to do but destroying the must be stopped and so with. all those years destroyed symmetries of bread all the soldiers in. many people in the west of ukraine do not celebrate may the ninth with some they're claiming soleus rule was as bad as nazi occupation violence has spilled into the streets over the issue in the past just like the local government and court vans and victory day marches this year activists on the crimea are planning a rather better march through the streets of. what is a day of glory and soul and commemoration for millions elsewhere is still a source of division in a place where the scars of war seem not to have forty healed let's see russia ski artsy reporting from wörth in ukraine.
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the price of freedom from the most precious thing in history. those who fought to win the stand proud. against the tide. ustream the real reason. sixty six years of featuring one are seen. and will be bringing you the parade live from red square in less than three hours and if you want to know more about why i made a knife had to call for more victory day coverage and memory. of course they were moving five hundred hours of living and so the second world war because dozens of pictures and videos of the great preparations right hand. you'll find that among our online gallery. plus two russian billionaires make it to the top three of
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a british on your rich list and out who they are and how they got that as are teed off. the news for now that are a couple of the headlines coming your way shortly. a
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cluster munitions. and inside the container you have a small bomb and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them there's a huge market right now for battle area clearance because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. which you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that are basically strong that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons. what they do is they go to these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of. a.
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eight or ten. minute. and then. just. just for. the.


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