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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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western ukraine marks victory day with a vicious display of nationalism from the air nazis attacking veterans voicing pro fractures slogans on cursing the soviet liberation force. to be in trouble in jersey or nato airstrikes overnight for the bombing runs of the advance earns the french president some harsh criticism back home. turf he talks between the u.s. and china pay lip service to competition cooperation look unlikely to scotland spending billions on defense perforation for the worst case scenario. in russia the
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markets have to be opened after an extended weekend and in the first few minutes of tuesday's trading well both indices have a raised friday's cadence and we can see that the r.t.s. is now losing about one percent more market analysis in business and about that it's. around the world and around the clock this is out it was a day of remembrance that turned violent western ukraine nationalists attacked veterans and their relatives on victory day people wearing sent george ribbons to commemorate world war two had been ripped off their clothing and for riot police for pitched battles with neo nazis he witnessed the events. the holiday for millions and street brawl for some unlike most of the post soviet
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region on may the ninth of this ukrainian city became a vicious display of anyone not as many. but several thousand activists from radical nationalist parties look at the entrance to red army soldiers cemeteries preventing war veterans from getting inside and playing tribute some in this part of ukraine do not see may the ninth as a reason to celebrate believing the soviet period to be worse than enduring nazi occupation the st george's ribbon is usually worn as a tradition on may the ninth to commemorate those who died in the great crash or to war but on this day in the west the ukrainian capital city of the off putting this on your lapel would have meant serious risk regardless of whether you're a veteran or not. if you like it what you got that the ribbons were forcibly ripped from the chests of those who were heading to the grave yards along with the views of chances such as death to the mosque right nazi salutes hurling rocks and small bombs that is how divorce marks made the ninth yeah we're here in this picture and
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my brothers and my father deliver a show this line from the fascists but these people here did not let me come inside this century to lay flowers and he's great this is a disgrace. it's obscene surprised even the locals who had grown used to protests on victory day these were the scenes from last year when the nationalist wipe their feet on the red victory banner third a cure are going to be spent thirteen years in detention in siberia brothers were killed it really could something like this have happened in a new country that. their heroes are people regarded worldwide does not see collaborators replica shirts with the founders of the one nine hundred forty s. insurgent army stick around when they're in the mansion which are big hit here there are seen as freedom fighters even though for a while they fought alongside the nazi army and kill civilians jews and russians in the new some manner how. the mainstream political parties deal with the thoughts of
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movements today in cairo. as we've seen in case you crane where they're. going to have and if it is not just a hero although it appeared to be an anti russian protest but really it was a protest of the. ukrainian society in this case has to deal with it and this is only part of why depiction of the perception of the past is making waves in the other former soviet states namely as as marches and glorifying nazi juice in the baltic states such as last year and the story you know the danger is that people begin to forget what we fought for and what the veterans died for as we're seeing the reemergence of far right force international forces it really in many sense resemble exactly the merge with hitler in the one hundred thirty such behavior it's the only applies to the minority that most people in this country still celebrate history with proper respect of the army seems a lot more should definitely allergic lanes leadership especially after demands for
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revolution were clearly voiced by the and with more. reporting from divorce in western ukraine. more analysis on this with richard babbitt from russia profile magazine here in the studio thanks for joining us here now ukraine suffered terribly at the hands of the nazis and helped the feet of so what's going on here oh ukraine is a nation should probably know. there was a part of your green that had been part of the soviet union before nine hundred thirty nine there was another part of ukraine that had never been even inside the russian empire and that was merged with the soviet union by stalin in that you can learn so it's a very complicated issue because for the first time ukraine united under the soviet union at the same time a ward of ukraine suffered in the hands of soviet secret police so it's a very tricky. question but certainly the nards is deeply ukrainians something
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terrible something large was done what the so even the so is secret police to do so what can be done to help stop prevents or prevent the spread of this kind of nationalism invest in ukraine although i think for the beginning there to do it all their western media should change because the sentimental way to korea nationalism but we have seen in european and american media since the beginning of the ninety's and especially during the so-called orange revolution i think it's a simplification and it led to all sorts misunderstandings even you know the feeling of you should cause idealized for a long time by westerners until when the end of his rule he suddenly made but there are a very controversial controversial extremist figure or ukrainian nationalist movement he said and made him a hero of ukraine we've seen similar events in the former soviet republics and what's driving this and even s.s. marches and the like. well there are various reasons for that in the baltics and in
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the western ukraine of course there is a lot of resentment against the soviet period and this reserve is encouraged by the west instead of believe it it. certainly for the status for some time there was no alternative there was people are hostile it so. there are some people who think that he would be better than stalin and unfortunately part of western dress encourages these sorts you talk about the west then and in some growing national movements in western europe are there any connections between them and that's where i think it has different origins and even the right just movement in russia also has different oranges in western europe and in russia now it's mostly resentment against migrants against migration which breeds you know. a big unknown in the last few years in the west in ukraine in the baltics it's idea is
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asian although priest or get lost it's idea was asian of all it was cruel and it's also of course resentment against the soviet period of history you mentioned russia just a second ago what's the situation in russia in terms of the extreme right well unfortunately we are also more angels and we're not clean of this terrible thing also in russia there are various groups which have different origins in the last few years the strongest was the movement which was actually just you know reacted to the spread of migration especially legal migration there was a lot of racism based simply on the way people will call the way they behave but also of course we have some extremist groups which also idealized hitler and which also sometimes claim the same things that we've heard had been involved that it would be better not start a riot in russia they are a small minority i would see
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a suppressed minority because the state is against this and in ukraine for a long time the state was not against this and now the state is moralist but you have seen what happened in the war for me at the local authorities did not want to get a lot of otherwise they would not allow the young to me or not so stop walk the cemetery ok thank you thank you indeed for that analysis thank you. i mean on the libyan capital tripoli has been hit by another heavy bombardment reports suggest at least eight strikes were carried out by nato fighter jets witnesses say the strikes targeted areas north on from gadhafi compound coalition forces also bombed the government building which was no like the nation and came to the truth. tripoli says it was the second nato strike in just a week on this or that's violence that's going to. members of coalition face and growing backlash. now these two frogs. reports on the president fast
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losing popularity. he released racist murderer the lyrics to a song president sarkozy's party tried to ban which glossed his treatment of foreigners and its own people rapper so i do says the home of liberty galatz a fraternity is anything but pretty crazy societies white masculine and reach to them anyone else is superhuman in needs to be taught the civilization france has been condemned for told it to it's me groups such as illegally deporting ruby gypsies while its interior minister also labels muslims as a problem frauds with full support for securing the arrest of full on every coast leader laurent gbagbo to france was also the first state to attack libya. cheese
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eating surrender monkeys some in the u.s. the french for their perceived fear of fighting now even american say the short war hungry the land of camel where it's become this blogger's saw its protesting the libyan oil was been swamped with support from the united states to the middle east we. created this place. and. many people in there were seeing what is going very well why are you going there and when these people you know even know that. nicolas sarkozy's the most unpopular president in the history of the fifth republic according to the latest polls fraud says bombing of libya has made him even more disliked as soon as you use force they will be casualties. there is no such. thing as a clean war war is about killing people. because these. people say
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they had he's abused the u.n. mandate on libya which allowed only the creation of a strict demilitarized area of sky. the no fly zone is a not for. political expression to. express. company and even if you presidential election results will next year rich people and politicians already say sarkozy no longer represents them actually the difference is that it's not france who decided it's. still elected president sarkozy which again call a general pinocchio. to many the country of love war and the awful. for growing numbers around the world cross is no very different kind of f.
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word. nato has reportedly been using depleted uranium bombs in the bit next hour an anti-nuclear activists tells r.t. about the long lasting consequences it could have is a preview. defeated uranium is a weapon i think discriminative fecht because of the impact what happens is that when the share of the round. is explodes and it has what's been described as an aerosol effect of radioactive particles and you can't ever ensure that those particles will only affect military personnel that means that they can indiscriminately affect civilians and that of course is illegal under international law some countries haven't yet recognize that as indeed you have seen on the web sites the british government just. suffice to continue but it's absolutely unacceptable if you're talking where it's done except for any particular talking
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about being there to protect the civilians to use a form of weaponry which will impact on in so devastating a way it's absolutely shocking. but boat carrying around six hundred refugees has reportedly sunk off the coast. the witnesses reported a superb part and what another vessel reports that sixty miles. later was accused of ignoring distress calls from a rift between two groups the. patients but well for the most outspoken treatment of refugees says the incident shows willful negligence . these kinds of events are hard chandeliers surprising to me you talking about the most sophisticated technological army in the world and they would not be
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capable of finding some at sea while they are have operations. on the coast of somalia where they can spot one simple bank in a city and they could not do that i highly doubt it so we doubt getting into details of the specific events these holidays surprised me but it's only logical humanitarian concerns are not on the agenda of the later as i can tell people phillida regimes that we have kept in place in the first place it's only a human reaction to a desperate situation and by bombing this country is not going to help on the contrary what we could do is help tunisia and help egypt a democratic move and that would send a clear signal trigger falls in other countries but that is precisely not what we're doing what we're doing is really very fast with our armies but when it comes to rescue people to be so slow it's not it's not some law of nature that this is
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a willing politics that this is our priorities and not people. in the military and . the world's two economic giants have been the the first step toward using the strains in their relations but there are still many areas in which china and u.s. are struggling to find common ground and she says washington strong. growth america hit back with criticism of china's human rights record. christine as i was before during the difficult negotiations. they say you should keep your friends close. and your enemies closer and as far as where china fits perceptions continue to evolve at this year's u.s. china strategic economic dialogue an attempt by officials from both the u.s. and china that friendship we recognize that our ability to work together is important to the overall health and stability of the. moment is that we want to do
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it for the people of china and the united states live in the same village. you on the worst side. the purpose to open communication on concerns like the debt ceiling in the u.s. and the rate of currency appreciation in china and joint concerns about the environment we both have a great stake in card being find a change and charting a clean and secure energy future currently china is the second highest producer in the world of renewable energy technology the u.s. ranks seventeenth the overriding theme for day one of the us china strategic economic dialogue we will respect and understanding that just because there is competition doesn't mean there can't be cooperation competition is not bad competition is healthy is good. this is the reason why i've held the view for so
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many years and continue to hold the view that a rising china is a positive development it's a far cry from the dialogue of recent times were tough decision makers in the us have been told that an increased power means an increased threat one that will eventually need to be dealt with by war and the way to avoid this war i believe is going to require and we're going to be able to get away from it in any case some kind of arms race with troika china is going to keep building and improving its capabilities each year the pentagon comes out with this report military and security developments involving the people's republic of china the findings often use to intensify military spending we are now looking at a power in the western pacific that can stand up to us or if there's a problem in response military spending is now more than the rest of the world combined six times more and china. as a result of u.s. debt has ballooned to more than fourteen trillion dollars much of that debt is
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owned by china it's at a time when many of the countries neighborhoods look like this an urban areas like this still for some including the mainstream media the military is often the first priority when it comes to spending beijing is rapidly modernizing its strategic nuclear forces and developing space weaponry china is developing ten right he said pulis the missiles some of which will be able to strike the continental united states but critics say the threat from china is not the people's liberation army the threat from china is it's growing economic might like every economist your talk to in washington now it is the same the new one soon is going to be. the actual currency of the world maybe by two thousand and twenty so the economic policy of washington should lead and not the pentagon so for. or thought on this day top
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leaders here on all fronts with this message building mutual trust and respect will help us to solve shared problems but that view may change again when it comes time to play defense and secure more money and more power for the military in washington christine freeze out r.t. . covering those standards in high finance max kaiser and the co-hosts they sent her to assess the price of food through the eyes of the u.s. federal reserve system is a preview of the kinds of reports coming up in about seven or. ben bernanke the way to do the job seeker is policy first take a large stick and poke out your eye there now you're half blind now look at the statistics in front of you and don't count wages and look at the tips treasury inflation protected securities and any time they start moving up use taxpayer money
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to buy a whole bunch in the open market to keep the price artificially low and then go in for a congress with one eye pulled out and say well the tips are not going up and wages are going up therefore there is no inflation congress where we got to keep rates artificially low which of course without rates being higher there is no incentive to save and without savings there is no capital and without capital there is no capitalism. the publisher of a whole sinky based website which supports church and terrorists has been acquitted by french quarter of smoke injections into the country ok i'm still sure about this the website has center which is bending pressure it's known as a propaganda mouthpiece for most of the world's most wanted terrorists finished florence's didn't taste delicious thinks to international terrorism to account for that finnish pastor you know even though he was recently prosecuted on the front and speaking out against the websites of extremism. pakistan
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has promised to investigate his failure to track down osama bin laden despite the fact he was hiding far from the country's capital robinson yes of course i mean it's been a treat and intelligence services saying they're not the only ones responsible you know saying check to suggestions of competence and city during the time in hiding k'naan he was speaking off to the us openly criticized for not capturing the world's most wanted terrorist wants to treat little david. so often these washington sensible explain to me. the question really is what image are we sending it to the rest of the world and where do we stand on the deeper questions of the rule of law are we a nation that celebrates the killing of our enemies without due process of law the end of world war two was marked by putting the most evil people on the face of the earth on trial for the world to see that the rule of law is the best way to mete
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out justice not a crime to actually justice there are questions now about whether osama. whether there was a kill only or you shoot both for him not to capture him but even if he's captured to execute him on sight these are real questions are for the us constitution these are real questions for international law i think there are real questions that ask whether in trying to fight the terrorists the united states has subverted its own egos and in some sense let the terrorists win. now some other international headlines aside. the european union has imposed an arms embargo on syria from a government's crackdown on protesters so brazen it out so quickly syrian officials are saying the band of traveling inside the union. also expressed its conservative humanitarian mission was blocked from entering the sudden sixer. that despite president bashar assad agreeing last week to allow medical supplies to reach the
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city as refugees. cuba is pushing through some major economic reforms first is sorry country towards a free market changes around hubris to buy and sell property that other countries as tourists get back legs since taking over things rather two thousand and eight either castro has worked to stick a. used machine to run private businesses with us and rent us. a small group of evacuees have briefly been allowed inside the exclusion zone around earthquakes and someone from the. us government information visits together belongings or check on has it's. about one hundred people out of tens of thousands of refugees all of the buses to our church.
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and some news just in a car bomb has exploded in the heart of the capital of russia's republic of dagestan there are reports of casualties but no numbers as yet police say they are trying to identify the owner of the car of course we'll give you more information on this passenger jet it's her ninety. days business you so far it's a teeny. hello that's right time for your business update crease has become even less credit worthy standard and got the country's long term rating by two levels to a single beak the decision came after european finance ministers agreed earth as needed more help to avoid a debt restructuring the country's debt is rising as the nation faces record boren costs a year after receiving a one hundred ten billion euro bailout package another cut would make it the lowest
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rate of country in europe with greece already in line with better rules. well last week was something of a bloodbath for commodities which suffered the biggest selloff for two years leading the charge was all which lost eight percent on thursday before staging a slight recovery later on jumping from energy information company plants tells us what's pulling crude down. it's a combination of factors really i mean we've got some weak. economic data that's come out of the u.s. and germany this week in asia some of the emerging economies there been raising interest rates and attempt to slow the economies down there so i guess we also have a little bit of a risk premium come out of the market this week with the death of osama bin laden. news out of the middle east north africa as far as for the mentos are concerned even though even with the libyan issue you know saudi arabia has sort of suggested that the market is as well as applied and they've offered to put more of the market
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no one is willing to take a. snapshot of the market's performance this hour while prices continue last week's losses after regaining some ground in earlier sessions light sweet is currently trading below one hundred one dollars per barrel while grant. one hundred fourteen dollars per barrel. and precious metals are also retreating they saw a recovery on monday as some weakness in the u.s. dollar and concerns over european walls you would investors back gold is staying in the fifteen hundred dollars for mark while silver is trading at around thirty seven dollars best seller. and in asia worries over greece's debt problems contributed to muta trading on asian markets on tuesday just to rise in wall street supported by rising commodity prices in the u.k. gained a quarter of a percent after they need a newspaper set to go to motors outboard will likely return to normal two or three
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months earlier than expected as the supply is stabilizing and hong kong same thing was closed for a public holiday. and here in russia the r.g.s. in the mines that have slightly narrowed to the losses they saw in the first few minutes of tuesday strange as they reopened after an extended weekend yes it's down twenty five percent and my sense is flat. ok looking up there we get heavily group or higher from troika dialog things last week's show correction of the russian markets office investors a one of a kind trading opportunity. i think this is quite unique opportunity right now to make its wish from will and gas sector in two sectors which are medically a reality that we think that some of the ruble can be strong in second half of this year and that's definitely very negative for oil and gas sector for exporters so right now i would recommend alkalis to look at russia oriented domestically or into
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companies like consumer stores and being key telecoms. while their profits in dollar terms will increase so for me europe to date more than our. wealthy british style. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with a much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on r g.


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