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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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international floods achieved every green leaf or killed in. the face of punishing them in western ukraine as nationalists physically on virtually attack better and paying tribute to those who have died securing the country's freedom in the second walled with. anger boils over in france out its president's treatment of ethnic groups and for financing the un resolution with its out shipments in libya. and fears of a collapse in one of the fukushima nuclear reactors and the council parties criticized for letting a vacuum we've back into the radiation. and coming up in business design
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top nickel mine and norilsk nickel plans to build a copper smelter in indonesia if the fire materializes in the naval gnarls to double its copper output as well as becoming one of the world's top five copper producers join me for this story and more of the business that around tracy minutes time. very warm welcome to this is our t.v. live from moscow with me alex have it now the solemn pride being shown for the victory day hijacks going but it nationalists in western ukraine were nazi salutes they attacked the veterans who fought to free them from invasion sixty six years ago are to use their legs yiddish ask a reporter how it's just one part of a far right search in europe. a holy day for millions a street brawl for sun unlike most of the post soviet region in may the ninth of
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this ukrainian city became a vicious display of new analysis and. several thousand activists from radical nationalist parties book the engines to red army soldiers cemeteries preventing war veterans from getting inside and playing tribute some in this part of ukraine do not see me the ninth as a reason to celebrate leaving the soviet period to be worse than enduring nazi occupation the st george's ribbon is usually worn as a traditional may the ninth to commemorate those who died in the great crash or to war but on this day in the western ukrainian capital city off and off putting this on your lapel would have meant serious risk regardless of whether you're a veteran or not. it's what you do like about it not the ribbons were forcibly ripped from the chests of those who were heading to the grave yards along with abuse of chances such as death to the mosque right nazi salutes hurling rocks and smoke bombs that is how involved marks made the ninth. here in this picture and my
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brothers and life the liberation of this land from that fascists but these people here do not let me come inside the century to lay flowers and he's great this is a disgrace. such seeing surprised even the locals who had grown used to protests on victory day these were the scenes from last year when nationalist right there feed on the red victory banner. i spent thirteen years in detention in siberia my two brothers were killed. could something like this have happened in a new country that. their heroes are people regarded worldwide as nasa collaborators replica shirts with the founders of the one nine hundred forty s. insurgent army stick on london in the mountains which are a big hit here there are seen as freedom fighters even though for a while they fought alongside the nazi army and kill civilians jews and russians in the middle of some manner how the main. political parties deal with these sort of movements do they encourage them as we've seen in ukraine where among
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the commemorative has been elevated to a status of a hero holder it appeared to be an anti russian protest but really it was a protest of the. ukrainian society in the east is has to deal with and this is only part of the wider picture of the perception of the past is making waves in other former soviet states namely as as marches and glorifying nots indigents in the baltic states such as the story of the danger is that people begin to forget what we fought for what veterans died for as we are seeing the reemergence of far right forces and national forces that really in many sense resemble exactly those who emerge with hitler in the one hundred thirty such behavior still only applies to the minority that most people in this country still celebrate history with proper respect but the ugly scenes in the halls should definitely allergic rains leadership especially after demands for a revolution were clearly voiced by the angry mob. reporting from divorce in
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western ukraine. well we've got reaction to that story on our website on our t.v. dot com see the full footage all the disturbing events with audio picture of a memorial service in crane it's available on all three video exception plus. it's about germans some kind of movement in germany and no one writes about. this but maybe setting the scene for nearly all of the spread across europe we report assholes heats up. well the libyan capital with hit by several airstrikes on tuesday morning in what's
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believed to be nato is heaviest bombing of tripoli in weeks the warplanes targeting government buildings one of which is that a house a center for women and children while the raid came hours of purport of heavy fighting between rebel pro gaffney forces on the eastern front and near the capital the opposition says and to get back in protests are gaining momentum something government denies discontent is also growing in some nato countries as people turn on their leaders for violating the u.n. libya resolution for the sake of political ambition that will push all reports from france. from imperialist racist murderer the lyrics to a song president sarkozy's party tried to which belongs to his treatment of foreigners and its own people. so i do says the home of liberty bell it's a fraternity is anything but what it's crazy societies white masculine in reach for
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them anyone else's opinion in needs to be toward peace or lazy surely france has been condemned for targeting groups such as illegally deporting rumi gypsies while its interior minister also labels muslims as a problem fraudsters responsible for securing the arrest of formal every cause leader laurent gbagbo france was also the first state to attack libya. cheese eating surrender monkeys some in the u.s. the french for their perceived fear of no evil american say this short how war hungry the learned of coming is because this blog saw its protesting the libyan was being swamped with support from the united states to the middle east but the image of france things. and. many people in the world and they're saying what is going on in paris and what
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why are you going there and people you know even know then with. nicolas sarkozy's the most unpopular president in the history of the fifth republic according to the latest polls fraud is bombing of libya has made him even more disliked as soon as you use force it will be casualties there is no way round there is no such thing as a clean war is about three in four voters think so because he's a bad president paul say they had he's abused the u.n. mandate on libya which allowed only the creation of a strict demilitarized area of sky. a no fly zone it's an. expression to. express that we are going to. campaign even if you presidential elections on till next year french
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people and politicians already say sarkozy no longer represents them actually the difference is that it's not friends decided it's. still elected president sarkozy which again we call the general you know q. france was to many the country of love war and the awful. for growing numbers around the world france is now a very different kind of f. word than your bush you see paris. when they say denies it's using poisonous depicted uranium weapons in libya even though the examination of bonds i suggest definitely will next hour and new clear activist tells r.t. that there are legal and moral obligations when it comes to endangering civilians with a notorious child. to pleated uranium is a weapon of indiscriminate effect because of the impact what happens is that when
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the law of the round hits its target is explodes and it has what's been described as an aerosol effect of radioactive particles and you can't ever ensure that those particles will only affect military personnel that means that they can indiscriminately affect civilians and that of course is illegal under international law also have a very long term effects because of the radioactive qualities has a negative impact also on the environment so these are illegal under international law some countries haven't yet recognized that it is indeed you you've seen on the websites the british government justifies the continued use but it's absolutely unacceptable if you're talking where it's an exceptionally any particular if you're talking about being there to protect the civilians to use a form of weaponry which will impact on them in so devastating
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a way it's absolutely shocking. but i have blown himself up in the capital of republican russia's north caucasus killing at least one policeman here tank follows a successful anti terrorist sweep in the region which killed dozens of militants sung with links to al qaeda only do you know a quarter of it is in the caucasus poor asci. the blasts happen at around eleven am moscow time in the capital city of the republic. police try to check the documents of a suspicious looking man passing by but he refused and exploded one police officer was killed and another one seriously injured meanwhile in the neighboring republic of combat deneuve all criteria russian special forces captured a group of terrorists in a residential area for militants were killed after the shooting and all of them were later i'd done to fight now explosive devices were also found as the scene of
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the operation one militant is believed to be involved in the murder. as the end of last year and indeed the reason major anti terror over a shows that are underway here in russia is north caucasus one hundred fifty militants and among them some high profile terrorists with links to al qaida including a senior al qaeda operative in this region have been killed since the start of this year. of course and finland has acquitted the publisher of all thank you based website it's going to church and michael was accused of smuggling chechens into the country is the chairman of a finnish organization called pro caucuses that's behind the notorious council of website it's a peaceful terrorist model of who's on the most wanted list of both russia and the us scorches trial didn't include any of this expected links to international terrorism however when finished. more lovely recently charged or attention to the
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church of extremism movement found himself prosecuted and view from. well coming up in just a few moments for you the asian tiger raul's liles or. the u. one is going to be. the true currency of the world and paling great progress through gritted teeth as america and china try to record deal despite this a rivalry also. how's this for a close shave we show you as liberia's tough guys go about grooming find out what else they can do a little bit later. africa's shima react to containing the spent fuel pool is in danger of collapse reports which have been triggered by web cam images which show the building leaning well
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meanwhile a small group on the evacuees had been briefly allowed back inside the radiation exclusion zone for the first time the government gave permission for a short visits so people could gather belongings and check on their properties nuclear research a doctor robert jacobs says if the troubled reacts adults collapse it would make the work at the sides and possible. this began a speculation among those of us watching the incident because on the webcam in which you can watch it you can look at the four reactors it began to be on b.s. that building number four was leading to the right a little bit from the visual field of the webcam. and it now just tonight actually in a release of information from the japanese government they have confirmed that there has been work started yesterday to shore up the structure of the building and specifically the upper floor now in this reactor you have the spent fuel pool that is a much larger spent fuel pool it has fuel rods from three to four reactors in there
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and this part of the building is beginning to lean and because of the explosion of reactor three there is some questions about the structural integrity of the building of reactor four and if that were to collapse you would have all of the fuel in that spent fuel pool just scattered about on the ground and outside of the increasing very very high level of contamination and you would also have radiation rise to levels that would make it very problematic for workers to continue to work on the site at all in these situations managing public opinion is as serious an operation as managing the crisis itself you know what you have here in is you have four reactors that are still emitting significant amounts of radiation into the environment so this is not a situation that has been brought under control it is a situation in which the large releases have been largely the explosions of the first we have been going past but now we just have ongoing leakage so to continue to tell people about that to make it and to continue to provide
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a lot of information about their leakage will cause higher levels of distress and also the perception that neither time nor the government is in control of the situation so it's a lot easier to just who is it reduce the amount of information that the public has so that you're able to control the situation at least from the point of view of public opinion and and had people from head again. senior u.s. and chinese officials have been putting on a show of oil despite a suspicion that lurk not far behind they've been meeting to try and fix the crime for their shaky relationship consensus won't come cheap and nasty as christine explained. they say you should keep your friends close. and your enemies closer and as far as where china fits perceptions continue to evolve at this year's u.s. china strategic economic dialogue an attempt by officials from both the u.s.
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and china a friendship we recognize that our ability to work together is important for the overall health and stability of the global economy woman physically what do you have for the people of china and the united states live in the same globe village. you are on the worst side. of purpose to open communication on concerns like the debt ceiling in the u.s. and the rate of currency of the shisha in china and join concerns about the environment we both have a great stake in car being climate change and charting a clean and secure energy future currently china is the second highest producer in the world of renewable energy technology the u.s. ranks seventeenth the overriding theme for day one of the us china strategic economic dialogue and to respect and understanding that just because there is competition doesn't mean there can't be cooperation competition is not bad
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competition is healthy is good. this is the reason why i have held the view for so many years and continue to hold the view that a rising china is a positive development it's a far cry from the dialogue of recent times were top decision makers in the us have been told that an increased power means an increased threat one that will eventually need to be dealt with by war and the way to with boyd this war i believe is going to require and we're going to be able to get away from it in any case some kind of arms race with china but china is going to keep building and improving its capabilities each year the pentagon comes out with this report military and security developments involving the people's republic of china the findings often use to intensify military spending we are now looking at a power in the western pacific that can stand up to us or if there's
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a problem in response military spending is now more than the rest of the world combined six times more and china. as a result of u.s. debt has ballooned to more than fourteen trillion dollars much of that debt is owned by china it's at a time when many of the countries neighborhoods look like this and urban areas like this still for some including the mainstream media the military is often the first priority when it comes to spending beijing is rapidly modernizing its strategic nuclear forces and developing space weaponry china is developing ten raisa ballistic missiles some of which will be able to strike the continental united states but critics say the threat from china is not the people's liberation army the threat from china is it's growing economic might like every economist you thought through in washington now is saying the new one soon is going to be. the actual currency of the world maybe by two thousand and twenty so the economic
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policy of washington should lead and not the pentagon so for. and or thought oh this day top leaders here are on all fronts with this message building mutual trust and respect will help us to solve shared problems but that view may change again when it comes time to play defense to secure more money and more power for the military in washington christine frees our party. well. knox and stacy allen called the legs down and it's in high finance because the report assesses food prices through the eyes of the u.s. federal reserve here's what's ahead. if your vendor ninety the way to do the job as he conducts his policy first take a large stick and poke out your eye there now you're half blind now look at the statistics in front of you and don't count wages and look at the tips treasury
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inflation protection securities and anytime they start moving up use taxpayer money to buy a whole bunch in the open market to keep the price artificially low and then go in for a congress with one eye pulled out and say well the tips are not going up and wages are going up therefore there is no inflation congress where we got to keep rates artificially low which of course without rates being higher there is no incentive to save and without savings there is no capital and without capital there is no capitalism. pakistan promises to investigate how it failed. despite the fact he was living near the country's capital for years when its prime minister banks were going to cheat intelligence services saying that only the ones that were sponsible use of golani also rejected suggestions of incompetence i can kiss each time in hiding and he was
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speaking off to washington a pretty criticized star for not capturing america's most wanted terrorist on his territory but american political commentator david ensor rosser believes washington also has a lot of explaining city. but the question really is what image are we said to get to the rest of the world where we stand on the deeper questions of the rule of law are we have nation that celebrates the killing go of our energy use without. due process of law but he had a world war two was marked by putting the most evil people on the face of the earth on trial for the world to see that the rule of law is the best way to beat out justice no i actually justice there are questions now about whether assad oh well it was it still only were you should vote for him not to capture him but even if he's captured to execute him on sight these are real questions of the us constitution is a real question for international law i think the real questions that are asked
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whether in trying to fight the terrorists the united states has subverted its own egos and in some sense let the terrorists win. ok that's how small the world news in brief this hour now in the european union has imposed an arms embargo on syria following the company's intense punk sounds on protest is it also a phrase count for thirteen fearing officials undervalue ben from traveling to the e.u. is concerned that a un humanitarian mission was stopped from entering the embattled city of toronto president asked as agreed last week to allow medical supplies to reach the city's refugees. israel's marking sixty three years since it became a state for the national holiday and military displays the country career after the british mandate over the territory ended after world war two but spared decades of conflict with muslims there palestinians will mark the occasion with a day of mourning next week to highlight the hundreds of thousands of refugees that
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lost land and health is which still hampers peace in the. that was a flying aircraft was and should be enough that show you one siberian pilot he's been are being the answer on how to handle a helicopter has first speed walls where the risk of freezing the top of the liver they'd bottle on the fly all bridge to get the strong winds only help to make it a better challenge while all of the other team decided to take it up a notch here you can see that while flying in circles he balances a full glass of water on the statue of things you can every truck in the car and in a climatic crescendo because a clean shave to needlessly in this volunteer it turns out has it all happened without a single in this week but it was all filmed by. the man also as part of the ocean for the lunch and dinner rescue service delivery company. and let's hope it works
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they get some orders in after all they cave to stay with us the prisoners helping out with katrina. and we'll welcome to the business news for this hour we begin with news of a further blow to the region collimate standard and poor's has cut the country's long term credit rating by two levels to a single b. the decision came after european finance ministers agreed athens needed more help to avoid debt restructuring the country's debt is continuing to rise as the nation faces record borrowing costs this a year after receiving one hundred ten billion euro bailout package another cop would might get the lowest rate in the country in europe greece is already in line with better routes. now here's a look at the market's performance this our oil prices continued last week's losses though they have regained some ground light sweet is currently trading around one hundred one dollars a barrel while brant is around one hundred fifteen dollars a barrel and precious metals are regaining on their losses this hour gold standing
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above the fifteen hundred dollars an ounce mark with so it's trading just over thirty eight dollars an ounce. european stock markets are showing positive results this hour as investors i chinese trade data and another round of earnings reports oil and gas boom b.g. group have the biggest fall on a forty percent in london after reporting a thirty eight percent drop in its first quarter net profit among other stops budget airline easyjet is up five percent after a reported rising revenue but also added that high fuel costs resulted in a wide a net loss for the company. and here in russia the stock so next this hour the r.t.s. is flaps to negative and the my six is up point three four percent. now let's take a look at some of the individual shares on the my six majors in the money in the main loses this hour with lukoil down around three percent and stay while it's a state airline araf lot is also down despite its first quarter that strong first
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quarter data the company has quadrupled net profit according to russian accounting stone. it's bucking the trend though after of as is out after posting positive annual results the russian carmaker recording a net profit of one hundred thirty million dollars for last year that's against one point eight billion dollars of losses in two thousand and nine the result was supported by stronger sales which grew by forty nine percent helped by the state's cash for clunkers program. russia's top search engine yandex has been valued at up to seven billion dollars ahead of its upcoming i.p.o. in new york the company is offering sixteen percent of its shares with the hope of raising a billion dollars janek says it's ready to sell an additional one hundred fourteen million dollars in of shares if the listing is successful. russian billionaire mikail brought pot prokhorov may be about to sell his controlling stake in the electricity company rather reported deal is estimated at around eight hundred fifty
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million dollars this could be finalized by this summer with state energy giant into a rout as the most likely buyout analysts say the timing of the sale is not ideal as shares have fallen in value by one hundred million dollars and he bought them three years ago. the world's top nickel mines nickel is set to take place in the block top in the global top five copper producers big company is to build a new plant in indonesia with a capacity of up to four hundred thousand tonnes a year this would allow norilsk nickel to more than double its total copper output it's aiming to diversify its production and hopes to benefit from rising copper prices the middle has jumped thirty five percent since the beginning of last year. and that's the latest business news for this hour i'll have more even just under an hour stay with us.
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