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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tonight salty the faces of clashes them in western ukraine as nationalists physically and verbally attack veterans paying tribute to those who died secure the country in the second world war. anger boils over in france at its president's treatment of ethnic groups some for flouting viewers aleutian with its actions in libya. freeman facilities are accused of turning a blind eye to anti russian criminality after a court clears a terrorist sympathizer of smuggling chechens into the country. and fears of
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a collapse of one of the fukushima nuclear reactors well japan's authorities are criticized for letting evacuees back into the radiation so. welcome this is r.t. it's just after eight pm now here of moscow this choose day night my name's kevin owen of the top story of the soul and pride being shown for a victory day hijacked by violent nationalists in western ukraine with nazi salutes they attack the veterans who fought to free them from invasion sixty six years ago but he's a lecturer just the reports next on how it's just one part of a far right surge in europe. a holiday for millions and street brawl for some unlike most of the post soviet region on may the ninth of this ukrainian city became a vicious display with a new analysis and. several thousand activists from radical
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nationalist parties block the entrance to red army soldiers cemeteries preventing war veterans from getting inside and bringing tributes some in this part of ukraine are not seemly the ninth as a reason to celebrate leaving the soviet period to be worse than enduring nazi occupation the st george's ribbon is usually worn as a traditional may the ninth to commemorate those who died in the great crash or to war but on this day in the west and ukrainian capital security was putting this on your lapel would have meant serious risk regardless of whether you're a veteran or not. the ribbons were forcibly ripped from the chests of those who were heading to the grave yards along with abuse of chances such as death to the mosque rites and nazi salutes hurling rocks and smoke bombs that is how involved martha made the ninth. here in this picture and my brothers and the liberation of this line from that fascists that these people here do not let me
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come inside this century to lay flowers and he's great this is a disgrace. such seeing surprised even the locals who had grown used to protests on the three day these were the scenes from last year when nationalist wipe their feet on the red victory banner. i spent thirteen years in detention in siberia my two brothers were killed. and something like this had happened in a new country that. their heroes are people regarded worldwide as nasa collaborators replica shirts with the founders of the one nine hundred forty s. insurgent army stick on london and announce it here which are a big hit here there are seen as freedom fighters even though for a while they fought alongside the nazi army and kill civilians jews and russians in the gruesome manner how the mainstream plate. parties deal with these sorts of movements today in cairo. as with seeing in case you crane where. nothing commemorates or has been elevated to a status of
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a hero holder it appeared to be an anti russian protest but really it was a protest of the. ukrainian society in this case has to deal with and this is only part of the wider picture the perception of the past is making waves in other former soviet states namely ass as marches and glorifying knots and regions in the baltic states such as largely and the story of the danger is that people are beginning to forget what we fought for and what the veterans died for as we are seeing the reemergence of far right forces from nationalist forces really in many states resemble exactly those that the merge with hitler in the one hundred thirty such behavior is to only applies to the minority most people in this country still celebrate history with proper respect of the other you seems and you both should definitely allergic rains leadership especially after demands for a revolution were clearly voiced by the angry mob. reporting from vault in western ukraine. but we got the reaction to that story on our website r.t.
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dog food please do we've also got full footage of the disturbing of yesterday's victory morrill service in ukraine so by the free video section also while you've heard this too. it's about a german lines some kind of movement in germany. i don't know well flowage supposed fascism be worrying ignorance that may be setting the scene for me and i've seen movements to spread across europe i reported i think i'll call. it. the libyan capital was hit by several airstrikes tuesday morning it was believed to be nato as heavy as bombing in tripoli in weeks and warplanes apparently targeted government buildings one of which is said to have housed the center for women and children the raid came
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hours after reports of heavy fighting between rebel and progress nothing forces on the eastern front and near the capital the opposition says as you get there from protests again a momentum something that the government is denying tonight this concerns also growing in some nato countries turn on their leaders for violating the u.n. libya resolution for the sake of political ambition how to dial a bushel reports now from. france imperialist racist murderer the lyrics to a song president sarkozy's party tried to ban which glossed his treatment of foreigners and its own people rapper sawyer duces the home of liberty it girl it's a fraternity is anything but free societies white masculine and reach for them anyone else's opinion in needs to be taught the civilization france has been
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condemned for targeting groups such as illegally deporting room of gypsies while its interior minister also labels muslims as a problem france was responsible for securing the arrest of full on every cause leader laurent gbagbo france was also the first state to attack libya. cheese eating surrender monkeys some in the u.s. the french for their perceived fear of no evil american say the short war hungry the land of common where it's become this blogger's saw its protesting the libyan walls been swamped with support from the united states to the middle east. in. many people in there were saying what is going on in barry's why are you going there and bomb these people you don't even know then. nicolas sarkozy's the most unpopular president in the history of the fifth republic
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according to the latest polls france's bombing of libya has made him even more disliked as soon as you use force there will be casualties. there is no such thing as a war is about killing people three in four voters think so because he's a bad president people say they had he abused the u.n. mandate on libya which allowed only the creation of a strict demilitarized area of sky. a no fly zone is not the full. expression to. express. we are going to join in the campaign even if you presidential elections aren't till next year french people and politicians already say sarkozy no longer represents them actually the difference is that it's not friends decided it's. still elected
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president sarkozy which again we call a general you know q. france was merely the country of love war and the awful. for growing numbers around the world france is no a very different kind of f. word than your bush you see paris. the pressure on libya began weeks ago with a set of sanctions by the u.s. now the european union is telling the same tactics towards syria it includes an arms embargo and a travel ban for thirteen top syrian officials this is gus these latest developments with mideast expert but i'm a car driving us on the line from madrid. got a bit of deja vu here and we imposing sanctions were. libya was dealt with before the gun ships moved in is syria heading down a similar road you think. well no obviously i think that there is a different situation but this prevailing we syria i mean what we saw before within
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the libyan case was there was a certain degree song countries including france and the united states in one two or three mistakes that had been made in the tunisian and egyptian cases but i mean by that they suit that president of the tunisia was on hold this happened with president mubarak in egypt and that's why they didn't want the rebels in libya to put them all through the site and that's why the songs including reports came with this threat if you didn't call it about the support because of the market people bit eighteenth anyway that sets up think if you start so we're going to syria so we're going to help women in syria. program to syria i think the situation is much different because not only syria is in a very sensitive environments as there is of course the creating difficult
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situation the war situation the war of usual situation in israel which is this topic that is very sensitive but you also have all these connections that syria has with iran we believe and use hezbollah as well with that i just didn't have mass which with me make it very dangerous for the so-called international community to come we are minutes early intervention in syria we have no answer to your president bashar assad's regime and that is why i think that all these bases are engaged in the get out don't want president bashar assad to mediate to have turnitin. at a very dangerous you creation of the region in the way and with that instead the center is that everything that we see or basically saying would be a little too hot to handle. well i think. that's according to you all the or most of the country that have the convenient starts in the united states i mean they made it clear the u.s. is itself that there have been facing a quagmire in iraq until
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a few time ago the same speed dating in afghanistan we've seen them in the media and then they retired a little bit because they saw that there was no exit that was evident and it was obvious in the lincoln case and that's why they don't want to go in with a risky strategy that wouldn't see any success in syria and that is why they prefer to leave the door open and p.v. it stands to reason the sharma's there is a suspicion though that regarding libya the interest there from the west was to try and secure the oil fields what could the interest be in syria do you think well obviously if there is a few very few in syria what you can see and beds as natural resources you have very few natural resources in syria and that's why i think that we had gradually syria is still critical and the strategic one in all the counties of the world the whole the western countries in europe that without syria they won't be able to keep the peace process to pollution and we should add to that the fact that
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a lot of countries could recognize that that is the main states next september but in order to do it and in order to transform this recognition into a peace process they need bashar has said why it was best i said that's open to and direct negotiations with israel twenty years ago and there is no there no possibility for another i'm turning to you to come. from kuwait and open negotiations the way bush and i said himself part of that security. ok interested in your views but as you are to madrid based think tank for thank you. nato denies it's using poisonous depleted uranium weapons in libya even though the relation of bomb sides suggest differently now just over fifty minutes time to a lot of the programs the nuclear activist tells us that are true that there are legal and moral obligations when it comes to endangering civilians with these notorious shells. depleted uranium is
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a weapon of indiscriminate effect because of the impact what happens is that when the cheryl of the round hits its targets as explodes and it has what's been described as an aerosol effect of radioactive particles and you can't ever ensure that those particles will only affect military personnel that means that they can indiscriminately affect civilians and that of course is illegal under international law also have a very long term effect because of the radioactive qualities has a negative impact also on the environment so these are illegal under international law some countries haven't yet recognized that it is indeed you you've seen on the websites the british government justifies the continued use but it's absolutely unacceptable if you're talking where it's an exceptionally any particular if you're talking about being there to protect the civilians to use
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a form of weaponry which will impact on them in so devastating a way is absolutely shocking. i'm of the conversation coming up very shortly to my next record in finland has acquitted the publisher of a whole simply based web site that's linked to church. or was accused of smuggling chechens into the country still sure is the chairman of a finnish organization called pro caucasus that's been harder tourist center website it's an old mouthpiece for all qaeda linked to terrorist leader dr omar off who is on the most wanted list in both russia and the united states. source's trial didn't include any of his suspected links to international terrorism however when finish us that you were malaria recently tried to draw attention to the chechen extremism he found himself prosecuted and defrocked by the authorities finnish human rights activist your back and says it reveals
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a murky pro tara game in finland right now. called process against me cause to show and if you will and was sure trial. charge of the prosecutor didn't want to send them seem they wanted to only to give some kind of justification for him for his activities well he's an activist who is actively promoting islamistic terrorism against russia here several websites he has an office and he's a representing officially. in finland he's only extremely dangerous individual and i'm very sure of that and he has the very strong political support in finland of course not by all finnish politicians but by several influential finnish political figures this is our kids national from our school coming up feel a few minutes the asian tiger roars louder. the new one song is going to be. the true currency of the world hailing great progress through gritted teeth as
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america and china try to keep it holy or despite the brits a rivalry also. how's this for a close shave we show you how siberia's tough guys go about grooming and find out what else the little bit later on how much. use in japan next to fukushima reactor containing the spent fuel pools in danger of collapse reports of which have been triggered by webcam images which show the building leading into research you've got to jacob's told us if the trouble does collapse the work at the site nigh impossible. this began a speculation among those of us watching the incident because on the webcam in which you can watch it you can look at the four reactors it began to be obvious that building number four was leaning to the right a little bit from the visual field of the webcam. and in now just tonight actually
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in a release of information from the japanese government they have confirmed that there has been work started yesterday to shore up the structure of the building and specifically the upper floor now in this reactor you have the spent fuel pool that is a much larger spent fuel pool it has fuel rods from three to four reactors in there and this part of the building is beginning to lean and because of the explosion of reactor three there is some questions about the structural integrity of the building of reactor four and if that were to collapse you would have all of the fuel in that spent fuel pool just scattered about on the ground and outside of the increasing very very high level of contamination we would also have radiation rise to levels that would make it very problematic for workers to continue to work on the site at all in these situations managing public opinion is as serious an operation as managing the crisis itself you what you have here in fukushima is you have four reactors that are still emitting significant amounts of radiation into
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the environment so this is not a situation that has been brought under control it is a situation in which a large releases have been largely the explosions of the first we have been gone past but now we just have ongoing leakage so to continue to tell people about that leakage and to continue to provide a lot of information about that leakage will cause higher levels of distress and also the perception that neither china nor the government is in control of the situation so it's a lot easier to just who is it reduce the amount of information that the public has so that you're able to control the situation at least from the point of view of public opinion and should people from head again. another newsline a small group of briefly allowed back inside the radiation exclusion zone around the damaged nuclear plant for the first time the government go for mission for a short visit so the people could gather belongings and check up on their properties now on tuesday the company operating the facility tepco turned to the
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japanese government to help pay tens of billions of dollars in compensation to the evacuees. so u.s. and chinese officials have been putting on a show of smiles despite the suspicions that lurk not far behind them they've been meeting to try and fix the crux of a shaky relationship with consensus won't come cheap christine from experience. they say you should keep your friends close. and your enemies closer and as far as where china fits perceptions continue to evolve at this year's us china strategic economic dialogue in attempts by officials from both the u.s. and china at friendship the purpose to open communication on concerns like the debt ceiling in the u.s. and the rate of currency appreciation in china and joint concerns about the environment we both have a great state encouraging sign a change and charting
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a clean and secure energy future currently china is the second highest producer in the world of renewable energy technology the u.s. ranks seventeenth the overriding theme for day one of the u.s. train a strategic and economic dialogue we told respect and understanding that just because there is competition doesn't mean there can't be cooperation or competition is not bad competition is good. this is the reason why i have held the view for so many years we continue to hold if you get a rise in china it is a positive development it's a far cry from the dialogue of recent times were tough decision makers in the u.s. have been told that an increased power means an increased threat one that will eventually need to be dealt with by war each year the pentagon comes out with this report military and security developments involving the people's republic of china the findings often use to intensify military spending we are now looking at
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a power in the western pacific that can stand up to us if if there's a problem in response military spending is now more than the rest of the world combined six times more than china. as a result the u.s. debt has ballooned to more than fourteen trillion dollars much of that debt is owned by china is that it's time when many of the countries neighborhoods look like this an urban areas like this still first sun including the mainstream media the military is often the first priority when it comes to spending beijing is rapidly modernizing its strategic nuclear forces and developing space weaponry but critics say the threat from china is not the people's liberation army the threat from china is it's growing economic might like every economist you talk through in washington all of these say the new one soon is going to be. the actual
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currency of the world maybe by two thousand and twenty so the economic policy of wash them should leave and not the practical so friend or foe on this day top leaders here are on our phones with this message building mutual trust and respect will help us to solve shared problems but that view may change again when it comes time to play defense to secure more money and more power for the military in washington christine frees our artsy. the top world news stories for you this hour israel's marking sixty three years since it became a state with a national holiday in military displays the country grew after the british mandate over the territory in the day after world war two but spurred decades of conflict with muslims there palestinians will mark the occasion of a day of mourning next week to highlight the hundreds of thousands of refugees lost land and houses which still hampers peace in the region. their city of memphis is
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ensuring its worst flooding in decades with up to ten meters deep of water in places the mississippi river swelled up there the rains melting snow it's forced hundreds of people to flee the area although it's hoped that levees will help protect some of the city especially as well famous musical greats limit story right . now as a flying aircraft wasn't pretty enough let's show you one siberian pilot who's been upping the ante just bit on how to handle helicopter here we go you enjoy this is the first feat was relatively risk free taking the top of a lemonade bottle on the fly you hear me correct while posting that the strong winds only help making it a better challenge well done on that one and after that the team took up a notch here while flying in circles in poland is a glass full of water on this particular look we'll drop. it in a climatic gives a clean show this is the scary to the needlessly nervous volunteer we know is that all without a single name and all filled by the divorce as part of
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a promotional tool for the luggage should be in a rescue service delivery company nice pictures there. thanks for being without saying you're just twenty minutes away from the latest sports night case called news of a live picture of pins in the dark also the fronts football coach in the spotlight allegations of bribery in the british parliament and a notable football match tonight as well but it's choose the even business from moscow next with katrina. thank you and welcome to the business bulletin for this hour global high tech hotshots are gathering in moscow to share their views on the i.t. and telecom markets in russia there are high hopes for the sector but the country continues to be plagued by copyright violation business not business artie's marina kozyrev reports from their. one of the main issues this year is on life copyrights according to business software alliance the country's losing about two point six
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billion dollars a year as far as the movie industry is things are and that's about one billion dollars i'm going to bring to the state they are the turnover of retail the words of the goods is about three billion dollars which is about six percent of all retail sales so the question is what that's worth and copyrights all the smart it's a very small there it's an hour to get people to space at least some things for their own statements maybe be held accountable for allowing illegal sharing. now it's take a look at the markets oil prices are rebounding this hour after last week's losses light sweet is currently trading around one hundred three dollars a barrel while branches around one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel. u.s. stocks are extending the gains of the two previous trading sessions the indices are helped by reports microsoft is buying internet phone companies skype for eight and a half billion dollars the biggest deal in the software manufacturers thirty six year history. and here in russia the markets closed slightly even the red after
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regaining from earlier on the back of oil prices just beginning to rise again. let's take a look at some of the individual share moves on the my six oil majors are among the main loses this hour with lukoil down around three percent and state airline teraflops is up on the news that it has quadrupled its net profit in the first quarter under russian accounting standards bucking the trend after verse is up after posting positive annual results michael stein of our treaty wraps up the day's trade. a walliams here are quite modest with a lot of investors looking closely at the price of branch. one hundred ten dollars a barrel last friday and which has since recovered two hundred fifteen dollars per barrel in the market today we see very substantial strength and real dog rule which is up about five. percent in the wake of yandex having announced the terms of its i.p.o.
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the valuation index implies that it's going public had between thirty five and thirty seven times earnings romney being ruled by comparison i was treated said twenty two times earnings will very cheap on the losing side in the market today we see weakness in retail and make meat which is down about two and a half percent head of its release of first quarter i for us was also a tomorrow with many investors concerned about margins given the big increase in payroll taxes higher transportation costs and also given concerns about the company's ability to pass along full price inflation to its customer base. and that's all the business news for this hour and we'll have more for you in just under an hour's time.
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