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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with a much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our key. hello this is r t international broadcasting director live from moscow it's kevin owen here tonight for the top stories for you signs of a far right surge in western ukraine is picturing big celebrations a marred by violent nationalist chanting profile she's slogans they attack veterans and prevented them from paying tribute to those and die securing the country's freedom the second world war. but are fears that one of the fukushima nuclear reactors could collapse after webcam images showed the building was leaning meanwhile japan's authorities are being criticized for letting evacuees back into
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the radiations. and they took the libyan capital destroying several government buildings in one of the heaviest airstrikes and weeks it comes amid opposition claims of an anti daffy uprising a building up in the suburbs but something the government's tonight. starting talks to pritish nandy nuclear activist about nato's involvement in libya and its suspected use of unconventional weapons. i'm talking to kate hudson from the campaign for nuclear disarmament as c.n.d. said from the off that the military intervention in libya was a mistake and that it could in fact result in a major civil war in libya kate thanks for talking to us now do you see your predictions coming true well unfortunately what we were fearing now to be taking place that it hasn't been some come quick humanitarian swoop that would be over
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very rapidly and peace and justice would be miraculously introduced unfortunately that hasn't happened and we see now from the initial number of countries involved now we have nato involvement we seem to be more entrenched this doesn't seem to be any visible end in sight it's now widely recognized this is easy indeed a civil war and that of course intervention in the civil war is illegal but i think one of the most tragic arguments of course lives repeated unfortunately now repeated incidents of the interventionist forces actually killing the side stand simply are there to support which just really underlines the complexity of the situation the difficulty of the situation and the absolute inappropriateness of military intervention what would you like to see happen now that surely you wouldn't want to see nato pulling out and leaving the libyans essentially to a bloody civil war well unfortunately i think that that would indeed be the most
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appropriate thing to do it's a complex situation it's clear that rather than what was initially suggested which was one mad dictator going around killing his people on mass it is now clear that there are two political and military sides and that in a complex situation like that it may be very difficult to move towards a negotiated settlement a political settlement but that is what has to be done military means are not a quick. fix and there is no substitute for that detail kind of negotiation facilitated by the international community yes but that has to say place is going to be hard but it will have to take place what do we know about the weaponry being used in libya i'm thinking specifically of depleted uranium we've heard prime minister david cameron saying that it's definitely not being used and yet the ministry of defense still says that it's a necessary part of the arsenal yes that's quite an interesting contradiction that has emerged there it's led some people to suspect that they were cameron didn't
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really understand what depleted uranium ore was and that perhaps he was actually talking about cluster munitions but there are very serious concerns that depleted uranium munitions are now being used in libya to police it uranium is a byproduct of the uranium enrichment process and civil nuclear power it results in a very very heavy metal very dense heavy metal and it's typically used in armor piercing shells that's why it is popular with some armies and both the us and the u.k. do still have a policy of using them simply to uranium the emissions the the weaponry which britain is currently deploying is not suitable for british. missions there are land based mediations in our case but certainly the united states typically uses depleted uranium munitions on a ten airplanes those are the kind of gunships which are essentially
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a plane constructed around a cannon and they thought in far thousands of rounds of depleted uranium munitions the top brass u.s. top brass has announced that those air gunships are being used then did so scrutiny say do you munitions were being used on yet so to speak but we have no confidence in that statement because in the past in the past conflicts where d'you is a new. notably in the first gulf war in bosnia you could slavia in one nine hundred ninety nine and subsequently very extensively in iraq on all those occasions they denied the usage of them and it only became evident afterwards they had a new so we do not have confidence in the current assurance that the a tends to pull in libya aren't using depleted uranium and we know the terrible consequences for the health of the environment as a result of depleted uranium usage it's
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a radioactive weaponry form there is great instance sharp increases of birth defects of cancers particularly brain cancers lymphomas and so on in in iraq and those are the places that as a result we've heard time and time again that these astronauts are designed to protect civilians but even the potential use of pieces uranian gives the lie so that surely well absolutely because depleted uranium is a weapon of indiscriminate effect because of the impact what happens is that when the cheryl or the round hits its target explodes and it has what's been described as a kind of aerosol effect of radioactive particles and you can't ever ensure that those particles will only affect military personnel that means that they can indiscriminately affect civilians and that of course is illegal under international law also can have a very long term effect because of the radioactive qualities has
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a negative impact also on the environment so these are illegal under international law some countries have not yet recognized that is indeed you you've seen on the websites the british government justifies the continued use but it's absolutely unacceptable if you're talking but it's unacceptable in any case but particularly if you're talking about being there to protect the civilians to use a form of weaponry which. impact on them in so devastating a way it's absolutely shocking this started off in libya as the people's revolution how do you think that the involvement of nato in that corrupts the idea of this revolutionary fervor among the people well i think it's really just the most is the idea of popular sovereignty that's been very much the case in all these uprisings recently it's been very much about ordinary people coming to the fore
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finding their political voice and saying that they want things to be run differently and they want the people to determine through the power box and every democratic form they choose and of course if you have foreign powers intervening on one side or the other in that conflict i think it does it really withdraws popular sovereignty element to take. the key countries involved in the intervention that's to say initially of course britain and france both have a long history and tradition of colonial intervention in that region and of course the united states since the second world war also has a history of military and political intervention in north africa in the middle east so it's a bit like a throwback almost a throwback to previous methods from those countries ways of establishing or reestablishing their involvement and control and that is not
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a good start for water essentially liberating movements in those countries headed towards democracy away from authorities here in government and what do you make of these shifting intentions by the coalition on libya do you think that the u.n. security council resolution has been a being used absolutely they've gone far far beyond the terms of the u.n. security council resolution one seen them juggling with words trying to make what they're doing. in fits with the terms of the resolution but of course it's transparently not possible to do that and of course as in the case of intervention in the civil war that is illegal under international law and the un resolution to that effect wouldn't make it legal but in fact that that resolution doesn't cater for intervention in a civil war and we've now seen the rebels saying that they're disappointed in the amount of help that nato has offered what do you make of that. well i suppose i
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imagine that they probably don't have experience of dealing with nato were dealing with foreign governments and their their intentions intervention and so on i'm sure that they were hoping that military intervention would mean that they would very rapidly meet their military goals which of course is to come to power in their country and establish democracy in whatever their goals are i'm sure they must've felt that it was a much simpler matter and will be very disappointed to know that not only have their own side been killed by the interventionist forces but that this is a lone increasingly protracted struggle with no easy end in sight and i feel for them in their disappointment but. i'm sorry to say that there is no short quick way of solving this without those very detailed political negotiations that will have to take place ultimately but thanks to a recent government report we now know that the u.k.
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was selling weapons to get at least regime as little as four months before this trouble starts is the report says that that was misjudgment a risk that these weapons would be used on civilians do you accept that as a misjudgment well i think that's rather hard to say i don't quite know what what their intentions were in doing that i don't know if when they sell arms to regimes they have a kind of human rights political democracy and freedom benchmark against which they measure their sales i'm sure they can't have perhaps because if they did they wouldn't sell arms to a very large number of countries that they currently do and i'm sure that commercial interests have always come first in those kinds of deals and i i very much hope that there will be a real reassessment that now recently you and four hundred thousand others marched in london against the government how much support did you pursue. before your hands
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of the middle east position at that march do you think that public outcry against this interaction is growing stronger yes obviously most people were there or everyone was really protesting about the government cuts but it's not wasted on paypal not most people look back so much money is being spent on tourism one of the points we were making was if there's not money for education for higher education for the libraries for nurseries all these types of things people are being made and employed saying there's no money why is money always found for war why is it brown for nuclear weapons also in iraq and afghanistan could also now libya how can this be justified and i think the opinion polls very strongly show that the majority of people agree with us on that this is a. fairly small minority now supporting the government's interests when it's really in its intervention in libya and the majority are not in support of that
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that doesn't surprise me at all because i think particularly since what's what happened in iraq and the government should manikins over that dishonesty about our war aims i think people are now much more critical and much more wanting to make their own assessment of these things and of course with the development of the internet a lot of information is there for people to arrive at their own judgement on balance the british people in their majority arrived as a judgment for peace has thank you very much thank you. for sun this is just a parliament building in britain. but spent sixty six years ago
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it was the final targets. and the last major offensive for the red army. its capture became the symbol of the fall of the fascists in town. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall of the berlin. wealthy british style some time to. market. has come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars reports on .
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the headlines tonight signs of a far right surge in western ukraine is victory day celebrations a mob of violent nationalists chanting pro fascist slogans the veterans in prevent them from paying tribute to those who died securing the country's freedom and the second with. nato bombs hit the libyan capital destroying several government buildings and. of the heaviest airs for example becomes a made opposition claims of an anteater daffy uprising building up in tripoli suburbs something called the night. of the roof is the one of the fukushima nuclear reactors could collapse off the webcam images show the building was leaning big
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time japan's authorities have been criticised for letting evacuees back into the radiation so. try it in forty five moscow time place got a sport. hello welcome to the sports news this tuesday night and here are the headlines top euro target manchester city aims to all but seal a place in the champions league for the first time this victory at home to top the list today i. was all in greek gods olympic medalists ten paris and funny to receive suspended jail sentences. after staging a motorbike crash to avoid taking steps. acquitted french football coach along broad is cleared of racial discrimination claims. and in the mornings fighting pays tribute to belgian rideout invalid surveillant who was killed in a crash in the tour of italy on monday. the first of football and the city into
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a fight to be sealed fourth place in the english premier league and a place in the champions league for the first time with a victory at hundreds on this tuesday night city hold a six point lead over spurs with three games left and a much better goal difference tottenham was a one nail at city in the pronouncement game of last season to pick that on cine side to fourth place and reach the last eight in europe but while city have won fourteen out of their last fifteen home matches spurs have won just one of their last night i need games they're also missing gareth bale for the rest of the season future and ligament damage goalkeeper gomes is also out as evening what cost troubles starts on the bench for city but spurs manager harry redknapp admits the battle for fourth place has all gone very difficult very difficult. we had a job as you know we just know we grew up going. to so i just think that spot that we are good people with in the game for us. you know paraffin. oil and they
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were so good they would be able to train drew and when losing they were turning games of fantastic individual performances as well as the team play world. and we need that little bit of magic in the last month for six weeks to suddenly live so you care it's been ages and we just seem to have lost that little bit of spark that could make it was between those who was turn them into wins and so after all are just a couple of minutes play up in manchester the school currently will now. all over in spain barcelona are on the verge of sealing a third consecutive league title ahead of wednesday's clash and the table than say was a hold an eight point lead at the top from arch rivals well madrid with three games after play however they could be crowned champions even before they kick off route failed to win at home to her that is tuesday night however pep guardiola is not counting on any favors rouse opponents real in an orderly first we need to win the league and dissipates into things tells us lessons we can denied it is very close
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but let's not anticipate things we can't control the outcome of madrid versus nothing it is best to concentrate on how we can defeat live on clay. well meanwhile here in russia there's guys have an opportunity to avenge their one nil league defeat to moscow rivals are tack they go to the stadium in seventy finals of the russian cup on wednesday but our economy remains in caretaker charge of spots that you conceded two late goals in saturday's two one one car something carpenter say his side's performance was soft they clean a kindergarten in the circus it's place they stand up and run in three games and in the other semifinal the last of host islandia unpredictable all star are twelfth in the league but it's the one i was going to make lot of finals are aligning our second largest second here and the next quarter final occupied of saturn went out of business and could now be just one cup win away from your openly. saying with the ball in france coach long ball has been cleared by the country's sports minister of racial discrimination he and thought will federation colleagues had
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allegedly discussed whether to curb training academy access to young french players at your nationality many of the black beret but after an investigation sports minister sharon powers you i know said no anti discrimination laws were broken she called the coach's discussion at a meeting last november as borderline racist but said the idea was subsequently dismissed and quotas were never implemented. confirmed the only do you know fact shows that approves of discrimination on the contrary trying to prove moral values and respect for other people back in the game and you minded as a virtue to breach. on me while occasions have been made in the british parliament for fisa members sought bribes in return for backing england's failed twenty eighteen world cup there in last december's vote a member of parliament claims that evidence indicates east of cameroon and the mark of the ivory coast will pay one half million dollars to vote the cats are we won
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the right to host the twenty twenty team tournament for morphy for members have been accused of asking for bribes in return for their votes gala. ations came from former english football chief lord treason who plans to next take is evidence to fee for england is carrying out a parliamentary investigation into their failed bid for the twenty eighteen world cup they were widely regarded as one of the front runners but managed only two votes out of twenty two winning vote went to russia bend over and elsewhere greek olympic medal winning sprinters cost us going there this and katherina running have been found guilty of perjury and received suspended sentences for staging an accident to avoid a doping test in two thousand and four the pair had blamed a motorcycle accident for not turning up for a drug test head of the athens olympics however a greek court has ruled that the crash never happened and gave them each a suspended thirty one month sentence by coach because the circus was also sentenced to thirty three months or are expected to appeal and their us won the
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men's two hundred meters gold at the two thousand summer games in sydney also claimed the women's one hundred meter silver which should have been promoted to gold after disgraced champion marion jones was stripped of her medals in two thousand and seven also in a perjury and doping case but funny never received the top gone because she has south and been involved in a similar investigation. citing now and riders in the judo that earlier observed a minute's silence before the start of stage four in memory of rider vato vaillant who died after crashing in stage three on monday well as friend tyler far left the tour after the fourth stage which was made noncompetitive as a token of respect for the late belgian fellow riders also wore black armbands for the stage one of the teams took the lead in turn its balance left the track team the first to cross the finish line on monday the twenty six year old came off his bike around twenty kilometers from the finish on the bako ranson pass doctors were
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on the scene within seconds and said he'd suffered multiple head fractures i couldn't save him. tennis now and the last russian standing at the row masters eagle on the day of house on crushing out in the second round now ranked outside the top one hundred in the world and they have to qualify for the prestigious tournament that she felt the shock of skate six one sixteen the frenchman is the first man is round three and is the plate roger federer next. squat on the latest side french open champion but i'm just as benny has also advanced into round three the second seeded italian even too strong for american college christina mchale six three six one also serve is maria sharapova with the world number one class and belorussian the cutting of the part of back in straight sets. that's why stock in russia must play a little bit champions and arch rivals canada in the quarterfinals at the world championships in slovakia after losing to finland in the last group game russia
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were already through to the last eight stages but they threw away a two goal lead in the last under shoes absalom pens and gotten a group that result men's they have to face the winners of the other group which turned out to be canada got the better of sweden three two in the other games defending champions the czech republic germany and the big silver medalist the usa lost to switzerland and france has slack yes defeated deadlocked. so this is the quarter final line up on wednesday the czech republic take on the us a chance to play germany and then on thursday it's been loaned to norway and the big one russia against canada. and finally to football all of the indoor variety where an international women's five a side football tournament was held in moscow this weekend and something but out of print on the watch. this second edition of the annual international tournament featured four nations russia a new queen in hungary and after they all played china there were was this saturday
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in the closing measure between spain and the host nation to claim the title the russians had to win though this barrier is needed only a draw the two sides had met several times and know each other well had reached the semifinals of the women's world cup in twenty damn what the order of spain is a good motivator for us i don't have to focus my players on the match just after the national team had been established went to spain and how it several matches so we knew what to expect. the pressure was high and the game very tight the teams play cautiously concentrating on solid defending there was still lots of good scoring opportunities but the goalkeeper is a warning shot for this spanish number one saving all you can it's always been a team midway through the first twenty minutes however this plan is finally put and those in front in the middle of the second hope after some nice passing moves old if you were hopeful it had to do was very the ball into an empty net the russian woman didn't give up though and did everything to come back and see it and were
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awarded when president obama who went on to receive them to be award made out for have bouncy mistake will eyes just two minutes before the final whistle the russians went all out in the dying seconds but in vain one of the final score which of course wanted to be on top of the team way it's an important step forward for us because last year we lost the decider the one on the field it went weaker than the spaniards only and we were timed and running on them to. russia has become a tough opponent through us a few years ago we beat them in a friendly but since then they've progressed at all it. so spain well the overall winners of the tournament brewing like a men's football team they are one of the heavyweights in the sport well russia just behind them and angel it for them in the world wayne games as laid out of our team. as a loss was nice i don't. hungry
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for the full stop we've got it fast the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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